Opinion: Not shocked that Tamale Mirundi is under fire again

Tamale Mirundi, the motor-mouth, former Presidential Press Secretary and now former long time host or contributor on NBS Television. He has been on NBS Television for years now. Since around the time he was sacked from the State House. Even if he has all along claimed wealth, following, taxis, book deals and whatnot. Still kept his day-job and shown loyalty towards the National Resistance Movement (NRM).

Now on the day the Electoral Commission is unleashing its roadmap for the election in 2021. That day the news of the suspension of Mirundi comes. It is just so fitting, that the NBS is doing it now. He could be talking and commenting on everything happening ahead of the elections. It would be pure fire and he would always defend the President.

Mirundi has been rough, he get the quotes and the ratings. That is why his somewhat popular voice on NBS. However, everyone knows his a voice of the government. Though his voice is obnoxious and sometimes outrageous. They still let him go off, because its good TV. I cannot blame NBS. He made entertaining views and perspectives. Him triggering himself and speaking like a AK47 makes people look a bit longer and actually follow a political programme.

Who else could carry a yellow beret and a hammer on TV and get away with it. Only Mirundi could walk around and promote the NRM without any fuzz or hesitation. So Tamale has done his job and with full vigour for years. They fired him for causing havoc in the State House, but still saw his value. That is why he was eligible and able to stay relevant on the screen for so long.

He could get away with gun-running at a radio station, being vocal against certain members of the State House and still be a commentator at one of the biggest TV channels of the nation. This was all happening because he was one of them. Though he has acted a fool and went wild, but haven’t to pay anything for doing so.

The Uganda Communication Commission has switched off his broadcast on a radio station before. So him being suspended from participating at NBS TV isn’t new for him, but following a pattern and historical precedence in concern to this man. It’s all Mirundi folks.

Tamale Mirundi has this gift. When you have such passion, such wordings and speaking at high volume. At some point you trigger someone off. Mirundi should know this, but clearly he doesn’t care. His rants are epic, even if I don’t agree with anything of what’s his saying. Mirundi is the gaslighter-in-chief for the regime.

That is why its weird his suspended from the NBS TV. Just like Mira Matembe became too a while ago. She was for the reason of being a strong and independent sole, who has no issues or quarrels hammering at the government. However, that is not the case with Mirundi.

Mirundi might be a lot to handle, be vocal spirit and speaking without a filter, but he was always on point for the government. Its not like he was challenging the State House, the High Above or anyone in reality. He just continued to speak and let bygones be bygones. That is who he is and what he has become.

Am I shocked about this? No, was this inevitable? Yes. Peace.

African Centre for Media Excellence (ACME) – Kasumba: Police should conduct speedy, open and legal investigation (21.04.2020)

Opinion: Samson offended the Don

NBS News Anchor Samson Kasumba was arrested last night for seditious activities against the President. Kasumba’s house been raided and his been held at Kira Road Police Station in Kampala. A law that Andrew Mwenda claims was already thrown out by the Constitutional Court. However, the Uganda Legal Information Institute(Ulii.org) says is still active. This being the colonial law of the Penal Code and the articles 39 and 40, which states the matters.

This part of the law is direct. These sort of articles and sections of the law has been used against critics before. That they are malicious and such towards His Excellency and his kin. If it was speaking ill of the “Leopards Anus” or addressing “Project Muhoozi”. They have gotten into trouble. Therefore, Samson is in a long line of people scorn by daring to write-up on them. Used various of laws against them from the Computer Act to whatever, even write some silly poems too.

The Penal Code states:

39. Seditious intention.

(1) A seditious intention shall be an intention—

(a) to bring into hatred or contempt or to excite disaffection against the person of the President, the Government as by law established or the Constitution

40. Seditious offences.

(1) (a)


Any person who—

does or attempts to do or makes any preparation to do, or

conspires with any person to do, any act with a seditious intention;

utters any words with a seditious intention;

(c) prints, publishes, sells, offers for sale, distributes or reproduces any seditious publication;

(d) imports any seditious publication, unless he or she has no reason to believe, the proof of which shall lie on him or her, that it is seditious” (Penal Act of 1950).

We can anticipate the authorities postponing the court date. They will hold him for as long as possible. This is done as a message to society. That even a NBS News Anchor can be taken like cattle into custody. That there is no one the Authorities cannot touch. If they dare to insult or insinuate things about the ways the government organize. Than they can end up like Pastor Joseph Kabuleta or anyone else. Even spending months upon end in Luzira like Dr. Stella Nyanzi.

This is not a new way or method of this government. He is just the recent big-fish for the big-men to shallowly call a victory. Fred Enaga and the whole Police Force can come with their ordinary statements and releases. He can be smug and call him a chicken thief. Surely, the statements made on Social Media hurt the pride of the state. However, they must deserve it when one of the major News Anchors of the Republic says it for everyone to see.

Like stated already. His not the first nor the last. The authorities does this, critics are fair game and allowed to challenge. Samson is just another one. He will pay and be a prized possession of the Police Force. They can show a token of loyalty to the “High Above”. Enough BS. Peace.

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