South Sudan are more fragile as the SPLM-IO minister’s sacked from the TGoNU; the continued reports are staggering of a deteriorated state of affairs!

South Sudan 21.07.2016 SPLMIO Deflector

The Peace Agreement of 2015 deteriorates as the newly formed government takes place and the torn relationship between Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) and the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement in Opposition (SPLM-IO). As the start of July the new violence erupted between the two parties of President Kiir and his First Vice President Machar. Here is the newest:

“The president of South Sudan, Salva Kiir, has sacked six ministers allied to his long-time rival, Riek Machar. He has replaced them with people linked to a breakaway faction of Mr Machar’s SPLM-IO party. The posts include the key interior and petroleum ministries. Correspondents say this will further fuel the tension between Mr Kiir and Mr Machar. Their forces have engaged in renewed fighting during the past three weeks. The United Nations says this has caused a further sixty-thousand people to flee South Sudan, and is pushing the country towards a humanitarian catastrophe” (BBC Africa, 03.08.2016).

So with the loyalist from SPLM-IO have been sacked by President Salva Kiir as the problems between Dr. Riek Machar and him continues with new battles that happen in Juba in early July and to this day. This show the worrying signs of a new conflict between the Executive Kiir and the rebel Machar. Even with two years of military conflict between the parties and the peace agreement of late 2015; this also leads to massive amounts of refugees from South Sudan are estimated at the levels of 60,000 who have crossed to neighbour countries. 30,000 have crossed to Uganda alone. So the need for Humanitarian assistance to the refugee camps in Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia needs funding for the newly arrived refugees there. Together with the food-drops from UN World Food Program who has been raided their main storage houses in Juba, therefore the new tactic for food delivery is dropping food over areas to stop the humanitarian crisis happening with the military operations in the country; as the levels of cholera is also rising as reported by UNICEF.

Juba Cholera

A report on Cholera:

“At least 522 cases and 17 people have died because of a cholera outbreak in South Sudan, according to the ‘Situation Report #15 on Cholera in South Sudan’, from July 30, 2016. The Ministry of Health announced a suspected outbreak of the water-borne illness on July 18, 2016” (South Sudan Today, 01.08.2016).

There are also reports like this:

Makuei made the remarks after a Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission (JMEC) meeting in Khartoum during which the commission concluded that South Sudan’s August 2015 peace deal is at the verge of collapse and demanded immediate intervention.“I think there is something wrong with JMEC,” Makuei told reporters in Juba on August 2. He says the JMEC must prove itself to be a joint body, otherwise the commission is “useless” and “will not serve the interest of South Sudan and will not help in the implementation of the agreement” (…) “Makuei says the government will proof to Akol that the peace agreement hasn’t collapsed. “He has been carried away by his ambitions, because Lam Akol has his own ambition of becoming the president of South Sudan. The same with Riek Machar and the two cannot go together,” says Makuei, adding that “the two only agree when they are not in power, but once they are in power, they disagree” (, 03.08.2016).

This report also:

“The government of South Sudan has dismissed reports circulating on social media that Riek will capture Juba. Information Minister Michael Makuei said during the press conference yesterday evening that the news circulating on social media is untrue and media propaganda.

“There are a lot of wild rumors these days on the social media and our people are made to believe that the news is correct. Riek Machar is on the run, would you expect him to organize forces from nowhere and prepare to attack Juba from four directions – this is media propaganda,” he said” (…) UNMISS did not come here to come and colonize us, but it came to serve the people of South Sudan. All the international NGOs that came to South Sudan did not come to South Sudan to conquer it,” he said. “The way these organizations are behaving is unbecoming. Some have abandoned their mandates and have started to do different jobs which are not within their mandates. Writing controversial reports and slipping them out without informing the government and those reports go and appear over there.” (The National Courier, 03.08.2016).

As this is happening with the sackings the decree and swearing-in of new loyalist of President Kiir has happen as the Government or newly created TGoNU are occurring. The President have made sure he has own men in as the former FVP Machar have gone to the bush. The SPLM-IO and others have been gotten rid of and in initially have this given more power directly to the SPLM and the President. As he has gotten a new FVP Gen. Taban Deng Gai former SPLM-IO who has been sacked from SPLM-IO, so he is no longer part of Dr. Riek Machar.

