A review of “Man Vs Bee”

The 9 Episode long series of “Man Vs Bee” was a surprise and a shocker how good it was. The premise of the show or the series is very simple. Trevor, the newly employed house-sitter is sent to a modern day smart-home with expensive artefacts. Which his supposed to take care of and ensure everything is safe-and-secure. Also, take care of the dog for the week that the rich owners of the home is gone on vacation.

One of the best thing of this shows is that its short and simple. The jokes isn’t dragged out. Neither is the epic crashing scenes. This is a sort of disaster movie in several small scenes made into a TV series. For Rowan Atkinson this sort of movie wouldn’t be anything new. We can go back to the Bean – The Ultimate Disaster Movie of 1997 introduced to us. We are now several of decades later and the actor plays a similar sort of role.

That’s why it’s playing to the strengths of the main actor and the one who is the main performer. It could be silly and cringe, but it got me cracking. This is the first binge watching show I done in a while. Because, it was short and the premise was about one issue. It became interesting to see what is happening next.

The obsessions of the Bee was just showing how Trevor didn’t care or concerned about the things that matters. That’s why the ex-Wife even came with punchlines in the middle. The involvement of the Police Officer and the popping by at bad timing. Together with his acting with the owners over face-time was just cracking you up.

This was a slow disaster in the making. The destruction and craziness was evolving into the finalities and the charges pinned in court on Trevor for destroying someone’s home. That was the obvious fun stuff about the series.

The series was so much fun to watch. If you like Mr. Bean series or British humour. This is very fitting for you. In the way everything is evolving and how the main character Trevor is acting. It is just so much fun and you cannot copy Atkinson’s comedic timing. The way he does stuff and how it plays out. Just make you want to watch another episode. With enough time. I know I will rewatch it and enjoy it again.

Since, there was so many things happening in the modern-smart home and the obsession with the “Bee” made it all an interesting and fun watch. This got me cracking… laughing and I just couldn’t help to enjoy it.

This was a good production and not “dead air”. Neither was it forced either. This was a production and a series made for Rowan Atkinson. We the watchers and subscribers of Netflix got our minutes worth in the entertainment here. Peace.

Opinion: Tried to watch Netfilx’s Pretty Smart

The streaming platform has produced plenty of content and series, which is exclusive for Netflix. One of these was Pretty Smart. It is a sitcom with a massive use of a laugh-track. The sitcom is built around two sisters. One that is the nerd and wise one, while the other one is the blond and stupid one. Where the wise sister has to crash and live with her sister who lives in a collective of goodhearted people, but not the brightest cookies.

The Pretty Smart seems on paper like a decent sitcom. Since it has the scene of the collective space, a few characters who creates a “conflict” and a “resolution”. However, it seems so manufactured and so forced. The characters aren’t that deep either.

You have the wise-one, but lacks all sorts of social skills or feels to it. While the stupid one is socially mature, but super-duper naive. The gay one who is the stereotype of what people think gay people are. Then you have the buff-guy and a personal trainer who knows how to lift weights, but has no other personality really. The last is the yoga-and-promiscuous female character to spice up the episodes.

So, you have 5 character to play off and make stories around. The main two are the sisters and them re-uniting. However, it is not interesting… it is not engaging. This the sort of sitcom you only see on the backgrounds of the doctors waiting room or whatnot. It is tragic, because they have characters, which should engage you. Nevertheless, it never does.

I really tried to watch it and gave up in the Sixth Episode of the First Season. It isn’t the lack of originality… but the way it is to fluff and lacks a spine. There is nothing that goes deep or looks like normal human interaction. Yes, it is all a set-up and sitcoms are that. However, these sorts of things are supposed to be either entertaining or a little bit of possibly feel that this could happen to you. There is nothing of that… and only seems really Hollywood.

It is just too perfect… and that gets stale pretty quick. Also, with the lack of character development or even showing something outside the norm. Even the stupid idea of getting busy to find all lids for Tupperware between the two male characters was obnoxious to watch. It just seemed like a scene to buy time and not a real deal two guys would do.

