Opinion: It’s either another rap or another lie [the Mzee Akululu Saga]

There been stirred controversy this week as the former People Power singer and National Unity Platform (NUP) Ronald Mayinja released his song ‘Mzee Akalulu’. As song which praises the President and the National Resistance Movement. Today, there is even more ripple effect.

As Mayinja states this: “I said that I am not going to contest. Now that I am a musician, I got a client from NRM who asked me to do for them an advert and that is what I did” (…) “Just like a TV station like NBS TV will play an advert for NRM and in the evening they play an advert of an opposition party and we can not say that it is partisan, I also just want to work” (Jonah Kirabo – ‘Mayinja: I am still in NUP, I just recorded an advert for Museveni’ 31.10.2020, Nilepost.co.ug).

This here clear the air right? Well, it isn’t that easy. Since he wants to say his a bought musician and did trade his political affiliation. Only got used for a few tokens and a few silver coins. However, there is certainly more to this.

As Secretary General of the NRM Justine Kasule Lumumba said this: “We welcome musician Ronald Mayinja to NRM, but I must say, NRM didn’t pay him for the song. He did it on his own as a musician” (…) “This is a sensational hit that will boost the party’s mobilization for President Yoweri Museveni” (David Lumu – ‘We didn’t pay Mayinja for ‘Mzee Akululu’ song – NRM’ 01.11.2020, New Vision).

This seems like a prequel to this campaigns ‘Another Rap’ or last campaigns ‘Tubonga Nawe’. The NRM and the President surely has that prepared to fill the airways with their song. To hopefully go viral and have a clip that people talk about. Have the right amount of popular musicians and get the verses that sings of glory for the regime.

Ronald Mayinja did right on his song. He dropped the dime and showed the supposed “greatness” of this President. Put him into video-clips of big-man leadership. It wouldn’t be shocking if someone connected to NRM hired him to sing this. The song is a gig-song. The song is made to fit a campaign. Maybe, the NRM haven’t paid directly, but through a middle-man.

There is always some straw-men working and maybe Lumumba doesn’t know. It is also possible that Mayinja is lying and tried to get suction with the President. That wouldn’t be shocker either, but because of the backlash. He needed to back-track the tune and make it look otherwise.

Therefore, it is a lie here somewhere. Everything is speculations until the bank-accounts and the pay-offs are proven. Until then, there is only allegations and hear-say. Mayinja should know best, but he might come with a little fig to get off the hook. Lumumba might lie, because she either don’t know or had any prior knowledge to it.

There is also been reporting on giving a car to the musician, which wasn’t stated why. That shows there been some monetary gains for the artist. However, your not getting a vehicle for nothing. So, there is a possibility that Lumumba doesn’t know about the transaction composed with the Land Rover Model 2018 in question.

That is why the song have a questionable history. The origin and the reason for its existence is already questionable. This is before it has even hit the airways properly. We know what the songs presence and what it does, but if it was ordered by someone connected to the President.

That is why we can state that there is a lie here and someone is lying. We just don’t know who does it. To be frank it is just a song… a gig song and not the first nor the last to praise the “old man with the hat”. Peace.

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