Opinion: Does Kabuleta NEED a new platform?

The City Pastor, former sports journalist and former Presidential Candidate Joseph Kabuleta has started to prepare for the next election in 2026. This after the 2021 bid with Reclaim Our Country and Kin (ROCK) only got about 37,500 votes in the January 2021 polls. So, it was not like he was popular or a significant candidate.

On the 29th September 2021 months after the failure of the first campaign. His launching his second political platform called: National Economic Empowerment Dialogue (NEED). The message is more of the same and the financial transformation. The pastor haven’t changed, but the colour and name is.

He is between a rock and a hard place. Certainly, Kabuleta is in NEED for something. Since the last effort wasn’t working. He might be someone well known in- and around the Watchman Ministries. Metropolitan voters might find him appeal. However, Kabuleta isn’t that viable. That might hurt his pride and ego, but someone has to say it.

Just because your on stage and holding sermons on the regular. Doesn’t men your ready or have the moral ambiguity to be statesman. The message his selling as a politician is mixing prosperity gospel with political sloganeering. It sounds all good, but are you for real?

Is there are need for NEED?

I think Kabuleta needs NEED but the general public doesn’t or wouldn’t care. Some might feel that the launch and the colours are copying National Unity Platform (NUP). That might be true, but the NUP wasn’t the first party using red. Questioning the logo is another issue and that’s what the NUP can base it upon. As it has some similarities, but that’s it. With the usage of the Uganda Map and the text surrounding it.

Kabuleta needs relevance and possible influence. The man knows he wasn’t able to gain popularity or significant electorate last time around. As a first time candidate he showed it was a waste of time. For a man arrested for “offending the don” before the elections. You would think he would have more traction or people knowing him. Alas, that wasn’t the case and his messages wasn’t selling either.

He is rebranding and reissuing ROCK into NEED. Last time it was “financial liberation” now it’s repackaged as “economic independence”. It is just a second edition of what he already did and this time he has longer time to build the movement. However, it is the same thing and that’s not strange since it’s the same man running it. Not like he would learn or understand his failure in the previous election. No, that’s too much to ask.

Kabuleta is still a prince without a kingdom. That hasn’t changed or never will. Not unless he strategies differently and thinks of other ways of political aligned himself. This isn’t the voice of the people and he will not gain support this way. No, he will be a loudmouth in a vacuum and hearing his own echoes.

I don’t think the general public seeks for the NEED or needs NEED, but Kabuleta desperately NEEDs it. Peace.

Professor Lumumba at PAV Ansah Foundation Forum – “On the Subject of Governance!”

PLO Lumumba interesting as always! Right?

Ask ourselves! We should Ask Ourselves!


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