This has also been reported:

“Over one hundred United Nations workers were recently denied entry or deported at the Juba International Airport due to new regulations issued by the Directorate of Immigration, sources tell Radio Tamazuj” (…) “The new regulations “is a clear violation of the spirit and intent of the Status of Forces Agreement” Shantal Persaud, a spokesperson for the United Nations Mission in South Sudan told Radio Tamazuj over email. “These new rules apply only to UNMISS and UN agency personnel and not to all internationals” (…)”Persaud said that four UNMISS personnel were deported this weekend, and pointed out that the peace agreement states that “The Government undertakes to facilitate the entry into and departure from South Sudan, without delay or hindrance, of the Special Representative and members of UNMISS as well as from payment of any fees or charges on entering into or departing from South Sudan” (Radio Tamazuj, 02.08.2016).

So with the changes of TGoNU or TGNU shows the legitimate problems with the central government of Salva Kiir in South Sudan, as the responsible agreements between his SPLM and SPLM-IO; this continues with the violence between the political and armed groups as they doesn’t want the world and International Organizations to question their actions. As the reports from July alone are harassment and rapes of woman we’re in the numbers of 120, and some of them even inside the UN Internally Displaced Camps in Juba. Therefore the reactionary and disruption of laws are shown with the mentality of the rebels and army in the capital of South Sudan.

SPLA during a previous function in Juba

UN condemns the recent violence:

“This is my second visit to South Sudan since I assumed my role as Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator in June last year. Sadly, since I was here one year ago, the humanitarian situation has significantly deteriorated, including in areas that were relatively stable last time I visited. Displacement and hunger are now widespread across the country. During my visit, I had the opportunity to meet with His Excellency the President of the Republic of South Sudan, Mr. Salva Kiir Mayardit, and his most senior Government Officials to discuss the dire and worsening humanitarian crisis. I expressed my shock and dismay at the appalling reports of violations committed against civilians during fighting in recent months, including in Juba. In particular, I condemned the heinous acts of sexual violence carried out against women and girls, including by members of the armed forces” (UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, 03.08.2016).

With these reports together with the recent actions is not actually given peace a chance. They are instead busier with getting the guns and ammunition against each other. The violence and battles are destroying the chance for mediation and dialogue as the newly reunited groups have gone away from each other and have distanced themselves even more. The drop of SPLM-IO in TGoNU together with banishing the UNMISS and UN Officials barring from entering the South Sudan, as the media are under siege proves that the Government doesn’t have the interest of being questioned for their activity as they are trying to silence the SPLM-IO after the recent battles inside Juba. They are now battling on the outside and other places. This has happen as the violence in Wau and other areas have erupted as well.

This has also been reported:

“ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia (AA) – Rebel leader Riek Machar’s office has strongly criticized the international community and guarantors of peace process for allegedly being passive to the political turmoil in the South Sudanese capital Juba. The guarantors include Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya and other African countries in the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) trade bloc. “There is a serious lack of support from the international community and the guarantors to the peace agreement,” Machar’s Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/Army in Opposition (SPLM/A-IO) said in a statement Wednesday” (Alaturka E-Gazetesi, 03.08.2016).

Last Report:

“UN agencies said refugees had reported gunmen trying to block their flight and harassing them on the way” (…) “Armed groups operating across different parts of South Sudan are looting villages, murdering civilians and forcibly recruiting young men and boys into their ranks,” UNHCR spokeswoman Melissa Fleming told a briefing in Geneva” (, 03.08.2016).

Tanks 10.07.2016 Juba

All of these reports are not pleasant as the citizens and the people are the ones in the cross-fire and the development at a standstill as the SPLM and SPLM-IO is barred against each other. Together with the questionable TGoNU government with no SPLM-IO ministers as the Dr. Riek Machar as the nemesis of Gen. Salva Kiir who became the President Kiir.

The IGAD, the UNMISS might question together with the United Nations might intervene, but the peacekeepers and more blue helmets doesn’t stop the continuously infighting between SPLM and SPLM-IO; as long as the trust between the big-men doesn’t exists, because Kiir cannot trust a man who at one point allied themselves with Bashir in Khartoum instead of the South Sudanese. These issues will never differ and lay behind the actions of President Kiir. Therefore the agreement and cease-fire between them was flawed from the get-go as the trust isn’t built overnight. Also with the knowledge of the recent actions the mentality and ability for peace is weaken by fleeing from office from Machar after trying to assassinate Kiir in Juba, as he has explained to foreign media and the closeness of the killings.

What is the next moves and where this goes is not easy, as the two big-men play continues to cost lives, continues to escalate the violence and instability of the South Sudanese Republic. This is worrying and the reasons for it is the citizens who are used as pawns by the Juba-Government and rebels in the field who fights against the centralized forces, while the blue-helmets and international community watches the atrocities are occurring in and around Juba. While even reports of recruiting child-soldiers and the rapes are showing that the state cease to exists and the army with their militarized justice is deteriorating from lawfulness. The international community has to find another way to make sure the actors and the Executive can generate peace and destabilize the armies as they will continue to fight until the forces win. These being said as the peace between them only lasted a few months, while the civil war lasted for months upon months. Peace.

