Mzee doesn’t care about the Electoral Commission; since he brakes their campaign rules in minutes; visits House of Worship!

M7 Kitabi Church 1.1.2016

Earlier today at 7:05 PM the spokesman for the Electoral Commission said that the candidates were not allowed have campaigns in hospital, schools and house of prayers. Later 7:07 PM were holding a campaign rally in the Kitabi Seminary Church in Bushenyi.

The President Museveni proves that he doesn’t care about the laws or setting standards himself. As he has proven again and again; there is the issues of the land; he is really one of the main issues. If he supposed to be the man, he should comply as the opposition leaders have to. Dr. Kizza Besigye would been barricaded and hurt by tear-gas for pulling off the same kind of stunt. Amama Mbabazi team would be detained in jail and the police would throw away the key without any court trial.

In Bushenyi while talking and campaigning he manifested his arrogance and ignorance for the common law. As he doesn’t need to comply the Electoral Commission decree that the Go-Forward or Forum for Democracy have to, because if they don’t they see the police force or Special Forces Command who take them.

It would be like if Dr. Kizza Besigye went into a hospital again and it wasn’t shut down by local police or followed by orders of the local DPC in some random district in Uganda. That would not happen. The next is Museveni going into a Referral Hospital pinning a poster of himself and having a Press Conference speaking of the power of #Steady Progress. He could do that tomorrow because he doesn’t give a rat’s ass of level playing field. But that we all knew. When he blocks opposition leaders, pays local public to shun opposition leader’s rallies and paying boda-boda drivers to shun opposition rallies.

Museveni Kitabi 1.1.2016

The reason for why he was at the church we’re these:

“I officiated at the launch of centenary celebrations of St. Peter Kitabi parish in Bushenyi, today. The key places that changed Banyakole are Kitabi, Ruharo, Nyamitanga, Kinoni, Bweranyangyi and Kitunga. My first time to come to this area was in 1956, my mother took me to Ishaka hospital. I remember I used to see glass buildings on the right, and I was amazed. When I joined government, I knew about its development and continued to work for the people. So when I was called here by His Grace Archbishop Paul Bakyenga , I could not fail to come”

When the other Presidential Candidates have to comply to the rules and regulations of the Electoral Commission to get out of trouble. The main man and head-in-command for 29 years should oblige to do the same. If not there is a breach of laws and regulations of campaign trail and on the Campaign Road Map for General Election 2016. But that we already knew!

We know he will go without any issues and walk scotch free. Because the NRM Flag-Bearer will not get any scratches or issues for the simple matter that it will not lead to anything else then waste of time.

The Mzee is powerful and controls the Governmental institutions therefore he does as he pleases while the other just has to keep driving against the grain. That is what is happening. This is just another proof of the foolishness of it. Peace.