Opinion: President Al Bashir given a doctorate in ‘Philosophy in Peace and Diplomacy’? This should be satire, not real life!

You are blacks, no blacks can stay here, and no black can stay in Sudan…The power of Al BASHIR belong to the Arabs and we will kill you until the end”Omar Hassan Al Bashir

There is very little peaceful ways in the ways of Sudanese President Omar Hassan Al Bashir, who for all strange reasons was getting an honorary doctorate of Philosophy in Peace and Diplomacy. The same guy that has been violently oppressing his own people. The man that has caused massive bloodshed in Darfur, Kordofan and the Blue Nile. Also, supporting proxy-war inside of South Sudan. Even keeping the Civil War with South Sudan as long as he could. To have the whole Republic as his and not have parts of it seeding from Khartoum.

Will show that some proof, but first lets shows the utter nonsense!

Sudanese President Omar Hassan Al Bashir has been awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Juba on Wednesday in recognition for his role in bringing South Sudanese warring parties to sign a peace deal. University of Juba Vice Chancellor Proffessor John Akech while presenting the award said the university’s Senate decided to honor President Bashir with a Doctorate of Philosophy in Peace and Diplomacy from the Institute of Peace, Development and Security studies” (Radio Tamazuj – ‘President Bashir awarded an honorary degree at University of Juba’ 31.10.2018).

Now, that we have seen what the University of Juba did on the Peace Celebration in South Sudan today. As they celebrated the newly minted peace deal and even gotten SPLM/A-IO leader Dr. Riek Machar to return the capital from exile. Clearly, there are hope in the air and we can hope. Even as many parts of the party today, haven’t been all truthful and even following the cease-fire. As the CTSAMM have shown violations in Wau and other parts of the Republic since the latest peace agreement.

However, this is more about the Doctorate of Peace, that first took over his Republic by armed coup d’etat in 1989. Al Bashir have been in-charge since then and that is soon 30 years. That the man given this doctorate are in-charge of the massive killings and creating prolonged war-zones. This isn’t just words, but the civil war, which started before he took power in 1983, but he kept it going until 2005.

The reports of the costs of lives was 2.5 millions who died either by the Sudan Government Forces or by Sudanese People’s Liberation Army. This is the numbers of what was lives taken within today’s South Sudan. However, there are also studies into the cost of live within today’s Sudan, which: “Burr published a second working document in 1998,[xvi] following similar methodology, and adding information about government aerial assaults, and attacks on the Nuba Mountains, in Equatoria, Upper Nile and Bahr al-Ghazal, which, he wrote, ‘suggests that no fewer than 600,000 people have lost their lives since 1993” (Mass Atrocity Endings – ‘Sudan: 1985 – 2005’ 07.08.2015).

This is not mentioning the reported numbers of 38,000 died because of his conflict in Darfur, 2,8 million displaced by this. That is why it is hard for me to take University of Juba seriously, when they offer someone of the stature of Al Bashir a doctorate in ‘Philosophy in Peace and Diplomacy’. If it was practical joke or satire. I would have understood. But this man is legendary war-lord, who has blood on his hand. He has ordered direct killing and destruction of communities. Just because he could and had the ability to it.

No one that has caused this much bloodshed, to stay in power deserves a doctorate of this kind. If it was doctorate in warfare and combat, even in militia training. It would have made sense. But right now, it is just foolish and a mockery of the University of Juba. The Professors there cannot think in their right mind.

They have made a butcher and meat-lover, saying that he is vegan for the day. Let’s get real, if the Sudanese President had the option, he would continue the proxy war to secure the profits of the oil-fields in South Sudan. We know that and that is why he back-in-the-day sponsored the Nasir Rebellion. Peace.

Opinion: Al-Bashir’s government is broke, that’s why he is so invested in South Sudanese Peace Process!

Today’s news from Khartoum all makes sense, as the bread-riots and rising prices are now hitting the government, as the President of Sudan, Omar al-Bashir had to dissolve and cut-back on government spending, this is happening as the Khartoum government have been more involved in the Peace Process of Juba and South Sudan, than usual. Surely, there are with some reasons. I will get to those, but as there are some clear indications why, now as the Sudanese government clearly lack fiscal funds and needs to revise their budgets. As the Cabinet is shrinking in.

Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir has decided to dissolve the country’s national reconciliation government, Al Arabiya News Channel can confirm. Instead, Bashir has reduced the number of ministries under a newly formed government to 21 portfolios. Among the changes included the appointment of Moataz Mousa as successor to Mohammed Osman Rikabi as finance minister and Sadiq Ahmed al-Nile as successor to Ibrahim Mahmoud as interior minister” (Al Arabiya English – ‘Sudan’s Bashir dissolves govt, appoints new ministers’ 09.09.2018).

