Opinion: Gen. Babangida warned about Buhari’s attitude

Regrettably, it turned out that Major-General Muhammadu Buhari was too rigid and uncompromising in his attitudes to issues of national significance. Efforts to make him understand that a diverse polity like Nigeria required recognition and appreciation of differences in both cultural and individual perceptions, only served to aggravate these attitudes” – General Ibrahim Babangida on the 27th August 1985

It has been years since the first term of President Muhammadu Buhari with his Supreme Military Council and the Federal Executive Committee, which lasted between 13th September 1983 to 27th August 1985. This period clearly didn’t seal the fate of Buhari, as he was elected again to the Presidency on the 31st March 2015 and won a second term on the 27th February 2019.

Therefore, the warning signs should have been there, as there must have been valid reasons for the toppling of him and the lack of progress after his own coup in late 1983. The man rose to power was toppled, but was able to return to power 30 years later. Which is a rare occurrence and maybe the public had forgotten about his first term.

Buhari is clearly missing the edge. Only spoken once was about the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS). His spokesperson saying it has to be dealt with due process and isn’t a overnight affair to dismantle the unit. Alas, the Federal Government is initially saying that the outcry isn’t that important and it has to be done with slow working protocol. Instead of initiating change and make people trust law enforcement.

The President Buhari have used the common term “of a few bad eggs” but when the system is built against the public and is tormenting them. Then it isn’t a few bad eggs, but a whole organization that needs reform and swiftly too.

When we knows this, maybe Gen. Babangida warning about Buhari 30 years comes back to haunt the Federal Republic of Nigeria. As they are living under his reign yet again. Maybe what Ibrahim saw is true of the character of Buhari. That his to rigid and uncompromising to make changes. Only his will and stern ideas gets play. While the others have to go through hoops to get things done.

This explains his reluctant way of now navigating through the public outcry and demonstrations. As there is more violence, arrests and police brutality served the public. Instead of actually listening to the pleas and the organizers behind the #EndSars. That would have been smart of him. Alas, that wasn’t in him.

I’m sure some would have preferred the “android” version of him or the legendary “Jubril of Sudan”. That would have at least given hope that someone else would have fixed Police Force and ended SARS.

President Buhari and the authorities should listen to the days of demonstrations. The voices of concern and exposing the police brutality. Which shouldn’t be a thing, but is persistent in the Republic. The President should see this and make actions to make it stop. As he represents the public and not himself.

Buhari has two ear and only one mouth. Clearly, he doesn’t use neither much. Only for publicity stunts and damage control. However, he doesn’t use to make a difference. That is apparently too much to ask. He rather preserve the bad eggs. Peace.

Opinion: Buhari need to make some scrambled eggs…

The few bad eggs should not be allowed to tarnish the image and reputation of the force” – President Muhammadu Buhari

At this point, it would have been better that the President had remained silent and hidden in his palace. The words uttered was pointless, as his actions remains concealed. The actions of the Police Force and its Units are brutal, excessive and a betrayal of their mandate.

The Police are supposed to secure the citizens and make them feel safe. Instead they are delivering new amounts of police brutality, extra judicial killings and more agony. The President could have reacted swiftly and proven his worth. However, he took the meek road, the defensive route and not going heads-on towards the problem.

The Special Anti-Robbery Unit (SARS) is just the epicentre of the problems. The Law Enforcement methods and techniques to address the issues within the Republic isn’t justified. It is hurting the civilians and doing more hurt. The Police isn’t solving crimes, but acting like thugs themselves. Therefore, the President could have addressed this.

We saw a President more willing to defend and behind the Police Officers. Then actually taking charge and promising something substantial. This was buying time speech. A sort of weak and mediocre attempt of buying some sympathy. Hoping the wind will blow out of the demonstrations and things can go back to normal.

President Buhari have sold himself short. Maybe it was better days when he was medical tourist in London and was thought to be an Android. Because at that stage … a caretaker and his deputy would do something.

The President should make an omelette of those bad eggs. So, the public gets something tasty and can fill their stomachs. At this point there is little to no relief. The promise of disbandment and investigations are not so believable. As the culprits and the system is still cracking down at civilians demonstrating. There is no deadlines and no one directly in-charge to ensure police reforms.

Buhari only mentions the end of SARS. That has been said before and promised before. However, the systemic police brutality have continued. That will continue long after SARS is closed. As long as the state doesn’t take action and make a difference. The words of the President is pointless, meaningless and only buying himself time.

There should be a Commission and sort of legal body with oversight to investigate the Police Force. In such a partisan manner, which the Federal Government and the public could trust their verdict. With such a broad mandate, that they can petition the courts and indict the ones who has been involved in brutality, extra judicial killings and so fourth. That is a dire need.

