Important facts on How the British Colonial Uganda detained Pro-Independence Activists; Similarities to how the NRM does today!

Besigye Kampala 11.05.2016 P3

Earlier in the day Charles Onyango-Obbo (COO) wrote this:

“Uganda opposition leader Besigye detained in Moroto, Karamoja region, where British colonialists detained pro-independence leaders in 1950s”.

Some deeper information on the matter; not from me, because the internet has a thing, it never forgets, but people does! There I am adding this to show the historical factors of what Charles Onyango-Obbo was tweeting. To prove the words, as you also should know the British tried to get rid of most of their records of their Colonial breaches and violations in their “Operation Legacy” in 1950s and 1960s where the United Kingdom destroyed deliberately documents of their operations in the Protectorate of Uganda and the other Colonies they ones ruled. Therefore there a lot’s of information and state documents that of historical value could verify and even say something about not too distant past.

Still, I have collected these quotes and they shows interesting facts as Dr. Kizza Besigye is detained at Moroto, and finally really see how much President Museveni does his dealings and oppressive his fellow citizens in ways that would have done Colonial London proud!

How British Colonial Government wanted to Silence the Baganda and Mengo! 

British Government letter 1953 P3 UgandaBritish Government letter 1953 P2 UgandaBritish Government letter 1953 Uganda

The Quotes:

“Natives who first criticized colonial rule in 1945 such as Katikkiro Wamala and Samsom Kisekka were declared to be insane. They were deported to Arua and Bunyoro to ‘protect’ society from anti-colonial ideas”.

“In 1945 the colonial government in Uganda established the Special Branch to trace, neutralise and punish local opponents.  The Special Branch is the equivalent of the State

Research under Idi Amin and the CMI under President Museveni. The Special Branch suppressed hundreds of nationalists through up-country deportations, torture, loss of employment and imprisonment”.

“Following the 1949 riots against the colonial regime, hundreds of people became ”Abalira kunsiko” (living in the bushes) to avoid the wrathful Special Branch”.

“Fenner Brockway, a British Labour MP came to Uganda to save their lives. The Special Branch used to deport their victims to isolated places in the bush in northern Uganda”.

“Between 1945 and 1950, the colonial government in Uganda criminalized native political associations to destroy any connection with anti-colonial mobilization”

“In November 1957, Yekosofati Engur was sentenced to three years for using the example of Mau Mau to tell a friend that the British were murderers and land thieves”.

I think that is enough for now. But in these days we live it is important to not forget the past as it has its own way to repeat itself, therefore the liberator is acting like a colonial master or a totalitarian leader who is a dictator with his own fully functioning Police State, as there are more tear-gas then medicines, and so on. While the Opposition are either detained, house-arrested or silenced. While he walk and his Elite walks like proud-cock around with the army and Police Force intimidating fellow citizens. Peace.


Fred Guweddoko 9th October 2003 – ‘Independence Came’

Social Media is allowed as the Foreign Dignitaries have left Kampala; but the harassment of opposition continues; with statements from Lord Mayor Lukwago and Hon. Oguttu!

MTN Uganda 13.05.2016

With the Swearing-In over and most of the International Dignitaries left Kampala, the state thinks it puts things back to normal with lifting the Social Media ban, as the MTN Uganda have announced that the Social Media is back again without VPN. Still, the use of VPN shows the disobedience and level of disgruntled people who still use this ways to get online.

On Police in Kampala:

“Nearly every security agent in Kampala is walking with a stick. A truck was seen supplying sticks at different security outposts” (Andrew Bagala, 13.05.2016).

Still, the important news is this, Wafula Oguttu states this:

“Museveni ‘has put me and other opposition leaders including Hon Semujju, under house arrest for about a week now. Twelve policemen and soldiers have continued to block my gate. I do not get visitors .I am not allowed out. But they have not told me my crime. I am the so-called out going Leader of Opposition in Parliament The 9th.Parliament was dissolved yesterday and even the Speaker of the House did not say any anything most likely lest she annoys the Emperor. I am glad i managed to attend HE Kizza Besigye’s swearing -in ceremony on May 11. Do not ask me how i got out and back .But i did. They say our country went to the dogs .No .Dogs came to our country” (13.05.2016).

