The Schiff Memo undress the Nunes Memo: Conspiracy theories of the GOP Versus DOJ Procedures!

Yesterday, the Democratic Party rebuttal Memo came out, after two weeks and first stopping it at the White House. This one is redacted not like the Devin Nunes, the Republican Party Memo, who has been favor of the party line of the GOP there. This is the minority leader at the Intelligence Committee Representative Adam Schiff. This is the answer directly and address the Nunes Memo, which the state itself has said as fact and vindicates Trump. Even if it more likely been a charade that is close of obstruction of justice in the midst of the Russian Probe. Therefore, it is special that the Democrats didn’t initially wanted this out, but the Republicans wouldn’t.

Therefore, the whole ordeal with this memo is strange, the whole idea that Nunes would reveal something so special and so suspect, that it would blow our minds. Which it didn’t, it is within this parameter, that the White House has dismissed this one and did it as the released this one. On a Saturday Evening, while the CPAC was happening. Where Nunes get to comment it and also say it is false. So the narrative they are playing, they are playing it with full force.

The Schiff Memo of 29th January 2018, which also reveal that the Steele Dossier is not reason behind the Trump Campaign investigation and neither the vital reason for the FISA Applications done on Trump Campaign Aide Carter Paige. So this shows only with this information what sort of Hitman Nunes has been in this story. This memo says before the issues transpired and the narrative of disclosure that Papadopoulos, which the FBI was already monitoring for the covert operations of Russians in the 2016 elections. The report even states that FISA wasn’t used to spy directly on the Trump Campaign, but more on associates that had been monitored by the FBI previously and continuously, as the Intelligence was also informed, the Department of Justice and FISA judges knew what Steele was collecting on intelligence, which happen to connect two of the foreign advisers of the Trump Campaign. They we’re already monitored and had enough evidence on even before campaigning started. Also, the memo dismiss the idea of the DoJ paying for the dossier.

Therefore, the paradox of this memo, is how strikingly chauvinism that the GOP did with their majority memo, how it undercuts their own institutions for their own gain. How they are addressing their own ways of monitoring and gathering intelligence. If that isn’t striking, nothing is, as they are trying to spell out the troubles of FBI, DOJ and FISC Applications, which has been done with proper procedure and with gathered information, doing the due-diligence and securing the approval of the judges on Paige and Papadopoulos, even before the Trump Campaign.

What shows how the Nunes memo makes conspiracy out of thin-air is how they have made the Fusion GPS and the connection with Bruce Ohr, that seemingly was just tying dots. That didn’t exist and had no grounds. There are even no indication or no basis for the stated facts inside the DOJ to prove the supposed relationship and either transactions as the Nunes Memo says it did. Which, is just showing how far the Republicans go to alter a case in their favor at the moment.

Then the SMS between the two FBI Agents, which has been a talking point for the Republicans, who was dismissed from the FBI because of bias, when the DOJ found it out. So this is just another proof of how the GOP are working to undermine own institutions in favor of their president and his associates. Instead, of understanding the troubling connections it has had to Russia.

This memo showed more of the procedure for the rights of monitoring US citizens who are in cahoots with foreign powers. Therefore, we get to see and explained even more how the courts are working to make sure the applications of following Paige and Papadopoulos. So, the Republicans are not winning with this. Because, they are looking more conspiracy theorists, who are following Alex Jones and Sean Hannity, instead of being political operatives who builds up investigations into people who has worked for others. It is weird that party speaking of patriotism, is the ones that are working the most to undermine their own republic. That is just how it is now, burning bridges for their boss Trump, by any means and whatever the costs.

The only one losing the American people, who has a president with Russian associates and undermining their own intelligence organizations and Department of Justice, which are their to safeguard the republic and its values. Instead, they are using the time to stop investigations and find people to spin stories that supposed to invalidate the investigations into the Trump Campaign and the GOP. It is really rare and strange, what is happening in 2017 and 2018 in the US. The state is not so strong anymore, neither is the government, which is reeling and using all force to dismantle itself. Peace.