That’s why this series maybe was discontinued. The ones behind it and the ones who invested in it. Should consider more character development and stories who can appeal to people. These folks in this series was shallow and dumb, but not stupidly fun either. They just didn’t seem like they could live in the real world and the dumb sister would have been fired much earlier in the real world. She wouldn’t have kept the job. If they tried to do a Rachel of Friends on her… it wasn’t working, because she had at least some sort of moving story and getting somewhere over time. While the dumb sister is just staying dumb. While the smart sister is getting to live in content of an easy-life without to much academic pressure. However, that isn’t a story of the ages either.

That’s why it doesn’t sell and isn’t interesting. Just tried to watch a new series and a sitcom for easy content. When you get bored of such content. You know something is wrong. This sort of thing should make you laugh and possibly see yourself within the universe. However, that never happened here.

Hope Netflix chooses another path in the future. Sitcoms should be a format that a streaming platform should master. Especially to build upon and get the viewer hooked. However, this wasn’t it. It was not Two-Broke Girls, Friends or How I Met Your Mother. This was a train-wreck. Peace.

Opinion: The Fresh and Fit podcast is out of their league

Whatever you think about them or their content. The YouTubers and content creators Amrou Fudl aka Myron Gaines or Walter Weeks aka Fresh Prince CEO. The gentleman behind the Fresh and Fit podcast. These has made themselves look like fools online, which is tragic, because these gentlemen are selling products and is supposed to enlighten their own fandom.

These two gentlemen and their platform of which is part of the “manosphere” of YouTube. They are acting like Alpha-males and saying how to “date” woman. These two are acting like big-shots and the ones to be. However, the hypocrisy and the lessons of which they teach are not followed in their own lives. That is for their conscience to live by, but they cannot use “copyright strikes” and violate other channels for calling them out.

That others has spoken about them is natural with the likes of Aba & Preach, The Lead Attorney and Playback. We know the two geniuses from Miami sent out “copyright strikes” to other channels like Jamari and Spencer Cornelia. However, they haven’t at this very moment spoken out about it or it haven’t hit my radar yet.

What is clear is that the ones violating their own turf is butt-hurt. These alpha’s cannot even carry their own weight and be grown men. That’s why they hire a para-legal or a money-hungry attorney to target the detractors, which happens to comment and use some of their content. Which happens to fall under fair use. Just like the gentlemen themselves uses everything from Netflix to WorldStarHiphop.com to fill the airtime on their show. So, they should know perfectly well how the system works.

However, all of these “copyright strikes” might easily backfire. When the YouTube Team start looking into and review the Fresh & Fit. Especially, if the YouTube themselves feels this was a scrupulous act. Yes, that might hurt the pockets of the men who tried to suspend and terminate other channels by copyright striking several of videos of others, which means the creators would loose their channel after the third. That’s why we know the attorney they hired really made documents, time-stamps and paid his dues. While not considering the true meaning of “fair use”.

These two men has lost their ways and that’s clear. They are humbled and humiliated, but that’s their own fault. The other creators is just pointing out the obvious. They might not accept that, but that’s reality here.

It is cool if these gentlemen wants to act like high value gentlemen, but one of them acting up in the open as a “Sugar Daddy”. That’s all fine by me and he should stand to account for that. Not that its illegal, but it is hypocritical. The man should take credit and pay his dues. Nevertheless, we know the man doesn’t have the character or the finesse to pull it off. That’s why the company and the legal team rather copyright strike other content creators. Since that’s such a noble way of rolling things out.

Fudl and Weeks should be proud of getting close to 137 million views since February 2020. They could have thrived and been a voice in the “manosphere”. However, they rather die on a hill and loose all integrity, if they had any in the first place.

At the end of the day… they might survive all of this and have a platform still. They have fans and supporters, which pays for their services on Patreon and elsewhere. Therefore, they might be able to pull the strings there. However, on YouTube and in that community. They have alienated everyone and proven how shady they are. How little spine they have and how Beta they actually are. They cannot even carry themselves and be men. Instead, they uses a system to target others. Which could have easily been applied to themselves. They should be more careful and not even think of critiquing other people. If they cannot stand up for their own words and actions. That’s the reality in this.

