#FreeMyPresident – Besigye is still detained at Moroto Police Station/Barracks

Besigye Kampala 11.05.2016 P4

As he was Sworn-In yesterday and went into the Central Kampala without knowledge of the Authorities. Henceforth the arrest after this to silence him and the Forum for Democratic Change in Uganda.

Here is the latest statement from FDC. As he lingers after the air-lift yesterday from Kampala to Moroto as they did not have time from mid-day to the evening to drive one of their vans to Moroto Barracks/Moroto Police Stations. That is where he is and is staying for the moment, until he is free or moved by the Uganda People’s Defense Force (UPDF) or Uganda Police Force (UPF).

FDC Statements on Besigye today: 

“We have visited H.E Kizza Besigye at Moroto Police. He is well. It is upto us to make sure that he is free. ‪#‎FreeMyPresident‬” (Forum for Democratic Change, 12.05.2016).

“Some cabinet ministers in president Kizza Besigye’s government have got access to him in Morotto military barracks were he is currently detained. Only us can free the president. ‪#‎KBisPresident” (Doreen Nyanjura, 12.05.2016)‬.

This is happening while the grand-dictator lavish feast happening at Kololo. Be proud and honour yourself the galant NRM who has truely sold everything so that the President, the Executive Museveni can do as he pleases and not accountable anymore… Peace. 

Police arrests Besigye ahead of Museveni swearing-in (Youtube-Clip)

Latest: Besigye is now detained at Moroto Barracks!

Besigye Kampala 11.05.2016 P3

As the Inauguration of Museveni is happening at Kololo tomorrow and he was quickly arrested and taken to Nagalama Police Station. The latest intelligence of his whereabouts is that the Police Force has transported him to Moroto Barracks! So they have taken him as far as possible… far far away from Kampala and Wakiso District and by that silence him in calm distance in the up-country where the Army will keep him silenced. Peace.

Latest update: 

“YES The President of Uganda is currently being tortured in Morotto military Barracks” (Doreen Nyanjura, 11.05.2016).

PS: Where the White Toyota LandCruiser Prado that Besigye owns and was towed?  I don’t know where it is.. but surely that IGP Kayihura knows!