Opinion: Minister Kibuule misuse state funds as he flies to see in-laws!

You would think the misuse of government funds would have an end in the Republic of Uganda? But the misuse of State Reserves are endless. Especially by the Ministers and Members of Parliament, that really use every reason in the book to eat of the government plate. That Honorable Ronald Kibuule stepped out of line and used government transport without sanction is clear. That the Minister for Water using for a private visit a Police Helicopter is just disgusting. It proves how little the Minister thinks of the cost of his lifestyle and secondly how it may look. There are clear he just wants to sponge of the state and use the available resources to extend his luxury. If the Minister had use the monies from the suits from the President or even used the car provided by Parliament, than he still would seen as one living life within the means of his public office. But taking a helicopter to visit his in-laws are really showing disrespect to the rest of the citizens. Just take a look!

The State Water minister, Mr Ronald Kibuule, on Tuesday stirred residents of Ntungamo Town in southwestern Uganda when he swung by in a police helicopter to check on his father-in-law.

After the police Agusta AW109 Grandnew chopper landed at Ntungamo Sacred Heart Parish adjacent to the police station at about 4.30pm, curious onlookers crowded to catch a glimpse of the government official they mistook for the Inspector General of Police, Gen Kale Kayihura” (…) “But a few minutes later, minister Kibuule sauntered out of the helicopter with another man and five police guards and headed to his father-in-law John Tumuhimbise’s residence, a short distance from the police station.

We thought it was the IGP; some police officers even had to run [home] to dress up. But I think this is pure misuse of government resources; there is no police officer that can ask for this or even a motorcycle while going home, and it is given to him,” one police officer said on condition of anonymity to avoid possible reprimand” (Rumanzi & Kasasira, 2017).

This is a total disregard and disrespect of the people, the taxpayers and the donors. That the state are using and paying for private travels with police helicopter. This should have been taken care of with other means. The Police Helicopter should been used by the Police Force only and for the use in Police functions. Not used for a private trip for the State Minister of Water Kibuule. Kibuule should reimburse the costs of the trip back to the state and assure the citizens that he doesn’t misue the funds in this manner. This disgrace as a minister to use state transportation to for personal travels. As the MP’s and Minister’s are already getting massive salaries and allowances, plus cars and other benefits that the average Ugandan couldn’t afford. Therefore, this is just a proof of how the NRM regime and their cabinet members see themselves, as they can just use State Transportation when needed and without consideration of the spending in doing so. Peace.


Rumanzi, Perez & Kasasira, Risdel – ‘Minister flies chopper to visit in-laws’ (25.05.2017) link: http://www.monitor.co.ug/News/National/Minister-chopper—inlaws-Ronald-Kibuule/688334-3940918-xxausg/index.html

Besigye Addresses The Press on his Next Move After his Arrest (Youtube-Clip)

“Kiiza Besigye was yesterday arrested in Kabale after he had appeared in court. He talks about the ordeal and what he plans to do next” (NBS TV Uganda, 2016).

“Kizza Besigye says he is glad police had some sense & allowed him to drive through Mbarara & make a stop to greet the crowd. Things would’ve gone terribly wrong had police insisted on stopping us from driving through Mbarara. The people there are no jokers” (NBS TV Uganda, 2016).

A short explaination of the clip: 

Dr. Kizza Besigye narrating his ideal with Uganda police goons who intercepted him on his way to his home district Rukungiri from Kabale and bundled him in a police mobile torture van together with other three people and drove the back to Kampala. Besigye also said that what is happening is intended, not only to harass him but also harass People Who stand with him.

Erias Lukwago statement after hectic day with the Police (19.04.2016)

Lukwago 19.04.2016

Statement from Erias Lukwago:

The notorious police van has just dumped me and Hon. Munyagwa Mubarak at my residence in Lubaga, and sped off with Dr. Besigye and Ingrid Turinawe still on board. We were bundled into the said van at Ntungamo police station where we had been detained after towing our vehicle at Butoberere and pulling us through the hilly areas of Rwamucuucu amidst a heavy downpour. Our vehicles were vandalised and teargas canisters hurled therein. Many thanks to the people of Ntungamo and Kabale for your unwavering support notwithstanding the excessive teargas and live bullets unleashed by the trigger happy police” (Lukwago, 19.04.2016).