Wasn’t it supposed to be Civilian Authority is and always above Police Authority; What happen to justice for all?

Clark Kent, Superman Comic

It’s not my way to utter these words, but I feel I need it, not because I am right man; I am far from being the right man to address it. As I was raised in peace, lived in peace and endured peace. Still, feeling the sorrow of the lost in Juba, the extra judicial killings in Kenya, and the unarmed African American citizens killed across the United States, while an armed former Afghan Veteran kills 5 Police officers. The scores are so uneven, the justice is not prevailing and the cases are staggering. The Police brutalities in dozen countries like Kenya, Uganda, Zimbabwe and Zambia; the Police are detaining without charges, torturing and battling the citizens as they are vicious armed criminals.

All of these killings, all of these Police Officers acting on behalf of oppressive states, the others are systemic inaccuracies blended with the ignorance and racial bias. The state of affairs is different in the United States, compared to the other Nations, but the systems are still brutally attack the civilians like they are cows ready for slaughter. Instead of fearing the public they are harassing it silence. The tormented and the families who lose their loved ones, the ones that are bystanders and just happen to be by a Political Rally or pass by a Demonstrations in a town; gets shot, get killed and even detained as they are vile creatures instead of a human being.

Nairobi 16.05.2016 Police P1
Nairobi, Kenya, 2016

The color of skin, the creed, political affiliation or faith should not be the factor if you’re waking safe down street or taking a public transport… Instead they are law-abiding citizens who even comply and do their duties to demonstrate, to act upon the fate of affairs, conduct meetings and rallies, the cost is detained at police post, taken away from their homes on conspiracy and even killed. These matters are happening to often in 2016.

The leaders of these reactions to the Government, the leaders who are addressing the civil concerns of the state, are prosecuted, detained and even monitored by the Security forces of the states, as they are worse criminals then rebels or terrorists. They are addressed in speeches by the leading fractions and the MPs connected to the ruling regime as personal vermin, people who fronts sectarian violence and creates the problem. Even if the state security forces are the ones that makes issues in peaceful affairs and puts gasoline on the fire. Not that all demonstrators are peaceful or correct, but that does not give the Police rights to shot live bullet, water-canons and tear-gas at any given movement of crowds against uneven and unrighteous cause.

The killings, the brutality, the sincere atrocities, the blatant ignorance, the little fear of the ruling regime, the masters of violence, the killers and Police Officers are guarded by the ruling regimes. As they are co-conspirators with the ones that systemically control the state ordered violence and want to shut down the spirit of any organized demonstrations, movements that are positive for democratic change or even just question the legitimacy of the ruling regime. This does not comes to mind in the United States, there it is more racial biased approached as the human and gun-laws are yet again proof of misguided regulations as the loss of life in small-fire arms shootings are staggering. Still, the Senate and Congress are not able to sustain and make amendments that can stop the guns from coming to hands of people who have a unsteady mind and unsound health condition to pull the trigger at innocent citizens. While the Police Officers are nearly hunting on the innocent and creating an atmosphere, where your guilty until proven innocent, which is not any ideal approach.  

Jinja Police 10915 P1
Uganda, 2016

We can all wonder when this power-struggles, when the bullets, when the tear-gas, when the water-canons and when the ignorant violence, when the killings will stop and to what extent does it has to happen, before the hash-tags, before the blazing guns and blistering barnacles!

There are just to many lives, to many hurt and to many questions, to many unsolved mysterious, too much blood and to many tears. There are something sinister and something uncertain as the attempt to sustain power by any means, the profits, the structure of society, the fabric of our existence, the approach the viciousness and vile attempt of resigning to the fact the only way we can solve the fear of each is with guns and ammunition. There must be other ways of dialogue than with John Wayne, Al Capone and Giles de Rais. There are too many men and woman who have lost their life, too many who have been taken away from their loved ones and too many to mention.

While the laymen are prosecuted and the civilians are too, the men in charge are walking away, the men and woman who protect the manufactures, the military, the Police Commanders and the Executives are just free-men and can do as they please, as the violence, the killings are reappearing as the sun is setting and making sure it has the energy for another day.

