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Opinion: The authorities will pin charges on Bobi Wine until he cannot manage to have a political career…

Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine has been under fire ever since he started his political career and becoming an MP for Kyadondo East. This is not news, that his been arrested, house-arrested and awaiting trials. That is very common by this day and age. The Authorities and the Police Force is always on his trail.

Bobi Wine has been charged several of times; some has been dropped like having illegal ammunition. However, his still charged for participating in treasonous acts in Arua. However, he still has charged of annoying, disobedience and inciting violence. This being in the way on and sharing the road of the President on the 13th August 2018 in Arua, this holding an illegal demonstration against Mobile Money on the 29th April 2019. Therefore, he has several of cases going on.

As this is going on, this is all deliberately done to silence and stop his engagement with society in general. Because, all the trials, criminal summons and the charges put on him in Arua and elsewhere is all done to stop him from his political work. The authorities are piling up and finding new codes he could have broken. They will charge whatever they can, even if he just stops going to the bank around Constitutional Square in Kampala, they will charge him with wrongful parking. That is what they do.

The National Resistance Movement and the President needs to do this, because they cannot campaign on promises and pledges, they cannot address the needs nor the reality of the citizens. That is why the voices of concern, the voices of the people is silenced, because they undress the NRM and what they stood for. Bobi Wine is the prime example, the biggest political star since Besigye.

We all know this and the NRM knows this too, that is why the President is steadily campaigning and visiting every single district on tours, two years ahead of the General Election to try to win favours and look good ahead of the next election. Even if it only shows the double standard and the proof of the ill acts of the government. Who cannot even allow or clear concerts on the private ground and One Love Beach for Bobi Wine. While the NRM can campaign at every district of the nation.

That is why, the charges will pile up and he has to answer for these all over the republic. This is what the Republic does to its dissidents. They are all supposed to be loyal to Museveni and his party, not question his rule and forever reign. Bobi Wine crosses this narrative and therefore, he has to pay. Either by treason, annoying, disobedience or just breathing in the wrong parliamentary chamber.

They do whatever takes, but Bobi Wine has to go down, either by hook or by the crook. Just like they have done with others, his next in line to pay for his non-patriotic act of being a figure against the President. Because, you cannot love the Republic, without falling in love with Museveni. That is just the reality of Yoweri or Yosri at this point of time. In addition, Bobi Wine loves the Republic, but doesn’t believe in the leadership of Museveni. That is is crime and for doing so, he got to pay his time. Peace.


Another day, another bail hearing for Besigye’s Treason Charges: By the next trial date lasting a total of 1208 Days!

On the 13th May 2016 at Moroto Magistrate’s Court the judge charged Dr. Kizza Besigye with treason for declaring himself President after the General Election of 2016. Which have now been prolonged for the longest. The National Resistance Movement, the Police Force and the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) have insisted to continue the case.

This is really showing the enforcement and how the state is monitoring the opposition leader. They are using this case to monitor the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) leader and always have an excuse to know where he is.

Just take a look:

Nakawa Chief Magistrate’s Court has again issued criminal summons for former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) president, Dr Kiiza Besigye, to face charges of treason” (…) “The magistrate issued criminal summons against Besigye and adjourned the case to September 2, 2019, for mention. The prosecution alleges that Besigye between February 18 and May 11, planned to forcefully ascend to the Office of the President when he declared himself the elected president of Uganda” (Michael Odeng – ‘Court issues criminal summons against Besigye again’ 10.07.2019, New Vision).

Why is this amazing, because of the 13th May 2016 is far, far away. The case will be by that time over 3 years old, 3 months and 21 days or about 1208 days in total. Some would say this case has been lasting 39 months and 21 days. If this continues like this, the treason charge and case will last into 2020 like a sore thumb.

This just shows the mediocre ways of the NRM and their authorities. They just have to prolong this, because they got to. They still fear Besigye and what he represents. This is why they will make it clock into 2020 and even 2021. They have already surpassed 3 years and 3 months by September 2019, which is a feat in itself. Peace.

The Charge document:

CCEDU: Preliminary Statement – Nebbi District LCV By-Election (10.07.2019)

Uganda: Judiciary – We welcome partners in the corruption fight – Chief Justice (09.07.2019)

Uganda Police Force: Police Statement on Arrested Senior Officer (09.07.2019)

Opinion: No level playing field in the Republic, Jajja’s calvary blocks the Opposition!

Well, over the recent days, there been ordinary news, but if you combine it all. You see a pattern. The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) tried to access a radio station to a paid appearance with Dr. Kizza Besigye and Partick Oboi Amuriat in Adjumani district. This got cancelled and ended with tear-gas as they was barred to enter.

