Opinion: Abiy gone from the “Big Brother” to a Bounty Hunter

“I want them to hear me: Yesterday evening, around midnight, we saw them from the situation room in the area between Hagere Selam and Abiy Addi,” Abiy said in remarks to lawmakers, referring to two towns west of the Tigray capital Mekele. “We didn’t attack them at night because as they retreated they took their wives, children and abducted soldiers… But this will not continue.”” (Ahram Online – ‘ Ethiopia’s Abiy says has Tigray leaders in his sights’ 30.11.2020).

This here was parts of speech to the House of Federation as the Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali wanted to show his strength and control of the conflict. Which he has issued in the Tigray Region on the 3rd November 2020. Just after a few weeks time he wanted to tell and show the world that he had the world by the balls. However, that isn’t true.

As another 18 days from the 30th November 2020 the Prime Minister and his men doesn’t have the CCTV on the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) Central Committee. Now, they don’t have them monitored on wire-tap. The State have clearly no idea where the TPLF leadership is located. If they did. They wouldn’t 2 weeks later ask for bounty hunters to rescue them. Maybe, even mercenaries will start coming to hunt after them.

Addis Ababa December 18/2020 (ENA) Ethiopian Ministry of National Defense Force announced a reward of 10 million Birr to anyone who provides information on the whereabouts of the TPLF junta leaders. Head of Information Department at the Ministry of National Defense Force, Lieutenant General Asrat Denero told journalists today that members of the National Defense Force and Federal Police are working in partnership to bring the junta leadership to justice as soon as possible” (Ethiopian News Agency (ENA) – ‘Ministry to Reward 10 Mln Birr for Information on Whereabouts of TPLF Cliques’ 18.12.2020).

What we can wonder about? Where did the eyes of the state go?

Since they had the leadership of TPLF at their fingertips. They were in the magical sphere of the situation room. As the Federal Government was closing in on them. The National Army, Amhara Paramilitary Group (Fano) and Eritrean Army all going after the TPLF. However, all of these forces and their enterprise clearly didn’t have the sights on them as he said.

Now the Bounty Hunters are called in and the Ghostbusters too. The whole brigade as they want the rats and snitches to call the police. The authorities who are having a Law Enforcement Operation and not calling it warfare.

The Prime Minister should answer for this, because something isn’t adding up. That he has them in the Situation Room a few weeks ago and now needs advice to find them. This is peculiar lie, but wars also undress emperors and their motives.

There is little redeeming factors to this. The Prime Minister boosted his ego, but really didn’t have it. Wanted to sound flamboyant, but in the end the lie caught him. If he knew where they were and are. He wouldn’t need some random advice and guidance on way to find them.

Who is he kidding here?

He lied about the refugees and now he lied about the TPLF in his scope. We can wonder what’s next, but a truth teller the PM isn’t. Caught in another one yet again. Peace.

Ethiopia: Bounty put on the TPLF leaders

Addis Ababa December 18/2020 (ENA) Ethiopian Ministry of National Defense Force announced a reward of 10 million Birr to anyone who provides information on the whereabouts of the TPLF junta leaders. Head of Information Department at the Ministry of National Defense Force, Lieutenant General Asrat Denero told journalists today that members of the National Defense Force and Federal Police are working in partnership to bring the junta leadership to justice as soon as possible” (Ethiopian News Agency (ENA) – ‘Ministry to Reward 10 Mln Birr for Information on Whereabouts of TPLF Cliques’ 18.12.2020).

This is a continued measures put on the Tigray Peolpe’s Liberation Front (TLPF) and their Central Committee members. These are now directly attacked and planned arrests of. That is not shocking, as there been rumours of arrests on the 6th December 2020. Which apparently wasn’t true… and was mere speculations.

The Tigray conflict has been going strong since 3rd November 2020. It is now prolonging. Already in the end of November 2020 the Prime Minister said the Federal Government was starting the “Final Phase” which is still continuing to this day. Meaning weeks after calling the end … they are now calling for bounties on their heads. That shows the citizens and population of the region is supporting their leaders. Not being behind the interim regional government appointed by Addis Ababa.

That is why the Prosperity Party and the Prime Minister Abiy is using this scheme to see if they can get ratted out. It is very special to promise money to people who have frozen bank-accounts and cannot access their money in the banks. The state has frozen the money and stopped them from even getting it out. While the state have blocked aid, international aid and only very limited supply to all the ones in need.

