Gen. Museveni is wearing fatigue warning the public of cheating in elections [while his army is deployed all across the Republic]

We fought so many wars for the right to vote, nobody should interfere with it. Do not waste our time by trying to cheat, let the people of Uganda elect the way they feel”Yoweri Kaguta Museveni (12.01.2021)

Today is yet another Presidential Address of the President since 1986. Who the international press says is seeking his 6th term, which is faulty by default. As this President suspended elections for a decade and therefore with that move its not officially his eight term. Nevertheless, I would say his moving from 7th term into 8th term. In an violent election and oppressive one. Where opposition activists, candidates and team members are taken away, arrested and even found dead. That is the election of 2021. That is the the state of which this President is delivering these words on today.

I will not dwell deep into his speech, as there are reports of Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF) aka the Army in the streets. There is report that they are deployed into ten major cities or towns. That includes Kampala, where the footage of the clips of the newly bought army vans drove passed. Just to prove the Turkish imports to Uganda. Just to show force.

It is really sad this way. That he went into war-mode… as the polls are happening within 48 hours. The Self-Styled President for Life intends to install himself in for a 8th term.

Here some inspiring quotes ahead of the polls:

Some groups have made it a habit to cheat in elections. I want to tell you, that cheating is treason. When you use violence to intimidate to be voted for, you are committing treason. If you plan to cheat or alter results so that you win even when the majority didn’t vote for you, it means you won’t go back to solve the issues of the people because you will cheat in the next election. This renders democracy null and void. I am warning everyone, don’t try to cheat” Yoweri Kaguta Museveni (12.01.2021)

There is no threat we cannot defeat. Do not fear to vote, we shall defend you. There is no part of Uganda we cannot reach, if not foot then by air” (Museveni, 12.01.2021)

When you use violence to intimidate so that you are elected, you will have committed treason because if you win you will not have won with the support of the people” (Museveni, 12.01.2021).

That is why he comes with these ideas now. To again come with the idea that the Opposition will cheat and rig the election. However, that will be nearly impossible as the state runs the show. The President have appointed the Electoral Commission, the Judiciary and the Commanders of the Law Enforcement. It is all prepared for the elections to go in his favour and legitimize his rule.

At this moment, opposition activists and leaders are picked up the government. They are arresting and taking away over 100s of them across the Republic. The state is working on overtime… and doing what it can to block and silence the opposition ahead of the polls.

Just to push his ideals, he comes with this excuse as well: “I am sorry for the inconvenience to those who have been using this channel (Facebook), but we cannot tolerate this arrogance of anybody coming to decide for us who is good and who is bad” (Museveni, 12.01.2021).

The other day Facebook decided to block the NRM message senders. Why would anybody do that? When I heard about that I told our people to warn them. That social channel, if it’s going to operate in Uganda, it should be used equitably by everybody” (Museveni, 12.01.2021).

Well, you are deciding what is good and bad in your domain. So, let Facebook decide who they see as good or bad in their domain. If you have trouble with Facebook. Don’t block the whole platform, but write them a letter like Uganda Communication Commission did the other day. That should be the way to protests. As this is just done stop information flow.

This just proves how he will control everything and ensure he gets his results. Where he pushed the narrative that the opposition did it, but in reality he did. That’s why there is no reason to think otherwise. This man will rig this and has planned this all along. He has to spike the levels of fear and intimidate. Just to prove what sort of big-man he is.

He now acts like a General. Just to prove something. Because, he cannot show his record, achievements or policy changes. As his self interests are more vital than the Republic itself. That’s why his warning the public and doing it like this. Just the late night ahead of the polls.

Don’t expect for the best. Expect for the worst. Nothing in this election have been fair. Nothing in this election have been justified. A lot of suffering, pain and injustice. Sadly it is more to come. We just don’t know what’s the next trick he would do. However, it will be blunt actions and the opposition will suffer. Peace.

Human Rights Network for Journalists – Uganda: IGP Pronouncements for beat journalists (12.01.2021)

Bobi Wine have rattled Musveni’s cage

Now two days ahead of the polls. It is so clear as day that President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni have been running wild, because of how Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine have operated. Bobi Wine is another sort of politician, which Museveni really haven’t met in his life-time.

That is why the President is acting ghetto, hiring the Presidential Advisors from the Ghetto and fearing the voices of the youth that. This is why the state have been acting with force towards the People Power Movement and the National Unity Platform (NUP). The ones wearing red have been harassed, abducted and detained by the state. This has happen to the campaign team of Bobi Wine and his associates. Even candidates are taken from their homes and not seen again. Sadly some of them are seeing their demise and suddenly appearing dead. That is the sort of state this election is.

