Opinion: Museveni’s magic number is now 80

President Museveni has proposed to the NRM Caucus to introduce one more position for Minister of State to bring the total number of Ministers from 79 to 80. Motion passed by the caucus” (NBS Television, 07.06.2021).

A man with such a big entourage, amount of cronies and own high ranking officials. Are now extending this… by just one more person, but it is still ghastly how big the cabinet have become. The cabinet for the 11th Parliament will be 80, instead of 79. 79 was already ridiculous and to big to remember all the names. You cannot even remember all the titles or the Ministers itself

With this sort of big cabinet you need to Google it to even find the right one. You will remember a few and the ones who are inheriting their position from previous terms. This is like the Ministry of Finance and Development and Economic Development (MoFPED). Who has been the same fella for ages. Just like you cannot forget who is appointed as the Chairman to the Bank of Uganda. They have been there forever. The same can be said of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Therefore, there will be some things, which will not be surprising in the grand schemes of things.

Nevertheless, expect new faces and some from the opposition. If Museveni gets his way. He will try to pick someone from Democratic Party (DP), Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) and even Forum for Democratic Change (FDC). That will be his dream to make it like a “unity” government, but they are all his loyal subject in cabinet and they are there because of him. That’s the grand scheme of things. The ones his appointing have already been favourable and hunting for relevancy around the President, but this will be the nail in the coffin.

It is really striking after the biggest gerrymandering effort in living memory. After boosting the parliament with such a grand amount of Members of Parliament. Where you have created a surplus of MPs and lack of space for them. Where the state have to rent expensive locations as offices and the plenary sessions cannot even be in the August House anymore. Because it is to small of house and it lacks space for them all.

At this point and time. You are adding additional Ministers. Just like the President have been adding Presidential Advisors and Appointees in the State House. He has so many people in his ear and on his payroll. That he is the biggest entrepreneur of the Republic. The personification of the state is hiring more people than his ever firing. His adding and adding without getting more revenue. That is how to run things to the ground and bankrupt.

There is no-one with a bright mind saying that 80 Ministers is a healthy cabinet. There isn’t even that many ministries or possible portfolios to operate. You have to create an issue out of thin-air and also create so small mandates and offices, which will make plenty of them redundant. They will just sign of the will of the state and catch the check before calling it a day. That is the blunt reality of it all.

The 80 Ministers cabinet is a mind-numbing and an expense that only serves the loyalist of the President. This will be another huge post on the budgets in the years to come. Just like the price of the all the MPs and their allowances. This is clearly an expenditure the state cannot afford, but is pending to pay.

Museveni is crippling the state. Little by little. Choice after choice. Soon there is no end to the greed. Soon there is no to new ways of sucking funds from the reserves and eat. Because, it is empty and nobody will lend the state a hand. Peace.

Opinion: The NUP needs to set their priorities straight [and not just aim at the King but also his court]

Last week’s elections for speaker and deputy speaker in Kampala division councils saw many from the National Unity Platform NUP win. In Makindye and Rubaga, the story was very different. NUP says it will investigate what could have cost them the speakership vote in these councils” (NTV Uganda, 04.06.2021).

The National Unity Platform (NUP) needs a reality check and it needs to be written on the wall. This comes after the news of voting for National Resistance Movement (NRM) speakers in Kampala. While the Jinja NUP Mayor have appointed NRM councillors too.

The NUP should read upon the fall of Omar Al-Bashir in Sudan and Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe. Both these lessons should be warning to the new party. That got such a big standing and mandate across the Republic in the last General Election. The NUP have the ability to make a difference, but by voting in speakers and other offices to the NRM. They are just prolonging the programming of the state. While they are token servants to it.

Let’s be clear here. The NRM are Musveni. Museveni is the NRM. To think about it differently is naive and very foolish. Museveni is the personification of the state and breeds the NRM party. He is the pulse and the heartbeat. Only a naive sucker would think otherwise in 2021. That’s why its infuriating and foolish to see the NUP voting in NRM people in offices. This is just dumb.

