National Youth Council: Displeasure about the Cabinet Decision to Scrap the National Youth Council through Merging (13.04.2021)

Opinion: Nabakooba don’t want to see or hear anything

You have tarnished our country’s image more than enough, it’s better you stop” Judith Nabakooba (01.03.2021).

Some people want to blind and deaf. One person like that is the current Minister for ICT and National Guidance Judith Nabakooba. She rather that nobody talks. No one says a thing and moves on in life. Everyone just accepts that their loved ones are disappearing, that their loved ones are abducted and held incommunicado. I am sure if it happened to a relative of hers. She wouldn’t post about on social media or ask for help. No, she would remain silent and not say a word.

The honourable minister should reconsider her stance. It is not the opposition that is the issue. It is the state and all of its security organizations, which needs to be held accountable and take responsibility for their actions. It isn’t National Unity Platform (NUP) fault that their members, activists, candidates and associates are taken without warrants, charges or arrested through ordinary procedures.

So when she says stuff like this, she must really not care about the citizens in legal jeopardy:

They spend most of their time posting fake news about the country. They post photos of dead bodies, violence and so forth and this scares away our tourists” (…) “I see most of them deceiving Ugandans with very fake propaganda. They have spent a lot of time discussing US warships as if this brings food on the table of the people who voted for them” (…) “It’s time for the youths to move on and start working for themselves instead of feeding on lies from politicians” – Nabakooba (01.03.2021).

I expect Nabakooba to be silent as the grave if any of her in-laws, any of her family or friends are taken without any due process. That she will not say a word or cause any alarm. She will just await their destiny and their fate in the hands of authorities and the law, which wasn’t served properly or just to the ones abducted, kidnapped and detained without charges. These folks was taken because of their political affiliation. They were tortured, brutally arrested and some even killed.

That is the sort of thing Judith don’t want to hear or see. It damage the image that people talks about it. The Pearl of Blood is being revised for 2021. The Panda Gari’s of our Generation and the “Drones” are in the city. We are just supposed to not tarnish the name of the Republic and let bygones be bygones.

I wonder how that go when the government cry havoc over losing Facebook profiles and pages, but the opposition isn’t supposed to talk about arrests, tortured and extra judicial killings. It isn’t the opposition that abducts, tortures or kills. No, it is the vicious state and its officers who has taken the law into their hands and doing the bidding of the chain-of-command. They are the ones responsible and need to change their ways. It isn’t NUP, FDC or anyone else’s fault. No, it is the ones ordering the drones and the “safe-houses”. They are the ones tarnishing the image of the state.

Its the ones accepting this practices, this acts of deviousness and sinister approach to governing. It isn’t the fault of the opposition for crying and suffering. Hell to the NO. Nabakooba better be like a made-man in the mafia when someone scorns her loved ones. If she is so afraid of the image. She better remain silent when “the shit hits the fan”.

That is if she really means things. I hope it is a political stunt, but its really infuriating blaming the victims and their leaders for speaking out. Peace.

Opinion: Gen. Museveni needs the army and that’s why its never leaving the hallow halls of Parliament

The 10 UPDF MPs were put in the constitution on account of our history. They would be like a listening post to what is happening in Parliament” (…) “The NRM/A liberated the country together with peasants. After we realized that the army can’t govern the country and we handed it over to civilians. The country is not ours, it is yours, we are also just part of it” – President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni (Kenneth Kazibwe – ‘Museveni warns army MPs against defying him as he lists priorities for new term’ 30.01.2021, NilePost.Co.Ug).

If it wasn’t for guns, ammunition and heavy weaponry General Yoweri Tibuhaburwa Kaguta Museveni wouldn’t be in power. The old man with the hat wouldn’t be relevant or even have any sort of influence in the Republic without the army behind him. This man isn’t there because of the love of the people or his popularity. No, this old man rather kill his grand-children and everyone who stands in his way. That is why political affiliation with National Unity Platform (NUP) is close to treasonous and grounds for abductions, torture and possible death in the hands of state security organizations.

So with that in mind. The General does need the services of the Chieftain of Military Intelligence (CMI), Internal Security Organization (ISO), Uganda Police Force (UPF), Special Force Command (SFC) and Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF). All of these organizations is working for him and he wouldn’t be as “strong” or “above the law” without ordering these all around on a whim.

Museveni will never let go of the army and its connection to civilian life. He needs the votes of military men in Parliament. That is an successive way to a majority without an election. These are bound by law and by chain-of-command of the army to follow their general i.e. him. They will automatically “give to Caesar what belong to Caesar” and he knows this.