The men and woman who are in charge, the men and woman are taken away; we’re supposed to be living in the same society, under the same laws and under the same regulations; where justice and freedom should prevail, where men and woman are equal, where there isn’t fear and isn’t unbalanced treatment between State Security Organizations and the Civilians. As long as there are unbalance, as long as there are inaccurate procedure and executives are not handling it peacefully, if they are giving way to impunity and injustice, their rule will be remembered for the justifications of these vile attempts of self-justice, these atrocities under their leadership and reason for the loss of these lives.

Burundi Report Police
Burundi, 2015

The deaths, the murders and senseless killings proves the arrogance of leadership, the certainty that guns can create power, that the guns can solve matters and prove justified to settle either political framework or even power-struggle, the fear and amassed causes the personal bias, the blatant accurate shootings and killings are vicious. The men and woman deserves more than becoming a hash-tag. The terrorist killings in Turkey, Paris, Brussels, Beni, San Bernadino and all the others, deserves more than the hot-minute of fame, change of status on Facebook and blended Profile Picture, they deserve more credit and remembrances, as all the souls of the lost got vanished by brutal force in matters of hours.

The continued civil, political and armed unrest in Libya, Syria and Yemen, the skirmished between Eritrea and Ethiopia; proves the hostile environment other places, the Somalian forces are both fighting in their own territory, but also going against their oppressors on their domain  to retaliate. While the Burundian are detaining school-kids for painting slurs on the President Nkurunziza’s pictures and killing opposition, being violent and answering the men and woman who demonstrated against the 3rd Term President of the Burundian Government. President Magufuli have detained a man for writing hostile words on WhatsApp and charged and detained MP for calling him a ‘dictator’, as the President proves that he is similar to his counterparts in the rest of the East Africa. This is not vile crimes, but proves how far the government uses their security forces to control their citizens and their will to speak. I am sure in one of these countries, they would detain me in second, to silence my train of thoughts.

The 2016, have been and is bloody, as the boats of immigrants from the civil wars are drowning in the Mediterranean sea as they cross in tiny boats by smugglers to safety in Greece or Italy; as the safe heaven are supposed to get them safe from the spoils of war and power struggle between government forces, militias and armed opposition forces, as the death-toll and weak government structure that we’re centralized under one big-man is fractioned and dwindling away as the Civil Society Organizations, International Organizations and Multi-National Dialogue and stakeholders doesn’t have the capacity or the will to take charge of the unrest and uncertainty.

We have to question; will our government deal with the matter at hand? Will the government who are in charge take approaches for dialogue, for talks and creating a space where the safety and the justice have a place in the society, where the force of the state is not killing and not abundantly forcing themselves with violence on the civilians. The system of oppressive behavior and the crisis of leadership as the problems in the states, the dissolved the assertiveness of people, as the men and woman are torn, the parties are polarized and the peace has crashed; the tensions between the sovereign power and the self-righteous state officials that aggravate the public, it is not right for the leaders to use their internal squabble for power create havoc that birth more violence between two parties. That is not in the parties that one part is the state, the other is peaceful protesters, which is a different scenario, than when both are armed and kill each other to secure power and rule indefinably.

Section80 Lamar

Is this what we want to remember 2016 for the civil unrest, the civil wars, the civil casualties after the violence and state organized shut-down of the public disobedience…? The disobedience and the demonstrations should be able to happen without any reactions that create a problem for the state or the state goes in a turn it into a battleground. There are so many questions, so much we miss and so many political and structures that needs to be reformed, so many leaders who need a bit of humility, the humility of Police Officers, the humility of the Executives and the leadership of the States. It’s complicated, it’s all very HiiiPower. We have to ask and we cannot let this go, we cannot let these men and woman just die for so little, as a hashtag and a little social media drops. There are just too, we have to question the powers to be and what they are doing to stop this. We cannot be silent, accept it and let it go. This is just too much. I know I am not the right man, I am the wrong man, but I had to say my peace, I just couldn’t let this one be. Hope you start to think, question and wonder why we let them get away with it. Peace.  

We thought we seen the worst; but the here comes the 20 Point Programme from Mzee!

Saturday Monitor 02.07.2016

Sometimes I think President Museveni is a bit too smart for himself, that must be it, as he have since start of his reign added and amended more plans than useful laws. That is something the world should know by now. He entered his first term after rebellion with the 10-Point Program that was supposed to reinvent and remake the democratic, accountability and facilitate the development of Uganda. Something that has been stalled for wish to stay in power and also his own nepotism, corruption and cronyism in government and state functions in general; together with no-need to leave the militaristic maneuvers of government.