The Copyright Strikes just proves their means to an end. Not that it’s anything good. They could be removed and terminated themselves. Totally backfiring … and losing their platform. That’s how foolish this is and it was all fair game. However, the alpha’s couldn’t have their ducks in a row and beat the bitter pill. They didn’t have it in them to beat the opportunity to revenge and avenge their hurt. Instead of carrying their insecurities and lack of moral ambiguity. They rather pile that upon the rest of the “manosphere”.

That’s the sort of gentleman these two are and it’s reflecting badly on them. So, if these are your lectures and wise-men. You better forget to find the stars and be able to trace “Baby Jesus”. These folks won’t lead you to Bethlehem, but instead you might end up in Damascus. Peace.

MPS: Red Notice

(MPS = Motion Picture Sh**)

The Netflix action-comedy ‘Red Notice’ which came out on the 12th November in the Theatres and on Netflix. I have finally watched the movie with Dwayne ‘The Rock” Johnson, Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds.

For me this was sort of a mix of the ‘National Treasure’ and ‘The Hitman’s Bodyguards ‘ because it had a blend of both movies or franchises. Yes, Nicholas Cage isn’t playing in this one, but the main story of ‘Red Notice’ is similar and even Reynolds was toying around with ‘Indiana Jones’ for a smug joke in the middle of movie.

This movie isn’t Oscar worthy entertainment. Neither is it high-art. No, this is the easy enjoyable movie for a Saturday evening and for the whole family. Even with the usage of guns and everything. This is PG13 and it shows.

The issue is that the tricks and swagger dies down. They are all well playing. Reynolds as ‘Nolan Booth’ is like all of his roles of late. The sarcastic and forever talking fella who is smarter than everyone else in the room. While ‘The Rock’ is the same fellow we have seen in most movies. He just changed his name to ‘John Hartley’. While Gadot played ‘The Bishop’. All of these was conning each other and it was fun to watch.

All of the actors made it believable. The sort of back-and-fourth is fun for a minute. Nevertheless, this will not age well. It is a short sting and we will move on to the next. This isn’t a classic or a sort of adventure movie like the mentioned ‘Indiana Jones’. Neither does it have a unique back-story to sell it to us.

The cliff-hanger ending is a move that’s made to ensure the possibility for a second one. That is very clear, as they are planning another mission together. This is so obvious… there wasn’t a need for additional scenes or more after the credits. No, this is well-made and planned effort by Netflix.

They are making movies that other studios would have done. This isn’t the small-screen or the specialized market. The way they did it and made this one. Everything is up in the open and ‘Red Notice’ is just like that.

I don’t know if I will see this movie again. It isn’t a blockbuster or a Oscar flick. It just another movie. Who has it’s moments and laughs, but I will not remember much of this tomorrow. That’s because there are so many of these sorts of movies out there. It will be hard to distinguish it from the others to be honest.

Netflix at least made something original, even if it wasn’t very unique. It was very PG13 and soft. They could have used more finesse and more story-telling in it. However, with the fast moving storyline and little breaks. There isn’t time to dig deep into the character or their mannerisms. It becomes very shallow and your looking more at the suits/dresses than you care about the action itself. Which isn’t a good vibe in the end. It has some awesome scenes, but that cannot save it.

I know this is an action-comedy, but to build good characters is hard. Sell their story and make it believable is even harder. This is an very formula movie for our time. In my opinion, this might be ‘The Adjustment Bureau’ of 2021. It was fine and dandy in 2011, but who cares about it in 2021?

I would guess… very few or too none. The same will happen to ‘Red Notice’. Peace.

Opinion: Chappelle was just being real

The ones who has issues with Comedian Dave Chappelle after his Netflix special ‘the Closer’ that premiered on the 5th October 2021. It has caused an outcry and sparked controversy. While watching it… I only saw the same real comedian that I gotten know over all the years. The stories, the tales and the reality he describes seems “legit”. So, why this issue now?

