Kenya National Police Service – Statement on the Events of Monay 16th May 2016

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My Letter to Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet on the recent Police Brutality in Nairobi

IGP Boinnet

16th May 2016, Oslo

Dear Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet of Kenya National Police Service.

I am writing you hours after the pre-election violence in Nairobi on the third Monday of demonstrations against the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC). The 16th May 2016 was a making the streets of Nairobi into a battlefield between the citizens who was demonstrating and the brutal Police Force who showed them no mercy.

The Coalition of Democratic Reform (CORD) put into action a third time and congestion of the streets around the Anniversary Tower and the IEBC Offices. As before the Nairobi Metropolitan Police Commander Japheth Koome secured the area and dispersed the public with tear-gas and water-cannons. Not only tear-gassing them, but the Police Officers beat them until them we’re bleeding and aggressively hurt.

Nairobi 16.05.2016 P3

No matter, if the cause they are demonstrating is correct, the Police Officers should still let them demonstrate without fear and violence. The Police Officer’s hitting them with sticks and kicking them while they are lying on the ground. The Police Officers driving reckless into crowds with specially produced Anti-Riot cars imported from China, that are used now against own citizens. The Tear-Gas and the bullying the citizens is not vision of a transparent society, but of an oppressive government who wants to control its public, not be there to create security and make sure the criminals are taken down. Instead like yesterday the Police Officers had made up their mind and granted all people who showed as criminals.

What is worse is that the Police Officers are supposed to be there for the citizens and the public to make sure they are safe; instead they created violence and hurt the public. The Police did not serve the public; they served them harassment and caused havoc on the streets. They acted as vicious criminals instead of catching criminals, which is not how the Police Officers should act.

The actions of the Police were unjust, and the police should never act unjust, because the Police are supposed to be guardians and the watcher of society. Certainly the Police Officers should suffer the consequence. They should be internally displaced as cases of offensive and blatant disregard for the laws themselves. The Police Officers should be the ones that people look up to and the ones who one are supposed to trust your safety around.

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These Police Officers acted like they hated and wanted to get rid of their citizens who was demonstrating, not as Police Officers who wanted their Citizens safe and secure, not to honor the demonstrators and acted wild-on them. These actions yesterday should be questioned and their badges should be questioned, as they as Police Officers should not act like they are over the law, as they without the Uniform and Badge are citizens like the rest of us. They are Police Officers in their gear and their weapons. We citizens give the Violence Monopoly into the State, as an assurance of the safety of our society, we do not give that away so the Police can harass and hurt fellow brothers and sisters!

If the Police Officer hurt the fellow citizens, harm fellow citizens and other vicious damage of calm of fellow human beings. What happen yesterday is unjustified and a cycle of actions, the Police Force is acting worse and the Policing are out of hand. The madness and the tear-gas most have gone to the heads of the Police Officers, the seemingly violence against fellow citizens should be scrutinized and assessed, the men who kicked and beat the man in the street into pulp should be questioned in court, internally or transparent for the public display. Because the actions of yesterday were fierce and rotten, the Kenyan National Police Service will not have this as the last memory of their acts. Certainly with the monopoly of violence comes also the responsibility of holding the authority at bay. Instead the reckless unmerciful acts of Police that does not stand any of scrutiny.

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Even if Members of Parliament from Jubilee Alliance Party (JAP) says the acts of Police is correct, trust me they are not IGP Boinnet, as you would not like it to be your uncle, your nephew or any other family member to be beaten the way on the streets of Nairobi; it could have been some loved ones or someone close to you who passed by the Anniversary Tower on the that Monday Morning! There are words for violence, but this is not justice, this is not liberty or act of trust between the Police Force and the fellow citizens.

I do not write to you about the cause or the questions of the CORD leadership, but more in mercy of fellow citizens, human beings who deserves to address their political grievance’s without fear of their life or being beating to pulp on the streets. IGP Boinnet, you cannot have these actions tarnishing your name and your career as the ruling Police Officer who answer directly to the orders from upon high. You cannot watch all of this without questioning Police Commander Japheth Koome and the one under his command. There are too many violations that you should not let go. The honor of your position is on the line, as this will threaten the trust between the public and your role as supervisor of justice in the State of Kenya. If you don’t take care of it, and doesn’t act upon it, then you walk a thin line of trust between society and the Police Force.

You do not want to be remembered as the IGP who were silent and didn’t act when your own Police Officers violated fellow citizens and if you let the Police Officers get away then they will tarnish your name and be shredded tears on your Uniform that you accepted to carry. Peace.

Best Regards

The Writer of Minbane.

The Calvary in Nairobi went too far against the IEBC demonstrators; the escalated violence is questionable as the verdict of partiality of the Electoral Commission!

Nairobi 16.05.2016 P1

Third Monday of Demonstrations at Anniversary Tower in Nairobi as the Coalition for Reform and Democracy (CORD) continues to challenge the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) who they ask for the head of the Chairman Hassan Ahmed Issack who has questions towards partisan role toward the ruling regime.

Moses Kuria 16.05.2016

The CORD has the rights to question an appointed Commission who seems to serve the Jubilee Alliance Party (JAP), the Executive President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto. They are using the security forces to disperse citizens who demonstrate with escalating violence. The Nairobi Metropolitan Police have today gone too far.

Seeing the vicious Police Officers beating on a citizens, kicking and using all kind of means to hurt fellow citizens are not justice. That is violating their right to demonstrate and show peaceful disobedience. Would be different if the stole from shop or even destroyed a street vendor who pays the Kanjo Kingdom and the Nairobi County Officials.

Nairobi 16.05.2016 P2

The Pre-Election period will not be peaceful when the Nairobi Metropolitan Police, tear-gas and use water-cannons like they are trying to kick them as far away from the Central Nairobi as possible, while the other Police Officers uses their sticks to beat and kick the demonstrators while they are laying on the ground.

The videos and footages shows the violence from the authorities who doesn’t care really care about their citizens. The Police just treat the public as cattle… they do not give the credit or respect that the people should have. Instead the Police are chasing and hitting them. Spreading fear and initiating violent behavior.

Nairobi 16.05.2016 P3

The CORD might be wrong, but if not then the JAP is totally wrong for hiring Police Officers who without any form of justice attacks fellow citizens. They are acting as the people are criminals before their innocent. They are trial on the street shows they are guilty of questioning the Electoral Commission, instead of silencing their voice and except what the Government and Institutions are serving them.

The Kenyan Government should have the charm and ability to be capable of having streets of protestors without turning violent towards the ones who demonstrate, if they are against maggots or lice they should still be done in peace; as much as the ones who wants to have an really independent Electoral Commission. That should not be a crime! A crime is to violate the law, not jumping on the street claiming that the Electoral Commission are far from independent; but the action of the Police towards the citizens shows that they must be a bit right.

The Kenyan Government would not have problem of being question if the citizens was wrong, the Police Force would not answer in violence if they wasn’t afraid of the truth and the Electoral Commission would not answer with silence while the citizens are beaten to pulp on the streets by Police Officers. Anti-Riot Police and their water cannons would not disperse and use the force of violence as they did today. Peace.