There is nothing the state will do to be supreme. They will go after Bobi Wine and his party by any means. The state went first after the colour. Then they went after the red beret. After that they raided the headquarters in Kamwokya, Kampala. Later they made up a case against the inception and change of NUP. Since then they have used all means to block the campaigns, the districts and even hotels… they have targeted Bobi Wine since his spreading a message that incite fear inside the head of Museveni. Bobi Wine and his comrades are talking of revolution and peaceful transfer of power from Museveni. That is clearly not the message or the vision Museveni himself believes in. Therefore, his machinery and state is oppressing this and doing what he can to silence this.

Bobi Wine have proven and showed how depressing and lack of fair campaigning is at this very moment. His been blocked from districts, arrested and been abducted from areas. The man has been taken to nowhere and not able to seek refugee for the night and rest. While the President have travelled across the Republic opening all sort of ceremonies and sleeping at state lodges. Therefore, there is a miss match between who has power and how is challenging it.

The injustice and impunity have been so staggering. It has been at such levels that its pointless to think the polls with be delivered fair and the counting will acknowledge the will of the people. There is no reason to trust the state and their willingness to lose power. They are willing to bury the children and grandchildren to ensure they have an office after 14th January 2021.

This is why the state is slowing down the internet, blocking social media and only the ones who has VPN is able to get through. Even there… the state who takes OTT Tax and have people paying extra taxes to have access to it. Is blocking it and stopping the opportunity to access information and also spread it. This is because the state wants a blackout and total silence. So, that the state can control the message through their channels.

Bobi Wine knew this would come and that was to be anticipated. The state have used these means in the last election and this a repetition. However, this time around they been more vicious and brutal. They have had more rampant campaign violence and been more fatalities ahead of the polls. The state has also used abductions and harassment at another level.

Therefore, the thought of peaceful days ahead is a pipe-dream. The next few days will most likely turn into a nightmare. Soldiers will be on the streets. There will be curfews and even expect jet-fighters to show force after the polls. Expect house-arrests and suddenly moving opposition leaders to prisons up-country like Moroto or the like. Because, that will be done to stem the possible riots and demonstrations against the announced results. While the President will rush the inauguration and possible only do it with a few heads of state. Just to look seemingly “legit”. As the public is tired of the old man already… and he was preparing to rig this all along. Peace.

Opinion: Honest elections doesn’t happen in darkness

Another day, another story and another issue. The 14th January 2021 the polls are happening. The finalization of a long time coming. However, don’t expect free and fair elections. Don’t expect the public or the citizens to have their will heard. No, the state intends to control the result and get their pre-determined announced results. The state doesn’t hold elections to get the representatives the public wants, but to get legitimacy to rule.

The Electoral Commission, the Police Force, the Army, Local Defence Unit (LDUs), Crime Preventers and all other law enforcement will be out to spread fear and intimidate. These elections will be a nightmare. There is nothing happening before the polls that says otherwise.

The authorities and the state has been more rouge and rough. It hasn’t been a week without an arrest of a Presidential Candidate. There haven’t been week or a day without reports of abductions and arrests of opposition candidates. It have been reports of activists and people associated with the opposition abducted in the night and later found dead. Therefore, the state has retaliated before the polls even starts. Just to spark fear and show their strength by using law enforcement.

The police and army have followed the trails of the Presidential candidates. Blocked them from accessing districts and towns. They have been arrested there, tear-gassed and violated by the authorities. The state have blocked hotels, taken them away into nowhere. In this demeaning manner the state have gone after them. The opposition have detained their team-members and given phony charges as well. This has happened all through the campaigns. The Police have shot at the cars and been close to assassinating a Presidential Candidate twice.

Therefore, with the knowledge of this. The news of blocking Google App Store and Apps ahead of the election. Is just so the opposition cannot monitor and report in the UVote App. We should anticipate a media lockdown ahead of the polls. Where the only way to get information and sharing it through VPN.

The state have already issued new media accreditation ahead of the polls. So, plenty have lost it and the Media Council had to verify journalists. Foreign journalists have been blocked from entering and being allowed to monitor the elections. There been some observers, but they are the usual suspects and these will rubber-stamp the events.

The state have already gone after the opposition media and the ones who has Youtube Accounts. That hasn’t gone well. While Facebook have blocked the regimes own accounts on Facebook. So, the state has lost a battle and forced another one.

However, the Electoral Commission, the UPDF and UPF have all gone out and said that all gathering around the polling station after voting is illegal. The authorities have said its not allowed to use phones and take evidence of what is happening. People are just supposed to shun area and its all supposed to happen in secret. The state is trying to issue in the articles of the 2019 Amendments of Kahinda Otafiire. Which never happened and was unsuccessful in Parliament. Still, they are trying and persisting in saying so. Just to ensure its dark there too.