Lukwago 08.05.2016

Lukwago Statement:

“DAY 9 OF HOUSE ARREST. As my mind is deeply engrossed in the continued illegal incarceration at home, the despicable act of banishing Dr. Besigye to Karamoja, and the apparent Museveni fall out with the western powers, then my friend Andrew Mwenda throws a below-the-belt-jab, regurgitating the oft sung narrative of regime apologists that I am a stumbling block to the transformation of Kampala. I doubt that he can make any reasonable response to the rebuttal given by my good friend, Frank Gashumba” (Lukwago, 13.05.2016).

Mwenda Facebook Post

This is it for now. More later! Peace.

#FreeMyPresident – Besigye is still detained at Moroto Police Station/Barracks

Besigye Kampala 11.05.2016 P4

As he was Sworn-In yesterday and went into the Central Kampala without knowledge of the Authorities. Henceforth the arrest after this to silence him and the Forum for Democratic Change in Uganda.

Here is the latest statement from FDC. As he lingers after the air-lift yesterday from Kampala to Moroto as they did not have time from mid-day to the evening to drive one of their vans to Moroto Barracks/Moroto Police Stations. That is where he is and is staying for the moment, until he is free or moved by the Uganda People’s Defense Force (UPDF) or Uganda Police Force (UPF).

FDC Statements on Besigye today: 

“We have visited H.E Kizza Besigye at Moroto Police. He is well. It is upto us to make sure that he is free. ‪#‎FreeMyPresident‬” (Forum for Democratic Change, 12.05.2016).

“Some cabinet ministers in president Kizza Besigye’s government have got access to him in Morotto military barracks were he is currently detained. Only us can free the president. ‪#‎KBisPresident” (Doreen Nyanjura, 12.05.2016)‬.

This is happening while the grand-dictator lavish feast happening at Kololo. Be proud and honour yourself the galant NRM who has truely sold everything so that the President, the Executive Museveni can do as he pleases and not accountable anymore… Peace. 

Latest: Besigye is now detained at Moroto Barracks!

Besigye Kampala 11.05.2016 P3

As the Inauguration of Museveni is happening at Kololo tomorrow and he was quickly arrested and taken to Nagalama Police Station. The latest intelligence of his whereabouts is that the Police Force has transported him to Moroto Barracks! So they have taken him as far as possible… far far away from Kampala and Wakiso District and by that silence him in calm distance in the up-country where the Army will keep him silenced. Peace.

Latest update: 

“YES The President of Uganda is currently being tortured in Morotto military Barracks” (Doreen Nyanjura, 11.05.2016).

PS: Where the White Toyota LandCruiser Prado that Besigye owns and was towed?  I don’t know where it is.. but surely that IGP Kayihura knows!

Dr. Kizza Besigye passed through the besieged gates of his home and apparently driving around Central Kampala!

Besigye Kampala 11.05.2016 P1

As the Banned Defiance Campaign have let him be house arrested in his home for 6 days, and this would have been his seventh day under siege of the Police Force in Kasangati. But for some apparent reason he has been able to pass through and drive around in Kampala.

Besigye Kampala 11.05.2016 P2

Somewhere is the DPC James Kawalya of Kasangati crying of his blindness and of having ignorant Police Officers at the gates of Besigye’s compound. Somewhere else is IGP Kayihura uttering mad curses as he wonders what to answer his Master President Museveni, as he promised to monitor and control the activities of the Forum for Democratic Change and Besigye, especially when the Swearing-In of Museveni are happening at Kololo Independence Ground together with leaders from Swaziland, Lesotho, Zimbabwe and so on.

Besigye Kampala 11.05.2016 P3

That Dr. Kizza Besigye is drving around like nothing in the Streets of Kampala. Is another slap on the face of the power of Museveni and his Police Force! When they intercepted him he was already downtown and then he was already open and visible to the people of Kampala. As they haven’t really seen him at all since the Election Day; he has only been brief moments and then detained. For Museveni at the moment he is the arch-criminal as he is playing on his playground. Something President Museveni hates viciously as he should get this praise and these locals to stop by when he drives, but they don’t, they do this to Besigye!

Besigye Kampala 11.05.2016 P4

So a special event this is, as the Police Force and the government is cracking down on any force of opposition or men who speaks against the message that the current President speaks of. So enjoy the pictures and know who the true leader of Uganda is, it is Besigye and not Museveni as his time has been and he is overstaying, the reason why the Police is detaining opposition leaders and activist as we speak.

A tiny update:

Rt. Col. Dr. Kizza Besigye escaped police custody, has been sworn in (evidence to follow), now arrested” (Forum For Democratic Change, 11.05.2016).