Russian Probe: Rice – Response Letter to Senators Grassley and Graham (23.02.2018)

USA: Director of National Intelligence Daniel Coats letter to Senator Schumer on recent U.S. Intelligence visit of its Russian Counterparts (16.02.2018)

Russian Probe: Yet another person charged, this time Van Der Zwaan!

Yet another person has been charged with delivering a false statement in connection with the Russian Probe, the case building by Special Counsel Robert Mueller is no joke. It is moving forward and this person is in connection with former Trump Campaign Aide and Business partner of Paul Manafort, Richard Gates, who also recently has started to co-operate with the investigation. Therefore, his possible plea deal makes the amount of people telling stories and building case massive. The evidence collected and the people involved is stretching.

Alex Van Der Zwaan might sound like a random European, but his place in the Russian sphere is unique. In Kyiv Post by Josh Kovensky wrote this about him in 2017:

“the London-based associate Alex Van der Zwaan, the Russian-speaking son-in-law of Russian oligarch German Khan” (Kovensky, 2017).

This proves his ties to Russian sphere, as a son-in-law. Proof of how close to Kremlin Khan is, this take from: “For the purposes of this article it is necessary to mention that many media outlets argued at the time that TNK-BP experienced multiple assaults from various Russian authorities (security, tax, labour, immigration, environmental services) because Russian shareholders in the company, namely Mikhail Fridman, German Khan, Viktor Vekselberg and Len Blavatnik, with the informal backing from Kremlin sought to gain control of the company’s operations and financial flows. The conflict climaxed during the summer of 2008 when Russian oligarchs turned up the heat on Robert Dudley, a US citizen and the then CEO of TNK-BP, accusing him of breaching his duties and warning they may seek damages running into hundreds of millions of pounds for the alleged mismanagement of the company” (Ilya Zaslavskiy, Export of Corrosion: How Practices from Russia Penetrate and Undermine US and UK – Prepared for a panel discussion “Export of Russian Corruption: From Kremlin with Hate” at the annual Convention of The Association for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies (ASEEES), 2013).

So when Mueller get a possible plea deal today after charging Van Der Zwaan today, the London based associate, the net is further expanding and getting closer to gates of power. Since a son-in-law of a powerful oligarch, isn’t a small fry. That is a big fish and who knows what he knows, because of his connection and his place in the world. So, when is married into the family of Khan, it is clearly, that the networks to Kremlin is getting closer. That also Manafort and Gates, had associates that was directly working for them.

So if Manafort continues to play hardball, the net around his nesting too. There is fewer and fewer people who he can trust. Since the Mueller get people to co-operate and deliver statements, documents and such, which can make the case for the FBI. Clearly, Mueller can see this, but maybe he thinks he can get away with it.

If you learned anything today, never underestimate Mueller and his team. They are taking one step at the time, finding information and dealing with it. This time it was Van Der Zwaan. Peace.

U.S. Treasury Report says expanding sanctions could hurt Russia: However Trump is afraid to ruffle their feathers!

Seemingly the United States Department of Treasury has worked on a report that explains the possible impact of the sanctions that the Congress would have put on the Russian Federation. Instead, this will not happen, because the President Donald J. Trump and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. They are afraid of rocking the boat and actually do anything about it. Like they have traded their soul for loyalty to Kremlin, instead of working for the American government. It is seemingly so, since they have not been able to follow the Congress attitude and neither with the general opinion of the people of the United States. Who has loyalty to the republic and not the Russian Federation.