You cannot remove a dictator by giving way and giving titles to his servants. Are you kidding me? You cannot get rid of the dictators power and his ability to control by giving away roles, offices and titles to the NRM. Then you are serving the purpose of multi-party democracy and being stooges. You are making yourself a mockery of a selective outrage.

You are aiming at the king, but not looking at his court. You are not taking into consideration, all the people that serves and does the bidding of the King. You think that by getting rid of the king, the Kingdom will cease to exist?

Mugabe got toppled, but the ZANU-PF is as vicious as it was under him. President Mnangagwa haven’t changed things. The dictatorship is alive and kicking-it in Zimbabwe. The state isn’t any better and the human rights violations is as rampant under him. Than it was under Mugabe. So, by me saying this… is that if NRM continues after Museveni. Don’t expect it to be any better.

Yes, you got rid of the head, but the machinery is still there. The NRM is still serving for the same purpose and for a new head. The crown and the principal controls of the state will still linger on. Museveni is just the dictator, but all of his henchmen will still persist and they know the drill. Therefore, the NUP giving way to the NRM is ignorant and not a working strategy.

Does the NUP wants a 2nd Republic like Zimbabwe? I don’t think so. The NUP should take a call to Harare and talk to Chamisa. Maybe get some words of wisdom. I doubt it is what they want to hear, but the reality is still here.

The NUP needs to get their priorities in order. If you are removing a dictator. You cannot only look at him, but the whole system built around him. Unless, you want to be tormented by the ones coming after him. Because, these fellas has a unit behind them doing their dirty work and they will find a safe-haven after the inevitable fall. That’s why the NUP should give way or consider working so close to the NRM.

Because, then there is no difference between them and the dictator they seek to uproot. Peace.

Opinion: Museveni’s 1966 lie [SONA21 quote]

Let all the leaders stop confusing people by sending contradictory or divergent messages. The NRM message ever since 1966 has been: all homesteads to join the money economy using ekibaro (cura, otita, aimar ─ profitability assessment) to guide their enterprise selection” – President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni from State of the Nation Address on the 4th June 2021

Well, this isn’t a shock, but President Museveni lies. Let’s make things clear. The National Resistance Army (NRA) was founded in 1981. Secondly, before that Museveni had launched a new political party before the 1980 General Election. That was the Uganda Patriotic Movement (UPM) and because of the failure of that party. He went to the bush and founded NRA/M.

Thirdly, as stated underneath here. We can see how his stances was personally in 1960s and there was no NRA/M at that time. He was a student in Tanzania. So, it would be difficult to be a capitalist and believe in the free-market. When you where kicked out of the UPC for your leftist tendencies. Also, Museveni was reading up on Marxism and even formed a forum to study it. So, how come he says the NRM has believed in capitalistic ideals since1966? Who can riddle me that?

This was written about Museveni in 1987:

Indeed, in 1964, just two years after the country’s independence, Museveni was fired from Premier Obote’s Uganda Peoples Congress (UPC) party, when UPC’s youth league (in which Museveni was an active member) was banned for advancing “leftist tendencies”. This anti-people move was not a surprise, for it was in Uganda where the first genuine and coherent critique of colonialism was made. The critique, not by an historian or political-scientist, but by a poet, the late Professor Okot p’Bitek, one of Africa’s greatest poets to emerge after World Warn, remains a solid 200-page epic poem called Song of Lawino. Around the same time, in 1966, Museveni joined the University of Dares Salaam where he played a progressive role as Chairman of the University Student African Revolutionary Front (USARF) a forum for the rigorous study of Marxism. In Dar es Salaam, he was greatly influenced by the peoples’ historian, revolutionary and scholar, the late Professor Walter Rodney, author of the famous How Europe Underdeveloped Africa. As leader of USARF, Museveni led a group of six revolutionary students on a month-long tour of the liberated areas of Mozambique in September, 1968” (UFAHAMU, A Journal of African Studies, 15(3) – ‘MUSEVENI, THE NEW GENERATION OF AFRICAN LEADERS AND THE STATE IN UGANDA’, 1987).

