Opinion: Farmaajo’s unwanted legacy

Yesterday after many hours the term of incumbent President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo ended. He had been staying in Villa Somalia on overtime. The Head of State have used all means to stay in power without an election. After the term ended in February 2021. He tried to have the Parliament to allow him to rule without an election for two years. That was later stopped and he had to reconfigure his stance and way forward as his time was up.

The problems of Farmaajo is that he came with a lot of promises and seems like a likeable guy. However, he was the sort of man that wanted to cling onto power. That’s why his allies even helped to offer and create own military units, which is the likes of Gorgor and Haram’ad. Together with the access of National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA). Farmaajo has used this to sway member states and get his way. That is getting favourable characters in office and ensure he had loyal cadres inn every part of the Republic.

This is why the President has used insecurity and violence to get his way. That’s why he used soldiers and raids to spread fear. Farmaajo used this to get his men appointed and interfere in the Parliament. He took swift force and used all means to get rid of Jawari as speaker in Parliament. That was done by his Prime Minister Khaire, but on the merits of the Presidency. As the head of state wanted a man who served him there.

People calls him a dictator for a reason. He tried to sway it all and fix the elections as well. While he sacked his Prime Minister and appointed another one. The second PM became the viable force and the one that became his end. He followed the mission and ensured the election happened. Even as the President has done everything he could to stifle it and even throw shade at him. Prime Minister Roble was under-fire and was sought after as he held more meetings and collected the needed progression to make it happen. While Farmaajo tried to make it a farce and crack the code of “non-election”.

That is the sort of fella Farmaajo is and the soft messages to the President-Elect isn’t changing it. We know that Farmaajo didn’t want to leave and had no intention of leaving Villa Somalia. If he could fortified it and besieged it. He would… as he never intended to honour the September 17th 2020 agreement. Which he wasn’t concerned about or hadn’t any heart to fulfil. Just like the man never tried or had the will of giving the public universal suffrage, because that could risk his longevity. As it is easier to manipulate a few MPs versus a whole population of eligible voters.

We can surely think this downfall will not be taken kindly in Asmara or Addis Ababa. For President Afewerki and Prime Minister Abiy he has been a useful leader. He has been part of their axis of alliance on the horn. These have been together in it all and found safe-haven from each other. Though in their meetings, the pictures from it… makes it seems like Farmaajo was the servant for the stronger personalities in Abiy and Afewerki. While Farmaajo also have to answer for the soldiers sent for training in Eritrea and their possible participation in the Tigray war. Therefore, there are many unanswered issues, which reflects what sort of government business Farmaajo did.

Just like he favoured the Turkish and was grateful for their training of soldiers. The President also was connected to Qatar. That’s why these sorts of alliance was important for his reasoning and diplomatic missions. He needed them and he served them a purpose on the Horn of Africa.

Farmaajo might be lost for some. His ways and mannerism isn’t favoured by all. Because, he used force and didn’t care if he violated people’s liberties or freedoms. As President he couldn’t care if he used force to get his will. That’s why many will celebrate his downfall. While others has lost their power-base and the one that could save them. It is always like that after an election and change of power.

Farmaajo had it all and had powerful friends. He didn’t have to worry. What is striking is that he had massive potential and could have used the resources for benefits of the public. He could have reformed in a manner, which haven’t seen before. However, he instead resorted into violence and militarism. That just shows what power does and how it can corrupt a man. Peace.

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Somalia: Hassan Sheikh Mohamud is projected to return to Villa Somalia for the 2nd time [after 8 hours of voting in Parliament]

Reports of heavy fighting in Somalia’s capital Mogadishu, heavy exchange of gunfire heard as presidential vote enters 3rd round. It comes hours after explosions from mortar shells landing outside election venue were heard” (Somali Guardian, 15.05.2022).

After a three rounds of Presidential Elections after beating 31 Presidential Candidates. After two nail-biting rounds. The former President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, the President of 2012-2017 has again been voted into office. This means the incumbent President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo lost after prolonging his reign for a year and three months. His term ended on the 8th February 2021, but the final election and end was today on the 15th May 2022. Farmaajo’s term ended with three rounds of votes and it couldn’t have happened sooner.

