Opinion: Nsereko MP wants to strangle all online utterances…

The Kampala Central MP Muhammed Nsereko has today presented the Computer Misuse (Amendment) Bill 2022 for the first reading in Parliament. This bill should be discussed, because in the climate and the sort of affairs of the state. Because, I would believe this would be used even more to strike against the opposition and activists who defies the state.

The new amendments of the Computer Misuse Act is very clear. Yes, the hacking and the child-porn articles are fine. That should be illegal and anyone understands that. However, the rest of the amendments can be questioned and Nsereko MP should know how this can be used. There is already restrictive laws, which can stop and go after individuals who speaks out of line.

The state is already using “cyber harassment” and usage of “offensive communications” against writers, oppositions and such. That’s why this law will be a spearhead by the courts and the authorities to muffle the dissidents. I don’t see this law as a tool to stop what it intends too do, but instead go after government critics.

The stipulations and articles in question should be these…

“234. Hate speech.

(l) A person shall not write, send or share any information through a computer, which is likely to-

(a) ridicule, degrade or demean another person, group of persons, a tribe, an ethnicity, a religion or gender;

(b) create divisions among persons, a tribe, an ethnicity, a religion or gender; or

(c) promote hostility against a person, group of persons, a tribe, an ethnicity, a religion or gender.

(2) A person who contravenes subsection (l) commits an offence and is liable, on conviction, to a fine not exceeding seven hundred fifty currency points or imprisonment not exceeding seven years, or both” (Computer Misuse Act Amendment Bill, 2022).

The ideals of this one is fine, but how do you deem these things? Can this be used for people mocking an MP from the North like Langi or Acholi for that matter. Because, it doesn’t take much to be seen or could be in the threshold. The idea is fine, but where and what is fitting here? That’s what I am wondering about, because this law isn’t that specific and could be used against someone. This is what I am fearing just be reading this one article alone. While he continues further in the law in the next articles too. 

“24A. Unsolicited information.

(l) A person shall not send to or share with another person unsolicited information through a computer.

(2) A person who contravenes subsection (1) commits an offence and is liable, on conviction, to a fine not exceeding seven hundred fifty currency points or imprisonment not exceeding seven years, or both,”” (Computer Misuse Act Amendment Bill, 2022).

What is unsolicited information? Is that shared documents? Leaked DMs? There is so many questions here… because is this stopping leaks and dossiers, which the state don’t want published? That’s how it sounds like… The MP should know how things goes viral and how the Internet never forgets. When someone has published or shared something. Another person can easily share it and you don’t solicit any acceptance to publish it after that. Therefore, this laws should be specified too. Unless, he wants to be broad… since that opens up the gates and you can question easily what is what. It shouldn’t be like that with a law… but that’s where we are.

“264. Misleading or malicious information.

(1) A person shall not send, share or transmit any misleading or malicious information about or relating to any person through a computer.

(2) A person who contravenes subsection (l) commits an offence and is liable, on conviction, to a fine not exceeding seven hundred fifty currency points or irnprisonment not exceeding seven years, or both.”” (Computer Misuse Act Amendment Bill, 2022).

This here is the extension of “cyber harassment” and anyone can see that. What can be deemed as misleading? What is malicious? Which legal terms or measures can the courts or the judiciary judge things? This is defamation of sorts and then the authorities needs metrics of proof or evidence for the alleged criminal actions.

Because, what is really misleading? Is that any speech of Museveni in the recent years? Is that all the campaign pledges that haven’t been implemented over the years? Since, this law should be used against everyone and anybody. You can call it pledges and promises, but if you don’t deliver them… aren’t you misleading the public? Shouldn’t someone like the government and National Resistance Movement (NRM) be charged?

We know this law will be used as a tool against the opposition and activists. The government critics would fear this law and the articles is made for that. Nsereko MP has his own Public Order Management Act (POMA). The Computer Misuse (Amendment) Act of 2022 is just another of these. He must be so proud and hopes to get compensated by the State House for serving the will of the President. Peace.

Opinion: Nsereko MP needs a retirement plan

The Kampala Central MP Muhammed Nsereko lost the plot on NTV On the Spot last night. He was smoked and burned by the arguments made by lawyer Isaac Ssemakadde who was right on the money. Ssemakadde proven that wits and wisdom isn’t in titles or the office of the beholden, but of the character of a person. That’s why Nsereko couldn’t acknowledge it, because the lawyer didn’t give any moment to breathe.