We know the military have involved itself everywhere in civilian matters. That is why they are monitoring together with law enforcement the opposition leaders. They are used as operatives to control the political movements of the Republic. That is just a sad reality that this government is promoting.

The General have appointed military men all-over to all sorts of ministries. Made military men ambassadors and participated directly in the cabinet. So, he needs them all around and they are vital to his reign.

Also, the military have for some reason been involved in delivering mosquito-nets and going after illegal fishing in Lake Victoria. The army is part directly running beauty pageants even. The UPDF have a big role in Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) and National Agriculture Advisory Services (NAADs). That meaning they are part of micro-loans, cash-crop development and so fourth. None of these are the supposed role of an army.

An army is supposed to safeguard the territory and shield the citizens from foreign invaders. Instead they are measuring the beauties of woman candidates for a pageant and checking if seedlings is correctly delivered to the Teso region. That shouldn’t be a thing, because how is this furthering the mandate of the army and making the Republic more safe? Why are they picking Miss Uganda or doing the logistics for Ministry of Agriculture? That shouldn’t be a thing, but it is…

The UPDF MPs are there to rubber-stamp and ensure the will of the General goes through. He has loyal allies that will never speak up against him and is only there to always have the majority to get his way. To think otherwise is naive. They are not there to represent a unique and special group. These are supposed to serve the Republic and do their duty. The army isn’t supposed to be involved in civilian matters, but ensure the civilians are safe. That is a big different.

Just like the army courts, the Court Martial shouldn’t be used to charge and be on trial as civilians in front of judges there. They are not enlisted or part of the UPDF. Therefore, the usage of the Court Martial towards the NUP Campaign Team and associates is foolishness. As that is outside their mandate and jurisdiction. They are not soldiers or high ranking officials who didn’t follow army command. No, these are civilians participating in a campaign for presidency for an opposition candidate. Which is without any legal grounds “effectively treason” but they will only postpone the judgement as long as possible. Just so the army can keep them hostage and detained with no other reason than as a statement to not challenge the almighty general.

This here is… just showing the military is embedded in the government and done for a reason. It is the reason why the General doesn’t need the public, but is addicted to the guns. The old man needs the soldiers and troops to follow his every move. They need to be part of every single institution and be there to listen to every heat-beat. The UPDF will go after and use their influence to ensure the old man has all power. The mandate is supposed to secure the border and avoid an invasion, but instead they are busy checking if Bobi Wine has sneezed. That is what they do and why Museveni will never let them off the hook. That is what an addict does and this is what gives him “a high”. Peace.

Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC): Press Release on the Ugandan Elections (17.01.2021)

Operation “Enzikiza eyitiridde” in Kampala Part II: A 1000 NUP Polling Agents kidnapped!

Reports coming through Lina Zedriga Abaku is on the run. 1000 NUP polling agents have been kidnapped and others missing. What a shame that some countries are already legitimising this sham election” (Ekyooto, 17.01.2021).

The ones that followed the campaign and the polls of 14th January 2021 knows that there was several reports of abductions, arrests and kidnapping of National Unity Platform (NUP) Polling Agents. Now, we have a number, as there was reports of soldiers hunting down registered mobilizers and polling agents of NUP across several districts of the Republic.

Therefore, the report of Ekyooto isn’t shocking. We have already heard of extra judicial killings and people gone missing. This states however the extent and what sort of manner the army and law enforcement has gone too. They are willing to take most of ones parties eyes away from the polling stations. Just so they can rig the election and make it in their favour. As they cannot stomach to let them see the affairs.

This here shows what sort of regime President Museveni is promoting and sort of “democracy” which is his game. The National Resistance Movement and the soldiers are clearly violating the rights of its citizens. They are using the violations of human rights and the arrests without warrants, because of their political affiliation.

The state have already arrested so many of Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine Campaign Team. There been so many who has died within the NUP and we are now hearing about what extent the authorities are willing to go too. Just to rig and “win” an election. Peace.

Uganda Decides: Museveni working on overtime to ensure that nobody trusts the process…

Today, there been more reports of either slow opening of polling stations across the Republic. The Biometric Machines haven’t worked properly and slowed the voting. Polling stations has lacked ink to dip the fingers to prove the people has actually voted. There is little signs of trust. As there is reports of pre-ticked ballots and filled ballot boxes. That is from various of districts.

There is like the Electoral Commission and President Museveni is working in tandem to ensure one result no matter what. That is why NUP Polling Agents are arrested. FDC Polling Agents are arrested. ANT Polling Agents are arrested. In general, the eyes of the opposition is dismissed and stopped from entering the polling stations across the Republic. If they weren’t already arrested in the days ahead of the polls, which has happened by army and trucks in villages picking them up.

