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Opinion: Khan lost after challenging the opposition

The Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan lost the “No confidence” vote in Parliament yesterday. Which happens after his sided with China and Russia of late. The PM have been in power since the August 2018 election. Meaning Khan’s reign lasted nearly 4 out of the 5 year term.

Khan like any other PM in Pakistan’s history he couldn’t rule out a full term. The act of no confidence and him leaving the Prime Minister’s house as well.

After last nights vote. There is more turmoil in Pakistan. The Speaker and Deputy of the National Assembly did resign from their posts. It’s also put a “high alert” on all international airports of Pakistan and no government official is allowed to leave to Republic. Meaning the tensions are high and we should be worried about the outcome.

Khan has said he lost after foreign interference. That means that the National Assembly is all “bought” and “puppets” of the Americans or whoever that is behind this interference. That is a challenging quest to prove. As they are elected as Khan was too.

Khan has said the “Opposition” will install a “Foreign Meddled” government in his stead. By saying his… his initially stating their funded and directed from foreign powers. That is a dangerous sentiment and says the opposition has no agency of their own. While he can easily gain support and solidarity from Moscow or Beijing. That just says it all…

Just like Khan could seek support from Russia and China. The opposition could seek report from Washington D.C. that is the gist of it. Yes, he can claim foreign meddling into this, but it was internally it happened and after the Supreme Court ordered the “No confidence” vote too.

Also, a man that tries to dissolve a National Assembly and a Parliament better have legit reasons to do so. He better come equipped and have the popularity behind him. It is a risk politically to do that and that’s why he lost in the Supreme Court. Which gave way for the “No Confidence” vote.

Maybe, Khan felt invisible or to confident for his own making. The move to make himself a “care-taker” PM and dissolve the Parliament was a risky move, which backfired in the courts. That’s why yesterday’s vote was significant.

When you play a high stakes game, you better come prepared and ready. Especially, when you malign or try to even outmanoeuvre your opposition. Khan should have done more and tried to sway the opinion. In addition, if he believed the Anti-American sentiments to be strong or a viable cause to take. He should have sought after that first, before trying to dissolve or stop the National Assembly. However, that is something you can only say in hindsight.

Khan may believe he will get a new majority and control of the National Assembly in the next election. That’s why his taking it easy and is cautious now. He believes he will come out on top again and will be strengthen too. Because, he in his mind proved the opposition is “foreign” meddling representatives in Parliament. Nevertheless, that is not proven and is only his allegations for now.

Khan lost now… but maybe not forever. He can return and even gain more strength. Khan was lethal and smart in the opposition. That’s why this position can galvanize him again. Who knows… but don’t expect that man to give up and lay down. His waiting to hit another wicket and win this match yet again. Peace.

Hope in Paradise: As Solih wins over Yameen!

“My people are going to learn the principles of democracy the dictates of truth and the teachings of science. Superstition must go. Let them worship as they will, every man can follow his own conscience provided it does not interfere with sane reason or bid him act against the liberty of his fellow men.”Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

The incumbent President Abdulla Yameen have really shown his true colour as he took power in the Maldives. He used the military to evict and control the courts and also the Supreme Court. He used all methods to get people to under siege and under his wings. If didn’t follow that, you better seek refugee or even go into exile. Like so many opposition figures and families did in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Now, after yesterdays poll and today’s announced results, the drive and oppressive behaviour might stop.

“Maldivian Democratic Party candidate MP Hon Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, wins the Maldives Presidential Elections, with 134,616 votes. Of 262,135 eligible voters, 233,877 voters cast their votes at the 472 ballot boxes. This is a voter turnout of 89.22 percent” (Maldives MFA, 24.09.2018).

This is positive, hopefully the ones who has fled to safety and out of danger. Can return and start over, instead of living and awaiting, as the new presidency arrives and hopefully secure the future. People are today celebrating that the Coup of 7th February 2012 has been answered, as the leadership of that time, was sent into exile, this being Mohamed Nasheed (Maldivian Democratic Party)and Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik (Gaumee Ithihaad Party). This is redemption, as they hope that the Joint Presidential Candidate Solih, can establish normalcy after the years of harsh control from Yameen and his party Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM).

Therefore, today is for some the end of the coup d’état and a fresh beginning after 2421 days of waiting for a democratic elected leadership not evolving around the big-man and paranoia of Yameen.

Today, I live in hope for the Maldives, after plenty of dark days, oppression from the state and state aggression against their leaders and their principals. Today, we can hope for a better tomorrow. As the people have someone who represent them and hopefully will restore normalcy. Will ensure the National Assembly, the Supreme Court and the true justice. Not just to his peers and his allies, but to all Maldivians.

Some says it is a power shift from Beijing to New Delhi, whatever it is, it is hope, because the public has shown the courage and the will to overthrow someone who ruled without concern of anyone else than himself. That has to be remembered, that have to be the key thing out of this today.

There are reports of MPs and other political prisoners release at the Criminal Courts in Male, today, however, that is yet to be verified right now. But there is a bunch of innocent people behind bars, because of need of being there, as the previous President needed them there. To keep a grip of power and try to centralize it more. Peace.

Maldives: Statement by Asela Wickramasinghe on his spiritual advice to Abdulla Yameen (18.09.2018)

Maldives: EU adopts a framework for targeted sanctions (16.07.2018)

On 16 July, the Foreign Affairs Council adopted a framework for targeted restrictive measures against persons and entities responsible for undermining the rule of law or obstructing an inclusive political solution in the Maldives as well as persons and entities responsible for serious human rights violations. This decision makes it possible, if the situation does not improve, to impose a travel ban and an asset freeze on relevant individuals and entities.

This decision is a direct follow up to the Foreign Affairs Council conclusions of 26 February 2018 on the Maldives. The Council considered that the situation was not in accordance with the principles of democratic rule and separation of powers, and indicated it may consider targeted measures if the situation did not improve.

In its conclusions, the Council called on the government of the Maldives to engage with the leaders of the opposition in a genuine dialogue that paves the way for credible, transparent and inclusive Presidential elections.

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