Opinion: Zuma’s rebuttal to Ramaphosa is useless…

If it was a lecture of how to defend yourself and make you into an angle. The letter of former President Jacob G. Zuma would be in classrooms in the future and be studied. To be a proof of someone delusional and defensive as can be.

That Zuma answered to the private letter of his successor Ramaphosa wasn’t shocking. Neither was it unexpected in a way. As the man with a plan, as the man with the schemes and as the man who enriched himself in the time in office. He wouldn’t give way and be silent.

Zuma wants to be free of the shackles. Zuma wants to be out of the legal conundrum and stop the Capture of State Inquiry. As all the commission does is to undermine his legacy and his work. All the things he did to get wealthy, get connected and ensure family heirlooms to his own. Because, that is what it does.

Zuma knows how he used his time in office. He even tried to defend a pool in Nkandla as a “fire-pool”. The man built a village, owns a mansion in either Dubai and such. This is what values he was able to get during his tenure in power.

The former President knows this. Instead using “white-monopoly” and blame gaming the approach of Ramaphosa. It is all to throw shade and blame elsewhere. Because, the former president cannot be seen as “criminal” and someone who was “corrupt”. Even if the whole Republic knows and the evidence is gathered against him. There is enough shady deals with the Gupta’s and others. To ensure Zuma having a hard time in the Courts.

Zuma can play like a fool. Use words and describe things. However, it is all done to save himself. He uses the ANC and the party as a shield in his writing. I’m not saying the white minority doesn’t have a huge advantage economically in South Africa. Because, that would be a lie. There are plenty of folks who are living well. Also, a new middle class who has been created in the years of the ANC. Nevertheless, the former President doesn’t mention that. As that doesn’t fit his narrative.

While the impoverished communities haven’t been saved or salvaged. The society is still broken economically and a huge divide between the rich and poor. Zuma have not changed this in his time. Neither has Ramaphosa. The grand corruption have persisted within both administrations and Zuma cannot run away from that.

He only mentions a deal made during Mbeki. However, not mentioning all the Eskom, Gupta family involved deals or anything else. However, only pushing on one story to vindicate himself. Even, as he claims in the letter. That this is not his intent.

Zuma has his Nkandla, the village project and the amassed wealth. He lived like a king in the years in power. A letter like this cannot disguise that or even take that away.

That’s why he knows what he has done. While trying to act hurt by the criminal process and the inquiries. However, that is needed. If the republic was to ever challenge the behaviour of corruption. Since, he was the head of state and still he ate good. A bit to good and also money, which wasn’t intended his way. Nevertheless, he still ate it and enjoyed the perks. Peace.

Opinion: Ramaphosa’s letter on corruption is a bit late

To be quite clear, I am not suggesting that corruption is only a problem of our movement. Nor am I suggesting that corruption is widespread among our membership or leadership. In fact, I know that the overwhelming majority of ANC members and leaders strongly oppose corruption, patronage and all other forms of criminality” (Ramaphosa, 23.08.2020).

You can come with all intent and purposes. The South African President Cyril Ramaphosa can write to his ruling party. Promise and says nice words of procedure, protocol and be against corruption. However, the state owned enterprises, the foreign investors giving kickbacks and state tender operations are filled with corrupt behaviour.

That is something African National Congress (ANC) and the whole state apparatus know. That the President on the 23rd August 2020 writes that he wants to eradicate and get rid of it is a bit late. There been running grand corruption scandals back in time to when Thabo Mbeki was President. Jacob Zuma evolved it and made it more rampant. Ensure he could build a village on it and get his family members employed because of it.

Within Ramaphosa’s time it has continued. While the Capture of State enquiry, investigation and criminal case against has continued. Still, there is revealed cases, enterprises where things are fixed and government wastage of funds. In a manner, which the ANC knows, they are deliberate about it and endures this system. They are becoming billionaires and millionaires on the misfortune of others.

That is why the letter today from Ramaphosa is more of a Publicity Stunt. The state isn’t combatting this. Unless, they want to take down not only former public officials, ministers and other stalwarts of the party. If the party is sincere, they would take the big-fish and the close associates of the President that does what the party have done over the years.

It is a reason, why the practices done during the time of Mbeki, Zuma and now Ramaphosa continues.

Even before all this:

Even former President Nelson Mandela admitted to the widespread existence of corruption in the ANC when he said in August 1998 that: “We have learnt now that even those people with whom we fought the struggle against apartheid’s corruption can themselves be corrupted.” (UDM – ‘COMRADES IN CORRUPTION IIITHE REAL STATE OF THE NATION’, June 2012).