Therefore, the addition of giving money here is vicious. As even if the Tigrayans did take it and told on the TPLF Central Committee members who are fugitives in their own state and republic. The TPLF have been deemed an “terrorist organization” by the House of Federation. Therefore, they have legitimized their means of destruction and deployment of the army in Tigray. This has been done now since early November 2020. So, the state have professed to have control of the region and taking over major towns and vital routes. However, they are not instilled or have the loyalty of the region.

If the Prime Minister and PP has the region in their hands. Why are they doling out money to get witnesses and snitches on their elected leadership?

The Federal Government are showing how they are lacking intelligence or getting information. When they have to pay people to get valuable information about the possible location or where they was spotted last. If the rumours or speculations earlier this month is true… then the government should find people who is dressed like priests. Because, that was the speculated way they got arrested.

Well, the state is clearly not handling this well and very reactionary. As they are doing this now. After all their efforts. The usage of the National Army, Amhara paramilitary group (Fano) and the Eritrean Army. All of this armies and soldiers on the ground have clearly not massed up to TPLF. As they we’re able to run away from battlefields of the region.

That says a lot… It is really rich for someone saying they have control and ended the battle early. Is now asking for bounties on their heads. Hoping for either snitches or bounty hunters to find the TPLF Central Committee. Peace.

Opinion: OLF-Shane/Shene is an imaginary group…

If you want to be deceived and lied too. It is every easy. Especially, when one group, one party and one state controls the airwaves. When one man and his “yes men” delivers all the information and nobody can check it. However, that makes it more important to say it as it is.

Yes, there is an Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) and been an entity since the 1973. The OLF was registered as a Political Party in November 2018. Recently in Kenya, the Prime Minister Abiy claimed the OLF was the same as Al-Shabaab. Clearly offering the narrative that the Oromo Party is an enemy and a terrorist organization.

This is why the state and National Broadcasters are busy scheming and making reasons to deregister and vilify the OLF. They have already arrested the leadership of OLF and also taken activists behind bars. The state is already blocking the telecommunication and airwaves in parts of Oromia as well. Where people are dying because of state officers and law enforcement.

Yesterday alone in Wallaga, Oromia. The state killed 358 civilians and arrested 2900 “suspects”. This they did as they were against the imaginary group OLF-Shane/Shene. A group that is non-existent and only in the mind of the regime. It is a mirage and bad reflection of judgment creating a group out of thin-air.

The Prosperity Party, the ENDF and all its comrades are really foolish fighting ghosts and hot-air. They will find very little and only cause more harm. They are only creating a bloodshed and more grief. These actions are not getting more friends, but more enemies. As the grudges and the ones who lost loved ones. Might want to later down line avenge these lost ones. The ones in struggle wants to make them martyrs and make a statement.

Because, the state is coming with injustice and extra judicial killings. Having a massacre in Wallaga Oromia against nobody. They are causing more conflict and that needs to be addressed. Right now the war-fare in Tigray gets all the headlines. However, the massacre in Wallaga, Oromia shouldn’t go forgotten. Especially, since its that many people who has lost their lives.

The state is fighting a make-belief, they are fighting an excuse and a lie. That is what they are doing. Not the OLF, but an OLF-Shane/Shene. Which is a mockery… and foolish mind-games that nobody should buy into. Its a bunch of rubbish. That is why its really showing how much propaganda the state wants out. As they are fact-checking international media, but speaking of non-existent armed group they are fighting in Oromia. That is how far they are taking it and what they are willing to do.

This is why you cannot trust the government and state media. When they are making up stuff like this. Creating evidence and enemies out of thin-air. If they can do that in Wallaga, Oromia on the 16th December 2020. What have they been doing elsewhere? There is a media blackout and the ones daring to speak out get either detained or ends up dead. So, its not like they would challenge the government and their narratives. These folks wants to live and have a job the next day. Even if that means lying or being the microphone for the state. They got no choice but to do so. Who wants to risk it all over coving a mass amount of death? You might end up with the same fate yourself.

This is really dangerous. When the state are willing to trade stories like this and sell it. There is no grounds for this. Instead of taking responsibility and telling it straight. They rather make up ghosts and fairy-tales. That is the bleak reality. Peace.