(U) The modifications to Directive 1 made on September 29, 2017 were required Ьу Section 223(Ь) of CAATSA, and as required Ьу that section, took effect on September 29, 2017, the authorized tenor for new debt issued on or after November 28, 2017 is 14 days or less. U.S. persons are therefore prohibited fоr dealing in new debt issued bу, on behalf of, or for the benefit of persons operating in Russia’s financial sector named under Directive 1, their property, or their interests in property if the debt’s maturity period exceeds 14 days. Other tenors apply to debt issued between July 16, 2014 and November 28, 2017. Directive 1 also includes а prohibition on dealing in new equity issued Ьу, on behalf of, or for the benefit of persons operating in Russia’s financial sector named under Directive 1, their property, or their interests in property. This report does not further address the equity prohibitions of Section 242 of CAATSA” (Department of the Treasury, 2018).

Expanding Directive 1 to include dealings in new Russian sovereign debt and the full range of related derivatives would likely raise borrowing costs for Russia; prompt Russian authorities to alter their fiscal and monetary strategies; put downward pressure on Russian economic growth; destabilize financial markets, including Russia’s repurchase market, which is critical for overnight bank funding; increase strain on Russia’s banking sector; and lead to Russian retaliation against U.S. interests” (Department of the Treasury, 2018).

Seemingly after this, the US Senate and House wanted the Russian Federation to feel more effect of the sanctions. The reasons for why you have sanctions in the first place, to hurt the ones sanctioned. If not the sanctions are not working and not stopping the sanctioned individual or company, even nations so they have to change behavior. However, at this stage the United States seems more on the defense. Than actually thinking of hurting the Federation who acted with swift activity in their election.

The United States should act and use tactics that hurt Russia. Especially, since they have used all sort of ploy to manipulate the electorate and elections towards a candidate of their choosing. If that isn’t interfering and insulting to the US. Then nothing is, the US should act upon it and use more sanctions to add more leverage. So that Russian Federation actually acts differently.

It is strange that the United States doesn’t want to use their tools and their tricks to hurt Russia. Especially after what they did in 2016 and what sort of knowledge they do have on the Russian interference. That was the reason why President Barrack Obama in the first place put new sanctions on Russia. Now, President Trump won’t do it and cannot stomach to pursuit the wishes of Congress and actually sanction Russia. That is weird, especially if United States wants leverage over Russian counterparts. That would seem natural. Especially if Trump is the deal-maker he talked about during campaigns, but not shown since.

However, it seems with day after day, that Russians has Trump cornered, since he will never blame or act upon Russia. He will attack anyone else, but not look into what the Russians did with elections. There is to many questions, but if the Americans had a possibility to make a difference and hurt Kremlin. The added sanctions would. Trump seems like indifference and its rare. Peace.


Department of the Treasury – ‘(U//FOUO) U.S. Treasury Report on Economic Impact of Russian Sanctions)’ (2018)

Russian Probe: Recent updates proves how far the Russians went to interfere in the Elections!

If you been blind or cut off your ears in the recent months and since 2016, you haven’t heard or seen anything in connection with how the Russians interfered in the United States Presidential Election of 2016, which was where the Republican Candidate Donald J. Trump won. He and his family, also his business has for years had Russian business interactions. Therefore, the knowledge of Russians would be there, they have even gone to the press for the years praising it. Not after the elections and during the campaigns… However, they have done it until right before the Trump did the final decision to run as Republican. The Republican’s and the President, the White House has done whatever they can to play the Russian Probe down, while firing anyone they can whose investigating it. Therefore the sacking of FBI Director James Comey, Attorney General Sally Yates, Attorney General Preet Bharara and also appointed and fired Michael Flynn as the National Security Advisor.

So since this has happen, there been plea deals from George Papadopolous, Michael Flynn and now this week, which I will quote the partner of Paul Manafort, Richard Gates has made his deal with Special Counsel of Robert Mueller. Mueller has now put up the anti and proves again he has investigated slowly and gathered intelligence and evidence, that he can back-up before the takes it to the Court. He just dripping drops and small edges like in the past, but still proving the vindictive campaign by Russians in this elections. They smeared it and pulled strings through all sorts of operations. Therefore, that Trump is writing himself is stupid or ignorant, if not trying to wash his hands, while Mueller is getting more intelligence from his own camp, who are plea-deals to secure less sentences and not serve to much time in the end.