“The NRM under the leadership of President Y. K. Museveni came up with the ten point programe of action. In 1987, Basing on the ten point program, President Museveni launched a Minimum Economic Recovery Programme followed by a series of reforms aimed at restoring macro-economic stability to provide a favourable environment for economic growth and private sector development. The key reforms were, liberalization, privatization, currency reform, changes in tax and fiscal policy plus restraining expansion in government expenditure while maintaining focus on economic recovery and growth” (Uganda 25 Years of Nation Building and Progress, Jan 1986 – Jan 2011, Printed: May 2011).

Museveni Cool Poster

That is why that when I read that President Museveni had the genius idea of a 20-Point Program, I was latterly laughing and crying in sadness of this so-called leader. Who supposed to lead and make change; after thirty years in power with a 81 Cabinet and created astonishing amounts of districts and sub-counties, that every town and nearly all villages have either one or two central LCV and other councilors to be bribed by the central-government. And in his genius attempt to spoilt the trade, he comes with another plan to cover over the atrocities and pledges that we’re recycled under campaigning in 2015 and 2016.

This comes from the leader who of late has already these wonderful plans to hold onto and supposed to finish in his lifetime, as he wants to promise the Ugandans the middle-Income position and also economic progress in the levels of South Korea and Singapore. Though, the corrupt and donor-friendly behavior is still necessary since the Petroleum money, is still not certain as it is still needed more development and investment before the profits from the black-oil drilled in the Lake Albert basin and Albertine region.

The first plan that was supposed to take over the failed 10-Point Program from the Economic and Development of the Republic, where the magical and all-covering; the Second plan the famous ‘Vision2040’, where all pieces of government and private sector we’re interconnected as the NRM-Regime had plans to reconfigure and also establish what they had did between 1986 and 2013. The plan that we’re released in 2013 said this: “a transformed Ugandan society from a peasant to a modern and prosperous country within 30 years”; I do not feel the need to say how much further they have come in the last three years.

Hon. Francis Mwijukye said: "Today I visited Karungu government secondary in Karungu subcounty- Buhweju district where I found students studying under very disturbing circumstances" (Mwijukye, 25.06.2016)
Hon. Francis Mwijukye said: “Today I visited Karungu government secondary in Karungu subcounty- Buhweju district where I found students studying under very disturbing circumstances” (Mwijukye, 25.06.2016)

The third plan that comes to mind was the National Development Plan II (NDPII) who we’re drafted and surely released during the 2015, and we’re written March 3, 2015. This was a plan for the infrastructure projects and the defining projects that we’re interconnected with railroads and also the major road projects of the UNRA, which is certain a magnifying economic prospect as the investments in infrastructure as the unfolding economic problems, that recently was reported from UNRA. So the President has issues with this alone, before releasing the 20-Points Program of 2016.

So with the hearing of a new plan from the grand National Resistance Movement and the Presidency of 30 years, if he had finished or wished to finish the first plan, the 10-Point Program. But, that wouldn’t make the political battlefield and the regression of progress so obvious; if anybody believes he will ever finish a program or even sufficiently have due-diligence behind a new program, you should dream on or reconsider you thought pattern.

With the newly released 20-Program Plan of 2016, is a rehash of old-ideas into a new format with the mix of the Vision2040, 10-Point Program and the National Development Plan II. That is a combined of these visions, as the 10-Point program is totally out of whack, the 2040 is in the midst of it and been in the works for three years without any real progress on the matter. The NDPII is a framework for basic transport and infrastructure that are parts of all the three other plans. So, this is far from finish and with the UNRA troubles, the World Bank suspension and the others issues with financing the grand infrastructure projects of late, while the Standard Gauge Railway and the Northern Corridor Integration Projects (NCIP), which is a collective planning of infrastructure between the East African nations we’re it need cooperative effort from the countries.

issues clinton uganda

So with all of this in mind, when reading the progressive, the revolutionary, the rebels new plan like the monstrosity levels of belief that he can sell yet another amazing plan to the public and donors. The reassessment the donors should do is that this in the mass of affairs and tricks the NRM-Regime have come with for three decades and was supposed to be new-found governance; instead it has been more of the same, just in another name, another package and another head-honcho who been able to smile with Bill Clinton, Gadaffi and all the dignitaries that wanted spend money on his government and newly created institutions under his leadership. This has all happen, while the Western countries have accepted the atrocities and brutality against civilians for the peace and assurance of progression of democratic values that over time have been proven as fool’s gold.