When you know this and read this. You can just see how easy it was to debunk this lie. The NRA/M wasn’t even existing at that time. That’s shows how he wants to manipulate and rewrite history. Just like he hopes these sorts of records stop to exist.

President Museveni didn’t preach Operation Wealth Creation in the 1960s. Just to further prove the bogus statement of the President yesterday, Dr. Ezra Suruma said this about the economic policy in 1986: “The thrust of its economic policy is a mixed economy in which government and the private sector are copartners in the development of Uganda .. Economic regulation is minimal while private initiative and public infrastructural construction proceed at a maximal pace ..” (Dr. Ezra Suruma – ‘UGANDA 1986: PROBLEMS AND PROSPECTS’ in Transafrica Forum, August-September 1986).

So, even in the beginning of the reign of Museveni it was a mixed economy. It wasn’t even then a fully capitalistic policies. So, the truth is reveal and the lie is so easy to expose at this point. Museveni should know better. He cannot even go back to 1966 with the NRA. Because, that is impossible. The ideals of now… wasn’t the deal back-then. So speak truth, you are lying and your bad at it. Peace.

Opinion: Museveni rehashing old ideas for yet another public address

Today, it’s a formality, a technicality of sorts, the State of the Nation address, which is the part of the protocol and Parliamentary Procedure. Therefore, this speech is scheduled and a fixed affair. However, President Yoweri Tibuhurwa Kaguta Museveni have been speaking to the public on the regular. It not like he will say anything new or sincere today.

Nobody expect a ground-breaking and earth-shattering revelation, which is of epic proportions. No, it will just be the run-of-the-mill speech, which could have been easily drafted before any other public gathering from this old man. There will be nothing substantial or game changing.

President Museveni will spew the same sort of rhetoric, same sort of fashionable play and praise his own achievements. Go back in age, have a historical lesson and even a few bible quotes. Then have a few left-field touches and grins, as the man cannot help himself. He will dig into a few bottlenecks and lack of integration. We know the drill.

That’s why using time to listen or even evaluate his speech is redundant. Its waisted energy. We have done it all before and the ploys are getting old. Just like the old man himself. It is recycling and rehashing the same things. There is nothing new under the sun, but this is just stating the obvious.

During the lockdown of yester-year, I had a Keeping up with Kaguta series on the speeches there. Without a shadow of a doubt. The speeches there in comparison to this wouldn’t far from each other. The only thing different is a few minor tweaks and what he needs to say, as per protocol of the State of the Nation. Therefore, to address it all or even look into it is benign.

Very few will listen, and even fewer will bother to read it. They know it is filled of obnoxious lies, deceit and deceptions, also exaggerations and personal brownie-points of good work done. Ensuring that he has done great since taking office in 1986. That the economy is strong, the military stronger and his dick can still create babies. Because, we have heard it all before and its old news. This isn’t even fake news, but old fossil fuel news, which could have been dropped a press release and we could have moved on swiftly.

President Museveni will come with same sort of claims, words and quotations, where he boosts his own ego and achievements. There will be nothing that is worthwhile or memorable. Unless, his coming with the Leopards Anus or speaking of truck-drivers finding wives. Because, we know his into those kinds of things. Maybe even pigs and other non-preferred insects, which is derogatory statements said about his enemies or “hoodlums”. The people he doesn’t want to be associated with.

Don’t be confused. There are no lessons here and only the same old story. Again for 2021. By Mr. 1986 and his junta government. Peace.

Opinion: POA is showing FDC’s arrogance

Patrick Oboi Amuriat, the Forum for Democratic Change president, Patrick Oboi Amuriat has offered to provide guidance to the National Unity Platform, based on the experience they have, as they take up leadership of the opposition in parliament. Speaking in Gulu, Amuriat also noted that the failure by NUP to appoint some of the FDC leaders with good leadership credentials citing Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda and Nathan Nandala Mafabi, was a bold move on the part of the National Unity Platform” (NTV Uganda, 30.05.2021).