Like during this week, a Richard Pinedo, who pleaded guilty of identity frauds and using these fake identities. He sold these identities and their accounts to foreign interests. This sort of actions fits very well with another indictments against foreign entities and Russian individuals who we’re indicted this Friday. The 13 individuals and Companies used forged identities to mask their activity on Social Media. The Internet Research Agency LLC, Mediasintez LLC and Azimut LLC. These companies was fueled with funds, which isn’t disclosed, but fitting with other state interference reports out there.

An Estonian Report made earlier this month said this: “Russian cyber groups – examples include APT28 (Sofacy/Fancy Bear) associated with the military intelligence GRU, SNAKE (Turla) tied to the federal security service FSB, and APT29 (Cozy Bear/The Dukes) associated with the FSB and the foreign intelligence service SVR – play the key role in Russia’s influence operations toolbox. These are long-term Russian cyber operations with a clear direction based on Russia’s interests and objectives” (EFIS, P: 53, 2018).

So that the indictment of Mueller, fits the paradigm of the Estonian Intelligence Report. It is similar in efforts and events that transpired. Even the international boundaries, shows that the other foreign investigations into Russian activity proves their types of interference. What is unique in the 13 individuals indicted and the companies also. Is the way they used their funds and methods to push their agenda. That is what is important from this document. They we’re Russians who made up American Web Groups and Message, acted like United States Citizens, but that was pose online. Even in the indictment the individuals were directly in communication with associates connected Trump Campaign.

They were using their methods since 2013 in St. Petersburg, the Internet Research Agency used Twitter, Youtube, Facebook and Instagram to spread their messages and get connected with American people. They gathered intelligence and got visas to travel in states, which would be important prior to the elections. Where they found real people inside grass-root operations within the Texas based organization. To swing election in favor of Trump. They did with their digital mass media operation made groups like “Secured Border”, “Blacktivist”, “United Muslims of America”, “Army of Jesus”, “Heart of Texas” and “South United”. All of this was groups who got members on Facebook and played into narratives of religious activity, race issues or even patriotism in areas like Texas. While doing so, the organization bought dozens of ads and commercial content on Social Media, to spread their profound message to swing the elections, as well as make accounts on Twitter to appear as United States citizens and Groups. While doing so they used VPN to mask their IP address and their location of operation, to make sure their digital footprint wasn’t out of whack. So this was a sophisticated operations with many layers to secure the narrative of a better tomorrow with Trump and say that Hillary Clinton was the devil. In directly these fake persons from the organization also paid US residents to participate in Trump rallies and grass-root organizations in Florida, this also happen in New York and Pennsylvania.

So these crimes proving how detailed and how far they went to secure their support of one candidate. They tried to hide it and use forged identities, wire fraud and also fake ID’s. So this wasn’t a light heart that they went into it and they spend fortunes to change the narratives during the elections. It was done covertly and isn’t that unique. As the quote from Estonia proves. Combined with all the non-disclosed meetings and the associates who has met with Russians during and previous before the elections. Proves that Trump Campaign has a hard time to debunk it.

So with the indictments of the 13 individuals and 3 companies. Are proving that the Russian planned carefully and interfered with gathered intelligence. We can wonder if this was part of the “toolbox” as the Estonians are assessing it to be. Because their reports on the Cyber Activity and interference are similar, but the agencies are deliberately expelled to show their connections. Therefore, even if the indictment does explain where the funding of the Internet Research Agency, it still shows their activity and planned attacks on the citizens and electorate during campaigns. This was all made to make sure the public stood behind Trump and not Clinton. That without using WikiLeaks, DC Leaks or any other page that was supported by Russian hackers and fellow straw-men. Peace.


Estonian Foreign Intelligence Service – ‘INTERNATIONAL SECURITY AND ESTONIA – 2018’ (February 2018)

Russian Probe: The lack of releasing the Dems Memo – Proves that the Republican’s only works to obstruct the investigation!