I don’t feel sorry for the MP as he plans to put string on the freedom of speech, the liberty of expression and silence dissidents online. The state who already has the Computer Misuse Act with offensive communication and have the Penal Code of Article 24, which has made it forbidden to annoy, ridicule or alarm the President. Therefore, the state already has lots of stipulations, laws and regulation on media to block the unintended reports, articles, communications or messages online.

That’s why it was so vital for the lawyer to burn the bridges of Nsereko who is trying to forge his position and place within the NRM. The former rebel and “independent” MP who is as close to the NRM as you can be without being it. He is just another asset of the ruling regime and that’s why he wanted to discover and work on new legislation to silence critics.

This is the same man that has vast wealth and was at one point mentioned as the wealthiest MP in the Republic. That was said about him before the 2016 General Election in the run-up time in 2015. The MP has been in office since 2011 and been able to be reputable. While also swinging on the edges to be useful for the NRM. Therefore, his one of a few in the Buganda region that is NRM leaning in the 11th Parliament. As the People Power wave too most of the constituencies there.

However, with that in mind, the populist and the calculated fellow has outmanoeuvred himself this time. His maybe trying his Magyezi private motion and private bill sort of trick. To do the emperor a favour and shut down critics totally online.

So, you would think a third term legislator and representative would have upped his game and made valid reasons for a change or make new legislation. However, his school-yard reasoning wasn’t flying high yesterday. No, it was falling flat and he could never recover from the fall-off.

Nsereko, if his wealth of the past still exists… he will always have huge investments in Zambia to live off from in the future. Secondly, he surely has invested the millions of shillings his been earning as an MP for all these years. Not like he has to worry about the NSSF payouts with grown age. He should be covered for life with the suits, envelopes, cars and salary, which he has earned over a decade in Parliament.

This man don’t have to worry…. We all know that and Nsereko should work on his stances and arguments. You cannot outsmart someone with a suit and tie. Nsereko needs to come correct and not only a mere full of empty statements, which is pointless. That’s only working on the naive or the belligerent people in the crowds. Clearly, he has taken water over his head and cannot cannot carry the weight.

Nsereko better revise his plans and maybe adjust himself to his own expectations. As the populist and wealthy MP can only get you so far. That was proven yesterday and he now has to find a way to land softly.

If not… just linger on as a silent partner of the regime in the Parliament and hoping people forgetting until next election. Since that’s years to come and many more scandals happen before that time around. Peace.

Opinion: Nsereko isn’t a visionary, but a populist…

The advantage of a visionary leader like me who dissented the president’s orders to declare a total lockdown is what Kampala needs” Muhammad Nsereko

There is vast difference between a visionary and a populist. Nsereko MP of Kampala Central, the incumbent is running for yet another term in 2021. His first term in office was for the ruling party, National Resistance Movement (NRM) in 2011. The second term he went in as an independent candidate, but is friendly to regime.

In 2013 he was expelled, but got into good graces again in 2015 ahead of the polls. Still, running on the Independent ticket. Something he will continue to do towards the 2021 elections.

To prove his loyalty in 2015 he went after the Jobless Brotherhood. That was a simple plan and proves his not that visionary. When he cannot work for the poor and the ones without work. However, throw them under the bus.

Also, how he went after “Defiance” too. If that is visionary, then the Independent editor Mwenda is mastermind as well. Nevertheless, Nsereko tried to affiliate with the FDC, but ran as an indpendent. While he was dismissive towards the Defiance Campaign. That isn’t someone with a vision, but someone using all tents to in. While he was running with the first family to rallies. That is what he did in 2016.

The same man who has supported the Age Limit and taken all the millions of shillings he could while his in-office. Nsereko have even used slush-funds from the President to gain popularity in the past, Watchdog even reported on that. So, its not like I’m making these sort of things up.

If he was an visionary as he claims. He wouldn’t act like a sheep like most of the MPs. Once in the while he will act smart and say the right thing. Still, that will not stop his leaning towards the NRM. He can rebel now and then, but that doesn’t make him a revolutionary. It just shows that he has some integrity, but most of the times he can bought.