On the 28th May 2021 the National Unity Platform revealed their Shadow Cabinet in the 11th Parliament. The first of the NUP as the Leaders of Opposition in Parliament. That’s has its merits and it’s questions.

The former Presidential Candidate of Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Patrick Oboi Amuriat (POA) is now throwing shade against the appointments of the NUP. Yes, the FDC had added other opposition parties in their two recent shadow cabinets in 2011 and 2016. That is their prerogative and their decision to make.

However, the FDC has been on a war-path. They have used every single turn to assault and go after the NUP. There been no single day or moment… where there haven’t been headlines or snide comments toward the leadership of the NUP. This being from the gentlemen that the FDC wants to have in the shadow cabinet. The ones who has gone after the NUPs decision in general.

How does POA expect this to work? Talking all sort of shit and one of them even called the NUP snakes? Nandala-Mafabi said the NUP was working in the day against the NUP and in the evening seeking meal-tickets at the State House in the evening. How do you work with a gentlemen like that? Ssemujju Nganda have also been bruised and insinuating things as well… so why do they want to kiss and make-up now?

I don’t get it. The FDC supporters calling NUP amateurs and such too. While thinking the NUP should just give way. When the snide comments and the “disciplined” party supposed to be forgiven. What’s with the entitlement of the FDC?

POA should know all of this. The fallout is clear and there been no positive meetings between the parties since the General Election. There been no proof of care or concern. The FDC asks for unity when its in their favour, but not when its concern of everyone else. The FDC did things nicely in 2016 and 2011. In 2016 they appointed 7 DP MPs and in 2011 they had MPs from the UPC, DP; JEEMA and independent. However, that was the decision of FDC as the biggest opposition party.

That the NUP have done another choice and only appointed one JEEMA MPs in 2021. This is their decision. Secondly, the FDC and the ones mentioned haven’t been friendly towards the NUP. So, how do you expect the NUP to give way and be humbled like that?

If the FDC and POA wanted the NUP to have appointees. Why not participate in the proposed meeting over the Leader of Opposition? The letter was sent out and the FDC wasn’t concerned about that. Neither has the FDC or anyone in the FDC Secretariat even cared about the United Forces for Change (UFC). It seems to just be a empty document with no flair.

The FDC needs to carry its own weight now. Take responsibility. The lecturing of NUP is getting old. Just because your the previous biggest opposition party over a decade. Doesn’t give you any automatic points or reflection of offices within the shadow cabinet. Especially, when all your acts are backfiring. There is no signals of positivity or acts of talks, which could have resolved this and given incentives to make it happen.

We now know that didn’t happen and there been instead a steady quotes of insults and arrogant mannerisms. Which will create a space for working together or even become a opposing opposition. There is no signs of unification or even working towards the same goals. As the parties are significantly different in ways of moving ahead. The FDC who is supposed to be mature here could have acted differently, but that’s too much to ask.

The NUP is just supposed to be lectured, humiliated and take it on the chin. While later supposed to drop the grudges and work as a team. How can they phantom this in the FDC? Would they have accepted that and just showing mercy without any proof of friendliness? Who are they kidding?

That’s what infuriate me. When POA in Gulu speaking like this. It doesn’t matter how bright or smart the fellow MPs are. They have played this one out and didn’t showed any concern before the appointees was announced. They are just entitled now and expected to be thought of. Well, show some humility and act civil. Not just be snide and attack. Then later wonder why they don’t want to talk to you or work with you.

It is like when your kid in a sandbox. The one is building a sandcastle and the other is destroying it. Later the one destroying it, wonders why the fellow kid in the sandbox doesn’t want to play together. That’s because the other kid is hurt by destruction of his sandcastle. That’s what the FDC has been preoccupied with doing… and now they say their hurt for not being considered. That’s foolish, but shows their arrogance at this point. Peace.

