Ethiopia: Tigray Region Humanitarian Update – Situation Report No. 7 (01.12.2020)

Ethiopia: Tigray Friendship Liason Office – Tigray Emergency Situation Report – Report from within Tigray (03.12.2020)

Prime Minister Abiy’s Tragicomedy: The 2021 election!

Tragicomedy, dramatic work incorporating both tragic and comic elements. When coined by the Roman dramatist Plautus in the 2nd century bc, the word denoted a play in which gods and men, masters and slaves reverse the roles traditionally assigned to them, gods and heroes acting in comic burlesque and slaves adopting tragic dignity. This startling innovation may be seen in Plautus’ Amphitryon” (The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica – ‘Tragicomedy’ 25.08.2014, Encyclopædia Britannica).

I don’t know about you… but at this point. Who believes the words coming out of Prime Minister Ahmed Ali Abiy? Well, I don’t and I think his full of himself. His ego has hit the stratosphere and is a long lost individual. Who is high on his own supply. That he himself believes in every word that he says.

We are now in the end of 2020. It has been a long time coming for the “transitional government” and now on the “unconstitutional” 6th Year in Office. Which will be ended by an election through universal suffrage. The August Elections in 2020 was postponed because of COVID-19, but the same Prime Minister had no issues ordering a internal war and a conflict. However, it was to bad conditions to actually hold elections in the same period.

So, the man has no scruples, which I will detail more under the quote from ENA saying his will deliver “free and fair elections”. I beg to differ…

Prime Minister Abiy restated that the efforts of the Federal Government to make the 2021 elections free and fair. “I shared the federal government’s unwavering efforts to lay the foundation for free & fair elections,” he said. The highly anticipated and historic election, which will be held following the reforms of critical democratic institutions in Ethiopia over the past two and half years, is noted as the most consequential election in its demonstration of Ethiopia’s democratization journey initiated in 2018, it was indicated” (Ethiopian News Agency – ‘PM Abiy Vows to Lay Foundation for Free, Fair Elections’ 02.12.2020).

This must be a joke. It must be a sarcastic and punchline from the comedian on stage. The Prime Minister couldn’t say this with all of his heart and conscience in order. Because, that doesn’t make sense. Especially not in December 2020. No, a free and fair election will not be held by the Prosperity Party or the Federal Government under Prime Minister Abiy.

It is tragic… a tragedy. Sincere apologizes, but the ones believing this is naive. Journalists writing stories opposing or in direct conflict with the messages from the state gets arrested too. Exiled Ethiopians who are speaking their minds to international media get arrest warrants. Former government party and part of the previous coalition EPRDF, the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) is deemed terrorists and outlawed. While other opposition leaders, activists and others either end behind bars or gets killed. This is the leadership of the Oromo opposition parties and others too.

Prime Minister Abiy isn’t a man of democracy or democratic value. No, his a man of a selective taste. A taste, which is bitter-sweet. It is only the his voice and his orders that matters. The rest are supposed to bend their knees for the emperor and pledge allegiance to him. If you don’t… well, don’t say I didn’t warn you, but you will be punished. There are so many examples. It is so many people who has died since the man took over and consolidated power. This man will use all means and make “fake” coups to install his men in power in the regional states. That is the sort of fella and ruler Abiy is.

With the knowledge of this… do you expect the man to give the Federal Republic, a free and fair elections?

Who are we kidding here? What sort of sick joke is this?

The man who has arrested the opposition and letting them rot in jail. That man will deliver free and fair elections. That is a sketch and a bad SNL skit. Heck, a tragicomedy … and Abiy plays the main role. That is how things seems these days. He could trick the world at one point, but can he fool it again?

It shouldn’t be possible. However, the world wants to be fooled and maybe Abiy is the dishonest “hero” the world needs. Peace.

Ethiopia: Jawar Mohammed’s quest for peaceful resolution of the crisis (November 2020)

Ethiopia: Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC) Public Statement on Post-Conflict – Human Rights Should Guide Post-Conflict Reconstruction (30.11.2020)

Ethiopia: Why is Prime Minister Abiy lying about the Refugees?

“Beginning of November 2020, UNHCR has recorded an influx of asylum seekers at border entry points in East Sudan from Ethiopia, after military confrontations in the Tigray region in Northern Ethiopia” (UNHCR, 30.11.2020)

Reports indicate that refugees in Sudan are mostly male, as opposed to women and children. Who are these male youth? If the youth are part of those who massacred innocent civilians in Maikadra, then they need to brought to justice” – Prime Mnister Ahmed Ali Abiy speaking to Parliament on the 30th November 2020

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees or the UN Refugee Agency numbers from Sudan says otherwise. I doubt the UNHCR has a reason to boggle the numbers or twist them in a way.