So he got arrested again by the Police Force who was on his tail. That was expected as they does not want him arround and again take him in, as they tries to silence him! That is something the world should know by now and the Presidents and world leaders that attend Kololo tomorrow are there to verify the wrong man in the Ugandan Nation. Not mention the men and woman who voted and their ballot didn’t matter. That is for those men Besigye is out there and fighting for. Besigye can’t even drive around without being arrested and detained by the Police. That is not freedom or liberty! Peace.


My honest letter to President Museveni – “It cannot be easy…” (06.05.2016)

museveni and his gun

Dear His Exellency President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni!

I know you are touchy now-a-days it can’t be that easy being you. You have your Army and Police Force enforced on the people you are supposed to represent. Mr. President you have hired French speaking soldiers to deploy safety before the swearing-in, while there is a court-order about suspending the planned Swearing-In. While the Forum for Democratic Change and other Opposition continues to hustle in your backyard. You can’t have that right, it is your playground.

What is worse is that the American and European Union is not kissing your hand and respecting you as they used too. They used to say you we’re the proud future of African Leaders, the fresh new blood. Back in the day in early 1990s the then American President Bill Clinton praised you as the “New Breed” of African Leadership. Since you we’re not the same as the lingering leaders like Mobutu Sese Seko of then Zaire (Now Democratic Republic of Congo).

issues clinton uganda

It can’t be easy to be you, you had the potential and the opportunity to leave a legacy of hope and democratic progress, even if you really we’re not really for it. Because you wanted to control the processes through the Resistance Councils instead of the now District and Local Government Councils around the Ugandan Country; and all of them are not directly loyal too you and the party line you have created in the National Resistance Movement.

And now after the hectic elections and the tides are turning. The old-friends from the West isn’t supporting your cause and your actions. That hurts you as you are the old-man with the hand and the only one with a Vision to Lead the Ugandan Republic. As you have taken it from the British Enclave into the Less-Developed Country (LDC) it is today.

Akena M7

Then all the international pundits that comments on the internal activities of your government, the way you want to control all parts of the political map as you have paid of Jimmy Akena and the Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) and disfranchised the Democratic Party. While not able to play the Forum for Democratic Change as they have been steadfast and countered your moves. They make your life so hectic and distress at every move, as they are supposed to respect you authority just as Hon. Akena do!

You’re supposed to be an honourable statesman by now. Instead you’re a Political Piranha for the international community who are tarnishing your name and rule. They are supposed to respect that you uses the army to intimidate the citizens, the citizens who are supposed to be sensitised under your understanding. As much they want to give you money to develop the Crude-Oil drilling and Pipeline to the Tanga Port in Tanzania. The International Community is supposed to salute you for the industrial feet of taking the dinosaur-remains or even fossil-fuel to drive the vehicles that our cars use.

The remains of Mobutu's Palce
The remains of Mobutu’s Palce

It can’t be easy for you, Mr. President your questioned and become tarnished by the international community; who back-in-the-day called you the future and the New Breed. Though the ones that praised are long gone or is busy trying to get their wife [Hillary Clinton] elected in the Democratic Party in United States.

It can’t be easy for you, Mr. President that they are slashing the limited monies for the peacekeeping operations in Somalia and Central African Republic while you send troops there and keeps Mogadishu and other parts C.A.R. under some kind of control. While the United States and the European Union, condemns your internal wrangles that is not territory or their jurisdiction.

Museveni 1986 Uganda

So you are hurt and feel the need to patch your hurt. Therefore as a tiny token from an adversary of you. It is time to see that you are not the new Breed as much as Butros Butros Gali of the United Nations does not have the same space for you as before. You we’re the beacon of hope, the man people looked up as they saw you as the man who beat dictatorship and created a new political landscape. What happen to you Mr. President?

It cannot be easy to see the devalued you have become, the easy way these foreign missions and elections observes says your rule it is not credible or genuine as you have dealt with school elections since your younger days at Ntare School. They don’t understand democracy as you do. These foreigners don’t understand how your handpicked men can represent the people’s will of Uganda, which is initially yours.

You have the audacity not only to house-arrest your opposition, but monitor and deny entrance to where they live. That means that your Police Force denies entry into where they live like today with Winnie Byanyima the wife Dr. Kizza Besigye was denied to go home. That is why it isn’t easy to be you.

