ODM Press Release on the Agreement between Odinga and Kenyatta (09.03.2018)

In the history of nations, a handshake has often shaped the destiny of a people, more than guns and arrows, like it did when the great Nelson Mandela and F. De Klerk shook hands in South Africa in 1990, giving birth to the new South Africa.It takes very brave men and women to know when to extend a hand of friendship, and when to seek the convergence of multi ethnic interests in order to unite a country.

Today, our President Raila Odinga extended that hand to Uhuru Kenyatta, and the two have indicated they seek a more inclusive path to national healing and integration.

It behoves us in the party to rally around our leader and give him utmost support as he helps shape the next phase of our nation, together with H.E Kenyatta. The finer details and the scope of this cooperation will become clearer in the coming days, so we request for patience from party members in the interim period.

We however unequivocally hail the bravery and wisdom of President Odinga in putting the country before all else, and choosing to extend a hand of friendship in broad daylight, rather than in secret. We call upon party members to heed the call of our leader and support him in this endeavour.

ODM’s key aspirations and development pillars will remain alive and on course all through this period. Indeed, our biggest strength will rely heavily on our ability to push through most of our blueprints in this united front. Our people and their dreams remain paramount, and this we shall mainstream at all times.

Edwin Sifuna
Secretary General
Orange Democratic Movement

NASA Co-Principals Statement: Meeting Between Rt. Hon. Raila Amolo Odinga and President Uhuru Kenyatta at Harambee House (09.03.2018)

Kenya: Kenyatta & Odinga Agreement – “Building Bridges to a New Kenyan Nation” (09.03.2018)








Jubilee Strikes Again: Delayed February 2018 Salaries in Various Counties!

President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto must be so proud of what they have done. Made themselves so wealthy, that the public servants cannot eat or live on their salaries, while the state is growing their debt. It is really amazing how painful reading the letters and Internal Memo’s explaining the civil servants that they have to be patience, while knowing that Kenyatta and Ruto is eating of it all. That is despicable and disgraceful, they are representing them and their goodwill, still they are not caring about their fate.

You know that the Kenyan State is broke when Internal Memo from Kericho County letter to their civil servants on 6th March is asking them to patience, as the County cannot pay out the February Salary, as the month has gone and the County doesn’t have the funds to pay it out. In Busia County, the Internal Memo came on 5th March, where the National Treasury was mentioned and also asked the staff to be patience. On the 1st March in Taita Taveta, the Internal Memo stated the salaries would be paid out when the county received the funds. Meaning the civil servants has to wait longer for their February salary. In the County of Kilfi on the 28th February, that the state planned to pay out the funds this week, but that apparently didn’t happen. As the Counties hasn’t gotten the needed funds to pay remittance or the salaries to their workers. This is just the ones that gone public. It proves the problems that is self-created by the government. They are eating the state and the public servants are suffering now because of it.

Council of Governors stated this today: “The little disbursements we have received so far have been utilized to pay salaries and other recurrent expenditures. As it stands, the County Governments are stuck with huge pending bills running to the tune of about Kshs. 99 billion” (Council of Governors, 08..03.2018). So the Counties are left behind because of the ill-spending of the Central Government, are not able to follow their obligations. These obligations are the trusts and the civil servants working for the state in the counties. This is just showing how disregarded the public in the eyes of the Central Government. How little they matter, as they are getting more wealthy, owning more land and bigger businesses, while the ordinary person working as a civil servants cannot even get their salary paid out on time. Certainly, that salary is not even a one-tenth percentage of the wealth generated by the President or his deputy. They are living like kings, while the people are their loyal subjects.

Certainly, the Central Government are lacking planning and accountability, as they are able to grow the debt, not add enough allocated funds and also not gain enough revenue to run the state. As they are eating and not considering the implications of their actions. This is hurting innocent Kenyans, who are working in the public service, and not private. The private ones would eat and get paid, but the civil servants has to wait to be paid in full. That is weak tea, that is not how its supposed to be. But it is proving how little the Central Government care. How little Kenyatta and Ruto cares about their own working citizens, who are supposed to help to serve the cause of the state and their services to the people. These are the first ones that supposed to be paid, not the new Chief Administrative Secretary and all the other new cabinet positions.

They on the top will not be left behind, only the commoners, only the citizens can be left behind, as long as the elite, the political dynasties and the cartels are paid. The rest can starve, lack water in drought and die because the state didn’t invest in the health care. While the President and Deputy got bigger estates, nicer cars and bigger holding companies, because that is just fair game. Peace .

Opinion: Now Kenya is broke, you go figure!

This is not shocking or making people awe, as the Minister of Finance Henry Rotich said the state has run out of the money. The same state that has made new positions in the cabinet, the same state has built the Standard Gauge Railway, the same state that has lost NYS Funds, lost Funds from State Owned Enterprises and so on. The same state that made the President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto vastly rich, Ritchie Rich Rich, or even Iron Man aka Tony Stark wealthy.

Kenyatta’s own companies with new expensive and big projects even building a new township in Nairobi, while Ruto continues to expand his estates, his businesses too. Both of them are wealthy and getting richer by the minute. While the state is getting more debt, getting more broke and they cannot answer for the usage of money. How convenient that the ones leading the government is having more money, while the state reserves are empty?

This same government has added debt, used on Eurobond and unleashing a second. They are really using the system, finding ways of printing money without thinking of the consequences. It is weird that a government who recently took up a new debt of 200 billion still has a deficit of 279 billion, which means the shortfall of cash without Eurobond 2.0; the state would miss about 479 billion. All of this is nightmare, but a nightmare created by the gentlemen mentioned. They knew all of this, they overspent and misused funds during the 2017 campaigns, they expanded their businesses and they spoilt the system. They we’re out of pocket, but continue to blead the economy even so.

Certainly, while the President is building his own town on someone else’s money, and Ruto is getting bigger and grander estates. While the state is suffering, someone should connect the dots, the Kenya government isn’t broke, but it is juicing up ventures on the outside of the government services. That is why the sudden deficit and why the state suddenly ran out of money. It isn’t rocket-science to put two and two together. It is only the naïve who thinks otherwise.

While that is happening, more part of the state is drained by illegal tenders, misuse of funds in the fashion of the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF), as the Public Protectorate has looked into their wastage of public funds into companies like UAP Life Assurance Ltd, Britiam Life Assurance Company and Pioneer Assurance Ltd. All of them got the basis of 800 million shillings in their tenders, the wastage on these schemes are enormous. Seemingly, no place in the state of affairs, where money isn’t gone, embezzled or sort of fraud away from the possible spending on supposed government services. This bidding was done without following procedure and neither tenders public by either the accounting officers or the CEO of NHIF who certainly found it possible to spend it this way.

When you know, that is just one of the ministries, one of the public funds and one of the state service providers, you can imagine if they are doing similar acts in other places. Like the scandals surrounding NYS, where corporations and businesses never seen before and again, got tenders with ownership within the ones who allocated the funds. It is seemingly something like this again. The Jubilee cannot help themselves; they are eating of the public plate.

That is why the state has a deficit, that is why the government broke, Kenyatta and Ruto is busy eating, while the public is footing their bills. They are all laughing and giggling, while the other parts are scrapping whatever they have to pay for the services that state is supposed to provide. Peace.