Not just closing SARS. SARS is just the start of the needed reforms. The President and everyone has to see that they got strive for higher ideals. Not just patch up the hurt and move-on. No, they need to strive for everyone equal before the law. Lastly, that the Law Enforcement isn’t a mob above the law, but the ones abiding it and giving people peace. Something they are not capable of doing at this moment.

Maybe, the President can take a lesson out the fictions character Charlie Harper:

Charlie Harper : [making breakfast] How do you like your eggs?

Berta : Sunny side up.

Charlie Harper : Scrambled it is.

Berta : [picks up a cookbook] “Cooking for Dummies”?

Charlie Harper : [to Jake watching TV on the couch] No offense, Jake. I’m actually cookin’ for everybody.

Berta : What brought this on?

Charlie Harper : I don’t know. I… thought I’d expand my horizons a bit.

Berta : [smiles] Uh-huh

Charlie Harper : What?

Berta : I’m just trying to figure out how scrambled eggs are gonna get you laid.

Charlie Harper : You and me both” (Two and a Half Men, Season 6 Episode 3).

The President could use all of his eggs. Instead, he wants to play a long-con. Hoping all his troubles just disappear. The eggs will still be there and he has the officers who mistreats the public. Which is the sole reason for the protests and demonstrations. These will not end. The public is tired and the movement is at its peak.

Buhari can think this will boil over, but if he plays it wrong the eggs will overcooked. The man doesn’t want that. He wants to be able to do something about it. If he doesn’t, they might go rouge. The public might address with harsher means, than just some feet on the ground.

The brutality, the excessive use of force and lack of trust. Got to get fixed. The Police Force needs a change. Not just a Press Release from the IGP and that’s it. The promise of changing has happen many times before. Doing it again will not solve it.

Buhari wasted people’s time today. He wasted his own too. Instead of using his intellect and office. The President thought a address would ease the pain. That isn’t serious, but only shows his contempt of the plight of the people. This is the lesson the grander public can take today. It would be better if he scrambled those eggs. I doubt he will do it.

He just want this kettle to boil over. Peace.

#ENDSARS: Buhari and Osinbajo better step up and reform the Police Force

President Muhammadu Buhari and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo got their work cut of for them. They cannot lay low and act a fool this time around. These people in power cannot blame international involvement or go away for months to the Abuja House in London.

This time they got to write Executive Orders. They got to make policy changes and they have to reform the Police. The Police Brutality have to stop. The Special Anti-Robbing Squad (SARS) is just a reflection of that. Yes, the IGP Mohammed Adamu released a press release stating he was “redeploying” and “disbanding” the SARS. However, that just seems like the authorities are buying time.

The President Buhari and VP Osinbajo needs to put their work in. The Representatives and the public officials needs to do something. As this has been going on for years. This isn’t the first time SARS been dissolved. The SARS have been split up before and promise of reforms of it. Therefore, the idea of dissolving it today. Seems untrue, as the authorities have kept it alive before.

That is why the highest ranking officials, the head of state and his “deputy” got to step-up their game. They cannot just be in the wind and let the Law Enforcement deal with it. That will not be trustworthy. Not, when the Police have just promised to do it, but kept the squad alive.

The IGP have to prove that he does changes. A Press Release is limiting it and has been used before. That haven’t changed the police brutality and the excessive use of force against the public. The behaviour shown by the Police got to change. Not just move a bunch of officers and maybe even rename a squad. The epic trouble is still there and haunt the organization.

The Police needs to reform. The SARS is the body that is known for doing the bestialities with their mandate. SARS cannot be sustained or moved. They got to be abolished, but also the whole Law Enforcement, which have been fine with it. This is why, until the outcry. They were prolonging the agony and despair.

There is no easy way out of this. The Police and the Government have to work this one out. It will cost and will be open a basket of trouble. There will be cases, stories and alleged actions made, which needs to be addressed. Where lives of civilians and citizens have gotten hurt, suffered and been arbitrary arrested. They have even taken the laws into their own hands. Where the SARS have been the judge and the hangman. This got to stop, especially if the Republic believes in rule of law. And if the Head of State believes that everyone is equal before the law.

Alas, there is a dire need for change. There is to much pain and suffering in the hands of SARS. That cannot be forgotten and put to the side. The authorities, the elected leaders and the law enforcement. Need all to fix this and do it swiftly. They cannot just do some minor publicity stunts.

That will not bring back hope or trust in the Police. This is what is needed. The President and VP needs to step their game-up. These two got no time to do it. The patient of the public is over. The IGP cannot change the name or move the officers. The state have to do something real about it. Even propose a commission to look into the grievances and the pain, which it has done to the greater public. That is, if there is some justice to the citizens who gotten put into the crossfire by the SARS. Peace.