Kenya: Sen. S. Amos Wako Press Statement on the National Dialogue (12.03.2018)

NASA: Statement of the People’s Assembly Organizing Committee on the Memorandum Signed by H.E. Uhuru Kenyatta and H.E. Raila Odinga (13.02.2018)

Opinion: Odinga outfoxed the NASA Co-Principals and Mudavadi feels left behind!

I am not shocked, but the three gentlemen backing and being partners with Raila Odinga in the National Super Alliance (NASA) should feel betrayed by the agreement with Jubilee and President Uhuru Kenyatta. That is why suddenly, Amani National Congress leader Musalia Mudavadi feels left behind and that NASA has been overshadowed. He has the right to feel that, because it is true. Odinga outfoxed them and played them at their game.

Here is a vital part from the Press Conference today:

“The meeting was between two individuals and it does not bear the imprint of NASA Summit as it ought to be,” he said” (…) “Mr Mudavadi spoke at an ANC press conference in Mombasa. “For the record and on basis of the statement released, I can therefore categorically state that the meeting was between two individuals. “The question asked by our supporters is where the other three Nasa co-principals were. The answer is that we were neither aware, briefed, consulted nor invited” (Kazungu, 2018).

But just like Mudavadi feels that Orange Democratic Movement and Raila Odinga paid his respect and paid amends to Kenyatta. Mudavadi should still not throw to much shade at the agreement, even if it violates the NASA Accords and Agreement. Since the same fellow person neglected the vital day of swearing-in of Odinga on the 30th of January 2018. Somebody was not there, not present and not showing loyalty to the cause in Uhuru Park. While dozens of supporters, dozens of loyal people around showed up to gear up for the event. Mudavadi was at home drinking tea or whatnot. Who knows what Mudavadi did. What he didn’t do was to be NASA Co-Principal on the big day of the Opposition.

Therefore, it is hypocritical of Mudavadi to say that Odinga is wrong. Odinga was left behind, he saw that his fellow leaders in NASA didn’t have his back. They all betrayed the cause and showed contempt of the leadership itself. Kalonozo Musyoka wasn’t there, neither was Wetangula. All of them was discussing if they needed sugar or milk in their tea. They we’re not picking, which road is the easiest to Uhuru Park.

That is my defense of Odinga in this matter, but I know he killed the NASA and the idea of it with the agreement or with the pact with Kenyatta. Even Aukot wants forgiveness and wants “I am sorry for attacks” from the NASA. Even if Aukot doesn’t have the authority to ask for anything, except his paycheck from one of the Jubilee Clerical Staff that pays him.

Mudavadi feels left behind, he is right feeling so, but he should known that could happen when they all left Odinga alone in the Park. They all showed their true face, when it could brew up to a storm. They wouldn’t fight, if they lost their privileges, they would just be on the barricades as long as they have security and a posh car. They would not stand with Baba if the state took away their wealth and riches. That is something the world knows and the cracks already been open. Now Odinga just hit it with sledgehammer. I don’t know what that will succeed in doing, but at least put his mind at ease.

CORD is gone and NASA is dead. What the 3 Co-Principals will do now is not known. If any of them will continue or not. But they know Odinga has traded resistance and opposition with a favorable agreement done in secret. Mudavadi is allowed to be displeased and disappointed, he is right to address it. However, he did the same on the Swearing-In. They gave up the People’s Assemblies and People’s President, when he didn’t show up to Uhuru Park with his Co-Principals. Therefore, go back to drawing board and find your way. Because right now you suck at it. Peace.


Kazungu, Samuel – ‘Raila-Uhuru agreement not a Nasa pact: Mudavadi’ (09.03.2018) link:

Opinion: Yesterday’s Agreement puts the 2022 Elections all in the hands of Ruto!

Yesterday was weird for me, to see Canaan getting traded away, the National Super Alliance Co-Principals feeling left behind like stray dogs and Uhuru Kenyatta winning a big giant leap of victory. Raila Odinga handed him the legitimacy on the open plate. Served him the Salvation Army and traded away the NRM and the Resistance. Odinga traded away the demonstrations and the protest against the rigged government. Suddenly gave away the cause for personal gain. With that in mind. Your mind start bubbling. I hope I am dead wrong, but if not, than conning leaders are doing this for the long-con.