Expect for the worst here. Expect for soldiers in the streets. Be sure of para-military outfits sponsored by the state lingering around. There will be curfews, it will be a partial lockdown. There will be a social media and internet blockade. Mobile Money and other services will be impossible. No place to hide on the internet and nowhere to seek information. Only from government friendly radio and TV.

The state want this to be done in darkness and intimidation. They don’t want to shed light on the events. The Electoral Commission this time around cannot even act independent. They are looking like servants of the throne and that is all a given. Law Enforcement and the army is partisan players too. So, nothing on the horizon is a sign that these folks will give way easily. No matter what the youth, the next generation or what the public really wants.

The President and his men can act like they are elected. When really they are men who only has power, because they have the guns. These folks doesn’t lead because they are respected or people favour them. No, they are there… because if you challenge them. Then you die and so does your kin. The ones that dares to challenge at this point will suffer. So many people have been hurt this election. There been to many civilians, to many candidates and activists who has suffered, tortured and died because of the upcoming polls. All so one man can have his eight term in office.

That is insane, but that man isn’t playing fair. He don’t intend to either. The President and his party intends ambush, strike fear and be hostile to be in power. These Big-Men will use all means. They don’t care if they burn a village, evict a orphanage or pollute a school. The state will use all means to profit and get kickbacks. They will do whatever it takes and there is nothing that is to far.

This President and his men will kill people in broad daylight and blame the deceased. The state will blame the victims. Claim they are investigating and never arresting anyone. That is the sad reality here. People can die and it doesn’t even count. People can be arrested and detained for no apparent reason than their political affiliation. People can be beaten and shook(ed) on the streets with no justification.

That is why the state, authorities and every stakeholder out there wants it in the dark. They don’t want the light on the events. The current leadership prefers it to be happening in darkness, as the actions might get hidden and isn’t leaked out before later. The President and his men prefers that. Just like nobody is supposed to understand the weird calculations and the perfect match of voters in certain districts. Neither, the various of anomalies and the wrecked lives. As those will be talked about after the effect. That is just natural in the grand scheme of things.

The President is anticipated to “win” again. However, it is hallow. The game and the tricks has been played before. The President and his men is only amplifying it and making it more hardcore. The gloves are off, but the truth is still this. His time is up and the public is tired of his reign. However, he thinks he can keep them hostage yet another term. Peace.

National Youth Council: Press Release on the participation and contribution to peaceful elections (11.01.2021)

Opinion: The VLS is a technicality to block voters’ from voting…

33. Polling stations and polling centres.

(1)Each returning officer may, with the approval of the commission, establish within each parish or ward within his or her electoral district as many polling stations as are convenient for the casting of votes, taking into account the distances to be travelled by voters to polling stations, the number of voters in the constituency and the geographical features of the constituency.

(2)Where the circumstances require, the returning officer may, under subsection (1), establish a polling centre at which are located more than one polling station; except that in that case, the returning officer shall ensure that steps are taken to inform voters as early as possible of the particular polling station at which they are required to vote, that the polling stations are separated by a sufficient distance and also that the circumstances are such as to guarantee orderly voting without confusion” (Electoral Commission Act, 1997).

In the Guidelines for Issuance of Voter Location Slips from the Electoral Commission. The EC is stating the usage of the Section 33 (1) and (2). However, the VLS isn’t mentioned has been introduced by them as a guide to voters. Nevertheless, the needs for this isn’t stated in the law.

There is no place in the Electoral Commission law that the voters needs the VLS to able to vote. Even if the Press Release saying so yesterday. Because, any person who is registered on the voters roll of a polling station and hold a valid voters card.

The Electoral Commission could state this was the usage of voters’ card, which is stated in Section 26 of the Electoral Commission Act. So, if the EC was mentioning this… it would have made sense with the law. However, the VLS seems lie a weird addition for the voter to be able to vote.

The EC should re-assure the citizens and the ones registered that they have gotten the Voters Cards and not VLS. The VLS isn’t even mentioned in the Act or Amendments. So, the EC should focus on the Voters Cards and not VLS.

That is if they don’t want things like these contesting the EC. The EC have already been partisan and not been fair. The General Election as it this time. Doesn’t look anything free or fair. The whole game is rigged. So, these drops of VLS in the last minute. Seems like a trick to block people from voting. Nothing else really.

The EC just following the trends and ensuring the voters are not able to vote. These was also issued in 2016. However, that doesn’t make them legit. Only an sorry excuse to stop people from voting. Since, even if the people is registered and on the voters’ roll, but doesn’t have the VLS won’t be able to vote. The presiding officer can therefore easily stop someone because they lack the VLS. That is a shortcoming and causes trouble for the ones not getting it by the 13th January 2021.