With the knowledge of this. He uses the tag-line “independent” for his benefit, but could easily just be a NRM MP. There is little to no difference between this brother and the rest of them. Only difference is that he takes a moment of fury and comes with valid arguments. Still, that doesn’t stop him from associating with the NRM, but acting different when it fits him.

If he thinks this is special or unique. I hate to tell you its not. If you want to vote for a real independent candidate, do that, but not this fella. This man acts like something, but is initially a lackey. A true independent wouldn’t get a slush fund from the President. However, this dude did that.

Nsereko knows this, but tries act differently. Now he wants people to look at him differently after a decade in office. The Kampala MP wants to look smug, have swagger and be a righteous big-man. However, its the lesson of do what I say, but not what I do. Since, his actions and former activity is far from a visionary. Still, he wants envision himself in this image.

The MP is a populist and nothing else. He wants to play for popular gains. The causes that brings him popularity. The MP isn’t fighting for the weak, the poor and the disfranchised. He actually sometimes fights against them. That is not a visionary, but a populist. A man who rather enrich himself and his cronies, than be there for the ones in need. If he was a visionary, he would have used his position to help the Jobless Brotherhood and not throw them under the bus. However, his the kind that does the latter.

Nsereko can act a fool. He is allowed to do so. But when you lie on-air, I will call you out on it. You have had enough time to prove your character and what sort of leader you are. The track-record speaks for itself. So, don’t act holy, when your a petty thief. If you know, now you know. Peace.

Opinion: Nsereko MP is right, but there is no need for more MPs

How can a district with [30000] thirty thousand people have six MPs and whereas in Kampala and Wakiso areas counties are populated yet they are not considered in this new move of creating counties, he questions the yardstick used by government to create new counties…” Muhammad Nsereko (30.07.2020 in Parliament).

As there is new cities, 46 counties and new woman representatives coming to the 11th Parliament. The capital is clearly left behind. As there are a lack of representation in consideration to how other districts and counties are carved up. That is easy to see and not quell over.

Nsereko MP is right in his argument, but is this how things needs to be? A republic that has added 208 MPs in Parliament since 2006 and will have 527 MPs in the 11th Parliament from 2021. So, there is managed stretch of representation from various parts of the Republic. Where some are so have plenty more MPs than others.

That Kampala is left behind isn’t shocking, neither would it be in Mukono or in Wakiso too. If you look at population and amount of MPs it is easy math. As there are smaller constituencies and not as populated as some divisions and wards in Kampala. That is all natural, but are a simple reason for it too.

The opposition are usually supreme in Kampala. The opposition have a stronghold here and the President and the Movement would be reluctant to give more power to the opposition in Parliament. They rather carve out districts and counties where they would get more MPs themselves. This is why Kampala also is left behind.

National Resistance Movement are doing this all in areas where they know they can get MPs and more representation. They are not willing to do this. If you remember back in 2016, in the general election. The Electoral Commission and polls was later in the capital, even postponed a day, as the voting material was not delivered in time to the polling stations. So, its not like the state is doing the capital any favours.

We can anticipate the similar fashion in 2021. Sure, if the capital had similar representation as some smaller constituencies. It would have like 20 or 25 MPs or even more. As it has 9 in total today and Nakawa carved in two, making it an even 10 MPs from Kampala. With 15 more MPs, the Parliament would be at the extra-ordinary number of 542 MPs. This shows why this is a foolish game and just toying with expenditure of the state. Where they are just adding additional expenses without any added revenue. The amount of additions to the next Parliament is ridiculous.

Like I stated and I understand the argument of Nsereko MP. His right in his statement and there is no redemption there towards the ones who carved out the other counties to add MPs. However, the state doesn’t need another 15 MPs from Kampala either. No one wins on that. Yes, you create more seats and some people get a bigger voice in Parliament. However, the Parliament is already overstretched and this will just be an added burden.

I don’t see anything positive with the additions already made and clearly will see that with adding MPs from Kampala too. There is a need for restructuring, but not carving out more and making constituencies smaller everywhere. This is also true in regard to Kampala. The whole system needs new tools and this way is only ceasing to make sense and creating make-belief counties to get “men of honour” elected to Parliament. Peace.