The Short-Con is gone, the staged efforts to thwart the Jubilee, their businesses, the protests against the state, unless other outside entities actually takes it serious and want to stop the Kenya Revenue Authority from collecting VAT, they are obliged to do it on their own accord. The National Super Alliance is practically dead. The Orange Democratic Movement made peace with Jubilee. Even if Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka of Wiper Democratic Movement (WDM) didn’t do it, even if Musalia Mudavadi of Amani National Congress (ANC) and Moses Wetangula (FORD-K). All of these three was left behind.

The one who got it for the long-con is Deputy President William Ruto, who has severed a tasty stew of political juggernaut style. He was severed the revenge and victory lap without any consequences of the hatred, the political picturesque attack on NASA and suddenly Odinga signs with his boss. Ruto who has started to challenge MPs and getting Court Orders in his favors. To trigger by-elections where he hopefully get favorable candidates.

Right now the people of Kenya should feel they are run by a bunch of hustlers, who are tricking the money out of them by any means. That is what has happened, by the broke state, while the politicians are richer than God. They own the lands, the businesses and the state, they use the funds and allocate tenders to made up corporations who doesn’t serve the ministries where they supposed to deliver public services to. In this regard, the Jubilee did a grand score with having the agreement yesterday. Odinga delivered legitimacy, in the midst of uncertain, developing levels of insecurity and also financial strains.

Kenyatta don’t have to think about 2022, unless someone amends the Constitution so he can run for a third term. That isn’t fiction, that has happen all over the East African Community and could certainly happen in Kenya too. Also, Ruto would dismiss that, he wants to be bride, not only the burro. Ruto wants to succeed Kenyatta to say otherwise is to blind and foolish. Now that NASA and Odinga has signed of their resistance and their will to counter the shameful election 2017. They are now not so unfriendly.

Ruto could be the Presidential Candidate, while ODM and Odinga would be his Vice-President. That is a speculation, but then Ruto would have the State Machinery behind him and Odinga would have the crowds together with loyal cadres within the ODM. That means that Odinga would leave behind three stooges and Co-Principals. They would been seen as bad leftovers, who betrayed him when he needed them most. Even if he back-stabbed them yesterday himself.

This leaves the open question of the values of the 3 stooges and if they will follow suit, if they want to rig themselves and trade their parties into the fold of Ruto as well.

There is still one key Joker in this and that is not Jaguar. Mick Jagger has more relevance than him. The one not mentioned, but a dynasty not to forget is the Moi, Gideon Moi might want to takeover the Jubilee, that meaning the successor of Jubilee will be hectic and what sort of promises Kenyatta has given to Daniel Arap Moi is hard to know. If he has promised a future of his son is not easy to know.

Gideon could be a problem and torn to Ruto. That is known and is an issue ahead, just like the Kenyatta’s and Odinga’s has fought publicly, the Moi’s will do the same when their time come. I doubt Gideon will give way, because of entitlement. Ruto is just a former preacher, he is on the other-hand a son of former President. Therefore, I expect this to create fuzz and issue.

If Gideon becomes the front-man of Jubilee, Ruto will use his forces, his MPs and his use of political craft to subdue Odinga and both of them going against who else his Moi’s running mate. They will all feel the wrath as Ruto is not a man of mercy, even if he is a former preacher. Odinga are now showing again how he uses relationship and political will to change. What is such a downer, is that he just used a cause to own political gain and not real change. Talking rainbows and unicorns, but giving the public a doughnut. In hip-hop slang, the public is taking an L.

This is depending on how this plays out for Ruto, since the 2017 grievances are now buried in the dust of the past. It is deceased and will not be relevant until someone digs up the corpse within OT-Morpho, IEBC, Cambridge Analytica or Harris Media. All of these different pieces the answers to the rigged affair in favor of Kenyatta, who has gotten away with a giant heist and Odinga finally signed into too.