Today, I will comment the non-sense of not releasing the 5th February Memorandum of the Democratic Party. That would be opposing to the Devin Nunes memo. However, the President, the White House and the Committee, has all voted that down. If the Republican’s believed there was a Democratic Party conspiracy against the case, they would have released this to prove. However, it is just hog-wash and this is groundhog day. Just with a small-handed smug-faced Danny DeVito lookalike in the White House. Who doesn’t have enough character or bright enough to understand the implications of his actions. That is why the Russian Probe needs to be carried out. Even if the Department of Justice and FBI is under assault by the President. That is more likely because he fears of the knowledge they are collecting on him and his family. Since they are all bound the affairs done within a short-window of time.

Since the Devin Nunes Memo was a dud, a broken glass and half-empty suggestions without any scrutiny or disclaimers. That was just made to bring the narrative of a partisan and problematic investigation in the Trump Organization, Trump Campaign of 2016 and their Russian associates. This is deliberate attack on Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Intelligence Community as whole in the United States. It has been made directly from the White House. Since the case implicates the President, who has over time done whatever in his power to obstruct and fire people who are close to investigation.

That is why the Devin Nunes Memo was supposed to vindicate and eradicate the issue. To show that Trump has collectively worked to hunt him down. Even if his campaign has non-disclosed every single meeting, 4 people are indicted and two has pleaded guilty already. Therefore, the case that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is basing, must be on facts he has collected. Who knows what sort of documents he has gotten through the raid and through he subpoenas. That is why Trump will do whatever to stop it. Because he knows deep down, that his connections and his agreements with foreign powers will hurt him. He has never attacked Russians or Russia, but he has attacked his investigators and the US Intelligence. Who has been building this case for months.

Now, the Memo Gate is proving as part of the Russian Probe, a real drama, not that Devin Nunes has had anything fruitful, only proven that Carter Paige has been in the FBI and CIA, and been under surveillance since 2013. Years before he became a part of the Campaign of Trump. So, the surveillance of him was because of his connections in Russia. Just like people was worried that Trump hired Paul Manafort who has had oligarchs and Ukraine Officials on his side. Therefore, the Kremlin and Russian affair isn’t a pipe-dream. There are too many pieces who are loosely connected and narrowing in the web.

That is why it is interesting, that FBI director Christoffer Wrey and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein sending letter to Devin Nunes, saying the “5th February Memorandum” cannot be disclosed to the public. Meaning, the Opposition views will dismantle the narrative mentioned by Devin Nunes. Therefore, the letter to the Public from the White House saying it is not possible. However, there was no issue of information or troubles doing the same for the ruling party Republican’s and Nunes to release his. So the President can allow the Memo to be released if it is revised, and then claiming that to be in favor of transparency! So if the narrative of the Memo is changed to fit the program of the White House, it is possible to be released is the technical term of the letter of yesterday. That is what initially Counsel to the President Donald McGahn III wrote in the last paragraph in his letter to Nunes on the 9th February 2018.

All parts of the Bureau and the Department of Justice leadership is Republican, just like the House and Senate is the same. Therefore, the narratives that is favorable, would come from the Republican. That is why we are not seeing the Democratic Memo. Not that I need to see it, but the changing dynamics and the special favors of the White House with the release of Nunes Memo, is evident. You cannot unleash possible intelligence from one camp into one investigation and not unleash from the other party. That is just plain stupid. Even if I don’t think I would be more enlighten by the 5th February Memo. So concerning the affairs of the Banana Republic created by Trump. This sort of drama is a proof of the non bi-partisanship that is in DC at the moment. It is all republican and the rest gets a gentle F-U-C-K Y-O-U. Just in nicer terms like these: “Accordingly, we are once again treating the Committee’s action as request for declassification pursuant to the President’s constitutional authority”.