Besigye detained at Ntungamo Police Station and pepper-sprayed while being in the Car!

Mountains Part 3. 19.04.2016

Finally Dr. Kizza Besigye and the other ones with him are detained after a long drive and being towed over the mountains. He is now detained at Ntungamo Police Station. Nobody knows for what reason the NRM regime and Uganda Police Force have for detaining him there and taking him through the narrow mountain roads. This just proves the consistent actions of the Police Force against Besigye and his loyal officials as Lukwago and other.

““He is currently being driven in the police car escorted to Kampala. Crossing into Rukungiri secretly was a big threat to the security of the people in the area. His arrest was preventive” Mr Maate said” (Daily Monitor, 19.04.2016).

First Witness report:

“Happening now. Residents of Ntungamo have overpowered police in Ntungamo municipality and have taken charge of security, closed all roads including the highway and business is at standstill. Meanwhile police is stuck with Dr. Besigye who they are keeping at Ntungamo police station. The army has now started using live bullets. Gun shots are rocking every where” (Francis Mwijukye, 19.04.2016).

Second Update:

“Happening Now. police is spraying pepper spray and teagas to Dr. Besigye and all his colleagues inside his car. They are suffocating them” (Francis Mwijukye, 19.04.2016).

Third Update:

“The police is pepper spraying us from the rooftop of our car. They are doing it right at Ntungamo Police Station” (Dr. Kizza Besigye, 19.04.2016).

Ntungamo Besigye 19042016

Fourth Update:

“My vehicle has now been broken into and pepper spray pumped in it through the Sunroof! Barely holding out. Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago & Mubarak Munyagwa are already in police van UP 4860” (Dr. Kizza Besigye, 19.04.2016).

Fifth Update: Now going towards another destination!

“Dr. Kizza Besigye, Erias Lukwago, Ingrid Turinawe, Munyaga Mubarak have all been driven off towards Mbarara with 15 Patrols, 2 Lorries full of Policemen with shields, and 2 Armoured trucks!” (Shawn Mabiru Jr., 19.04.2016).

There will be more to come!


Third time arrested in 2015: Bright Muhumuza!

Bright Muhumuzi

There is a guy who is famous in Mbarara, he was one of the guys who apparently robbed a bank while demonstrating against the regime. He must be a drifty guy since the Police is yet again detaining him today.

Last time he was one of a crew who was supposable behind the robbery in middle of Mbarara the same day they demonstrated. Today he got the same destiny. He was detained again as it happen in September 2015. The Government and local Police Force must hate his guts. Or that he is a vital supporter and organizer for Amama Mbabazi in the area. That must be the vital and key information and intelligence that CP Fred Enanga would say in an interview why they have conducted this actions against him. His crime is to be affiliated with the wrong political leader. Nothing else! He was also arrested in June 2015 for following Amama Mbabazi and standing by his precidency for those of you who might have forgotten that!


Bright Muhumuza a political aspirant for Go-Forward in Mbarara has ended up today in Ntungamo Police Station and Joseph Kiiza tries as we speak to get a Police bond on the Political activist and hopeful.

The CIID in Ntungamo Bosco Gume said: “Bright Muhumuza has been among those wanted by police over the Ntungamo clashes”. That proves how far the NRM-Regime goes to catch others and not inquiry on their own men after the clashes.

What Bright Muhumuza said 4 days ago:

“Going by today’s crowd, Besigye would be the president of Uganda but we all know who will be announced victorious though I am Amama Mbabazi’s die-hard”.

Hope this is enough news on the matter today, but proves how much and how impartial the Uganda Police Force is and by whom it is run, that the orders from IGP Gen. Kale Kayihura follows the words of Mzee and take everybody else then the perpetrators to save face of their own, even if they are the one that threw the gasoline on the fire and made it blast. Instead the Go-Forward and Amama Mbabazi supporters get behind bars as they are the worst people of men kind. This is happening while the NRM men and supporters are payed for violent behavior as promised by Mzee. Something that is initially wrong and the world know this! Peace.

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