Opinion: The NUP validates the ‘Rigged’ Election

The National Unity Platform and its allies are in-directly finalizing the ‘rigged’ election by appointing the shadow government with the Leader of Parliament Mathias Mpuuga. Mpuuga is a highly regarded opposition MP and is a staunch critic of the state. A man who knows his words and his actions. A man who has been on the “battlefield” for years and who has seen the devastation the state is delivering its dissidents. Therefore, a fine lad to be the LOP. However, they are committing the same sins of the predecessors.

The NUP is just like the FDC in 2016. They have the results, the rigged tally the burden or the price of the horrendous affair called the General Election. Where the state secured the bag and took it all. Where they have the majority and the President. Even though, everyone with a sound mind knows this game was rigged and the ruling regime took the power with blunt force. They do not have the love or the popularity to rule with such a margin. However, all the tricks made has made this possible.

So now today, just as the 11th Parliament is starting and the President yet to announce his cabinet for this term. The NUP have appointed the shadow government, indefinitely validating the results and “moving on”. They are taking the second loser position and allowing the heist. That is the initial act done today. Just like it was when Mugisha Muntu and Winnie Kiiza accepted the loss and took the grounds in Parliament after the resounding heist in 2016.

The only difference is that it isn’t the FDC this time, but the newcomer NUP who does it. The 11th Parliament have a majority NRM and they will have little to no say. They are pawns on the chess-set and the state is giving small handouts to trickle things in. How do you think that only 15 FDC MPs voted for their own for speaker? Shouldn’t they have been loyal to the party?

Well, they should have, but maybe the NRM made another preposition or if not gave them a offer they couldn’t refuse. So, in this regard, the NUP should be careful. When seeing how other parties have navigated this. The regime will use every excuse and maligned them. That’s why risking this now is dangerous. When a established party like the FDC can look so foolish at this stage. What do you think the NUP can be doing later?

Mpuuga got a hustle ahead of him. He is validating a rigged election and swallowing the tears of the oppressed. He is doing so with caution, but he shouldn’t rest assured. Mpuuga should know the consequences of doing this and so should the party as well. They are playing the same game like the ones before.

So, it makes it harder to be a hardliner, when you are eating and accepting titles of defeat. They are saying that they are giving up the race and rallying along the state. The NUP and the opposition are going back-to-normal and scheduled programming. Instead of using their might and power to stifle the process. It could be risky, but if you don’t dare… you don’t get to light up the place either.

The just succumb to the same pressure that the FDC has done. They have been running wild and telling stories, the NUP dropped the report during this month, but is not using it for anything. It is just a document and not getting the credibility it deserves. It is just another foiled enterprise. Instead of going head-on.

The NUP is already paying a high price. The NUP is already targeted, their people are still behind bars, abducted and killed. They are under fire, but these people losing their lives so things goes to status quo seems tragic. They have lost everything and we go back to the setting of 2016 but with another banner behind it. That’s the change and the difference…

The LoP isn’t FDC, but is a NUP. That is the change. The shadow cabinet is all NUP, instead of FDC. Though, we are at the same place and with the same order as after the general election in 2016. Only with a lot of lives in jeopardy, a lot of people abducted and a lot civilians as political prisoners. That’s the vast difference.

The NUP had their chance, it would cost. Just as it could have cost FDC in the past. Though, none of them dared to do it. They didn’t dare to go that far and put their titles in jeopardy. Because, that is going to far. One needs the Parliament to run as normal…

Sigh… shish… Peace.

National Unity Platform (NUP): Press Release (28.05.2021)

Opinion: Ssemujju is clearly not that bright

On the 24th May 2021 Jacob Oulanyah was voted in as the Speaker of the 11th Parliament with the incumbent Rebecca Kadaga becoming the first loser. The second loser of the vote in the plenary session was Forum for Democratic Change own MP Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda. What is striking is that Ssemujju is going hardball on the National Unity Platform MPs for not supporting his case. That where I will play and deliberate my peace, because this is going nowhere.

