Opinion: The Movement Aspirants states a bitter fact [about the ‘Art of Peer Pressure’]

Members of the ruling National Resistance Movement who contested and failed in the previous party primary elections have formed an association to stop future ‘sham elections. The association dubbed Action for Transformation and Sustainable Development also seeks to help members recover from the loss and strategize for the 2026 election” (Gerald Matembu – ‘NRM losers form Association to stop electoral malpractice’ 13.10.2021, Nile Post).

We are used too that National Resistant Movement aspirants or members who loses their primaries stands as “independents”. That is very common with this party and is common at the last elections. The NRM Electoral Commission haven’t been able to handle or had the manpower to secure it either. Neither does the party suspend or sends letter of expulsion to the former aspirants either. Therefore, today’s new association is really inspiring.

This must be insulting to the Chairman, the NRM Central Executive Committee and the NRM EC. All of the heads who vouch for the system and has created it this way. The President and every single Minister must feel insulted. They have all been elected through the system.

These are the new stock of NRM Rebels and that’s not the ‘Correct Line’. With that in mind, we can wonder what is the next step? What will they do? How will they plea or have their cases heard?

Not like Secretary General Richard Todwong will have a listen. He is a loyal cadre of the President and cannot handle this. This man will not accept the scrutiny or allegations. The former SG Justine Kasule-Lumumba was hostile towards to the NRM EC Chairman Dr. Tanga Odoi. The internal elections has been an issue, but not properly resolved.

What is striking is that this is happening after NRM Primaries was held with voting in line. They were standing behind the candidate they did prefer. Now the aspirants are saying this isn’t fair. Which is striking, since this was changed between the 2015 and 2020 after wishes of the President. They are saying his voting system isn’t fair. That must infuriate him when he gets the call or the memo.

We were plenty of outsiders saying this and called it the ‘Art of Peer Pressure’ as it was a clear signal of popularity and not a secret ballot. This was clear from the get-go, but the aspirants accept this school-yard way of challenging the polls. So, in their regards its a bit late. They can hope for a better way of running it next time. However, that is all up to the President and the NRM CEC. Peace.

Opinion: Rukutana is clearly above the law [and your not!]

The high ranking official and the beloved appointee of the “high above” Mwesigwa Rukutana have been acquitted by the courts after shooting and killing a civilian, as he lost the National Resistance Movement Primaries in early September 2020.

He was the incumbent MP in the Parliament, but lost. However, the man has been a Minister of various Ministries from 2001 to 2015. He was the Deputy Attorney General from 2015 to 2019. While being the MP from 2016 to 2021. The MP is now out and lost his seat.

Still with all of that his out of legal jeopardy. A man who can use his AK-47 and use vile force. However, have no consequences. A Minister for 14 years, Deputy Attorney General of the Republic for 4 years.

If a man who has been such a honourable for so long and had titles in Republic should know better. He should be a better man, apparently that is too much to ask.

Rukutana used his weapon for no other reason that he lost his place and had to retaliate against the ones who humiliated him. The entitlement is real, but his still served with it. As he could get away with the usage of weapons on others.

Two weeks later in Fresh Primaries he became the winner of the Primaries too. That was after the first round of Primaries. He needed to get his way and couldn’t accept anything else. This shows how some are “better” and is “above the law”. A lawmaker like this is apparently so in this regime. He got the stripes and a second chance.

However, the former Minister was booted out in the General Election in January 2021. Just like he was in the first bloody Primary in September 2020. Rukutana was now acquitted in April 2021 for the actions done in September 2020. That says a lot… while he still lost his seat as an MP.

What we can say by all of this. Is that if your part of the Movement and anointed by the high above. You can easily get a out of the jail free-card. That is what he did while others are lingering in jail for their political affiliation.

Rukutana … is not only lucky but entitled. He has the character and the ability to shoot someone and get away with it. We know the opposition cannot even sneeze on the streets or gather without legal jeopardy. While the Movement own can do whatever and get run away from the law. They are above the law and cannot be touched. However, if anyone around Bobi Wine did the same. They would be charged with murder and the prison officials would throw away the keys.