Opinion: Jajja should just bite the bullet…

All of you are crying that Government money does not reach you. The mistake is on your side. With the bullets that NRM sent for you to shoot, you focus on the wrong people. You vote people to Parliament who cannot help you” – President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni on the 10th April 2019 at Kampala Women’s Day Celebration

If you would ever wonder if Bosco, the Jajja of the Republic would show mercy or care for thoughts, which is not his own. Put statements like these on the wall. As it shows his shallow mind and his real motivation.

For President Museveni, the Multiparty Democracy was never the ideal. It was always the motive to make the Republic into the vision of the Movement System. Because through that he could control it and own it.

Yoweri has been constant with this and it shows all the time. He is steady on this vision and the move to silence, stop or even hurt the ones that crosses his way. That is what the President does, that is why the President says, he doesn’t give funds too or says even he has taken districts out of the maps. As the public voted for the wrong party. This is something the President has said in the past. Therefore, what he said today isn’t new, just another quote to his narrow-minded world-view.

He blames the public for not getting state services, because they voted for the wrong people. The wrong people, meaning the opposition like Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago and FDC MPs in the Kampala Metropolitan Area. The MPs from Kampala there are 4 MPs from FDC, 4 MPs Independent and 1 MP from the Democratic Party (DP). Therefore, the Capital City have voted for everything else, but NRM MPs.

That is what he said today. He did this, as he thinks people have forgotten how little he cared for even giving the public to chance to vote in the General Election of 2015. However, I do and I know didn’t give them much way. That is why the public didn’t regard much for the elections in Wakiso or Kampala during the last elections.

So, Mr. President, your showing your disregard, not only for multiparty democracy, but also for Statesmanship and grace. Instead of showing mercy and solitude to their acts of choosing other people, than your hand-picked cronies. They voted for other representatives, which was their choice. They just happen to other, than the ones who you saw fit at the time. Because, you expect blind submission and love. However, that is not how the world works. This is also why you lost to Sam Kuteesa in 1980 Election, but we don’t need to discuss about that. 

Ragga Dee was nothing compared to Lukwago. We know this, but you act like the Golden Boy of Gen. Salim Selah would change the Capital City. But we know differently. Don’t act a fool, Mr. President. But in this case you do.

Maybe, you Mr. President should get better people to represent you and your causes, whatever they are? They are lost in the whirlwind of time and surely, unless eating GAVI funds was a part of the 10 Point Programme. Who knows what your motivation are? Except for running for life and micro-managing every street of the Republic. That is who you are and acts like.

Your showing your lackluster value of peoples choices, of democracy and also of governance. As you are indirectly saying, that your punishing the districts or counties, where the opposition is represented. This in part show how little your mind is and how much of tyrant you are. Since, you cannot must courage to understand, why people don’t love you or your ways. However, that maybe got lost when you stole milk as a kid or when you went to the Bush. Who knows? Only you I suppose.

Surely, the Republic deserve a fair and respectable leader, not someone entitled as you. You think your the only man with a vision, I beg to differ. There are various of people who has a vision for the Republic. They might even get the Republic into the 5th Industrial Revolution…. Peace.

Uganda: MoDVA – Supplementary Expenditure Schedule No. 3 for the FY 2017/18 Budget (22.05.2018)

Greed 101: The 10th Parliament MPs are doubling their own salaries!

“They have plundered the world, stripping naked the land in their hunger… they are driven by greed, if their enemy be rich; by ambition, if poor… They ravage, they slaughter, they seize by false pretenses, and all of this they hail as the construction of empire. And when in their wake nothing remains but a desert, they call that peace.” – Tacitus

These Members of Parliament is are the definition of greed. They already have cars paid by the government, and then not some off-back neck-in-the-woods ones, but something with 4 Wheel Drive and usually a SUV. These same MPs got tax exempt in 2016, that gotten suits, foods and other benefits in their salaries, they are so caked up with funds for themselves, it isn’t funny. And comparing these fellow brothers and sisters to average salary rate in the Republic. Would be an insult to salary rate in the Republic.

They are now in 2018 trying to get their salary doubled from 11 million shillings to 24 shillings. When they are already paid hefty sums for the cars, the monthly gratuity, medical expenses covered through insurance, wardrobe grants, furnished offices, mileage facilitation, constituency facilitations, sitting fees, allowances for plenary sittings and airtime allowances as well. There is nothing that is already covered, expect for the side-dish allowance, so if they have a man or woman on the side, the state will cover that too!