In a few days ago, the former FDC President and new leader of Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) Gen. Mugisha Muntu tried to hold a meeting in Mbarara, but to no use. As the Anti-Riot Police blocked him and ensured that he couldn’t access the place of the meeting.

As the newly minted Democratic Party Lord Mayoral Candidate for Kampala Jose Chameleone starts campaigning for the 2021 race. His concerts has dried out and blocked by the authorities, just like it has happen to Bobi Wine.

While all of this happening, the National Resistance Movement are holding rallies in several of locations, the President are gracing the local radios and giving gifts to local dignitaries. His even receiving honourable titles in Busoga for Gods sake. The President and his team can be at any venue, with any crowd without any interference, while the opposition will be in hot water and tasting tear-gas before even thinking about entering a crowded street. There will even be machine guns and LDUs gracing the streets to welcome the opposition. That is the current affairs of the Republic.

We can really see a pattern, where the big-man, the President of 33 years can do whatever he wants and campaign as much he pleases. While the rest has to meet the Police, Anti-Riot Police, LDUs and state agents armed to their teeth. That is what striking difference it is there. The closer we get to the elections, the more violent the state agents will be too. Also, expect more of the opposition leaders to be detained and temporary be out of the game. Because of they inciting violence or annoyed the President.

There is nothing new under the sun. However, this is a known tactic will be more fierce. Don’t be surprised. This is who Museveni and the NRM is, even as the PPU and other PR outlets tries to make he look like saint, his act is of a villain. A villain who cannot handle dissidents. Peace.

Opinion: Does Mzee listen to himself before he opens up his mouth anymore?

“NRM Party from the beginning was a Party of educating people not looking for votes and telling lies”Yoweri Kaguta Museveni on the 7th July 2019  at Karaka Primary School playground, Tirinyi Sub-County in Kibuku district Eastern Uganda.

It is about that time, that the President Museveni and his party National Resistance Movement (NRM) is gearing up for another election. He is busy scheduling rallies in every district and sub-county, to ensure that people remembers him and his supposed legacy. That all is listening to the wise man and his cronies, because that is his livelihood.

The President often times says something outrages, just like yesterday. When he claimed in Kibuku district, that the party of NRM was for educating people and not looking for voters. This is a bit funny, because his rallying up people two years ahead of General Elections in 2021. He is out pledging and promising greener pastures, which often will not happen. The NRM has promised jobs, wealth and education for over three decades and people still live in the same huts or houses without tap water, electricity or jobs to go too.

So, pardon me Mr. President but aren’t you lying, when you haven’t kept most of the pledges in every election since 1996? When you haven’t been able to fix the 10 Point Programme nor the Uganda National Development Plan I and Uganda National Development Plan II? Not to forget Vision 2020 or Vision 2040?

You have had a long time with party programmes and you have had the majority of local politicians, the parliament and the RDCs in action. So, its not that you can say the opposition stood in the way, because they have been a minor play or insignificant in the manner of the whole government. You know that, and the public knows that. Unless, that is water under the bridge for you.

So, Mr. President, what say you? Have you told the truth, nothing but the truth so help you God? No, you haven’t and neither has the NRM. We all know that, you have come and gone, you visit these districts, but you don’t live there. The NRM come asks for votes, come with weapons and intimidate for voters, but doesn’t stay there. The NRM promises roads, schools and jobs, but cannot commit or afford to do so without help from donors or loans. That is just the mere reflection of the economy and the fixed financial squeeze the Ugandan government is in.

We can lie to ourselves, just like you lies to the public on a daily basis. You can say, the NRM has done this and done that, but in reality it hasn’t. We all know that, heck, you know that perfectly well Mr. President.

You might started in the bush wanting to educate people and change their lives, maybe you even wanted to be revolutionary, but you sold yourself out for the state reserves and the majestic cronyism that you have built up over the years. Instead of growing the economy, your crippling. Instead of steadying the boat, your ensuring that they sink. That is what you do.

Then, in the aftermath, your peddling and trying to find ways to save the ones who didn’t drown and call that a good day. That is what you do. Nothing else, your trying, but not succeeding, except for overstaying in power, because of your army. That is what you have done. This is the true story of the NRM, that the army saved it and made it. Not the public, not citizens nor the political programme, but the freaking army is the reason for its longevity. We can lie and say it’s the brilliance of you Mr. President.

However, we all know its not. You might lie, but I will not. Peace.


Joint Press Release: Joint Advisory on Ebola Virus Disease in Uganda (05.07.2019)

Currency Squabble: The Landlord and Tenant Bill of 2018!

The most controversial provision in the The Landlord -Tenant Bill is that, requiring all rent to be paid in shillings rather than dollars as earlier proposed. Lands minister Betty Amongi has explained why all transactions must be done in shillings” (NTV Uganda, 05.07.2019).