The reality of this new Plan is to repackage the same of promises and the so-called progression of the government institutions and the civil service delivery as hospitals, schools and roads. Through the neo-liberal structural adjustment plan that we’re accepted to get more World Bank loans in the 1980s, while now because of less donor-funding adding more loans into the bloated government budgets together with bigger government spending on growing parliament, growing districts and sub-counties, while the added expenditure on the projects as the rising prices on roads with little due-diligence, higher interests on the fallen loans and the expenses on military equipment. This all with the steady level of inflation and proved little will to change the service delivery from the NRM-Regime, as the international community have let most of it go without any impunity or real care.

Old Stats Uganda

As even the European Union proudly did this recently after the fraudulent election they discredit in their own report, still they we’re so giddy to do this:

“Goverment of Uganda to hold political dialogue with European Union as mandated in Art 8 of Cotonou Agreement” (Emma Were Tinka, 28.06.2016). So the true ethics of the European Union and democratic values can be traded of with a decent agreement and when the NRM-Regime can even be validated by EU, this talk and consider, even sign the agreement, but they might not implement it; as the due-diligence have never been a thing for Museveni, so after all this year? Why should it all of a sudden matter?

This new plan is another one of his schemes and plot to get donor-aid and get funding for his nepotism, his cars and airplanes as the direct budget and the over-priced infrastructure projects have silenced his critics as that have been used on tear-gas, Russian fighter-jets and other needed procurement, not on fixing schools and buying school-books for the students. That is no-need and not proved added value. This 20-Program plan is just non-sense and the ones that buys into it, are long lost causes like Ofwono Opondo and Andrew Mwenda. Peace.

Human Rights Organization raided in Kampala!

HRAPF Uganda Logo

Human Rights Awareness and Promotion Forum (HRAPF) who have offices at Kitakula Road, close to Gadaffi Mosque and are in the area of Mengo; so this in the Old Kampala area and metropolitan Kampala. This is where unknown people have attacked the Human Rights Non-Governmental Organization, and even robbed the office.

There are other indications that the attackers of the offices also killed a guard, ransacked the office and also cut of the alarm, while they took cameras and such (Adrian Jjuuko, 21.05.2016).

The Police Commander in charge of searching for clues and sealing of the offices now is the District Police Commander Old Kampala Afande Kirumira. The HRAFP have knowledge that the left security cameras have the footage of attackers and the robbers of the offices.

HRAFP Statement:

“BREAK IN AT Hrapf Uganda. There has been break in at our offices today in the night and our guard killed in cold blood in the process. Specifically, they broke into the office of the Executive Director and the Deputy Executive Director Programs. All lockers and shelves in the Executive Directors offices were ransacked. All cameras were cut and unplugged. Police has already surveyed the premises and investigations are going on. We have managed to get some footage on the cameras showing four people entering and pouncing on the security guard some of whose faces are visible on the footage. Evidence points more at information rather than property as the motive of the break in. We are now in the process of replacing what was destroyed and beefing up the security at the office. Our heartfelt condolences to Emma’s family family, the guard who died protecting our work” (HRAPF, 22.05.2016).

We can speculate why this has happen and now, as the Human Rights are attacked when it comes to freedom of speech and liberty of political opposition. While the Police Force and Army are so entangled with the ruling party, that they are more a political force, than securing the safety of the people; this is the reality as even an innocent NGO get their offices raided. There not too long ago since the Human Rights Network for Journalist (HRNJ-Uganda) was stolen and raided twice by unknown people. So the killing of the guard of the Office, is just a sad ending and a tragedy. As the NGO HRAPF-Uganda.

CCTV Kampala 22.05.2016

If you know anything about these men! Please contact it here to the Mail-address down below!!

 “If you have any information – please contact Melanie Nathan  – until we are able to provide a direct investigator to contact”.

This is what I know for now. This is just clear violence against an innocent NGO, from somebody either just thieving or connected with government who wants to silence the NGOs from questioning the NRM regime, so there things and actions we can consider. As there hasn’t been taken charge of the ones that raided the HRNJ-Ugnada, so why should the Police Force have the ability or wanting to find out who raided the HRAPF-Uganda? Peace.

Don Museveni says “I would never accept these foreigners to give me orders about Uganda”; Time to cut the direct donor assistance to the government budget of Uganda and after that let Don Museveni eat alone!

museveni and his gun

“I wouldn’t ask these foreigners, but I would never accept these foreigners to give me orders about Uganda. Or about anything in the world! They got their own countries to run. Let them go and run them. Uganda is ours. Nobody gives us orders here” – President Museveni at Kololo Independence Grounds Speech while celebrating the “Double Victory” on 9th April 2016.

Now that it is not long ago he told the world that Uganda was his playground and he could shot and kill opposition because they had no place in his country. From the same man and leader comes this. Let me ask the international community to react to violent behavior and the aggression this President shows his own county.

