Zimbabwe: Mangwana needs to create enemies, because he got no heart..

I would say that the so-called international community has been interfering in Zimbabwe’s judicial system and in the Hopewell case, in particular, they are interfering. The Zimbabwean government is enforcing its laws; it is governing and they are interfering” – Government Spokesperson Nick Mangwana

The continued and prolonged detention, arrest and charges on investigatory journalist Hopewell Chin’ono are hitting the state hard. The scrutiny and the questions to why? Is clearly to much to handle for the Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) who is making true journalism a crime. This is why Chin’ono is behind bars together with other political prisoners for daring to do civil disobedience or even attempt to do so…

That is why the government spokesperson has to bring back the vibes of Mugabe era. Where the White Man was the devil. Where the Western world and its hemisphere was bringing all the ills to the Republic. Now, they are harming the judicial system and court cases. They are hampering with the enforcement of law.

What is really rich about this? Well, if the interference was that overbearing and controlling. Why isn’t he released then? Why isn’t there proof of tampering wit the courts and the bail-hearings? Alas, there is none.

The damage which are being done with this sort of affair is all a self-service. This is damaging own calm on own merit. The state is hurting itself and got stay responsible. They are the ones issuing these orders and the ones enforcing it. It is not foreigners who are adding burdens on it.

It is the ZANU-PF and the whole state apparatus. They are doing it. Mnagwana knows this, but easier to blame a invisible entity, than actual culprits. Especially, when those culprits are buddies and cadres of the same party.

The hurt, the pain and suffering of Chin’ono is clearly not important. That his sick and not well. Doesn’t seem to be a concern. His just a citizen who deserves to be punished for undermining the rulers and their comrades. That is why he deserves this punishment, even if there are no law he has broken or committed any crimes. They just need to give him pain and hope he doesn’t dare to reveal the truth again.

Mnagwana should know better, but clearly he doesn’t. If not his blind by default and corrupted by power. The man has lost his moral compass and empathy. That is clearly binned and forgotten about.

Because, if he had a heart and had courage, he would at least acknowledge the worry and concern for the health on the inmate, the prisoner of the state. Alas, it is more important to create enemies and be a useful pawn. Than, to be an actually human being who are concerned with the fate of others. Especially, when your a government officially, who is supposed to serve the individual who are lingering in jail on undetermined time. Peace.

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