The Members of Parliament and the National Resistance Movement (NRM) continues to insist there are some clauses or parts of the legislation that says there no regulation or stipulation, which says the tenants has to pay in Uganda Shillings and not in US Dollars. Alas, after screening throw it. There is none. Nothing, nada and no proof of UGX or a specific currency in play.

The MPs and the NRM must take people for fools, it is easy to download the bill from the Parliament web-page and browse through. You don’t have to be a legal scholar to understand the texts either.

Like Clause 23: “(1) The rent payable for any premises under a tenancy shall be determined by mutual agreement of the parties to the tenancy”. This here opens up a lot of can of worms. It does not specific say if should be paid in Euros, US Dollars or Shillings.

Some might say the continuation of the clause, which stipulates: “(2) All rent obligations or transactions shall be expressed, recorded and settled in the shilling, unless otherwise provided under any enactment, or is lawfully agreed to between the parties to an agreement under any lawful obligation”. Here it is specified, but there is a major but, the clause opens up for other lawfully agreements made between the parties. Meaning, you don’t have too, if you have a legal obligation between the parties. This is restricting it, but not deeming it unfit to pay in US Dollars.

By the clauses or codes in the law. There is by no clear definition of the tenant agreement needed to have it in shillings. These are the only one specific enough and they are not done properly. If the Members of Parliament and their legal teams had put it together. They would have settled with “shall be expressed, recorded and settled in the shilling and be paid in no other currency” end, stop. However, they made a reasonable suggestion and gave way.

Therefore, whatever the state says, the Minister and the news is broadcasting isn’t true. Unless, they have secret text, an draft, which was put in motion and amended to the bill. Which by my estimate, doesn’t exist, other than in the minds of those who enacted the law. The minister have not established, which provision or clause, which mentions only pay in shilling. Because there is none. It does not act that way.

This is bad work of the state, lazy work of the MPs and embarrassing performance by the Minister Amongi. Who really just thinking that people cannot understand or reads the bill their passing. Because, in the provision in question, there is byline, a loophole giving way to pay the rent in other currencies.

Therefore, the next time you guys make laws or bills. Ensure the provisions are there and has the wording, the intended purpose and crafted in way, which doesn’t put the important change in the law in question. Which this one does. Peace.

Museveni’s Legacy: Using colonial law to supress dissidents!

This is not the first time nor the last, when the National Resistance Movement (NRM) will use the legal means to supress or oppress certain dissident or individuals who oppose his regime. The NRM and President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, claims to be a freedom fighter, but he enjoys the perks of colonial laws and has not abolished them like the Age Limit. No, his authorities are frequently using it, whenever they deem it fit.

Now, instead of charging the Opposition MPs and the Arua 33 with treason, illegal firearms or throwing the Arua Stone. The results are out and the verdict in the open. The NRM and the Courts are using the 1950 law of Penal Code article 24 (c.), which states:

“24.    Penalty for acts intended to alarm, annoy or ridicule the President:

Any person who, with intent to alarm or annoy or ridicule the President— (c) assaults or wrongfully restrains the person of the President, commits an offence and is liable to imprisonment for life” (Penal Code, 15th June 1950).

Surely, the convoy of Opposition should trade the waters carefully when the President arrives on the scene. Anything can be disobedient or seen as a mockery. Especially if you bend your hat wrong or tries to stutter like the President does.

Now, everyone who was in the near proximity and is associated with the Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine is charged with this. That is what the state of affairs. By all means, who wouldn’t ridicule a President of 33 years? We are not Dr. Stella Nyanzi, but who doesn’t find easy ways to mock or annoy a man of advance age, who still thinks he has the rights to lecture every single subject?

Pardon me, right?

Well, at this mere junction. This is the foolishness of the state, trying to pin any sort of code, violation or charge on the ones they don’t seem fit. At this very moment, Bobi Wine cannot expect a welcoming parade when entering the Republic. Neither should Francis Zaake. They are both awaiting a hostile return. As the state configures new methods of silencing them.

They have dropped plenty of charges already, but will add new ones to ensure; that this people will revisit the courts and answer for their “crimes”. That is just what the state does and has operated with during the recent years. They have done this with several others and now it’s the People Power Movement and their associates to go through the wind and fire of the state system.

If President Museveni wanted another legacy, he wouldn’t have used the same tricks as the Colonial administration, but apparently, he does. He did it with Kizza Besigye, Erias Lukwago and plenty of other fellows, who stood in his way. That is why civilians have been before the Military Court Martial at Makindye Barracks, and not in civilian courts. That is just the man that the President is and is proud of being.

He calls himself a freedom fighter, but in general, as a General, he takes away people’s freedom. Kudos for that. Peace.

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