Because, there was vital part of the Khartoum Declaration of 25th June 2018, that bugged me like crazy and now that Khartoum is clearly going into a deep economic struggle. Those parts of the agreement makes more sense and why Al-Bashir made himself such a sponsor of the agreement between the SPLM/A-IG, SPLM/A-IO, SPLM-FPD and the SSOA,

What was striking to me, was this article from June 2018:

To delegate the government of Sudan to take the necessary steps towards securing oil fields in South Sudan in coordination with the Government of South Sudan, and to work on the rehabilitation of the oil fields with the view to restore previous levels of the oil production. In this context, the outstanding issues between the two sisterly countries of Sudan and South Sudan related to oil sector shall be resolved” (Points of Framework Agreement, 25.06.2018).

Today, it makes even more sense, as the rise and production of oil, that will go through the pipelines will add revenue to the state on the brink of economic tragedy. Because, Khartoum cannot be in a good place economically, when they are scaling down the size of the government and ceasing ministries. That shows that the Sudanese are lacking fiscal funds and are in dire need of new revenue sources. However, that can come from South Sudan, if they get their act together, have peace and have less internal fighting. Than the pipelines can provide Khartoum steady rates of the flowing oil to Port Sudan and ensure petro-dollars. That would save the day and the face of Al-Bashir.

That is why he has taken a further stake, as he needs the oil revenue now, as his state are lacking funds. Because no sensible state overnight, makes order to scale-back without some lack of fiscal funds to run the operations of these ministries and pay for the civil servants there.

We can just await riots and trouble, unless Al-Bashir gets sudden funding. This is the writing on the wall and the reasons for sudden involvement in the peace process are now more evident too. As he needs all the barrels of oil he can, because that can save his fiscal revenue and ensure all his allies are paid. Peace.

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South Sudan: I expect President Kiir to rule for life!

Who shot him? I asked.

The grey man scratched the back of his neck and said: Somebody with a gun.

Dashiell Hammett

Pres Kiir asks national parliament to amend constitution & extend his term for another 3 years without elections, Kiir’s term in office is due to expire by August. South Sudan has never had any presidential elections ever since becoming an independent nation in 2011” (Juba Daily News, 03.07.2018).

Color me not surprised, let me say that there is plenty of ammunition and awaiting someone hitting the target. In the middle of the bulls-eye. I expect the bullets to sharply hit the target and leave nothing to chance. That the so-called end of term President Salva Kiir Mayardiit to step down, I would never expect that to happen.

That the man taking over after Dr. John Garang fatal assassination in August 2005. The man that took over from the Supreme Leader and the Rebel leader who ushered in his presence at all. That Kiir would give up his leadership and his administration, now? No, that wouldn’t happen and there is no will to see that. A man that has been running the Sudanese People’s Liberation Army/Movement (SPLA/M) or the Transitional Government of National Unity (TGoNU) since 2011. That he would step is far-fetched.

The only way Kiir is going out is by the bullet or grenade, some kind of fatal “accident”, where someone planted weapons and technical difficulties, which leads to his demise. This sort of leader doesn’t just step down, they get either taken out or by a rare luck of coincidence a coup d’etat, which happens to be bloodless.

That there is news that Kiir isn’t stepping down, should be expected. It is expected to feel wet while raining. It happens to be connected that when it rains, raindrops contains water and that make you feel humid. In the same regard Kiir is just doing what is expected to do. It is not like the TGoNU or any part of SPLA/M is questioning his powers. No, nobody has the balls or the rank to question the man.

If you do, your a rebel and have to go to the bush. You have to make your political and military outfit. Just like Gen. Paul Malong, Dr. Riek Machar or anyone else, who has rebelled against Kiir. No one questions the man who rules by decree. No one has the achievements or the ability to takeover from Kiir.

If they said so, they would be rebels and be outcast, they could end up as outlaws and they would displease the almighty. And no one wants to make the almighty bitter or mad, then they know they will feel his retribution. That is self-destruction and usually a fools move.

So we shouldn’t expect any one to carry the mantle of Garang or Kiir anytime soon. Kiir has just been ruling for 13 years, we should at least expect a decade or two more. Kiir wants to rule for life and has no plans to step down and give way. He rather put bullets through someones dome, than actually make anyone else rule in the Republic. Therefore, expect the SPLA/M or TGoNU to let Kiir rule indefinitely.

Kiir isn’t going anywhere… He has no plan to do so, neither does the SPLA/M, therefore, anything else is futile. We are speaking 2018 and up to 2021, than he has been in charge for a decade of South Sudan, but also of SPLM/A since 2005. That is 16 years and close to Garang. Therefore, not expect that 2021 are the final nail in the coffin. It will not be that easy, he will be there until something unfortunate happens.

A man of hte sword, dies by the sword. Peace.

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