This proves that President does whatever he can to make himself look better, even without knowledge of the intelligence released. Even the efforts to thwart and silence other views like this. That is why anyone questioning and looking into it, been called fake news. Republican’s knows the deep waters, but trying to sink the sub-marine. We just have to see how it goes. I just cannot wait to read the deposition and the collected evidence from Mueller, when that comes and revealed. That will be damaging and also prove that its far from a hoax and nonsense as the Right Wing try to say the whole time.

However, people like me are not buying it, just like I didn’t buy it from the same Right Wing narrative that Iraq under Saddam had Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). You thought we forgot the charade and drama created around the George W. Bush Presidency to invade the Middle Eastern Country? They are using the same techniques and stories, to deflect from the lacking evidence. The Republican Party are trying to associate all questioning with anti-Patriotism, however, it should be unpatriotic to collude with Russian to get power. Also have trouble with understanding how low the Republican’s goes to defend the possible treasonous behavior and lack of intolerance against their own republic. It’s like they are all Brutus and are happy they paid him to kill Cesar! Peace.

Russian Probe: Awaiting a blockbuster reading the Nunes Memo, but it was all rotten tomatoes!

I was today anticipating the biggest blockbuster, the biggest most bold and brilliant Memo. The Republican Devin Nunes Memo, made by the Californian lawmaker. Clearly this is no Stephen Spielberg movie, this is no movie with Jennifer Lawerence or Benedict Cumberbatch. I was expecting fire and fury. It was supposed to blow my mind. If not, why all this drama of not unleashing the Democratic Party Memo and this?

Why are this such a big deal? That President Donald J. Trump wants to obstruct the Russian investigation of Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Because he is afraid of what he will find with his indictments and the things Trump is trying to hide. That is why Trump does whatever he can to dismiss, dismantle and destroy Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), because they are investigating him and he cannot counter-sue it to oblivion like he could like a business-man of some strange sort.

So that he would unleash a possible confidential information within the memo. Proves that the Law and Order President, only care for law and order, when he detains other than himself or his party. David Nunes isn’t the brightest fellow on Capitol Hill and that is proven with this one. Instead of letting a blank being in the chamber, he tried a shot and thought he would kill deer. The only thing he killed was possibly his career or proving his loyalty to Trump. Who will use him like condom, like the ones he used with Stormy Daniels. Well, that is another dirty story for bad tabloid. Not me, though Trump and the Porn Star story deserves total scrutiny, in the sense and levels of Barrack Obama wearing a brown suit. Check that up and see how much that was written about that crap.

Well, back to the nonsense of the obstruction of justice, because they want to make it harder and leave breadcrumbs around trying to validate a reason to stop the investigation of Trump. It’s proven again that the Republican’s doesn’t care or listen to Democrats, just like they did when the government was shut-down. They are majority, so they do as they please, but the efforts to thwart the investigation. Proves how far the President will go. Unleash state secrets to the public to save his own skin. The constitution, protocol or even breaking the norm doesn’t matter to him. Just his own ego and ass.

Donald Trump is an ass, the biggest asshole in a long time running a Nation. That is why he used his White House Counsel Donald McGahn II to address the legal matter and importance, because Trump cannot answer or take responsibility for the acts of destruction against Department of Justice and his own Attorney General Jeff Sesssions. Also the attacks in general on the FBI and the rest of the intelligence organizations within the state. He will leave no stone unturned to fix his predicament.

That Devin Nunes wrote a Memo on 18th January 2018, that isn’t surprising. That he is trying to make the Steele Dossier look like a smirk job is hilarious, considering the implication and that both Dutch and United Kingdom Intelligence has verified parts of it. That he tries to pin it on Hillary Clinton and such, that is political statement and not news. Trump would pin aids, cancer and ebola on Clinton if he could. In this regard, Nunes is only following his orders from the White House.