InterAction: Statement on deteriorating humanitarian conditions in Ethiopia (16.12.2020)

As the conflict in Ethiopia’s Tigray region enters its sixth week, there is an escalating risk of a regional political and security crisis, coupled with a large-scale humanitarian emergency, that could affect nearly 2 million people.

InterAction, on behalf of its humanitarian and development Member non-governmental organizations (NGOs) working to support conflict-affected communities in Ethiopia’s Tigray region, calls on all conflict parties to allow safe, free, and unfettered humanitarian access into and around Tigray, as well as the full restoration of telecommunication services and electricity.

In this highly politicized context, all conflict parties must consider and treat the humanitarian response as neutral, independent, and impartial to ensure civilian populations can access the lifesaving services they are entitled to and the aid workers serving them remain safe. InterAction reminds all parties of their obligation to protect the civilian population and civilian objects during and after the conduct of hostilities by following international humanitarian, human rights, and refugee law, and to take the utmost care to ensure that humanitarian workers, facilities, and assets are not targeted or attacked.

As nearly 50,000 Ethiopian refugees have crossed into eastern Sudan, InterAction calls for all concerned parties to allow for free movement of the civilian population seeking safe refuge and assistance within the Tigray region or outside the affected areas. This includes protecting the right to cross international borders to seek asylum and upholding non-refoulment guarantees extended to Eritrean refugees in Tigray.

InterAction also calls on donors to provide new, flexible funding, particularly for frontline NGOs, to adequately scale up and sustain the humanitarian response in Tigray, the surrounding area, and in refugee-hosting communities, while simultaneously ensuring funds are not diverted from existing humanitarian or development programs in Ethiopia.

Ethiopia: UN Emergency funding released for humanitarian response to Ethiopia’s Tigray conflict (17.12.2020)

Ethiopia: Is the Law Enforcement Operation entering Sudan?

Sudan’s armed forces said on Wednesday that a number of its officers had been ambushed by “Ethiopian forces and militias” during a security patrol of the border region. “During the return of our forces from combing the area around Jabal Abutiour inside our territory, they were ambushed by Ethiopian forces and militias inside Sudanese territory, as a result of which lives and equipment were lost,” the army said, adding the attack took place on Tuesday” (Asharq Al-Awsat – ‘Sudan Says Officers Ambushed by Ethiopian ‘Forces and Militias’ during Patrol’ 16.12.2020).

These reports have also been verified by Prime Minster Abdalla Hamdok on Twitter today. What these reports are saying is that the Ethiopian National Defence Force (ENDF) and Amhara militia (Fano) has entered Sudan. That is escalating the conflict. Just after the three hours of meeting and talks between Prime Minister Ahmed Ali Abiy and PM Hamdok in Addis Ababa on the 13th December 2020.

Seemingly Prime Minister Abiy is more in favour of continuing warfare. Just like he involved Eritrean forces on his soil to punish the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and the regional state itself. Which it did start on the 3rd November 2020.

The Sudanese authorities have already shielded refugees from the region and also stopped arms from crossing the borders. Therefore, the Sudanese was naturally a proxy as its borders are directly to the new war-torn region of Tigray. Where two armies and one militia have attacked civilians and the enemy of the Federal Government.

Now, the same militia Fano is attacking in coordinated attacks on Sudanese soil. It is not longer back that in April 2020 that the Ethiopia and Sudan came to an understanding about the agricultural region of Al-Fashqa to the Sudanese state. However, by the time of the agreement the Ethiopian government hadn’t demarcated the area. Now, they are retuning with forces just months after.

Does Prime Minister Abiy wants more enemies? Does he want to the cordial and friendly neighbours in Khartoum? Is his ego speaking to loudly, as he has celebrated a too early victory in Tigray?

Because, this was an direct attack on Sudanese soil. This wasn’t Sudanese troops crossing into Tigray or Ethiopian soil. Therefore, the ones acting deliberately was ENDF and Fano as they entered Sudanese soil. This is escalating and a possible renewed border conflict. As the latest agreement is tarnished by skirmishes on the border.