Nevertheless, Rukutana isn’t with the umbrella, but his anointed by the yellow bus. That is why his off the hook. If Nubian Li or anyone else did this. They wouldn’t see the light of day. That is just the reality of it all and its distasteful and disgraceful. The state shows how the law doesn’t matter for some. It just matters that you have the right people around you and suction to the State House. If you have that… you don’t have to worry about the law or the courts. That is for the peasants or the opposition. Peace.

Opinion: Kadaga says what everyone knew [A Ugandan VP is useless]

“The Vice Presidency Seat is not a position of decision making, that is why they want me to be appointed there”Rebecca Kadaga (Crispus Mugisha – ‘Kadaga refuses VP job as Museveni calls for meeting’ 29.03.2021, Nilepost.ug).

The truth usually sets you free. The truth can unleash huge potential and change things. Now the speaker of 10 years in the Ugandan Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga has told the truth to the public. Not that it’s shocking or anything. No, we knew this, but its nice that the ones holding office feels the same.

The Speaker of 10 years, Kadaga is saying the Vice President is not worth anything. Rebecca is stating that its not a place worthy of being. Since she wants to be at a place where she has some sort of influence and power. A Vice President at this time and age lacks both.

Yes, a VP is the second of government, but we all know that this person at this point is the master of ceremonies and nothing else. The VP can look good on paper and be honourable subject. Even if the VP has no direct influence of parliament, cabinet or even in the NRM CEC. The person is just a token leader and a figurehead of the government without any sort mandate or ability sway lawmakers.

No, the VP in her eyes is a useless and redundant appointment. Where you are just a high ranking official, but with no initial power. That is sort of the dream and been the motivation for appointing Vice President Edward Ssekandi, which has held the office for two term and lost the MP’s election this time around.

VP Ssekandi will not be remembered for legislative victories nor his strides in office. No, he has been ghosting with a fancy convoy. He has been busy tearing up venues and showing his face. To prove that the office exists, but for no apparent reason. The VP has been selected as well, because he has no ambition to overcome or become the heir to the throne. No, his just there to officiate at weddings, burials and openings of roads.

That is all happening, because that is the role assigned by the President. The President could give the person of the VP a more powerful role and have bigger tasks. However, that is not what he has done. The President have given more prestige and more assignments to the Office of the Prime Minister. The OPM have a bigger function in todays cabinet and have more of powerful portfolio in comparison to the VP. That is why Kadaga doesn’t want to become the next VP. As she knows that role is worthless. She has seen it for years and doesn’t want to be in docket with no influence and mandate to her name. Especially, after having the mantle of the Parliament as the speaker for so long.

This is all a reflection of the manner of which Museveni is ruling. If he had faith in his deputies and in his second in command. He would have assigned them with a broader mandate and given them hurdles to pass. However, he rather takes it on himself or if not give it further down the chain-of-command. As they have a longer line to pass to get to him.

Kadaga is just stating the bitter truth and a simple reflection of the reign of Museveni. Museveni have made it like this. It is his decision to make it a Ministry/Office without a Portfolio or a Ministry aka Vice Presidency.

That is the making of Museveni and is in his image. If you know, now you know. Peace.

Opinion: Museveni will only audit elections, which isn’t involving himself

As Chairman of the NRM, when I was informed of this criminality, I ordered a nationwide audit which has done a good job, for a start. Although the time was short, the audit will continue even after the nomination. Cheating is a crime. Even after you are nominated, you can be indicted in court. I am also auditing the auditors, just in case they are also compromised. All those who committed these crimes, will be held accountable. This is on the Party side” (Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, 19.10.2020).

It is very clever to make it publicity that you want to audit and look into the electoral rigging and the questionable results in some of the races within the National Resistance Movement Primary Elections 2020. That President Museveni asks for this now a month after the NRM Primaries started and the nominations are delivered to the Electoral Commission. The President is deliberately inciting fear and also showing no remorse to the aspirants who misused their campaign and their means to get a good result.

