Ethiopia: Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC) – Only Honest, Genuine, and All-inclusive National Dialogue Can Solve the Country’s Political Crisis (25.10.2021)

Only Honest, Genuine, and All-Inclusive National Dialogue Can Solve the Country’s Political Crisis

A statement from the Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC) In response to the latest call for national dialogue by Ethiopia’s ruling party

It is to be recalled that in the last three years and beyond, the Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC) has been repeatedly calling for a meaningful national dialogue to help resolve Ethiopia’s deep rooted and ever worsening political crisis. For instance, upon the ascendance of Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed to power, OFC pleaded with him to convene a national dialogue forum where the country’s outstanding political issues to be negotiated and a common road map to be charted so as to ensure a successful democratic transition.

Since then, at every opportunity during the meetings in person or media appearances, OFC’s leadership have been making an impassioned appeal for dialogue and negotiation to save the fragile transition and the country from descending into further chaos. Unfortunately, our pleading fell on deaf ears. When the 2020 election was postponed, OFC called upon the government and other stake holders to seize the opportunity to build a national consensus towards facilitating environment for a credible election. In connection with this, we prepared and submitted a detailed proposal as part of MEDREK. Sadly, instead of listening to our call, the ruling party responded by cracking down on our party, closing down our offices and imprisoning our leaders.

When the country’s worsening political crises led to the breaking out of war in Tigray, OFC once again called upon the warring parties to end hostilities and sit down for a negotiated settlement of the dispute. However, the ruling party and its supporters responded with adverse media campaign aimed at ostracizing and intimidation of our party.

Furthermore, when the government announced to hold election, OFC warned that the country’s situation is not conducive to conduct a free, fair, and credible election. Strongly advised holding a meaningful national dialogue should come first. Once again, the government ignored our plea and went ahead with its sham election that excluded major political parties including OFC and disenfranchised large portion of the electorate. Consequently, the election brought neither legitimacy nor stability as the ruling party hoped to achieve.

Just recently, at the conclusion of the 2021 election that failed to deliver both durable peace and democratic governance for the country, OFC made its position to the ruling party in a form of a press release titled “An election that is not fair and not inclusive cannot deliver democracy”, and once again called for an all-inclusive national dialogue that can lead to an all-inclusive transitional arrangement that can have a mandate to chart a common roadmap that can in turn lead to a stable an all-inclusive government.

Lately, the ruling party has begun talking about the importance of a national dialogue, which many have dismissed as ‘too little too late’. But we say better late than never and strongly advice that it should be honestly and genuinely conducted. At this stage for national dialogue to bring Ethiopia back from the brinks, it needs to fulfill the following conditions.

1. At this time in point wars commenced to settle law and order in the country came to threaten the overall existence of the country, should be stopped and warring parties sit and convey an all-inclusive national dialogue.

2. The national dialogue needs to be convened by an impartial and credible external body acceptable to all parties, recognized and supported by the international community. Here, it also must be noted that given the present political situation of the country, perceived, it is difficult to find a credible domestic entity that is impartial and acceptable to all parties.

3. The national dialogue should be truly inclusive of all political blocks including the opposition armed groups, if it is meant to meaningfully address the issue of peace – the country’s most urgent need. To enable representation of all groups, legal and security hurdles must be removed.

4. All imprisoned political prisoners must also be released and allowed to take part in the process.

In summary, it is OFC’s assessment that trust deficit among elites is one of the major contributors to the current crisis and a non-inclusive gathering in the name of national dialogue convened by partisan entities could only serve to further erode trust making the ability to solve conflict through dialogue impossible even in the future.

Therefore, although OFC had been at the forefront of calling for a genuine national dialogue, unless the process meets these minimal standards, ones again, we strongly feel this half-hearted process would make our participation meaningless and the whole exercise futile. OFC cordially calls for all Ethiopians and the international communities support our effort.

Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC)
Addis Ababa: 25 October 2021

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Ethiopia: NaMA calls the Amhara people to arms

The National Movement of Amhara (NaMA) dropped at statement on the 17th October 2021 proving their allegiance to the Tripartite Alliance and the warfare in Amhara. In that statement they are blaming the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and the Tigray Defence Force (TDF) who has invaded parts of the Amhara region.

The NaMA claims all the war-crimes in Amhara region. That is done without evidence, but just like the state and it’s allies has done the whole war. Instead of taking accountability or proving it. They are blaming and projecting it on the TDF or the TPLF.

While doing this the NaMA ask for everyone who calls themselves a Amhara to join in the war effort. The party also asks the military and the regional government to action against the invaders. The NaMA asks for the Federal Government and the Regional Government to eliminate the TPLF. The NaMA asks for all members and supporters to go to the front.

We knew when NaMA got one member in the cabinet. That was a proof of the alliance between the Prosperity Party and NaMA. This is why Prime Minister Abiy appointed him and gave the chairman a ministry. Therefore, the statement of NaMA on social media says everything.

The NaMA claims that the ENDF and Amhara Regional Special Forces/Amhara Para-Military Group “Fano” will be able to beat the TDF. The NaMA believes these forces are able to get a victory in the invaded areas of Amhara region. However, there is little to no proof of that.

We are clearly seeing who is the parties who is supporting the government. The EZEMA did the same the other day and now NaMA proves it too. This shouldn’t be forgotten and proves how the Amhara nationalists is part of this government. Peace.

Opinion: Belete Molla is an ally of the PM and not an “opposition”

We don’t accept many legal provisions including the constitution; but only because we will take government position sometime, we will fight to change the laws in peaceful and legal ways to build peaceful bargaining culture”Belete Molla Getahun (2019)

The National Movement of Amhara (NAMA) Chairman Belete Molla Getahun was appointed as a Minister in the new cabinet. There reports that his one out of three who is opposition. I have earlier today covered Dr. Bernahu Nega, Ezema who is also in-coordination with the Prosperity Party. If the “opposition” wasn’t like that. They would be kidnapped, detained or even killed. That is what happens to the real opposition in the Federal Republic.

So, when Molla accepted the role and the Ministry of Innovation and Technology. We knew that the Assistant Professor is a Amhara Nationalist. That is the signal of appointing him. When plenty have for so long said the PM needs Amhara support. It is very clear as the previous President of Amhara region became speaker of the Lower House in the House of Federation and the NAMA chairman gets a ministerial post.

What people should worry about is that the NAMA is both expansionist and militant. The NAMA is supportive of the warfare in Tigray Region. The NAMA wants to expand Amhara region in Oromia, Afar and Benishangul-Gumuz. NAMA is claiming Amhara genocide, but supporting the man-made famine and starvation of Tigray region. It is clear that the NAMA is supportive in a way that the PM approves of.

NAMA has written statements against the United Nations Organizations. NAMA has applauded Eritrean participation in the warfare inside Eritrea. Therefore, they fit very well in the cabinet of Abiy. He is getting a token Amhara nationalist and ally.

The international community should know this. He is a nationalist and will not do any good. I doubt he will get the PM to cease the warfare, as the NAMA is in favour of the expansions and going after the TPLF. One of Molla’s long time enemies happens to be the TPLF. Therefore, the Tigray region is fair-game for the people like him. Peace.

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