Because this is an insult to the state, the whole republic. They are already the special class who has a salary, which is tax-exempt, that they fixed for themselves in 2016. They have added and added for every Parliament, added more perks and more covering of their expenses, while their own salary has sky-rocketed.

It is a reason why they are unaccountable and not trusted, its because they are eating, while so many and plenty are living hand to mouth. While the state is figuring out more loans and added debt, these people are topping off on the loads of cash borrowed or donated. They are taking the aid and donations, the squeezing of every buck from the Republic as God-given right. They continue to do so.

So these subject isn’t new, at every twist and turn, these MPs are trying to hash out more funds from the public. Because of any reason within here and the moon. Let’s just be clear, this isn’t fair salary, this is a theft of a nation and the MPs are the embodiment of it. If they weren’t thieving like this, they are still getting kickbacks, grabbing land and also getting paid to vote in favour of the Presidents bills. That is known as the handshakes and “suits” has been given in the past for favourable bills.

This is the National Resistance Movement paradigm, we eat and the rest of you starve, because we need everything and deserve everything. We liberated you so we could eat off your plate and everyone else too. Because we deserve that, while the rest of you fork-up the money, so we can represent you. That is what they are saying and continue saying, without showing any signs of accountability or responsibility to their constituents, because they don’t matter anyway.

As long as they are paid, and paid-in-full. Peace.

10th Parliament MPs is extra greedy as they are eating another Shs. 100m. each!

You know there is something special, you know there is something out of bound and something compelling, when the Members of Parliament (MPs) who has no quarrels with eating without taxation, without thinking of their salaries compered to the ones who they represent. The constituency of the MP must feel betrayed as their allowances and their benefits are enormous, to say it at least, they are gigantic! But take a look at the latest big payment for the MPs!

Parliament — MPs are smiling all the way to the bank after the government authorised the release of an extra Shs45b to Parliament, with each of the 449 lawmakers set to get an additional Shs100m, ostensibly to buy cars for constituency travels” (…) “In a June 13 letter titled: ‘Additional cash limit of Shs45.8b for the Parliamentary Commission’, Mr Keith Muhakanizi, the Secretary to the Treasury, authorised Ms Jane Kibirige, the Clerk to Parliament, to spend the cash as part of non-wage recurrent budget in the fourth quarter of the Financial Year 2016/2017. The clearance comes barely two weeks to the end of the Financial Year” (Arinaitwe & Manzil, 2017).

So the Members of Parliament are clearly getting another pay-day without passing to much legislation or any sort of consideration of the proposed budget or pledges they had for the financial year 2017/2018. President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and the NRM Caucus have clearly made together with the Parliamentary Commission to make a new pay-day for the MPs, yet again!

The National Resistance Movement and their MPs clearly like to get extra brown-envelopes without any considerations of the state of the budget or the way the funds are raised. It is not shocking, it seems like an ordinary event at this point. Not like it is the first time, the MPs uses their Noble place in the august house to enrich themselves and add cost to the state. Therefore, the added debt and interest payments should be feared by the MPs. Instead, they are adding debt and creating more interest without concern of the citizens.

The citizens are going to pay extra for this, they are the ones that are ripped off at broad-daylight. They are eating directly of the state reserve and does it with impunity. Also worth noticing, President Museveni is not sanctioning against it, since he can do as pleases. Since he is eating directly and misuse s it whenever he wants. Peace.


Arinaitwe, Solomon & Manzil, Ibrahim – ‘Uganda: MPs Get Extra Shs100 Million Each for Cars’ (17.06.2017) link: http://allafrica.com/stories/201706190735.html?utm_campaign=allafrica%3Ainternal&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter&utm_content=promote%3Aaans%3Aabafbt

My letter to the 10th Parliament on their reckless behaviour!


Dear Members of Parliament!

I know by now that you doesn’t’ care much about the National Economy or about Transparency as you excluded yourself from the citizens you represented when you gave yourself a giant tax-break with no-income tax. That is the way you are I guess, reckless misbehaving children who are creating havoc in the candy store pointing at all the different kinds of treats and wants them all, even if it make them sick of sugar; they still want it all!

