Msambweni By-Election: Ruto won [and Feisal Bader took the seat]

Today is a day of reckoning as the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Omar Boga was beaten in the polls by Feisal Abdallah Bader run as an independent. As the Jubilee Party, the ruling party didn’t field anyone in respect to the ODM fielding their candidate. However, this move has backfired and Deputy President William Ruto have played both President Kenyatta and Raila Odinga.

This was the battle between the Handshake and Ruto. It was a political gambit of Kenyatta to risk his party own standing and give way to ODM to carry on. While Ruto wanted another loyal ally. Some says this is a pre-referendum before the actual referendum. The whole BBI shindig who is all pushed forward by Kenyatta and Odinga. While Ruto until recently have been vocally against it. He switched sides on that, but still people say people chose this way to say “no” against the ruling regime in itself.

What we can easily see that the ODM haven’t won here and that an Independent supported by Ruto got this. For some that is shocking… but everything that has an affect. The BBI and the whole acts of the duo Kenyatta-Odinga would cause some stir. As they are pushing forward their agenda without really doing anything else. They are busy eating and selling BBI. While not governing without a functioning opposition. That’s why Kenyatta has so lazy days, as he has no real opposition against him. Even Ruto cannot be opposition in reality, as his part of the government himself.

While this was Kenyatta-Odinga Versus Ruto … it shows how power games might come ahead. That the Jubilee-KANU-ODM pact isn’t a winning strategy. They don’t have an monopoly as the public can chose other candidates then theirs.

Some might proclaim the greatness of the Wheelbarrow Movement or Hustler Nation. However, this is maybe a direct answer that the citizens doesn’t agree with the BBI referendum. Secondly, that they are not pawns of the dynasties and cartels. That’s why they picked Ruto’s man. It seems like a lucky strike in midst of it.

Even I thought this was sealed for the ODM and Jubilee didn’t field Sharlet Mariam. That was clearly more risky than the duo thought of. Thinking back in time and the humiliation of losing this one. Surely in the next race. The Jubilee will field someone, even if the ODM has someone there. As they cannot live on the supposed popularity of Odinga.

Baba clearly doesn’t have all the suction or natural drive in the voters. If he did this seat should have been solid. Nevertheless, the citizens of the constituency has spoken and given their verdict. ODM doesn’t own this and isn’t automatic. Even with the supposed stronghold of the party. Clearly, that can be wiped out too.

If it was a clear sale this one wouldn’t been like this and it is some signs of what is ahead. That Baba and ODM isn’t all Teflon. There are possibility to trick the game and win.

The BBI and the whole adventure there is clearly not a good selling point. When they are even going for the candidates of Ruto to just some other faces. That says it all. The public should never be taken for granted, but right here the ODM did. The Jubilee did and Ruto played them all.

This isn’t because of some wheelbarrows, but a sign that change is coming. We just don’t know what. Because ODM and Jubilee haven’t got the gist of it yet. Peace.

Msambweni By-Election: The DP versus the Handshake

The Jubilee Party have been adamant and even in a statement proclaimed that it will not field any candidates in the Msambweni By-Election. This means the governing party have said it would give way to its allies in the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM). That is an signal of faith between the Jubilee and ODM. A reaction and a move done in fate of the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) and the Presidential Handshake. That it has a good working relations between the President Kenyatta and the ODM leader Odinga.

Feisal Abdallah Bader is now the fielded candidate by Deputy President Ruto. Who didn’t accept that his party didn’t field any candidate in the By-Election. That is why his backing this man.

There is also the unexpected candidate who has moved between parties, which is Sharlet Mariam. Who went from ODM to Jubilee and now is uncertain, as the Jubilee is not fielding candidates. Therefore, who knows who ODM will field. A candidate who is most likely winning this election.

That is why the two people mentioned will only be smaller players in this. As the person vouched for by Odinga and Kenyatta will have the power behind it. It will have the whole government and the ODM behind him. That should seal it from the get-go.

The hustler nation can behind Bader, but his still not recognized and representing the ones who has a say. The DP is already sidelined within his own ranks. That is why his doing this as a power move. Alas, it might only sting him back. As his moves backfires.

While running to the Headquarters and trying to get an explanation. Hours later after the fact fielding an independent. It just shows the rifts within the Jubilee. That the DP isn’t on accord with the President and his agenda. His sidelines and hasn’t any favours. Though his still the second most powerful in the land, which is very ironic. While Odinga who is unofficial government spokesperson and fixer. Has more of a standing and even gets his way.

That is why the ODM gets to have a candidate in this By-Election, while the Jubilee ditches the race. If there ever is a sign of co-operation and togetherness. This sort of acts speaks volumes of it.

We are now seeing it in-front of our eyes. Yes, this is a ODM stronghold and been for years. Alas, Jubilee could easily loose here. However, the giving way and saying they are doing it in solidarity. This shows their intentions and its blatant.

The candidates who is not ODM will go into a hard battle and near impossible to win. They have both the government and the ODM behind them. That is a winning ticket, also in a stronghold already. Therefore, the independents going after that seat has a mountain to move.

The DP knows this, but this is ego speaking. The DP wants to be the Kingmaker and the magician who can use his wand to someone elected. He needs to prove this now. However, I only see tears coming his way.

This is all for the ODM to loose, they got all the cards. They only got to play them. Peace.