There are even districts where polling material haven’t arrived to the polling stations, hours after they were opened. In the same districts there reports of stolen equipment and this further questions the usage and the trust in the process. As they have it, but not giving it to the public to honour their will. No, they have stolen it to tick the ballots in favour of the regime.

It is bad enough that the Internet is off. That Social Media is blocked and only one entity is having open gateways. There are reports that Uganda Telecom is up. The Mango is working, because the EC and authorities needs it. However, MTN and Airtel is off.

There are even reports that polling officials have signed off Declaration Forms ahead of the polls for their Polling Station where they are stating that NRM candidates are winning it. That is happening while people are still waiting in line for their turn to actually vote.

This election is the worst and nothing proves to be trusted. Even with not to much deployment of soldiers and police officers at the polling stations at the moment. Expect more to come. As leaders will be house arrested and be in legal jeopardy soon.

This election is a fraud, a charade and as fake as it can be. There is no level of trust or reports of the state and EC even trying to convene fair elections. It is just a heartache and there will be justice here. Only a one man game and his cadres doing their tricks to get ahead.

We don’t even need to wait for the awaited results about 48 hours after the polling stations closes. Some started late and they should also be allowed to be open until the last voter has gone home. However, don’t expect that too happens. In many districts it started late not because of lack equipment, but because of the rain.

We just have to wait and see, but I’m awaiting worse than Kiggundu Math and other tricks to ensure the Mr. 1986 another term, his eight one actually. They will also secure the mandate and total control of the Parliament too. There will be a game to secure the NRM all power, yet again. That was to be anticipated. Peace.

Operation “Enzikiza eyitiridde” in Kampala

Today there is two clear evidence of keeping the world in the dark. First the internet blockade is in effect. The Uganda Communication Commission (UCC) have issued to the Telecoms that they have to stop all gateways to Internet in Republic. This after yesterday’s start of blocking Social Media like Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. So, today’s first act is a sign of what to come.

The Second act is to jam and cancel opposition leaders phone-lines. The state is now blocking the phone-lines of National Unity Platform (NUP) Presidential Candidate Robert Kygaulanyi aka Bobi Wine and his family members. Also, the Presidential Candidate of Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Patrick Oboi Amuriat. Therefore, these folks are not able to communicate. As they have not mobile-phones and neither internet. This is an deliberate act of the state to silence them totally.

We should expect for the worst. There should be news on how they are handled. We should expect journalists getting brutalized and arrested for monitoring the opposition leaders tonight and tomorrow. There will be ramifications of this and this isn’t done without a plan ahead.

The President and National Resistance Movement (NRM) wants to keep it dark or like many has luganda is saying: “It’s Getting to Dark” or “Enzikiza eyitiridde”. We are not supposed to get reports, messages or credible information from the Republic. Just as there was reports of massive rounds of arrests of NUP Mobilisers and other opposition activists in the Republic. This is a violation and a plan to have total control of the votes. So, the NUP and FDC cannot access or have the opportunity to challenge the election. As their polling agents is behind bars. That is clear message here.

The state wants the acts be done in the dark. They want the opposition to be silent and give way to a total charade of an election. An election that has been marred with pre-emptive arrests, extra judicial killings and human rights violations. The state authorities have been all partisan and the army is arresting civilians during the night. This is why this election will be rigged in favour of one man and his not risking anything.

He is blocking social media. His stopping all gateways to internet and VPN is even out of question. The President and his party is even going after mobilizers and polling agents. They are willing to be so dark and extreme, as they are making all sort of affiliation and association with NUP and other opposition a crime against the state. This is the sinister reality in the Republic.

That is why tomorrows election is a unfair and rigged affair. There is no reason to believe the result. When there is no accountability, no transparency and no justice served. Only impunity and injustice. Tomorrow, Bobi Wine and Patrick Oboi Amuriat will be arrested, one way or another. Other MP candidates of the parties will be taken to prison too. There will be house-arrests and other measures too. Therefore, tomorrow will not be a good day.

This is election is just brutal. There is no love and is no passion. There will be very few observers and the ones whose there is from the East African Community (EAC). These folks will only be there to verify the events and go home. They will not challenge or question. This Election Observers Mission will not challenge or question anything. Therefore, the President is fine with their report. That is why there is none from the European Union or United States. Not that these EOMs has done anything useful in the previous two elections. However, they could have made a difference in the sense of having boots on the ground. Now, they won’t even do that and the state is more free. Because, they know the EAC will not humiliate one of their own.