President Museveni would never do this in a Presidential Election, which his own election would be “nullified” or be announced “null and void”. That will not happen, as long as his in power. He would never risk to be questioned or proven wrong. His the one that is righteous … and the only man with a vision. This is why he will not accept to be humiliated over an election.

Even if he uses the same tricks, as the ones his mentioning in the text released today:

Indeed, during the 1980 elections, one of the Parties was declaring that: “We shall win whether you vote for us or not”. How will you win, if we do not vote for you? The answer, was simple: “By cheating”” (Museveni, 19.10.2020).

The same is happening to this day. No matter what people are voting for, the winner will be Yoweri. That is the reality of it all. The same reasons he went to the bush. He is doing himself and with pride too. His winning, by attending and doing an election he has all the power over. The man appoints the Courts, appoint the ones running the elections and damn sure ensure the law enforcement has all the will to contain any sentiment, which isn’t his. That is why, he would never audit or jeopardize his elections. This will be predetermined by the President himself.

That is why we know he has the audacity to audit other elections, but the man would never do it to himself. That is because he believes his above the law and can do whatever he wants. The text he dropped himself today. Is filled with ironical anecdotes, which could easily be put on himself.

Therefore, this text is a lesson for society or a new Presidential Directive. It more of his self-imposed self. The arrogance and the self-destructive way that his going these days. At some points his saying the right things, but that doesn’t matter. When all of his actions are of the other demeanour. Peace.

NRM Primaries: Rukutana got a third life

Some people are apparently entitled to run and be the victors. One of these is the forever loyal cadre Mwesigwa Rukutana who has been proclaimed winner of Rushenyi County in Ntungamo District for the second time. The third official results from this district since the National Resistance Movement (NRM) held their primaries.

The last time he was proclaimed winner was on the 9th September after being released out of prison on bail after post-election violence that led to one innocent civilian killed. However, that case is pending and without any trail in the near future.

On the 5th September 2020 the Minister and loyal cadre was dismissed and lost the elections. He was one of the big-men losing in the polls. Nevertheless, that has since changed twice.

First there was 12 ghost polling stations arriving on the 9th September and now on the 23rd September he apparently won with only 20 voters. If you find this suspicious. Well, you should, because this whole exercise is dumb at this point.

This is not examination of the voters will, but bugging the numbers, nudging the polls to fit Rukutana. That is how it looks and no matter what spin the NRM the agents of the party does. It is the perception the public gets and they will most likely rig him in the general election in 2021 too.

The NRM seems to whatever they can to scrap some of the loyal cadres. Suspend elections and suddenly tally the votes not only twice, but three times to get the supposed verdict. The people voting didn’t matter, it was the gentlemen or the people inside closed chambers who mattered. They ensured one man could win.

He could use force, he could use his title and the reach within the party to get his way. Not because his a beloved character, but because the President needs men like these. Apparently so. A man who can easily pull the trigger and take a life. That is the sort of man the President wants to promote, yet again.

That is the tragedy in all of this. Rukutana isn’t suited for a high ranking official job. He should answer for his crime and his action earlier in September. While now his praising himself and his team to crowned the NRM Flag-Bearer. That is what has happened.

It is tragic, but its so 2020. This is so NRM and its bloody insane. However, this is what the President promotes and gives the public. Making opposition felons, while promoting real felons within his own ranks. Peace.

NRM Primaries: Rukutana MP gets a second life… [12 ghosts comes and saves him]

On the 9th September, Minister Mwesigwa Rukutana was announced as the loser of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) Primaries, as he was supposed loser of the race for MP in Rushenyi County. Today on the 15th September 2020 he was released bail after using weapons and discharging guns at the winning team after the polls.

Not only was he released, but the NRM Electoral Commission have now announced him as a winner after a recount. This shows that the Bush-Men can win elections, even when they are loosing. There was to many Ministers losing, so the “high above” had to save him.

The man who has been a minister from 2001 to 2015 and Deputy Attorney General from 2015 to 2019. The State Minister for Labour still have to answer for the life of Dan Rweiburingi. The fatality after the post election violence that happen after Rukutana was announced the loser.

