Opinion: Mzee micro manage everything!

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is the Commander-in-Chief, who has a bloated patronage, who has such a vast amount of Ministers and State Ministers, even has his own giant click of Presidential Advisors.

Still with all these people in his close circle, he still has to micro-manage anything from the State House. If it is whose arrested or not, whose promoted in the army or in the Police Force. Who is taken to Court and whose getting a contract or signed-off as investor to a project. It all passes by him or with the word from him.

There is no case to big nor to small. The ministers are puppets; the Parliament is a rubber-stamping operation for loans and budgets; and occasionally to enact a friendly law. Nevertheless, they don’t need to work hard. The directions, the directives and the orders comes from “high above” or in this regard, HIM.

The President directs who’s detained, who’s to let go. He directs who gets to do business and whose not. If it is Uganda Telecom Limited, Dott Service or whatever Chinese Contractor for hire. The President will have a say and guidance in the matter. Nothing left without his final words.

Therefore, the micro-managing, the steady pursuit of control from one-man is so evident. There is nothing his not having his hands in. Today he directed all hospital from having private pharmacies. Yesterday, directed the police from arresting idle and disorderly persons. Tomorrow, he might order someone in Lira to fetch him a local catch. Who knows, but that is what he does with the power of the State House.

Everything passes by him and needs his verdict. Nothing is left unturned or unquestioned by him. That is why, the Ministers needs his blessing to do anything. That is why his statements and his decrees are so powerful.

We cannot see anything without him or by him. The Republic will cease to exist without him. Especially in his own mind. Since he thinks everything needs his vision. His the doctor, the priest, the civil servant and the professional know-it-all in the Republic. That is who he is.

If you didn’t know, now you know. Peace.

Opinion: Mzee warns everyone, maybe he should warn them about himself?

This is good for entertainment and business, but should never be to the detriment of strides made in bringing our country out being a failed state. For example, I disagree with one of the singers who was saying “Bizeemu”, as if to say that this NRM government is committing crimes against its people! I advise the artists to use their talents in ways that do not sow divisions based on lies. The government of Uganda is working against all the threats and crimes against Uganda and her people“ (Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, 21.09.2019).

Isn’t it weird that all the time and nearly everywhere, the President, the Head of State, the Commander-in-Chief, the Fountain of Honour, His Excellency Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. The old man and his place as the King at any function. He has to lecture and often warn them.

I have a feeling he has during his career now, his warned every single profession he has passed by. If it is teachers, nurses, doctors, soldiers, refugees, unemployed or whatnot. Everyone get packed together, farmers and foreign investors too. They are all warned, not to go into sectarianism and become threats to the Republic. Because, nobody wants to become that.

What he means, that you shouldn’t challenge him nor his NRM. His National Resistance Movement (NRM) is the only right way, the rest is the enemies and the ones committing crimes against the state aka him. Museveni see himself as the state and with that in mind. If you question the administration, the NRM and the State House. Your going against him.

That is why his warning everyone at every possible place. It is a reason why writing “Museveni Warns” on google and you get 1,200,000 search results. Many is the same story in repeat, but it shows a pattern. He warns MPs, warns Beneficiaries and so on.

He does that because he knows best and has the answers. No one else does and that why everyone has to blindly follow him. Nobody else has the skill set to think or make a difference without the touch of Midas aka Mzee.

That is just the way it is. Yesterday it was the musicians. Next time its the Mwenda’s or the Mao’s. Who knows, but Mzee always has to lecture someone. That is what he does and what he do. He thinks this is smart, its not.

We have been here before and its not funny. Just more mere proof of how the President thinks his brilliant and has to warn about the correct path. That is just the way it is in 2019 I suppose. Peace.

Bebe Cool & Dr. Jose Chameleone Congratulates President Museveni!

Bebe Cool Campaign Rally

Message after declations of Victory from Bebe Cool:

Yeeeeeeeeeeee NRM oyeeeeeeeee.
Congratulations Your excellence YOWERI KAGUTA MUSEVENI and the entire NRM.
I also wish to thank the Ugandan opposition for the part played during this period but mostly FDC candidate Dr KIZZA BESIGYE for representing the the minority with a different opinion.
I must thank Ugandans in general for participating even strongly than ever.
I thank the members of the press and security that have worked tirelessly to see this process through.