The racketeering of the NRM and their Executive has to stop at one point. That can happen when the funds dry up and the ammunition does come with the next boat. The American should stop with their alliance and their UPDF trainings. The Americans should do as they did with the MCC in Tanzania; suspend the projects and direct-donor aid to budget funding of the Ugandan Government.

Total rig Uganda

The French should stop supporting the Government projects in Northern Uganda and cut their loans as they have promised to effect directly the RDC and the other loyal cronies of Northern Uganda. This does so the Capos of the Don get their monies and keeps eating. While the Japanese should stop supporting infrastructure projects together with the Chinese Foreign Ministry, while the CNOOC should terminate their contract with the Uganda Government. Total Oil firm of the French should suspend their operation until the government accept their blood-money. The Same with Heritage Oil for Britain so the UK Gov. should disband their direct government support and take away the incentive from UK to Uganda. The Norwegian Government should suspend the Oil for Development Program that have been a steady program since 2006. Because if you hurt it where it could become most important, then the Don Museveni might listen.

The European Union should to hurt the Foreign Exchange rate suspend the import of Robusta Coffee beans from Uganda, as the export of this is a major factor in the economic trade in the land-lock country. “A total of 271,941 bags of coffee valued at US$ 25.12 million were exported in February 2016 -Source UCDA report”. If you want to hit where it hurts, then you take away the foreign exchange and the foreign exports. This here could really hurt the government that does not want to have any interference or questions about their rule.

If the Donors and giving aid, would suspend or cut the services for the Peacekeepers, the same reaction that the Dutch did with the Burundian Peacekeepers in the AMISOM in Somalia. The same could be done by the American Government and EU as they are the major benefactors for the economic spending ground and facilitators for it.

Muhoozi Museveni

It is not like I am for neo-colonialism, but when a totalitarian and gangster like Don Museveni complains about the US Mission questioning his oppressive behavior and European Union saying their opinion on the display of character showed during the Election and announcement of the results. Then it seems like he does not need any-more international legitimacy for his rule. Only their money and aid when it comes in handy too fuel money to a private plane, refurnishing the State Houses, buying new cars and more estates. Especially considering in FY 2013/2014 the donor assistance of the total budget was 21 % of it. Therefore the USAID, World Bank, IMF, DFID, European Commission, Irish Aid, NORAD and the other contributors should suspend that for the coming financial year of FY 2016/2017. To not hurt the citizens do this instead!

They should support the IDP camps and refugee camps in the Ugandan country through United Nations programs and organizations, build stronger relationship with NGOs in Uganda and forge good governance programs instead of supporting a government who is carrying out rigged election and embezzlement of government funds and international aid. Therefore progressive use of the tax-payers money from the Western Hemisphere, and if that is not working then, use it instead on local infrastructure projects to their own tax-payers.


Especially when a specialized report on Donor Aid to Ugandan Government says this:

Budget support has not helped much in relation to cross sectoral dialogue. Some improvement was realized in education sector as dialogue with Ministry of Local Government and Ministry of Public Service improved. But this has not happened for the health sector” (…)”The power relations between bilaterals and Global Health Initiatives including PEPFER, Global Fund, GAVI, Stop Malaria etc shifted in favour of the latter who had no experience in the development of the budget support process and completely ignored to an apparent ineffectiveness” (…)”Budget support resulted in a greater commitment and quality of dialogue on PFM issues, especially after 2007 with the launch of FINMAP and JBSF. The influence of performance measures on sector dialogue declined from 2011/12, as the link with releases became less clear” (Joint Evaluation of Budget Support to Uganda – Final Report – 2015, P: 132).

This here proves the values of the Donor-Funding and the Budget Support from the International community to the Ugandan Government and the NRM-Regime. The NRM mafia under Don Museveni who says that the Ugandan authority do not want to have internal interference and foreign people questioning his playground. Therefore the authority and the Don want to rest things into peace he lets the people end up resting in peace. As he takes the Army and Police to detain the ones it needs and use draconian laws to oppress his own people.

NRM Oyee! 09.04.2016

Therefore with also the fraudulent election to keep the NRM mafia in order and also silence the opposition; as it even did yesterday the 9th March 2016 with the Military Police taking over the Nakivubo Settlement Primary School so the “Victory Celebration” that was supposed to be held there with Lord Mayor Lukwago and FDC Leader Besigye. This happen while the Crime Preventers, NRM Diehards and the new MPs we’re celebrating at Kololo Independence Grounds while costing the 1, 5 billion shillings. The racket also carries to pay their own and let the kingpin eat the money alone. As he has done since 1986 and the donor have continued to fund the budget support and give Don Museveni money to do his bidding.