Ruto is the giant winner and he can start to craft his team for 2022 and make sure the best team is around him. The ones he trust and the running-mate he will have favor with, the one he will make sure is loyal to him. If he is wise, he would consider Moi, but if doing so. Odinga and ODM would cross him. This time it would be different. However, if he picks Odinga, they will be questioned by Moi. Who will use the tactics of his father and tricks of the trade. They will not get unscratched. Therefore, which itch will Ruto scratch?

The reason for why the three stooges hasn’t been mentioned because people don’t trust Kalonzo Musyoka, Mudavadi hasn’t the support around him and Wetangula has to show his relevance to be considered now. Miguna Miguna would have a bigger voice when he returns, than any of these gentlemen, especially if he continues with his resistance message and countering Kenyatta by any means. But, he has been in the shadow of Odinga, Odinga might kick him out. Because it doesn’t favor his new cause, political peace with Jubilee.


Jubilee Party – “Press Statement” – Friday March 9, 2018

Opinion: The Road to Canaan has ended!

I’m disappointed, I’m fatigued and amazed by Raila Amolo Odinga, I hope that he would reach Canaan, that National Super Alliance with the Co-Principals would survive and become something of juggernaut, changing the paradigm and not let two dynasties, two united dynasties just continue wreck havoc, that is how feel about today. That Uhuru Kenyatta won is evident after the Agreement or Pact, even if wasn’t supposed to support any talks before 2022.

That is what the Jubilee has said since the Fresh Presidential Elections in 2017. That they don’t need talks between them. Since the Jubilee had the Supreme Court ruling in favour November 2017. This made the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) and their counting official. After that the October 26th Elections has been scrutinized and that with reasons. The same that happen with the 8th August 2017 elections, which was the reason for the 26th October Elections. Still, I don’t trust the IEBC to handle anything, since they cooked the numbers to fit Kenyatta in the last round.

Seemingly, now, the dialogue and the agreement has sealed the road to Canaan, the ones resisting and the ones defying the state. Have now lost another reason, since Kenyatta has gotten the edge now. He has conquered the opposition and made sure Odinga will follow suit. The two dynasties has tricked out the system. Making the demonstrations and the deaths following the elections pointless.

I feel sorry for all the people who lost their homes, the people who were raided, the ones loosing their lives and the ones who was hurt in the post-election protest on either side. They were all pawns in the eyes of Odinga and Kenyatta.

I am disappointed that it ended this way, I should be happy they made peace, but the ones that lost is the hard-core NASA supporters, the ones who stands for free and fair elections. Odinga validates the man who has stolen the elections away from him. Odinga has now accepted the cartels and the looting of the Jubilee.

Still, the evident of giving in and not walking through the desert is proven now b Odinga. Odinga wouldn’t sacrifice more and spend more time questioning the legitimacy, as the foreign envoys don’t give a damn about his grievances, even the rigging and the ploy of power made by Kenyatta. This should be known, that the supporters of Odinga should feel played today.

Odinga is practically a giant Thirdway Alliance, there are no reasons to think otherwise. Since he signed off his future and legitimate issues with the state. A state that has called him out and said he was a criminal. Still, Jubilee has acted in vile contempt of the trust of the people.

I am disappointed, I should be happy, but I am not. It is betrayal of the cause, the cause to justice and elected leadership. Not rigged in and people taken the people for granted, by a man saying he didn’t even need people votes. The representatives has duped the people here.

I have officially given up Canaan, that because of the agreement between them. Odinga called peace and not given into consideration the ones who was ready to be on the barricades. The ones in the battlefield for him and stood there watching while the police was attacking them. They wasn’t attacking him, but attacking his supporters.

That is why it is devastating today, that is why the Canaan dream is now gone. It is up in the thin air and without any possible destination. The opposition for now is history, the NASA project failed and Odinga took the final bullet. The only winner today was Kenyatta. He mocked them and tricked them into a corner.

Disappointing. Period. Peace.

ODM Press Release on the Agreement between Odinga and Kenyatta (09.03.2018)

In the history of nations, a handshake has often shaped the destiny of a people, more than guns and arrows, like it did when the great Nelson Mandela and F. De Klerk shook hands in South Africa in 1990, giving birth to the new South Africa.It takes very brave men and women to know when to extend a hand of friendship, and when to seek the convergence of multi ethnic interests in order to unite a country.