Yes, there is always a need to address minorities and their rights. There is a need to viable and be direct about it. Discussions and talks, where people have to in the end, agree to disagree and still be cordial. However, with the comedy special have gotten twisted into something else.

Yes, Chappelle is direct and doesn’t spare any of his words. He knows his craft and has a capacity to blow someone’s mind. The jokes he had was poignant and blasphemous in the woke crowds of the internet. Nevertheless, these folks cannot take a joke or live in our reality. As they want everything to be “correct” and not without consequences. That’s why it’s easy to target the stand-up comedian for telling his story.

Not like Chappelle would change legislation or give more power to you. No, he is just addressing the double standards, the way the LGBTQ have vast power, but no checks or balances on it. Yes, they still have grievances, but who doesn’t right? They are not alone in society and they have come really far. That’s why any sort of Marvel and DC hero is becoming LGBTQ while there is nobody writing stories, which challenges your mind or entertains you for long. Therefore, the group should think about the focus and losing strike to assault Chappelle.

Chappelle even stated that he was tarnished by the group wrongly and been labelled by them. While he never had any real grudges. Heck, he even helped a Trans-Woman to become a better comedian. If he had issues with their “tribe” wouldn’t he had shunned her? Not talked and respected her? Well, he did… so the ones going after him. Don’t like that someone with a huge platform addresses the matter.

The same proof of hypocrisy is stated in the joke on the situation earlier this year of the rapper DaBaby. Who spoke his mind and tried to damage control it afterwards. He was homophobic and speaking ill of it. Alas, that was more damaging to his career, as Dua Lipa and others distances themselves from him. While nobody had any issues with him… because he killed someone at Wall Mart before his career popped-off. Therefore, you can quickly question the morality and the value of their believes.

This is why Chappelle’s Comedy Special is important. Because, it proves the reality. You might not agree with it or accept it. However, if you want things to move forward and understand the questions of our time. There is a need for pieces like these. You cannot have a Political Correct skit or jokes. Nobody will laugh at that and it will be a direct-to-DVD failure of a project. Nobody will watch it or care about it. It is dead on arrival and there was nothing to salvage. Only the pay-checks paid by the producers and the companies involved. The general public will not feel it or even bother.

That’s why Chappelle and such needs to speak their mind. They open an conversation. He proves it and explains the matters with fine detail. He takes responsibility, but also humility. Chappelle isn’t policing, but reacting to the pushbacks, which isn’t fair to him. Since they don’t really know him or his kind. They had labelled him before he went up on stage. Why do you think he should bother to be peaceful and ignorant?

Chappelle is now controversial for good. He drops the bag and everyone can see it. The ones who is displeased cannot mange the reality we live in. They cannot manage their expectations or what is really going on. There are things missing and people who feels touched, feels betrayed and questioned by this. However, have they seen any of other pieces? It is not like he haven’t used this sort of humour before… and they should have been prepared.

Chappelle is bold. He doesn’t pack himself in correctness or badging himself in what is right at the time. Chappelle just spoke his mind and explained a discrepancy in society. However, trying to cancel him is a lost cause. He will just grow stronger. If you have issues with what he said. Try to get legislators to work on legislation and just laws. Make sure the government institutions and everyone else follows these ideals. Not expect a comedian to dance to your tune. That’s not happening. Because, if he did? He wouldn’t be funny. Period. Peace.

US: Attorney General Jeff Sesssion Memo: “Revised Treatment of Transgender Employment Discrimination Claims Under Title VII of the Civil Rights of 1964” (04.10.2017)

U.S. DoD Interim Guidance on Military Service for Transgender Individuals (14.09.2017)

White House Memo – “Subject: Military Service by Transgender Individuals” (25.08.2017)

USA: Gen. Mathis leaked Memo to DoD staff – “Subject: Ethical Standards for All Hands”

USA: Memorandum for Secretaries of the Military Departments Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff – “Subject: Accession of Transgender Indviduals into the Military Services” (30.06.2017)

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