This is a worry and a technicality that can be used against people who is eligible, but blocked because the EC didn’t issue correctly the VLS in-concern to each ward or polling station. Peace.

Opinion: New accreditation scheme from the Media Council made to silence media ahead of the polls

Today on the 31st December 2020 is the final day of reckoning in the sense that Uganda Media Council is giving out accreditations to journalists who are supposed to follow the final stretch of the polls. These are people who are already hired and working as journalists. Still, some will be blocked by this technicality.

Like Devosh Matovu of Track UG Channel on Youtube, Rock TV Uganda and Devosh Olwokya Youtube have been denied accreditation this time around.

Also Solomon Kaweesa a journalist working at NTV Uganda has also gotten denied.

These are just two who has gone out publicly with the news that they have lost it. For one reason or another. However, expect more. This might happen to all the outlets the Uganda Communication Commission wrote to Google and Youtube about as well. Ghetto TV and other outlets who are favourable of the opposition will lose their accreditation ahead of the polls. Don’t be shocked if that happens…

That is why the state does it two weeks ahead of the polls. It is a pure bitch move of the state. To take down the ones reporting in favour of the opposition. The Media Council and UCC are working in tandem. These government entities are all favourable for the President and his reign. That is why the ones opposing the state is directly targeted.

It will happen to more and these two is only the beginning. The journalists have to stop following the President and his state in the coming days. They have to defy the pressers and whatnot. If they want to be taken serious. As they are direct targets for updating on what’s happening. Something the state clearly don’t want to happen at this time. As they know their vicious ways. Peace.

Bavicha – Chadema Youth Council: Statement on Uganda Election Campaign (31.12.2020)

Opinion: This election is just depressing…

There is no hope.

There is no shadow of a doubt.

There is no signs of free and fair elections in sight. Not even free and fair abilities to campaign or even try to operate during the “Elections Road Map”.

The authorities, the state and all its weaponry is forcing the opposition to cease operations. People are dying by association. People are arrested for being participants in the campaigns and citizens are injured for passing by convoys. There is no good news and only depressing news.

The President can walk around and have campaign ceremonies everywhere. Opening up ghost-projects, re-issuing old projects and looking grand at actually doing his supposed job of 35 years. While not spelling out the funding or who is actually paying the prices for the infrastructure or basic investments. His awaiting glory for posing at factories, road-projects and planned government buildings. Like that is big-whoop.

While his opposition is tear-gassed, injured and detained. While the Police Force is blocking and shedding no tears ambushing and destroying the activities of the opposition. Nothing is fair here. As the airwaves are filled with new speeches and promised of the President nearly every single night. Where his also forcefully saying he will destroy or deploy enough law enforcement to crush anyone in his path.

That is why everything is depressing. It is disappointing. If the Commonwealth, IGAD or EAC signs this one off in the Election Monitoring Mission (EOM) or any other sort of organization. We know it is a lie.

This isn’t an election with promise. It is only an election with the prospects of pre-ticked ballots and rigged affairs to ensure the longevity of the NRM. The rest is just playing for keeps and securing their relevance. These are toys for the authorities to play around with. To fatigue and possibly weaken as much as possible. No care in the world for justice, freedom or liberty for the people opposing the current regime. No these folks got to suffer, one way or another.

That is is why January 14th 2021 is already written in stones. The sign of the sky and position of the stars is already aligned with the coming results. The dawn of a new day is yet to be determined, but the destination is for the incumbent and forever Mr. Sunday.

There is no signs of change, hope or even daring possibility of sudden twist. Unless, there is a certain spark and flair that the state cannot control. Until now, the army, law enforcement and anyone in power will feel safe. They are not fearing the opposition or their supporters. They think they can contain it. They think they are gullible and able to silence them like in the past.

Time will tell, but I am less hopeful. There been to many deaths, to many abducted and to many detained for this election. It is no middle-ground or possible good return on the investment. Only more suffering and hardships. While the same man lives to hold office.

2021 elections is only days away, but it will feel like forever. The ambitions of others will be dismissed and destroyed. That is just the mere reality. The armed forces and state will secure that by any means. Treason charges or whatnot will all appear and the state will arrest anyone who dares to oppose. This is how it seems these days.

That is why its depressing. There is no hope or possible outcome, which seems redeeming for the Republic. The state is not showing any signs of positive actions. Only more pain and suffering. Peace.

Economic Freedom Fighters: EFF Statement on the Banning of Elections Campaigns (27.12.2020)