M7 rescue

It isn’t easy to be you as your age is even under question by your own:

“In his affidavit, Bigirwa wrote: “That I verily believe that the respondent [Museveni] is 79 years old as he participated in the general elections of 1961 and he was a voter and staunch supporter of the late Benedicto Kiwanuka and the respondent [Museveni] was 23 years old.” (Kiyongo, 2016). This must be damning since if this is true you are older and actually felt the independence as a grown man, as with this you would be born in 1939. Because you’re saying you officially were born in 1944. That is five years difference and also show’s if it is true, then you breached the laws you created. The Constitution says the law for an elected President cannot be over 75 years old. If the word of Moses Birgirwa is true, as his affidavit says it is correct and that means that you Mr. President we’re born in 1939 instead of 1944. That is big thing for you and your reputation yet again.

Not that it’s your first or last lie in the public. They come and go as it is not easy to rule and be honest, transparent and also responsible at the same time. As you have proven to the public and to the people from time to time; like you had no idea what happen in Rwanda and if the Rwanda Patriotic Army had any involvement around 1993-1994. Your armies had nothing to do in the end of first and second war in Democratic Republic of Congo. Even if you with pride after is said about yourself to be a kingmaker! You Mr. President is the Kingmaker who have made way for Paul Kagame, Laurent Kabila, Joseph Kabila and sometimes take your giant wings to support Pierre Nkurunziza, the same you did for Salva Kiir Mayardit as well.

Obiang - M7

So it is not easy to you nowadays as the Opposition have the support of International Community as you have lingered in power and taken the Ugandan People for granted. They expected something else of you. As you have yourself learned the lessons of Frantz Fanon who told that a leader couldn’t control the population, but only have true support if they are behind them; you couldn’t force them to support a leader, that wouldn’t work. But you know this you wrote about this in a thesis at the University of Dar-es-Salaam in Tanzania.

I am sure Mr. President that you never thought the world would come so quickly to door-step, that the words of your mouth would go further than Lira and Nairobi when talking to the press in Kampala or Mbarara. Instead now with this Social Media that you dislike with a passion, because you can’t control what people say and do. Something you prefer as you want to control and lead people, not make people lead you. As you Mr. President are the man-with-the-vision, not the man who has to listen. That is why you talk wild about the media and was so attacking on the Daily Nation and the NTV Uganda.

Elephants Quote

So it can’t be easy to be you. The ground is burning. You are one out of two elephants that are stomping the ground. You and Dr. Kizza Besigye are fighting elephants while the grass is the people. It is not easy to see how the state you will leave behind as he fights you with peaceful means and demonstrations. You have now done the same as Mobutu, the same as the former leaders you claimed to liberate the Ugandan people from. You have become the Machiavellian leader who speaks one thing and attack on the other. You’re ruthless Mr. President and the cards you playing is now open. They are expected you cannot pay and exchange governmental positions with the FDC and the men who want accountability and a transparent government that actually cares about the Ugandan citizens. Because your actions looks like the man who turns to guns and armies instead of the democratic values you spoke in the 1980s and 1990s even if you never believed in them. I say that Mr. President because of the actions of recent years proves that the opening of Multi-Party system was just to silence the International Community and keep them pumping up your national budget and to fill your coffers. We know that now and therefore condemn you.

Mr. President not easy to pull out of Somalia and the Central African Republic as the funds and the loyalty showed have been given your government useful foreign exchange, even if the funds from European Union and United States government have dwindled time as the Kenyan also taken parts of action as well and after President Moi been out of office, the continued relationship between U.S. and them have become better. Something you now and it makes your mind boggle on the farm.

Kampala 12.02.2016 Police Army

So it can’t be easy to be Mr. President who has the world on your shoulder, everybody question all of your actions, while you embezzle state-funds, keeps oil-drilling license secret, other activity secret and at the same time have to use army and police to silence the people. Intimidate the people as they know and you know deep in your heart that you stole the 2016 election. Peace.

Best Regards

The Writer of Minbane


Kyonga, Derick – ‘Court petitioned to stop Museveni swearing-in’ (06.05.2016) link:

The Anti-Gay bill will only resurface in Parliament when the NRM-Regime needs to cover-up all their other neglected issues.

Anti Gay Front Page Uganda

Let me ride on the Western Hemisphere for it’s care for the LGBT people in Uganda while letting all kind of other oppressive behaviour happen without any cost or any repercussion. I am sorry to all you western government officials that support the LGBT case. They are all people equal under God. Just as you and me. I have nothing against the LGBT cause or that the LGBT men and woman deserves to screw they want to screw. But distinguish that from the matter at hand. I will discuss the real Equal freedom and justice; that means a governing system that is for Besigye or Mwenda; not just for Mwenda and Opondo, but not for Turinawe.