You guys, ladies and gentleman, the so called nobles, the so-called honourable citizens of the Republic have no totally forgotten your place and your reason for co-existing in the Republic. You might think that your above the people, the citizens, the one that you represent exist because of. Even if you think you exists and breathes eats and have pleasure because of President Yoweri Museveni, let’s be clear he is just using you!

I am not mad that you want to have air-conditioner in the North or the Eastern Building of the Parliament, it’s hot and you guys doesn’t want to turn into hot-air or Wokoloso. I know that, you want to peaceful creatures, which doesn’t kill Kasese or support arms for the rebels in Democratic Republic of Congo. You want to keep cool and be great support of the Republic.

I am furious over you wish to grand yourself 4 station wagons for whatever purpose of trading socks at Kololo Airstrip or having secretaries to drive some of you around on your shopping spree at Game or Garden City. That is all up to you and the use of the Station Wagons that you acquire to Parliament. You already have a massive fortune in Car money and doling it out when you started your terms as MPs because your official duty needs that the public offer you luxurious transport. Not take Taxis, Specials or boda-boda’s to Parliament Avenue, which is beneath you. You just like eating the monies of the public who would so!

I understand that the Parliament isn’t built for nor have the facilities for all the MPs now. Since you’re Executive, the chief of Rwakitura and the whole nation has let the nation sore with districts and parishes since his dire beginning of power in the 80s. It was nearly any districts when he entered the building as a Defence Minister under Dr. Milton Obote, now it is more than pages in the Kampala Eye and whatnot Tourist Information brochures that are delivered at Entebbe International Airport. Therefore the amount of MPs has soured with the amount of districts; a cow hasn’t been butchered as many ways the districts in Uganda has been during the last decades under Museveni.

So that the MPs needs office space and rebuild their accommodations is responsible acts of the Parliament, though costly because the share amount of MPs created under the President all of his terms. The MPs are in this one reacting with sense, but they should question the need for all of their services, even if it means giving up their wealthy new acquired lifestyle in the Capital.

What makes doesn’t make sense to me, in a nation where the state doesn’t have enough funds to allocate for the Presidential Jet or Helicopter of the farmer of Rwakitura. So when the current reflection of that in mind, the 10th Parliament are allocating funds and finding ways of giving Speaker Rebecca Kadaga and Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanyah. Because these noble creatures and honourable minds needs to take into air and land wherever. Since their roles in Parliament is damn important that they need to follow the Presidential Jet and Helicopter that the State House cannot allocate enough funds too. So they can all stand still at the Helicopter Landing-sites in Kampala. At the Merry for the Kadaga and Oulanyah who dearly need them for their service of the country. They need to be mosquitos who can travel in the air and suck funds out the taxpayers coffers like the mosquito suck blood of their pray. If the Speaker and Deputy Speaker are lucky they will give the nation malaria as of the purchase and maintenance so the inflation keeps rising and the dwindling economy needs more debt to feed the fiscal imbalance of the state budget. The same state budget the Parliament allocated funds to their helicopters. Their needed helicopter that they will silence the MPs and show their way in Parliament; the Parliament will controlled by the waving wings of silence and the blood sucking drones the Speakers have become.

If you don’t understand the spending is of the chain, when the Mulago Hospital still lacks needed equipment, when other state institutions is depleted and civil servants not getting salaries. At that moment of time… the Speakers doesn’t need more perks, they need to be fiscal responsible and show the Executive just ways, since he is not caring about the Bank of Uganda’s hard work to stagger Inflation and the running debt rate. So when they are using public funds as their playground, these runs rapid wild in spending to be sure they can play all the cool games and be spoiled kids. That is what the Parliament and MPs are right now. Time to stop, rehash ideas and think of accountability, transparency and being fiscal responsible! Peace.



By the Writer of this Blog!

Misappropriate funds instead of feeding the hungry in the districts; 10th Parliament greedy MPs only see their bellies and not that they represent the ones that are starving!


Something is just wrong, something is seriously wrong, as the misappropriated funds and public coffers in Uganda; there is something sinister going on. It is okay that a government and administration cannot make it rain or make sun shine, but they can make sure the people together with public gathering technics make sure when there is plenty of water. It’s in tanks and other barrels until needed for the crops and enough for drinking. This is practices mankind has done since the Roman Empire. It’s not spectacular, but convenient.