Until now, I have had a feeling that MP Ssemujju was bright, but the light-bulb isn’t that shiny anymore. His going after the NUPs MPs votes for Kadaga. Instead of even looking first at his own home. He should look at his fellow party MPs who betrayed him first. If FDC is such a strong and independent machine as it has claimed for years. Why are there so little loyalty for him?

He got 15 votes out of 32 MPs. The MP lost 17 MPs from his own party. That should hurt him. These FDC MPs rather vote for a NRM MP for speaker than for him. Ssemujju should keeps his ducks in a row and speak to the leadership of FDC. He needs to settle the score at Najjakumbi and maybe hold a prayer. Since his current prayers haven’t been answered.

That his targeting the NUP is childish. The 57 MPs are free to act as they see fit or after the strategy of which the party has decided. The NUP have tried to be cordial and work with the FDC before the first plenary session. However, the FDC didn’t want to meet.

While several of FDC MPs have gone after the NUP before hand. They are now targeting the NUP again. It is like a war of hogwash where Ssemujju is following Nandala-Mafabi and Salaamu Musumba. Therefore, why should NUP shield and support a party who is speaking ill of them?

The FDC is no difference to NRM at this point. The NUP might have voted for Kadaga in spite. However, that was in their interest and their choice. That Ssemujju was the only real “opposition” candidate. His still not a uniting figure or a voice of reason here. He cannot even galvanize the FDC behind him. Why should the NUP break their back for him? Why?

The FDC hasn’t been co-operative and in favour of joint ventures since 2011s Inter-Party Coalition (IPC). They haven’t really been sincere and dropped righteously out of The Democratic Alliance (TDA). Neither was there any sense or work within the United Forces for Change (UFC). The UFC didn’t even do anything in regards to the 2021 elections. It was a document and presser between Bobi Wine and Besigye. However, it was a wasted opportunity.

This is nothing new, but it is a pattern. The FDC is really attacking the NUP. The newcomer who has taken their place. It is like its an unfavourable position to get into. The FDC had no issues being the big-shot over the Democratic Party (DP) and Uganda People’s Congress (UPC). Now the biggest opposition party happens to be the NUP. Alas, that not counting all the independent MPs who can lean where-ever way they feel is right at any moment. The independents are the biggest party except for the NRM, but still the NUP is the one counted. That says a lot.

The FDC wants to be the governing party and be the big-men in Parliament. That is understandable. They have fought, fought and not gotten any real credit. That is understandable. It is reasonable that they want money, power and respect. However, that is given and not taken. The FDC should act with more sense.

Ssemujju should be more wise than this. He should know that the NUP can do whatever they feel. Even if it is foolish, obnoxious or not making sense. He should have his mind correct here. The FDC MP should speak of his own before going after the NUP.

Ssemujju should write his first passages of a prayer before going on national TV. The sermon should be scheduled and be delivered. He should summon the FDC Pastor and get the reverend to hymn in.

Just like I told Nambooze was wrong the other day, because she wanted Ssemujju to warn everyone else about his candidacy. Well, Ssemujju should first alert his party, before having talks with others ahead of the vote. There been enough trouble in the waters in the stages ahead of the polls. That is proven now in the aftermath.

Nevertheless, the FDC seems to be on a warpath and on the barricades. They are doing that instead of being humble. The FDC could show courage and greatness to the 11th Parliament. Instead they are showing entitlement. For a party that has fought. I would think they would be happy to see a new generation coming in and a new party rising up. Instead, they are directly assaulting it.

Ssemujju could get allies and partners within the NUP. However, by acting like this. Why would they work with him? When his not addressing the lost boys or lost causes within his own party? That’s where he should start. After that maybe cordial address the matter and what happened.

Ssemujju should know this and would expect that of others. Not just go all out and trying to mock the NUP. That is to be anticipated by the NRM and their handlers. They are mocking for voting a NRM candidate (Kadaga). That is righteous to do, but Ssemujju needs figure his way. He should know better, but that’s too much to ask.