So, it’s not funny that the NRM EC and Dr. Tanga Odoi have now a week later changed the results. This just spitting in the face of the voters and the supposed members of the NRM. That is just a selection of a candidate, not an election. As the incumbent and big-man could just overturn the poll.

The NRM now says they didn’t count 12 polling stations before the first announced results. That sounds like ghosts appeared. Since, its weird that they didn’t have this on the first round. If you want contested results and questionable results. Then you delver life altering results this far after.

The person who has now lost the Flag-Bearer as MP for Rushenyi County for the NRM should petition the courts and go after the NRM EC. Especially since it out of nowhere there was 12 new polling stations.

The NRM must really believe in ghosts. Suddenly ghosts voted for the Minister and the ally of the President. To ensure his victory. They just appeared late after the fact.

If you want to believe in the results of an election. This is not the way to generate trust. Since, this seems like election rigging after the fact. Just to favour a beloved and trusted character of the President.

So, the ghosts of 12 polling stations gave him a second life, which is only because of his stature around the President. If he didn’t have a special place … he would have been ditched, but suddenly the NRM EC had a new tally. They could just configure the polls to fit the needs of the Rukutana. Peace.

NRM Primaries: Mzee’s defence is surreal… Part II

Yesterday, the first defence of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) Primary Elections of 2020 came out. Today, the second edition came out. Now, he has to drop the skulls of the Luweero Triangle to warn people standing in his way. Even if the whole NRM is filled with his vision and his party culture. If it is like it is, it’s because the man has created this monster and he runs it. This is what his liberation party have become too. As the power corrupts and destroys. It even does it to its own.

He defends the lining behind candidates for stopping election rigging, however that hasn’t been the case. The President continues with the village scenario, even if the cattle corridor with the men of power and close association with you are the ones behind the worst violence. You don’t name-drop them, and the open bribery of the big-men. They are not looked after, but only for political brownie-points.

That is why you wrote this:

However, I want, for now, to repeat a few points. By going back to lining behind candidates, the NRM laid a good trap for the cheaters (the riggers). The voting is done and concluded in each village and the scores are witnessed by hundreds of People. It is shallow criminality to think that you can enter false numbers on a piece of paper known as DR form and that that will give you the flag. You will end in prison for forgery and subversion instead of Parliament. An audit of village by village will expose you. The villages have not shifted. They are still there. Even if you bribe the agents of the victim candidate to tell lies, the People who voted are there. They will bring out the facts” (Museveni, 08.09.2020).

The NRM knows this and the President knows this. It wasn’t a trap, it wasn’t a trick, but a cheap way of using old methods of voting. As the school-yard picking captain for a team is the way your picking leaders, lawmakers and MPs. That shows how the lack of secret ballots and voting. Because, the art-of-peer pressure is the thing of the 2020 apparently.

In the age of social distancing, the President calls this a trap for cheaters. They could all stand in line, but the numbers could still be rigged. Who knows how many who stood in line at any given time? There is no proof? Only talk and rumours after the fact? If the ones counting them switched the amount and even miscounted.

That is why its really rich to defend it like that. Use these means… and being proud of re-using methods that the NRM was supposed to stop and ensure more credible elections. Alas, the NRM uses the means of the parties, which it was supposed liberate from. The rigging, bribery and untrustworthy elections is the reason for the existence of the NRA/NRM and the loss of lives in the Luweero Triangle. However, these lives are now used to defend the same tactics and same means as the ones he opposed back-in-the-day.

That is why this defence script part II is surreal. He is defending the same reasons for what brought him to the bush. He is running similar operation to the ones he went to war for. That is why the grievances within his party is even more richer. The use of all means to get ahead. The mentality and the party culture cultivated by this man. The man who was supposed to bring a fundamental change.

That change is apparently more of the same. The same greed, the same addiction of power and misuse of it.

The President can promise the right things, say the right things, but as long as he promotes the wrong ones. It doesn’t make it true or make sense. If he didn’t use these means himself and techniques, he wouldn’t be ahead himself. He isn’t in office because of love, but for the power of the gun. Peace.