What is amazing that there are supposed no connection between Carter Paige and George Papadopoulos, which is striking in itself. Since they we’re both in the Trump Campaign and working to get Trump elected. Secondly, the we’re both aides and worked to generate support both in Russia and in Greece. Papadopolous has already pleaded guilty and is co-operating, while Paige is still working on his matter before Mueller. Paige already has a profile and been followed, because of his ties to Moscow. So with that in mind and Russia hasn’t really been a friend, there been Russian spies in the United States who has been expelled. Therefore, that government surveillance on Paige shouldn’t be striking. More evident of how reckless the Trump Campaign was and used the Americans with Russian ties. To secure a benefiting relationship with Russian counterpart and their priorities. Because the Trump Presidency are afraid of when the pieces are collected together. That is why the Memo had to be released. Not that confidential memos usually are released hot-cakes, but maybe that is the future of the White House. Since they are not caring, can we get the memos from former FBI Director James Comey and all others than reveal more facts into the Obstruction of Justice case of Trump.

So now the nonsense is out and the supposed big booming memo is unleashed, we can now scrutinize the White House and the Nunes, who had an agenda, but instead shooting themselves in the foot. That the American government are having secret surveillance on American Citizen’s make sense; because US Citizen are in possible cahoots with a foreign enemy states, which happens to Russia like Carter Paige. So it is not strange that there was more extensions of so and that the FBI continued to investigate it. It only suddenly matters because the person was connected to the Trump Campaign and was in meetings with people in and around Trump. That is why the President is pissed, because he found out someone was under surveillance because of their connections. So it is the company that he kept and their history is following them. Just like former Trump Campaign Manager Paul Manafort and Richard Gates who are indicted too, who has to many connections to Ukraine and Russian oligarchs. Therefore, Nunes, who knows this is trying deflect the issues with this sort of play.

The cards are already play and the Trump Campaign, the White House and aides around the Republican Party are trying to sort this out; however they are not good at it. It is a reason why Trump cheats on the golf-course and also on his marriage. Because he isn’t loyal and cannot be honest. That is proven, that’s why the confidential can released, since it was to help his case. Clearly it doesn’t, this should make Nunes a laughing stock in DC. He deserves it, because this Memo isn’t working as salvation, this is made for their own crucifixion. Peace.

The New York Gang doesn’t want to sanction Russian’s like the Congress do!

Today, 180 days after the ‘H.R.3364 – Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act’, an act where the United States Government could sanction Russia, Iran and other countries, that the United States have less favorable relationship with. This was a reaction by the Congress, that got unanimously support in both the House of Representatives and in the Senate. On the 25th July 2017, the House of Representatives voted for it 419 for it and 3 against it. Two days later on the 27th July 2017, the Senate voted, 98 for it and 2 against it. Therefore, of the lawmakers in the United States. They was all for it, in the sense of protecting the Republic from foreign powers and sanctioning them for interfering.

Clearly, the White House and the Donald Trump Administration see it otherwise. Since they are using part of the law to their advantage. So they don’t have to enact or add sanctions on Russia. It is weird, but they are writing a waiver by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson who wrote to Chairman of Foreign Affairs Committee in the House of Representative Edward R. Royce this on the 29th January 2018:

The guidance established a multi-factor approach to determining what constituted a “significant” transaction that includes, but is not limited to, the significance of the transaction to U.S. national security and foreign policy interests, including its relation to cyber misconduct; the nature and magnitude of the transaction; and the relation and significance of the transaction to Russia’s defence and intelligence sectors more generally” (…) “We engaged in extensive consultations and “deep dives” with the relevant country desks at the Department of State and the Department of Defense to promulgate a comprehensive approach to implementing the legislation, identify opportunities and challenges for implementation in each affected relationship, and develop engagement approaches integrated with the entire range of bilateral priorities at stake. We extensively engaged the private sector, bot via in-person meetings and by responding to the many inquires received through our public web address, to promote compliance and identify private sector challenges” (Rex Tillerson waiver to Edward R. Royce on H.R. 3364).

