Scary NRM-Youth action for 350k UGX.

History repeat itself


NRM-Youth did a silly thing today and it’s scary. The NRM-Youth bowed down for a price of 350,000 UGX and also selling their soul at the same time. Just like the leaders and MPs of the time of Idi Amin did. Therefore the picture above to show how it resembles of a former time. Therefore I will not spend much time, but it is a frightening picture. How he is paying for loyalty.

Three days ago the NRM-Youth leader of Kampala Mr. Adam Luzindana got ousted for supporting Amama Mbabazi for the presidency in 2016. A new interm leader of the chapter became Mr Mark Mugwanya (Ndhaye, 2014).

So that they are kneeling for the boss is scary. Really scary, so we can see the reach of the president of Uganda. He is the sole ruler of the party! An its proving what throwing some money can do to the youth and where the money has come from, we can only guess. Sure it’s one of the reason why the civil service isn’t paid on time, to keep the different parts of the party loyal to the leader Yoweri Museveni. Peace.


Ndahye, Moses – NRM Youth oust pro-Mbabazi leader: (25.05.2014)

Thanks to Francis Mwijukye for sharing the picture on Facebook!