I wonder, what is purpose of this deliberate lie from the Prime Minister? If he lies this easily and can be debunked even without local reports on the ground or from the international media, which is blocked from the area.

Prime Minister Abiy is certainly trying to forge his message. That his view is righteous … since the PM has to lie about who is fleeing the conflict and warfare in the Tigray region.

What could be the general purpose of doing that? What can he gain from doing this? That is what I am wondering about. Yes, there is a difference, but not as significant as the PM claims it to be. He makes it seem like its all male youth passing by. While the reality is closer to 50-50 or 57 percentage male and 43 percentage woman. Also, 45 percentage children between 0-17 years and the other majority is 51 percentage 18 to 59 years of age. While a small minority is elderly and it’s only about 4 %. That is not surprising … as the ones over 60 years is not as moveable and able to flee as the younger of age.

So, in one way it more men… but not the way its sounds from the Prime Minister. He is blaming the youths fleeing the conflict. Making it seems like they we’re behind a massacre. While his claiming that they are a majority of the fleeing ones. When it is more balanced than that.

Why would he lie about this?

My question is also… what else is he lying about when this was so easy to figure out. Didn’t even need extensive reports or affidavits. It is poor judgement of the PM to lie about this. It makes it easy to look into everything else he says or does. Since he cannot even trusted with the gender balance of refugees from his own darn conflict. That says a lot about this man. Peace.

Ethiopia: Mekelle has fallen, but is Abiy prepared for another phase?

Today Prime Minister Ahmed Ali Abiy proclaimed victory and “mission accomplished”. As the “Law Enforcement Operation” ceased as the Ethiopian National Defence Force (ENDF) took over the capital of the Tigray Region. This was not done alone, as the National Army did have other allies doing this. That being a Amhara militia or a para-military group participating. The Eritrean Army also took part in this. The United Arab Emirates also supported it with drones. Therefore, the PM celebrating this joint effort against one enemy.

So, the “mission accomplished” moment got destroyed hours later, as the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) was able to send more missiles to bomb the outskirts Asmara, Eritrea. That is happening as they are participating and trying to conquer former enemies. The Eritrean army is already reported to take Eritrean refugees, arresting them and taking them home. The Ethiopian army has been reported on the other hand that they blocked the borders for Tigrayan refugees passing into Sudan. Therefore, the humanitarian crisis could look much worse, if it wasn’t for these actions. As well, as blocking the humanitarian organizations to access the region and help the ones in need.

The Federal Government have already stopped the telephone-lines, the internet, electricity and frozen all Tigray based bank-accounts. The government have also blocked the roads into the region and stopped all goods from entering. Only the military effort have gotten a pass. That’s why the region has lost a month in heavy battles since the 3rd November. We have no idea about what extent or what sort of play went down. The same government blocking international media and revoking reports from reporting too. Therefore, there is little to none, except the message the state has accepted. This is why we will only know what happen when investigations and possibly external inquiries looks into it. As the Prime Minister and his government wants to look like saints no matter what they do.

Now that this Third Phase and the supposed “conventional” war is over. Even as the reports today that the government is shelling a Ayder referral hospital in Mekelle, which counters the total control of the city. That the state proclaimed yesterday. Seems like the state wasn’t all honest and made early judgement. Just like with the missiles hitting Asmara hours later.

The Abiy government seems that it needs to be prepared for another type of warfare. There has already been reports that the TPLF and their Special Forces have used churches to hide weapons and ammunitions in the region. So, it seems like they are prepared for guerrilla warfare in the region. This means that the tanks, air-strikes and other tactics will be forfeited as it will not work.

While the TPLF have said they would retaliate to other cities across the Republic. This going from Bahir Dar, Gondar, Dessie and Addis Ababa. Another proof that the supposed victory was called a bit early.

I don’t know how this will play out. Certainly, not as easily as the state wants the world to perceive it. Secondly, it is much more deadly and possible bloodshed than anyone wants to state. Because, we don’t know the full extent of losses of the Federal Army, Amhara Militia or the losses of the Eritrean Forces. Yet, alone the losses of the TPLF. This is why the war this month is made with little to no knowledge. Only the “propaganda” of each party. Except for the words of witnesses in Sudan. These are just tear-drops of pain of the possible suffering that has been unleashed on the region this November.