Therefore I ask the governments to question if they want to deliver more money the NRM Mafia who uses monies to the army and police, squander away State House money on funding his campaign and also rumors of AMISOM contingent. There are certain numbers on his spending on military is staggering over the years. In between 2011 and end of term 2016 the taxpayers and donor-funding the total Shs. 6.617 trillion to the Army, Police and Intelligence Agencies. Of this in MPS in February 2015 into the portfolio of sophisticated military equipment there was the extended use of Shs. 470 billion, alone that year.

Bundibugyo 28.02.2016

So with that knowledge and knowing the international donors should consider some reactions as he does not accept any interference not internal and not external. The Playground might be for the moment him, the Don Museveni has spoken of killing demonstrating citizens and opposition. The harassment of the ones that question the power of the kingpin!

That is when the international donors in the powers of US Mission in Kampala and their Amb. Malac recently; and also when the European Union does state the fact that the election was not free and fair. Therefore the Don Museveni feels betrayed as this has been loyal men who have given money to his government and not question his power or rule. Because they needed him to do their dirty-laundry and also have a steady ally in the East Africa; as the US have a relationship with Ethiopia and also Kenya, but have a longer engagement with the Ugandan Government, and now accepting the harassment of opposition as a price for some form of stability.

UGDebate2016 P8 Amama

While the other donor-funding is not questioning other than expressing some have cut funding over the $12 Million that was going to Northern Uganda Development Fund (NUDF) in the 2012, that went lost to through the Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi. Also the Anti-Gay Bill had their reactions from UK, Norway and Dutch who cut parts of their aid. So now it is the time again, as the oppression, election fraud and the man who want to be the Don and acts like the Don of Uganda. The Godfather of Uganda has spoken. He does not want to be inference. So since he does not wish to have interference the international donors and bilateral organizations should offer him a hand with that.

The International donors and bilateral organizations should certainly suspend their direct budget support to the Ugandan Government. As they don’t wish to have any interference and can handle it all on their own. The money should instead spend on the Multi-National Organizations working in Uganda, as the OCHA, UNICEF and WFP as they will submit and carry out quick resolved matters in Internal Displaced Camps and around the borders through their projects. Since that will not have any other government questioning their actions, then the other governments should not help to fund their actions. Simple rhetorical assessment that banish the 20 % power of the funds that Don Museveni has at his disposal and use; when outsiders are such a pain, then the pain should leave Don Museveni alone and not support him.

Newspapers Same Scandal Uganda

So the Donors and Bilateral organizations should cut their aid and give less power to Don Museveni and his NRM Mafia who spends and eats alone; while his government does not have money to build health care, roads, schools or the other necessities in the Ugandan Society. But not with Foreign tax-payers money, when they get used on the expensive cars, lavish lifestyle, foreign health care and private planes for the Godfather. There is time to take action as the gangster will act as Don and not as a Statesman. Henceforth, when a player does not want question, but accept your money and not accountable for them; and when the player squander the money and expect to get away with it. Then the Player should lose the ability to get the money from you. The Don Museveni have already had long enough time to deliver and used enough of donor-funds without showing progress. Time to cross out the donor-funding to direct budget support; then Don Museveni does not need to be questioned. As the international community will not have put a stake and being stakeholders for certain parts of the budget. But when they step away, then Don Museveni can be the kingpin and the gangster he want to be in military fatigue and do as he want in his playground, without opposition who should just stay home; and also without foreigners questioning him. Then he can rule alone with the capos, underbosses and then be grand Don Museveni. Peace.  

Sudanese president – Omar Al-Bashir: “We do not need foreign aid organizations” (Youtube-Clip)

“Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir said on Monday that his country does not need foreign aid organizations. He also described the aids by the organizations as the so called remnants of food tables in America.
SOUNDBITE (Arabic): OMAR AL-BASHIR, Sudanese President
“Take your aid to needy and poor people other than us. Sudan, with its bounties, does not need you. We are the one who aid others, and it is not likely for the organizations to bring us the remnants of food tables from America and others.” Al-Bashir made the remarks while addressing a mass rally at Nyala, the capital city of South Darfur State” (New China TV, 2016).

Civil Society Statement on the 2016 Presidential and Parliamentary Elections: “Uganda’s Rise – Our Responsibility!” (07.03.2016)

CSO Election 07032016 P1CSO Election 07032016 P2CSO Election 07032016 P3CSO Election 07032016 P4

Press Release: The Government of Germany contributes £1M to the Sudan Common Humanitarian Fund for 2015 (10.06.2015)