Today, our President Raila Odinga extended that hand to Uhuru Kenyatta, and the two have indicated they seek a more inclusive path to national healing and integration.

It behoves us in the party to rally around our leader and give him utmost support as he helps shape the next phase of our nation, together with H.E Kenyatta. The finer details and the scope of this cooperation will become clearer in the coming days, so we request for patience from party members in the interim period.

We however unequivocally hail the bravery and wisdom of President Odinga in putting the country before all else, and choosing to extend a hand of friendship in broad daylight, rather than in secret. We call upon party members to heed the call of our leader and support him in this endeavour.

ODM’s key aspirations and development pillars will remain alive and on course all through this period. Indeed, our biggest strength will rely heavily on our ability to push through most of our blueprints in this united front. Our people and their dreams remain paramount, and this we shall mainstream at all times.

Edwin Sifuna
Secretary General
Orange Democratic Movement

NASA Co-Principals Statement: Meeting Between Rt. Hon. Raila Amolo Odinga and President Uhuru Kenyatta at Harambee House (09.03.2018)

Kenya: Kenyatta & Odinga Agreement – “Building Bridges to a New Kenyan Nation” (09.03.2018)








Jubilee Strikes Again: Delayed February 2018 Salaries in Various Counties!

President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto must be so proud of what they have done. Made themselves so wealthy, that the public servants cannot eat or live on their salaries, while the state is growing their debt. It is really amazing how painful reading the letters and Internal Memo’s explaining the civil servants that they have to be patience, while knowing that Kenyatta and Ruto is eating of it all. That is despicable and disgraceful, they are representing them and their goodwill, still they are not caring about their fate.

You know that the Kenyan State is broke when Internal Memo from Kericho County letter to their civil servants on 6th March is asking them to patience, as the County cannot pay out the February Salary, as the month has gone and the County doesn’t have the funds to pay it out. In Busia County, the Internal Memo came on 5th March, where the National Treasury was mentioned and also asked the staff to be patience. On the 1st March in Taita Taveta, the Internal Memo stated the salaries would be paid out when the county received the funds. Meaning the civil servants has to wait longer for their February salary. In the County of Kilfi on the 28th February, that the state planned to pay out the funds this week, but that apparently didn’t happen. As the Counties hasn’t gotten the needed funds to pay remittance or the salaries to their workers. This is just the ones that gone public. It proves the problems that is self-created by the government. They are eating the state and the public servants are suffering now because of it.

Council of Governors stated this today: “The little disbursements we have received so far have been utilized to pay salaries and other recurrent expenditures. As it stands, the County Governments are stuck with huge pending bills running to the tune of about Kshs. 99 billion” (Council of Governors, 08..03.2018). So the Counties are left behind because of the ill-spending of the Central Government, are not able to follow their obligations. These obligations are the trusts and the civil servants working for the state in the counties. This is just showing how disregarded the public in the eyes of the Central Government. How little they matter, as they are getting more wealthy, owning more land and bigger businesses, while the ordinary person working as a civil servants cannot even get their salary paid out on time. Certainly, that salary is not even a one-tenth percentage of the wealth generated by the President or his deputy. They are living like kings, while the people are their loyal subjects.

Certainly, the Central Government are lacking planning and accountability, as they are able to grow the debt, not add enough allocated funds and also not gain enough revenue to run the state. As they are eating and not considering the implications of their actions. This is hurting innocent Kenyans, who are working in the public service, and not private. The private ones would eat and get paid, but the civil servants has to wait to be paid in full. That is weak tea, that is not how its supposed to be. But it is proving how little the Central Government care. How little Kenyatta and Ruto cares about their own working citizens, who are supposed to help to serve the cause of the state and their services to the people. These are the first ones that supposed to be paid, not the new Chief Administrative Secretary and all the other new cabinet positions.

They on the top will not be left behind, only the commoners, only the citizens can be left behind, as long as the elite, the political dynasties and the cartels are paid. The rest can starve, lack water in drought and die because the state didn’t invest in the health care. While the President and Deputy got bigger estates, nicer cars and bigger holding companies, because that is just fair game. Peace .