So let me address you clearly as the National Resistance Movement and their ruling regime under President Museveni have become more and more draconian. The rules of law have lesser value as the regime is more inherent corrupted with the arms, tear-gas and anti-riot Police then actual democratic values. So when you have a system where the Militarized Police Force, Militarized Politics and Army Programs into the Civil Society then the guns are controlling all parts of arenas that the society should lead. So that the Western Hemisphere and international community turns a blind eye to that proves the double standard.

Mueveni Bundibugyo Pre-Campaign 2016 Gun

That there is an problem with “the Prohibition of Promotion of Unnatural Sexual Practices Bill” – 29th October 2014”. Certainly it must be because the United States can have states like Virgina and such with equally astonishing laws, but not duplicated the heat or massive creations of unlawful bashing. So there are issues with these laws as the LGBT is in this narrative a minority in Uganda. A minority of many, but why complain and make issues with that one minority when the general population is oppressed by a militarized regime? Is that because the NRA of USA is so powerful that a gun-loving president (Former NRA turned NRM) in Africa is cool and flashing AK-47 in Rwenzori is amazing, but him creating bad laws against a minority is overboard.

Chris Baryomunsi Quote Daily Monitor

That a country of 39 million citizens had one Cobalt 60 Teletheraphy Machine at Uganda Cancer Institute (UCI) broke down at Mulaga Hospital Kampala two weeks ago or so. While there about 17,000 Cancer sick that need treatment, but there none for them in the country. The international world isn’t doing much. Instead the rich Aga Khan and his Aga Khan Hospital offers 400 patients treatment in Nairobi, Kenya, so there are no opportunity in Uganda. That does not create a stir, which is another minority of people who are sick and in dire need of treatment. That is the same country that has mismanaged international funding to the health care through the Global Funds has been squandered away. The same health care system has X-Ray Machine broken down in Butabika Hospital and other meagre resources and machines at Hospitals that are decaying around the country. So it is okay that President Museveni and the NRM neglect the sick and dying.

Tororo FDC 19.01.2016 School P2 Paya

The same with up-country Primary Schools where the walls are thin and rain-water flows in and the bricks are shredded. Where the payments of teachers are always late and underfunded as the rate has not gone up for years even with the steady levels of the neglect while the donor-funding and programs towards schools since UPE launch that was ushered in 1996. But the now steady report of dwindling county schools and the standard of facilities seem to be planned. As it is district by district, not a one place issue and more broad issue amongst the country. This is just an issue that matters for the kid’s education and their platform for their future. But the Western media and the Western donors will not put this on blast.

Jinja Police 10915

That the Police Force is so involved into politics embedded in the ways that they follows the oppositions, close down their consultations meetings and rallies. The Police Force follows and tag’s the opposition leaders. The Police Force detains opposition members and stop opposition celebrations even when the opposition complies with draconian laws of the state. That is not an issue that creates havoc. This oppressive behaviour from the Police Force towards the Opposition can happen without any clear questions or stop of funding them from abroad.

So the issues are bigger then the “Anti-Gay” bill as the nation is built around the President and his elite. This happens while the rest of people might get detained without questions and without charges. Therefore I feel it is wrong that the international organizations and international media focus alone on this issue. As that is a drop in the sea. The Corruption, the bribes, the embezzlement and the ruin of government institutions should be more in focus and sustain a healthy living for the citizens. The framework of the lawful society is far away. With the current Police State and the current arrest of democracy is more haste to fix.

EU Out of Politics Pre-Election Period

To reinstate the issue of the bill from 2014 is to deflect the grand issues and the mortality of the current affairs. The ways that people are muffled and silenced in general should be more worrying. The way the army and Police are used as strict tools of oppression and the Parliament writing off more and more money to them instead of being representatives of the citizens. That is where the focus should be. Especially since the donor-funding is 20% of the direct donor budget funding of Government of Uganda. That the NRM will spend on the State House, the farm of the President, new Private Plane and cars, not on the services of government that is expected.

So if the Parliament of Uganda under Rebecca Kadaga puts this up again, then it’s in a way to put all the issues to the side. To give space for the NRM to work with that in silence as the bill will create havoc, but give way for all the activity of the government. So you have been warned of the non-sense and should look at the major issues that make a difference for all of society, not just a minority. Peace.

Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Official Communication on the Petition Verdict of yesterday (31.01.2016)

NRM Museveni 31.03.2016