Somalia: Another Showdown Awaits in Parliament!

This week there been plenty of political movement in the Federal Somali Parliament in Mogadishu. As the Lower House and Members of Parliament are reacting to the acts of the Duo of President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo and Prime Minister Hassan Ali Kheire.

As there been reports of economic mismanagement, also massive corruption scandal as the Ministry of Finance cannot prove vast amount of funds gone missing. Deputy Speaker of the Lower House, Abdiweli Ibrahim Muudey disbanded the Lower House Oversight Committee of Finance, while the Speaker Mohamed Mursal Abdirahman has receded that decision.

Today, there we’re 96 Opposition Members of Parliament (MPs) has filed in a Motion to the Lower House of Impeachment of the President, because of lack of transparency with the agreements with Eritrea and Ethiopia without any Parliament oversight.

There are unverified report, that before the tabled motion was accepted by the Speaker Mursal, two of his deputies, that there was a lunch meeting between Kheire, where they discussed the motion and registered the motion of impeachment.

Just like last time, when Jawari was taken out as the Speaker in the Lower-House. The showdown was with Kheire and him. Now, it seems that Kheire … is trying to take out Farmaajo to take control of the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) and own the Vila Somalia. That seems like the case.

There are also support for the impeachment of the President from the Council of Inter-State Cooperation (CIC) who in a Press Release today supported the Motion itself. That is why, there are powerful forces in play. Who knows who are moving and for what real reasons. But this is happening quickly.

Who knows what is next up in-line as MPs will come out and play it out in every which way. The other speakers will react to the recognition of the Motion. The uncertainty and the next acts will be important.

This is if there is plans from Kheire to takeover or if someone else has plans. As it was Kheire who took out Jawari and since he succeeded. He might use Mursal to impeach Farmaajo, but that is just hearsay at this point. Some say this is a normal corrupt shakedown of the President and Prime Minister. As the Parliament are using these techniques to solicit money from the Villa Somalia and Villa Hargeisa.

We have to see how this goes. If this is PM playing games again like someone has reported, or if this is foreign forces influencing the Parliament, lastly if this is a way of soliciting more money from the PM and President to keep them. We don’t know right now, if they are really against the agreements with Ethiopia and Eritrea.

Surely, the Somali Parliament and Political Operatives will be in turmoil until this is settled. We have to wonder if Kheire is scheming or not. If Farmaajo thinks he can win over this or anyone else is feeding the dragon. Peace.