NRM Primaries: Mzee’s defence is surreal…

After the National Resistance Movement (NRM) Primaries was held recently. The President has celebrated the results and he winners. Alas, his been silent and looking over the ones rigging, fixing and bribing themselves to a position in the General Election in 2021. However, that is steady progress in the eyes of NRM.

That the President now promises less violence, rigging and issues within the Primaries is what he does. He condemns on the one hand, but he grows the impunity with the other. He speaks of peace, but sponsors war. That is the sort of fella the President is. It is just like he doesn’t think people knows.

That is why I won’t dwell on the history lesson or his contextualization of the Primaries. As he wants to bring history into the game. While not looking into how his NRA Historicals, the entitlement and the rich NRM high ranking officials and their families who are causing rift. The NRM knows this… the violence and the rigging is made by the ones who are close associated or been high ranking officials. Not just random blokes from the suburbs of Kampala or hooligans from the border towns. No, its been people with money and power. Still, the man never addressed that. Because, that get to close to home.

That’s why I only take this paragraph from his piece of defence of the NRM Primaries:

The NRM elections are village based. They should begin in the village and end in the village. Once the counting is done in the village, the elections are over. The rest is adding. It will, therefore, not help anybody to mis–add because the original village generated numbers are there and the People who are aware of these numbers are many. Any other shallow schemes like moving voters on Lorries from village to village are easy to unearth. Those are all crimes for which the perpetrators will be answerable criminally. This, therefore, maybe the tail end of cheating in the NRM. Even the victims of these schemes should be steady. Just get facts from your village agents (truthful facts); the crooks are wasting their time and ours” (Museveni, 07.09.2020).

Therefore, it is easy defence of the man. He wants to make some men criminalized, but not mention the ones who are behind it all. Because, they didn’t do this election rigging and election violence in a vacuum, but in a fashion that the President knows.

He can act like he can solve all this and resolve the matter easily. Come with some new solutions to iron the things out. However, the reasons why the NRM Primaries are the way they are… is both because of the commercialization of the position and the “winner takes all and eats all”. They are making it a “do or die”.

When you have made system where the victory means so much. As the NRM controls the state, the Electoral Commission and society in general. The NRM knows this and the ones running for knows this too. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t spend, risk and act like they do.

That the President tries to deflect and use this rhetoric isn’t shocking He needs to prove progress, but also say he condemns certain aspects. The NRM is in the image of the President and the way he has envisioned it. They are following him and he cannot run away from it. Even if he tries like he did today. The NRM Primaries wouldn’t be like this, if the big-men and the ones in power wouldn’t benefit from it.

That is just the mere reality. If you didn’t need to bang for you bucks, you wouldn’t bang at all. You would just continue … Museveni knows this, but instead trying to move the goal-post. Instead of fixing the party culture, which he has cultivated and now trying to stop. This a party who is mirrored through him and he cannot deflect that. Even if he tries.

We know, he knows and here we are. The NRM stays the NRM. Peace.

Opinion: Baffled that VP Ssekandi won his race…

If there was one National Resistance Movement (NRM) Candidate for Member of Parliament (MP) that I would thought would cease to exist, it would be current day Vice President Edward Ssekandi. Who was running for another term in Bukoto Central County in Greater Masaka.

So, to know that he again get a chance to run in a General Election in 2021. A man who has been an MP since 1996. His been the VP since 2011 and this would continue as long as he got ambition to succeed the President. By all his actions and his way of being in the wind. The VP is secured and can eat like crazy.

VP Ssekandi is a ghost and irrelevant. Still, he was able to get recognition in his constituency. This is why its weird that nobody else would win over him. Someone who would go door-to-door over the years. Steady campaign and be recognized.

Everyone knows that VP Ssekandi exists. No one can state what he has done or delivered. Ssekandi is just a mirage, someone behind the scenes who happens to appear every blue moon.

That’s why its weird that he even get voters behind him. VP Ssekandi might be able to shake a few hands and say a few words at a burial. Nevertheless, his not a great lawmaker, neither is he a representative for change.