Yoweri is getting his will. President Museveni is getting his will of polls in darkness. Operation “It’s too Dark” is in effect and all sponsored by His Excellency in State House Entebbe. Peace.

Economic Fighters League (EFL): Statement in Solidarity with People Power and the People of Uganda as they for Elections tomorrow (13.01.2021)

Alliance for National Transformation (ANT): Press Statement (13.01.2021)

Museveni: Don’t you get tired of repeating the sins of your predecessors?

Tomorrow is the end of this bloody campaign season. A campaign season filled with pre-emptive arrests, brutal detentions, political motivated abductions and murders. There been so much blood spilled. So many has lost their lives and plenty who are either kept incommunicado or behind bars. Just because they are affiliated with another candidate or party, then the ones of the Self-Styled President for Life, Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni.

Some says his running for the 6th term. Sorry brother… you are terribly wrong. His running for his 8th term and don’t even get me started on deleting a decade of his time in office. Because, if you say its his upcoming sixth term. You are indirectly not counting the years between 1986 to 1996. That is insincere to everyone who had to live under his reign at that time.

Now we are in 2021. The man who took power by a coup in 1986 is still there. He never left and as always he clings on to the military. If it wasn’t for the power of his army, law enforcement and all the security organizations of the state. This President would fear for tomorrow and what is ahead. The President would be more diplomatic and cautious. However, he isn’t thinking of stopping or even retiring. This man is planning to die in office. That is all he knows and he intends to use all means to get there.

We are now seeing footage of the authorities beating on civilians in broad daylight in the streets. Seen and reported of arrests and abductions of the opposition activists, leaders and candidates. There are so many of the National Unity Platform (NUP) and Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) who has been assaulted, abducted and arrested in the recent days. Most of the team of Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine is either behind bars, hospitalized or dead. That all because Bobi Wine challenged the President. That is the cause and the effect is horrific.

President Museveni has ordered the killing of protesters. The President has issued orders, systematic arrests and brutalization of the campaigns towards the opposition. There been no mercy and no justice towards his main competitors. The President knows perfectly well why the Residential District Commanders and Regional Police Commanders has all worked in tandem to make campaigning nearly impossible for the opponents. They have used all means and charges…

Therefore, the ones believing tomorrow will be any different. The ones who believes the President and his guns will be silenced tomorrow. I am sorry, but they are there to shield the President and his failure of a legacy. The continuation of the false liberation. The fake revolutionaries and bush-war relics still in office. These folks are more into keeping power and eating. The President and his cronies are looting. If they are not thieving then they are preoccupied with oppressive behaviour towards dissents. Which we have seen to a full extent this campaign.

The President will have the guns out tomorrow. They will be there all week. There will be curfews, house-arrests and treason-charges. More civilians will be charged in Court Martial like they are soldiers. They will be taken away by force too.

The day before the polls. There are reports that opposition polling agents are arrested. This is the NUP and FDC polling agents in the up-country in places like Lira, Moroto and elsewhere. At this point the state is just issuing a carte blanche on the opposition and they are all fair game. Anyone associated or even open about supporting the opposition is a crime in itself. That is what’s happening.

So, don’t expect the peace tomorrow. It will be done in the dark. The state is preparing to secure itself by all means. There is nothing that is unholy and everything is legal to them. They can incriminate anyone and silence them.

That is why the President wants to do all the sins of his predecessors. The President wants to ensure that he has repeated all the sins of the past. Museveni wants to do everything Obote and Amin did. The President wants to be remembered for his safe-houses, having torture chambers and killing dissidents. Because, that is the real side of a liberator like him.

The man that brought down tyrants became the greatest tyrant himself. That is what he will be remembered for. President Museveni should be remembered for all the lives that been taken while he was in office. The President has to be remembered for all the violence, destruction and human rights violations that has been consistently actions of his regime. Museveni needs to be remembered for this and not for what he did at early stages of his reign. No, he needs to be accountable for all the dead. If not he needs to address those with the lord in his afterlife.

I am not hopeful about tomorrow. Neither about the rest of the week. It will be sounds of guns, brigadiers, the sounds of jet fighters, military choppers and other weapons. These will be used for one persons gain and his office. It will all be done for one system and his loyal cadres. That is it and the silence of good men is deafening. There will be no resolve or no possible outcome, which will be the will of the people. Because, the will of the people doesn’t matter to Museveni. That is why his preparing to install himself for the eight time. Peace.

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