J.Chameleone NRM Suit

Congratulations to the Elected President of Uganda 2016 – Y.K.Museveni.

And for all society condemning each other on who voted and supported who it’s not Primary now. It’s time to reconcile and together build our nation with the greatest of our abilities.

To all Friends and Fans who have thrown unkindness to me for practicing my fundamental right of choice, please stop threatening to boycott my Showcases that shows how conditional your support to me is. I have never insulted your love for other artistes simply because such is life.

If I offended any of you in that manner,Stay home next time I have a Show and wait for those you support unconditionally.
I am Ugandan,We are Ugandans.

We are all relevant to the building of a Peaceful and prosperous Uganda.


Chameleone is lost on his Leone Island; 2 days ago had good discipline as a tax-payer; today victim of not paying tax; time to take the boat from the Leone Island to reality

J.Chameleone NRM Suit

Something doesn’t seem to connect right with this big-man of a musician. It’s not often I comment on the matter of musicians anymore, since they don’t act as foolish as the politicians now a-days, but today Jose Chameleone has decided to act strange and fictional in days apart. Let me explain in his owns words.

What you should also know that for 90 days he has been paid UGX 5m. Quick fix will make 40×5 is UGX 200m. And if he was on a 100 campaigns for NRM he was paid UGX 500m. That tells whey he should have extra pocket money right now, plus the monies he earned for studio-time recording “Tubonga Naawe” as a gig-song for the NRM party.  First it is from a entertainment outlet with the initial start of the campaigns for the musicians, after that his words.

On the 17th October of 2015:

“Gives Shs 400 M to Musicians @ #‘TubongaNaawe’Launch A number of Ugandan musicians last evening stormed Speke Resort Hotel Munyonyo where they had been invited to dine with President Museveni at the launch of the “Tumbonge Naawe” project. The artistes who attended the launch include Pallaso, Bebe Cool, Dr. Jose Chameleone, Kinga Saha, Mun-G, Gravity Omutujju, Comedian Ann Kansiime and Fashionista Brian Ahumuza commonly known as Abryans among others who were all clad in yellow, the color for the National Resistance Movement” (…)”The President also offered the artistes UGX 400M as a token of appreciation for their support” (Entertainment World, 17.10.2015).

Here it is his own words recently!

On the 3rd February of 2016:

“Don’t stay home waiting for Heavens to find you in your sitting room discussing other people achievements because Miracles came like that in Jesus’s time!!!! We are a generation where nothing like stones turns to bread.Young people should wise up and work so hard so their sweat bears fruits now!!!

Forget the ‪#‎NIKEAIRMAGS

Thanks to the Almighty God.

In this picture another construction


Good Financial Discipline from a dedicated Ugandan Tax Payer 😊


J.Chameleone House 3.02.2016

On the 5th February of 2016:

I have tried to air my concern about how short our peoples memory is and many have looked at it as a point worthless. The same people who wrote the story when I was inconvenienced by Uganda Revenue Authority Upon Tax are back again to use their words to disrupt peace within fellow comrades!!!! I simply stated that I am a dedicated Tax Payer and didn’t call no ones name. We need to preserve respect for one another. Don’t create Gaps between Artistes in Favour of your own interests.

However,We have all been Victims of Tax Payment!


J.Chameleone Tax issues 05.02.2016

This here tell the different between the ordinary and musicians, musicians can earn quick money, but not think about the tax man, while spending millions on sneakers and house. Why didn’t you check about the money and tax for your car Dr. Jose Chameleone?

How are you the victim when you earn so much more monies then the average Ugandan, easily a 500m shilling in 90 days, and President Museveni has hold over 200 campaign rallies, so his sum could be even double, nearly tripled in that sense. But with the average one, he has earned a fortune on the campaign trail. That is why I can afford lots of new fancy house and shoes. While not notifying or securing the payment through his accountant, would that be to hard for you? That I am saying since you can afford so much other stuff without thinking. Peace.

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