VP Ssekandi is the one who doesn’t make a fuzz, doesn’t make a difference and doesn’t even utter a public word. Unless, it is a tribute and a speech for the deceased. The Bukoto Central has initially given way to another public speaker to officiate events. Yes, his not won it yet, but don’t expect shock in the up-coming elections in 2021.

This man will win there too. If his on it, because he knows his the VP for the President for Life. The one who has no ambition and only serves his master. The VP for the bad days and for the glorious occasions. However, he will never be there to say anything to rock the boat. Neither, will he cause any controversy or even issue a statement on a scandal.

This man is the true testament to live ghosts. The silent whisperer and the one haunts the VP position.

Ssekandi is like an eidolon or a poltergeist, even if he is a real person. Because, he is usually not seen or in public. Even if he is a high ranking government official and a MP.

It is hard to think he is a mortal, but immortal instead. A supernatural person, who gets re-elected and continues to be spirit flying over the Republic. For some reason, the state, the party sees him as useful.

That’s why he “wins” elections. Because, it cannot be for his charismatic persona or his track-record. Because, anyone who has made a motion, petition or even an article in New Vision has done more than this man. Peace.

NRM Primaries: Rukutana’s actions should land him in prison… [and hopefully an end to him being a high ranking official too]

Just imagine being anybody else. If a random bloke would pick up a AK-47 from a soldier and kill a civilian. That is what Mwesigwa Rukutana did after losing the National Resistance Movement (NRM) Primaries ahead of the General Election.

Instead of being humble, showing grace and being a man who concedes defeat. He instead picked up a gun and shot a agent of another campaigner in Rushenyi County in Ntungamo district.

He was the incumbent MP in the Parliament, but lost. However, the man has been a Minister of various Ministries from 2001 to 2015. He was the Deputy Attorney General from 2015 to 2019. While being the MP from 2016 to 2021. The MP is now out and lost his seat.

There is reports of his arrests. However, this man been part of the NRM from the beginning. This man is one of the loyal cadres of the President. Him killing a man will not stop that. Sooner or later, the acquitted case or dissolve the case. Someone picking up the pieces and stopping it. Even if there are viral videos of the act and the pictures of the deceased are all online.

The big-man has fallen. We have seen other Ministers gotten away with crimes and gotten vindicated. They have to act upon him. He killed an innocent civilian who happen to be associated with someone who he lost too.

The man is a member of Uganda Law Society, a lawmaker and former Deputy Attorney General. This man should know better, but apparently his ego and his entitlement is over the roof.

Rukutana has told people to “go hang” and that the President “is a gift from God”. His the loyalist of all. The one who tells off others and says they need to back off. He has done that as a man of power and is used to get away with it. The man can have a sex-scandal and still get away with it.

Still, this time it might be different. Yes, his arrested and charged. However, we know that this man has his whole career been loyal to Museveni. Museveni promotes fella’s like this and gives them titles. Let them get rich, eat the spoils and swim in impunity.

Rukutana has gotten away with land-scandals, insider-trading and other things in the past. Maybe this time. He has to answer for his crimes. Now, he needs to answer for the life of Dan Rweiburingi. Who lost his life after the shooting yesterday.

Not only did Rukutana lose his seat as an MP, but he lost his mind. Thinking he could use a weapon and get back control. A family lost a loved ones. Friends lost a buddy and Uganda lost a citizen. Because, a Minister and a former Deputy Attorney General.

It shouldn’t be like this. A man of this power and allegiances even with the loss yesterday. Could most like likely end up with an appointment somewhere. Alas, what he did was not only killing an innocent civilian, but also ending his career.

His told his as powerful as God, but I doubt that his immortal. Therefore, the mercy and grace has to delivered by the President to save his ass. However, that depends on of his wants impunity and extra judicial killings to be his hallmark ahead of the General Elections. That is not a good look.

Rukutana should answer for the shooting, the deliberate act of violence and murder of Dan. That only makes sense. Everything else is self-destruction of his own career. Peace.

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