Does PM Abiy has such ambition that he wants to Abyssinia Emperor or something? Because why does he do this? Before he has even ended his first war within “his” own territory. That is reckless and he needs the goodwill of Khartoum in the negotiations of GERD and with the witness of refugees from the conflict in Tigray. Therefore, Abiy is really stepping out of line here and needs rethink his strategies. Peace.

Ethiopia: Millions of children in Tigray remain out of reach, despite access agreement – UNICEF (15.12.2020)

Statement by UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Fore

NEW YORK, 15 DECEMBER 2020 – “Some 2.3 million children in Tigray, Ethiopia, remain cut off from humanitarian assistance amid continuing violence since the beginning of November.

“We are extremely concerned that the longer access to them is delayed, the worse their situation will become as supplies of food, including ready-to-use therapeutic food for the treatment of child malnutrition, medicines, water, fuel and other essentials run low.

“Protecting these children, many of whom are refugees and internally displaced, and providing them with humanitarian aid must be a priority.

“Together with our humanitarian partners, we stand ready to provide lifesaving humanitarian support, including treatment for malnourished children, critical vaccines, emergency medicines, and water and sanitation supplies. We have already provided some supplies to a number of partners in Tigray but this is not enough. We need to be able to provide support at scale in Tigray and to have full access to determine the scale of children’s needs.

“We call for urgent, sustained, unconditional and impartial humanitarian access to all families in need wherever they are.

“We also urge authorities to allow the free movement of civilians wishing to seek safety elsewhere. This includes those requesting to cross the border to seek international protection.

“Meeting the critical needs of children and women must not be delayed any longer.”

Ethiopia: Prime Minister Abiy’s big day of flex [and sending Hamdok packing]

We have shown that from now onwards those who want to touch Ethiopia should must think twice or thrice and am proud of it” – Prime Minister Ahmed Ali Abiy (13.12.2020)

Today was an extraordinary day… not that the ceasing of fighting or any good news from the Tigray state. No, the 40 days of war is persisting. While the Eritrean interference and Amhara Paramilitary Fano is doing its bidding too. Not only the Ethiopian National Defence Force (ENDF).

Prime Minister Ahmed Ali Abiy stated that Sudanese Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok was coming on the 13th December for a two day visit. However, it was quickly reported that the Sudanese PM returned to Khartoum. As he wanted a mediation effort with IGAD and Abiy have accepted this. Nevertheless, it only took a few hours before he left.

After this visit and briefs. The Prime Minister left in haste for Tigray and taken pictures at the Alula Aba Nega Airport in Mekelle in Tigray. The Ethiopian Airlines states it takes about 1hour and 20 minutes flight from Bole International Airport. So, that makes sense and is possible. As the meeting with Hamadok was over within no time. Actually, ST-PNA aircraft that Hamdok took was only in Ethiopia for three hours before leaving.

This here shows again that he has little to no interest in mediation. So, don’t expect it to be anything useful. It is just to buy time and had a “friendly” visit. It is always different when someone else interferes in your own state. Then, when you yourself interferes in others. That is why the PM can easily be a mediator elsewhere, but not wanting that really at home.

Prime Minister Abiy changing from Statesmen to Warlord in means of hours. As he came with a speech in Mekelle, which resembles of someone who has to prove their flex and their power. A man who needs to be validated and recognized for his muscles and tactics. This Prime Minister is proudly wearing a gun and speaking of fear. A man that is supposed to be known for peace, which is ironic in all of this.

The reported massacre in Guya, air-strikes in Tembien and door-to-door operations in region is silent. As the PM wanted to show his power and being proud of his mission. This Operation Law Enforcement.

40 days of consistent attack on the region. 40 days of brutal fatal attacks on civilians and opposition forces. We have no idea about the amount of deaths or injured. We also don’t know how many civilians that lacks food, water or shelter. As the communication from the area is little and the refugees crossing into Sudan is few. Compared to the ones actually living in the region. So, who knows the total ramification of it all. As there are even reports today of stealing over 2 million cattle from the region and taken to Amhara. That isn’t established, but there was reports earlier in the war of taking away machines and technical installation to Eritrea and other parts of Ethiopia. It would follow a pattern.

It is not strange that the meeting was short with Hamdok. When he had to hurry this quickly to Mekelle the same day. The mediation will end in nowhere. As the only interest for Abiy is to win and crush his opponent. There will be no peaceful return until that happens. He will settle the grudges he has with the guns. That is why there been 40 days of warfare and it continues.