We can wonder what sort of Bilateral Priorities means, as this is politician lingo, to say things of importance without specifying. If this is ExxonMobile Contracts to extract petroleum together with GazProm, who knows. If there are other initial priorities that we don’t know about. The DoD and DoS are using one by sentence to not add sanctions on Russia, and it can make any thinking man wonder:

This is taken from Sec. 231:

(1) a written determination that the waiver—

(A) is in the vital national security interests of the

United States”

(c) DELAY OF IMPOSITION OF SANCTIONS.—The President may delay the imposition of sanctions under subsection (a) with respect to a person if the President certifies to the appropriate congressional committees, not less frequently than every 180 days while the delay is in effect, that the person is substantially reducing the number of significant transactions described in subsection (a) in which that person engages” (H.R. 3364) .

We can wonder what vital national security interests that the President Trump and Secretary Tillerson are seeing within Russia. Is the Pee-Pee tape with hookers, that the Kremlin might have? Is it possible hacked documents from the Trump Campaign. Is the possible ties to Russian Mobs and Russian Laundromat for fueling black-market monies and white-wash them for Russian Oligarchs through the Trump Organization? Is the help of Russian agents and operatives during the 2015 and 2016 Campaigns before the election victory of President Trump?

That is just simple questions we are awaiting answers on and hoping the Special Counsel Robert Mueller can answer these and find the evidence of the involvement with Russian’s in the Elections in 2016. All of the connections between the Russians and Trump. That has been uncovered with time, and more and more questions have been arisen. They will not become smaller while the investigations linger and the knowledge of the collusion from Russian operatives within the United States Presidential Election, the in-action from the current administration is saying more than words.

That the Trump Administration who has enough problematic sources, enough trying to fire anyone who investigate into the Russian Collusion, fires anyone and questions the intelligence organizations who has warned of the Russian interference. Are still being silenced. Just like former FBI Director James Comey. Also, now FDI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe. The firing of Attorney General Sally Yates. And all the former who was Attorney General of Southern New York Phreet Bharara, who was also fired by Trump. Anyone he can get haul of will he fire or make it an easy with. We can just await Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who haven’t been loyal enough to Trump (in his deluded mind) and also Deputy General Rod Rosenstein, who got Special Counsel Mueller to start investigations into his affairs. We just know there will be more men to block and silence, so that people will not know the ugly truth between the Trump Organization, Trump Campaign and Russian interference. Which is evident, as the meetings, documentation and the help that is going-on until this day.

And it is not easy to escape anymore as the net is circling around the White House. With the plea deal made with Michael Flynn. The indictments of former Campaign Manager Paul Manafort and aide Richard Gates. Together with the George Papadopoulos a former campaign aide who has also told his stories to investigation. For whatever bread-crumbs these gentlemen are leaving behind, as well as the interviews and subpoena’s that the Grand Jury is delivered can clearly indict more people inside the White House. This sort of allegations and also counts who has been charged with is damning. It isn’t a civil suit, it is serious tampering of the state as agents of a foreign power. That is not something that should be taken lightly.

Therefore, that the Trump Administration isn’t answering or adding any sanctions to the Russians after 180 days, only delivering a kitty cat report of possible subjects and close aides of Putin. Shows that Trump is afraid of the consequences of adding on the already Russian sanctions made by the Obama Administration. This after all intelligence organizations are saying that the Russian did interfere and no question of a doubt. It’s like the Trump administration thinks people are stupid and ignorant. Many are because they are looking at Fox News, believing what nonsense they are saying as truth.

That is why President Trump and Tillerson is off the chain, showing more loyalty to Kremlin, than to Congress. They are showing more solidarity with Russians, than with Americans. They are actually pushing for less interference from the Americans towards Russians. It is backwards…

I still wonder, what “bilateral priorities” did Tillerson have in mind? Are they what we think they are or is it something else. Since it isn’t like people in Detroit are lining up to Russian motorcars or power-tools! How often has you seen Lada on the streets of New York? That is what you should wonder about. Because this doesn’t make slightest sense, as all of the clues that isn’t connected yet, but hopefully pieced together by Mueller. So he can report with evidence and transactions done between Trump and Russians. Peace.