On the other hand, since Roman Time, there has always been corruption, and men has always been corrupted by gold, silver and sparkly things. So as the citizens are hungry, the starvation isn’t only in Isingiro, where the starvation is dangerously high, there are other districts severely hit by the draught and the lack of rain.

Hunger in the districts:

Already, 1.3 million Ugandans, the minister said, need urgent food aid and so far, 600kgs of maize flour and 300 kilogrames of beans have been sent to Isingiro Districts where some people have starved to death” (…) “According to Mr Kibazanga, 65 per cent of people in Karamoja sub region have one meal or half a meal in a day as opposed to three meals while 35 per cent of the population in the districts of Katakwi, Amuria, Kumi, Bukedea, parts of Serere and Kaberamaido are in the same phase with Karamoja sub-region” (…) “Mr Kibazanga also revealed that 50 per cent of the people of Koboko, Yumbe, Moyo, Maracha, Arua, Zombo, Nebbi, Adjumani, Amuru, Nyoya, Gulu, Pader, Lamwo, Kitgum, Agago, Soroti, Ngora, Amolatar, Pallisa, Butaleja, Rakai, Isingiro and Tororo have access to a meal a day. The districts of Oyam, Apac, Kiryandongo, Masindi, Bulisa, Kyankwanzi, Nakaseke, Kiboga, Mubende, Luwero, Kyegegwa, Sembabule, Kiruhura, Lwengo, Ntugamo, Kamuli and Kibuuku are in a minimal phase of food insecurity, meaning the people can still afford all meals though stocks are running low” (Tajuba, 2016).

So when the Government knows about that and they continue with their inappropriate idea of giving new cars for the Members of Parliament, something that the 10th Parliament MPs have been waiting for. It is in their duty and now getting a free-ride for their services; this they do while districts upon districts lack food and water, while they are starving… the reckless thieving of state coffers instead of supplying needed food from the budgets !

april-cars Uganda

New Cars for the MPs:

“Parliament has received a release of Shs25 billion for payment of vehicle grant to members of parliament. The money will cater for at least 250 MPs out of 431. According to parliament’s director of communcations Chris Obore, the Parliamentary Commission will first pay new MPs. The new MPs to get first are those without election petitions in court. The old MPs will be paid when the Commission gets a new release. It emerged recently that each Member of Parliament will bag Shs200m instead of Shs150m as had earlier been budgeted by the Parliamentary Commission. This means Parliament will spend more than Shs85 billion on all the legislators” (the Insider, 2016).

As much as there are money in the system for unnecessary expenditure from the 10th Parliament, that with no thought or consideration thinks about the consequences for the once they are supposed to represent. They apparently wish to become greedy like the former EX-MPs who we’re taken to court and charged with massive thieving, though where the money really went nobody knows. They surely pocketed some of it, but the where it we’re supposed to go, is not hard to know. Because the pay-outs we’re to ghosts, ghosts are invisible creatures not of the living.


Pension Scam:

“Anti Corruption Court in Kampala has found three former top employees of ministry of public service including Jimmy Lwamafa, the ex-permanent secretary guilty of all the ten charges slapped against them by the state.  Presiding judge, Lawrence Gidudu summarised in his ruling that the fraud to steal the Shs88.2 billion was hatched in the public service, smoothened in finance ministry and executed in Cairo bank where the money was finally paid out to ghost pensioners” (Ndagire & Wesaka, 2016).

So the living in the districts are either this days getting screwed by their own representatives of the 10th Parliament, as they are more keen on perks and riches than helping the citizens they represent, that is what their President Museveni has been teaching for three decades now. So the people are starving and not getting valuable food or needed water for their daily life, while the MPs are riding in flash, posh cars in Kampala. That is happening while their predecessors are being detained for thieving from coffers to bail-out ghost pensioners, while the results of the matter are not told where the money went.

We can wonder since it is not told, that somebody did their bidding and stole the monies for the bigger plan of their President, and when they we’re not needed to do their service they gotten taken to court. That wouldn’t be surprising as that has happen before in the times udner the Executive Museveni. It’s just new names who done similar things in the past. The billions of shillings are levels of stealing while the hunger is running rapid is worrying; together with the wishes of lavish lifestyle by the men who supposed to represent them. Instead they represent themselves and not using their powers and reach to service the famine ridden districts, because they only see their own tummy. Peace.


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