Prime Minister Abiy really wanted to show his strength and flex. This was that moment and that day. Where Abiy showed it and wanted to prove it. Peace.

Ethiopia: Statement of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia on Check-Point Security incident in Tigray National Regional State (13.12.2020)

Ethiopia: OLF Statement on National Election and Current Crises of Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (12.12.2020)

The Oromo Liberation Front believes in fair and free election and the establishment of inclusive democratic government in Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (FDRE). We currently observe the ruling party is planning to conduct the 6th national election in 2021. We believe that assuring peace and security, and involvements of opposition parties are essential to conduct democratic election that will have positive impact on solving political problems in the country. However, it seems bogus rather than truth to plan election under current crises in FDRE.
Even though the ruling party wants to conceal the existing problems and divert attention towards national election, it is obvious that the country has already indulged into complex security crises and political catastrophes.
For the last two and half years, the OLF and other substantive political parties has anticipated these crises and suggested to the ruling party to address the fundamental political issues before it was too late. We also offered our support to maintain law and order that governs equally all and to shape the democratic reform process. However, the ruling party has not only ignored our suggestions but also used its security apparatus to crack our organization and halted our operation throughout the country.
Still there are huge political problems that were not addressed. Also, there is a constitutional crises and problems of citizens and questions of opposition parties were not treated according to the rules and regulations set out in the FDRE constitution. The judiciary system is not independently functioning; the security structure, police and other armed forces are ruling the country without clear court order; regional states like Oromia are still under military command posts and the civil administration structures have been dismantled.
Although OLF want to take part in the election, it is practically impossible under current circumstances as almost all our members, leaders and supporters that are potential for candidacy and observer are in prison at all levels. Also, all the OLF offices around the country including the headquarters in Finfinnee had been confiscated, closed and controlled by the ruling party security apparatus. Even though we repeatedly provided the updated lists of our detained members and the closure of our offices to the National Electoral Board of FDRE (NEBE), we did not receive any tangible response to our appeals and it is now four months. This put the capacity and effectiveness of NEBE and the decision it takes into question and to independently operate.
Still the detention of our members and supporters has continued and individuals who sympathize the OLF are hunted and killed or detained everywhere in the country. Due to these widespread atrocities and continuous physical coercion and intimidation, the citizens of Oromia are unable to speak freely, not alone to go out and vote in election.
Although the conflicts in Oromia region, were undergoing for long time, currently it is in escalating momentum. There are protests, violence, and conflicts everywhere. There are huge displacements of people and humanitarian crises has destabilized the Oromia regional state as well as neighbouring nations. The current conflict in the northern Ethiopia has also impact on the displacement of people.
Currently the escalating political issues and the security of the country is in dangerous situations as other third party actors are exacerbating the complicated situation.
Therefore, we believe that solving the political crises through peaceful inclusive dialogue comes first before jumping into nominal election. We had been through fake election for the last 27 years that resulted in huge crises to the country’s political system. We believe that repeating the same mistake would even create more chaos and endanger the country and its neighbouring nations.
We recommend that repairing the fractured administrative regions and restoring peace and security must be undertaken before the election takes place. Still volatile situations are escalating in Oromia and other regions. The ruling party trying to solve the problems through armed forces and through total control over the population. In this regard, we are concerned about the current remark Dr. Abiy Ahmed made in Moyale on 10/12/20 during his state visit to Kenya. He mentioned eliminating the OLF, the main driver of Oromia National Transitional Government (ONTG), in the region and called the Kenyan government to support him. This is another devastating move and clear evidence that the ruling party wants to get rid of opposition parties and run election on its own.
On this occasion we would like to caution the Kenyan Government that it should not be involved against Oromo national freedom struggle and get in conflict with the Oromo people who share communities in the cross borders and coexisted for centuries.
Finally, OLF would like to reiterate that before holding election, the complex political problems must be resolved; the Oromia regional state must be repaired and ONTG established; and sufficient frameworks prepared for Inclusive dialogue and consensus reached in line with the call by African Union (AU). We are ready to play our role in paving the way for inclusive dialogue and possible agreed upon election”
Victory to the Masses!
Oromo Liberation Front
December 12, 2020