So, the ANC is known for this. It is all sort of scandals, deals and tenders that are misused for the profits of the high ranking officials of the state. A state run by the liberation party, ANC. When Mandela even could see it back in the day. Why don’t you think we can see it now in 2020.

The ANC got rid of Zuma after his open corrupt behaviour and gotten rid of some skeletons in the closet. However, most of his cadres, appointments and leaders within the ANC is the same. The ones who worked directly and indirectly with Zuma in his reign. Therefore, if Ramaphosa wanted a clean slate. He would have considered people who aren’t tainted, but he didn’t. Ramaphosa himself has his own questionable behaviour and haven’t even answered the public outcry to know how he funded his recent election campaign in 2017.

So, if he wants to oppose it. He should start with his garden and show the flowers. If there are bees or if it vermin. We need to know, so we know what is grass, sand of if there is a hidden treasure on his plot. The same should be done by the ANC. Not only in talk, but in action as well. Peace.

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Opinion: Kagame will never become the next Madiba!

The respected newspaper from South Africa Mail & Guardian published a story this week on the 17th July 2018, written by Chude Jideonwo called ‘Kagame could be the next Mandela ― if he steps down’; I will beg to differ. Because Nelson Mandela is a hero and righteously so. Mandela was a revolutionary and a leader who led his movement peacefully from apartheid to Multi-Party Democracy in South Africa. He was jailed for his beliefs and his actions as a leader in the African National Congress. There is nothing in the way of Mandela, that is similar to Paul Kagame.

I don’t know what went through the mind of Mr. Jideonwo, but me and him is not on the same wavelength. For one simple reason, Paul Kagame is a villain and a vicious general in sheep’s cloths. He comes in peace and speaks with flattering words, but the actions in the dark is vindictive and fatal. That is not similar to what Mandela did in any fashion.

Kagame has raised civil war within Rwanda, he has killed opponents and detained opposition leaders indefinitely. There are nothing he will not do to stay in power. He is even uses proxy war in Democratic Republic of Congo. Where he has since 1994 used militias to control mineral and resources in the Kivu provinces for lucrative exports. This he has done, while he also been part of getting rid of two Presidents for securing a puppet in Kinshasa.

Therefore, Kagame is more of a War-Lord, than of someone of the stature of Mandela. Kagame is the ones that trigger elections and making sure to get as close as possible to a 100 %. Mandela trusted the people and didn’t install fear, didn’t use the military or the state to force his following. They followed Mandela because they believed in his cause and the need for the rainbow nation.

However, Kagame would use intimidation and fear, he will consolidate all power within his reach and just use posh words to look good, but behind close doors orders others to stop. That is why I don’t ever see Kagame in the same vein as Mandela. Is someone I aspire to learn from and understand his mindset. But with Kagame, I don’t even want to touch the evil behind his CV. Kagame might have over time delivered good numbers and also a good public persona. Nevertheless, his activity, his attitude and what he really has done is to take all power.

Kagame has used the weapon to gain power, Mandela used the force of good to gain the same power. He didn’t overstay, he didn’t force himself on people, he made a difference and that will be everlasting. What Kagame will be remembered for all the ghosts he created, the people who has lost their lives because of his orders and also the families who has been separated because of his reign. That is not what Mandela ever did.

That is why it is insulting to compare him to Kagame. Kagame is genius manipulator, but a merciless War-Lord behind closed doors. He might talk with beautiful TED-Talks and have marvelous PR Stunts out of this world, but don’t be fooled. Kagame has ruled with an iron fist and with bullets. Not with peace and mercy, he did not speak of dialogue or even inch of pragmatic sense for the betterment of the Republic. No, his acts has of violence and intimidation. That is a far-cry from what Mandela ever did and that why its an insult to compare Mandela to Kagame.

I hope that Mail & Guardian, that it wise-up, because this sort of piece make your mind boggle. I thought the guys of Charles Onyango-Obbo (COO) was there keep things on tap. He has a sound mind, how could he let this one pass him by? Maybe, they are in summer vacation mode? Peace.

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“BREAKING: In a reply to my Parliamentary question, Minister of Public Works Nathi ‘firepool’ Nhleko, has said that there are no upgrades planned for Zuma’s Nkandla residence. Meanwhile, The chief director of Public Works, Barnie Ntlou told the Sunday Times that work will go ahead at the Presidents residence. Who’s fooling who?” (Mmusi Maimane, 22.05.2017).

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