The Abiy government got a lot of work ahead. They have done the “easy” part. However, now they have to work with region and its people. Also, ensure they are capable to fight the guerrilla warfare. Which will last as long as the TPLF have soldiers and armed personnel.

I wonder, if his “no mercy” only will harden the hearts of his enemies. The TPLF might strike even more ruthless and strike in fashions, which will hurt the base of Abiy directly. That is what these sort of men does. Now, that the Prime Minister have opened up this Pandora’s box. Don’t expect it to be easy and expect it to haunt him. His the one in-charge and the man of the army. His the man who launched this “Operation Law Enforcement” aka War. Therefore, the man needs to be held accountable for his actions and orders. The deaths of civilians and the ones hurt in the shelling of his armies. The state are supposed to shield them and keep them safe. Not starve them or kill them. That is what happens in a war, but still he wants to act like it didn’t happen.

The TPLF have to stand account for their actions too. It goes both ways. However, it is a vast difference being the “legitimate” government versus the ones deemed “terrorists” and “outlaws” by the Federal Government. The TPLF in that way has nothing to loose. Even if they have lost everything with the actions made by the PM. As he has conquered their region and their home. Still, the TPLF can still find refuge and hide. In manners, which the state is seemingly not ready for.

Because, I doubt a government with this much hubris. The way it targets all its dissidents, charges and arrests all voices who dares to question the Emperor. That this one is prepared for another phase. The PM is to arrogant and high-powered to be prepared for what is coming. He unleashed a what seemed like a winning strategy. However, he was never prepared or have the capabilities to ambushed every step of his way.

The man will live with paranoia. As he has arrested all the Oromo Opposition, journalists who reports unfavourable and any other activists who dares to speak. He also kills Oromo’s on the daily, which has done since 2018. So, it’s not like this man doesn’t thrive in blood. The only difference in Tigray. Is that the TPLF have more of machinery and knows what they meeting. This is why it’s happening like this. The ones losing these war-games. Isn’t the big-men, but the innocent civilians caught in the cross-fire. Peace.

Ethiopia: Office the Prime Minister – Mekelle under command of the National Defense Forces (28.11.2020)

Ethiopia: UN High Commissioner for Refugees visits Sudan as new refugee arrivals cross 43,000 (27.11.2020)

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grandi, is visiting Khartoum as the country receives a growing number of refugees from Ethiopia.

Since the start of fighting in Ethiopia’s northern Tigray region in early November, more than 43,000 refugees have crossed into Sudan seeking protection and shelter. Even before this influx the country was hosting nearly one million refugees, mainly from South Sudan.

Grandi will review UNHCR operations in support of the government-led response to the latest influx. He is also scheduled to meet with refugees.

In eastern Sudan, UNHCR continues to ramp up its relief effort together with Sudan’s Commission on Refugees and local authorities amidst complex logistical challenges.

Aid is being mobilized to help refugees almost half of whom are children. Humanitarian agencies continue to provide shelter and other facilities to help refugees but more resources are required and Sudan needs international support urgently.

UNHCR has helped relocate nearly 10,000 refugees to the Um Rakuba site, 70 km further from the border inside Sudan, as work continues to put up shelters and improve services.

Family tracing services have been established and these have already reunited many separated refugees.

This morning, a plane carrying 32 tons of UNHCR emergency aid from our global stockpile in Dubai landed in Khartoum. Another airlift is scheduled to leave Dubai on Monday with 100 tons of additional relief items. UNHCR’s global stockpile is hosted by the International Humanitarian City in Dubai (IHC). In total, we plan to send four airlifts.

Today’s cargo included 5,000 blankets, 4,500 solar lamps, 2,900 mosquito nets, 200 plastic sheets and 200 plastic rolls. A second airlift will carry 1,275 family tents and 10 prefabricated warehouses. This aid will meet the immediate shelter needs of more than 16,000 people. The transportation costs of both flights were generously covered by the Government of United Arab Emirates.

Inside Tigray region concerns are growing for the safety of civilians in the conflict, particularly in its capital of Mekele, home to more than 500,000 people.

UNHCR remains concerned as the humanitarian situation continues to worsen in Tigray, including for those displaced and for some 96,000 Eritrean refugees who will run out of food as soon as Monday if supplies cannot reach them. We join other humanitarian agencies to reiterate our call for the protection of civilians and immediate humanitarian access in order to resume the delivery of life sustaining assistance.

Ethiopia: Humanitarian Task Force of Canadians against the Ongoing Genocide in Ethiopia letter to Michael Chong MP – Re: Barbaric Genocide of Extreme Savagery in Ethiopia (23.11.2020)

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