It is clearly easier to cane the new kid on the block. Going out kicking and screaming, instead of speaking ill of your own. Ssemujju do yourself a favour and stop. This is amounting to nothing. There is nothing to win here. You were the second loser and there is no way to turn the tables around. Even with 57 more votes, you wouldn’t have more than about 70 voters. Which would still be pointless. So, what was there to gain for the NUP?

Would they have a friendly face in the press? Or would you think some more independents throwing their ballots your way?

I doubt it, you would cause a fit no matter what. Ssemujju isn’t looking smart, but acting a fool. You can do better, but clearly that’s too much to ask. Peace.

Opinion: The NUP should emulate the EFF in the 11th Parliament

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) came into existence after former African National Congress Youth League (ANC-YL) Leader Julius Malema was axed there. He created his own party in 2013 and came into the Parliamentary Election in 2014 like fire-brand politician. That’s a position he has kept ever since.

The National Unity Platform (NUP) and their Members of Parliament (MPs) should study the EFF of South Africa. They should consider their “assault” and their vindictive attitude towards the procedures and protocol. As the NUP no matter what it does. It will reflect bad on them. They are in a battle they cannot win. They have a minority, even if they are the leaders of opposition.

With those seats and with the MPs they do have. They should interrupt, sing songs and walk-out of plenary sessions. The NUP can be as vile and rude as the EFF. Since, we all know the National Resistance Movement (NRM) has no concern for the opposition. They can use Special Force Command (SFC) to silence MPs in Kololo and easily do it again.

That’s why Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine should get some notes and some experience from Malema. He should really call him and get some guidance. So, that he can gather his MPs at his home in Magere, Wakiso district and give them a heads-up. If not have a sessions and meetings with them ahead of the plenary session.

The NUP needs to this sort of play. Since the playing around the games of the ruling regime isn’t helping anyone. The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) has had more power and sway when they have used defiance and demonstrations for their causes. The same is what the NUP needs ahead. To forge a game-plan and even take inspiration of the EFF.

That is my advice. Call Malema, look into the history of the EFF and do the bidding of them in a Ugandan way. Take the noise, the walk-outs and the singing. Show disregard for the National Assembly. Risk everything and loose out. Show the general public that your a stark contrast to the ruling party. That your different and radical. Not only wearing a red beret, but showing resilience in-action.

This should motivate the 57 NUP MPs … they should see the results of the EFF, which has grown in strength since 2013. Malema has been able to build a steady party. Just like he was able to grow his national standing in the ANC-YL. Bobi Wine should follow this and do that his own way. Though, there is nothing wrong with learning from others experience.

Especially, when people starting to judge and go by default on the voting of yesterday’s speakership race. That is why not only out of a publicity standpoint, but a factor of showing difference from the ruling regime. The newcomer and the contrast to NRM needs to be shown.

I hate to say this, but the diplomatic and playing by the rules of the FDC haven’t helped the cause. They have had their time and it hasn’t had a big pay-off. They have built a strong party in the middle of oppression and it’s commendable. However, they have not gone from strength to strength.

Bobi Wine and the NUP can forge another way now for them and for the Parliament. They need to chase loud dissent and even suspensions. If they follow this path… there will inquires and commissions. Some public outcry, but also proof of how stupid the government is. As the investigations and reports will prove why the NUP acted like it did. That can most likely show what the NRM wants to keep a secret. That’s the smart move of this and something that’s needed.

The NUP should see what happened around the kicking out of MPs in concern to the Age Limit saga. That is the last time violence, attack on the Parliament and the dark truth of how the state is run. This is the reality and it won’t get better.

The President and his team is running the state with an iron fist. The army and Special Force Command can easily entertain another round of violence in the national assembly. This is why the NUP needs to address the situation differently. They cannot the same procedure and protocol like its predecessors. Especially, if it wants to prove a difference.

Because, if it’s run and mediocre. If they are just vindictive and relentless, than they will not go anywhere. There is a need for plan and stage this ahead. Be one item and team who causes havoc in the plenary sessions. They need to cause fury and rage. To prove where everything is wrong with this system. That is how they can humiliate and show the reality to the world. Peace.