There is a dark past following HSM reign, as there was several of Members of Parliament (MPs) who lost their lives in the previous term. Between September 2012 to June 2016, there is recorded that 19 MPs was killed. These were Mustaf Haji Mohamed, Mohamed Warsame Mohamed, Hussain Abdisalan, Isaiah Rino, Abdi Aziz Mursal, Mahamud Hayd, Sado Ali Warsame, Adan Madeer, Abdullahi Qayad Barre, Omar Farduq, Mohamed Muse “Haji Coffee”, Yusuf Dirir, Abduallahi Bantu, Abduallahi Hussain Mohamed, Abdi Abtidon, Cabdi Mohamed Abtidon, Mohamed Gurhan, Abdullahi Jama Hussain “Kaboweyne” and Mohamed Mohamud Guure. All of these MPs, these people lost their lives for political gains in the previous term of HSM. Therefore, we should be cautious to celebrate his victory early.

We know that the incumbent has used the military and insecurity to gain political capital as well. He has used foreign interference in building militias fighting for him. The “Gorgor” unit is one of htem that Farmaajo has built up and hopefully the next inside Villa Somalia get it directly included into the Somali National Army (SNA).

While HSM also should answer for these things from his previous term:

4. The President’s self-denial of the legacy of the Civil War and enormous pain suffered by the masses, ignoring calls for national healing and nationwide reconciliation.

5. Junta-style approach to governance in coalition with secret and underground clique members of dubious religious and political background with suspicious national and international connections, notably the Infamous Damul Jadiid.

6. Suspicious relationships with foreign entities, persons and states at the expense of Somali sovereignty and vital national interests.

7. Naked violation of the Constitution by acting both as the Head of State and Head of Government. There were no government job descriptions for President Hassan Sh. Mohamud. The three branches of government had lost meaning and significance in the Republic. The abysmal situation had finally ended up in the arbitrary creation of an illegal super-body called “Madasha Qaran”, an outlaw that had taken away for itself all powers of government

8. Most importantly, President Hassan failed to listen to the concerns of the people in his leadership” (Ismail Warsame – ‘LESSONS LEARNED FROM THE PRESIDENCY OF HASSAN SHEIKH MOHAMUD OF SOMALIA’ 02.03.2017, Wardheer News).

With the knowledge of all this and from the past term of HSM. He has to show maturity and growth. HSM cannot run the Federal Government and Villa Somalia like he did last time. That should be out of the picture. We know how the Villa Somalia has raided, blocked and sealed of the Parliament when they have acted in defiance or wanted to appoint people who isn’t aligned with the Office of the President. Hopefully, these sorts of tactics will not happen in this term, but we would never know.

What will be striking and prove the future of the Republic. Would be what sort of person he appoints to be his Prime Minister. As we have seen the importance of that with Hassan Ali Khaire and Mohamed Hussein Roble. They have both in various parts of the last term shown the value of a proper PM and the way that person is governing. Therefore, one of the vital acts of HSM is to pick the right PM… and time will tell about that.

We know this victory means a lot, as there been reports of gunfire and celebrations in Karaan and Abdiaziz districts of Mogadishu, as the supporters of HSM is celebrating his victory. What we know from the inside, is that two of the candidates that lost in the earlier rounds, Said Deni and Hassan Ali Khaire have both endorsed HSM. While Sharif Sheikh Ahmed have endorsed Farmaajo.

That’s why there is uncertainty of HSM winning. Farmaajo should know that he has lost out on promises made in the past. He had 6 years in office and couldn’t even fix enough electoral reforms to give give the public universal suffrage. Instead, his final hours in power was sealed by the MPs and not by the popular vote. This is the end he decided, since he didn’t try or wanted to fix the way election are done in Somalia. So, it is not like Farmaajo had a clean record into the elections today either.

I am just writing this while it is happening and that it was projected to happen. That HSM was to become the President for the second term. That he would defeat Farmaajo. Many would blame Said Deni for that, but he should blame himself. He has had the time and could structure everything to benefit himself. However, he couldn’t even manage that and he lost the rights to live in Villa Somalia. Peace.

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Somalia: Farmaajo is losing influence in Parliament and sent the authorities to block it

There is a reason why things are tense in Mogadishu. The prolonged agony of elections and postponements has been affected the politics of Somalia. This here is all for a reason and that’s the “interim” and former President, but current Mohamed Abdillahi Mohamed Farmaajo. Who is has been keeping the position hostage from 8th February 2021.

President Farmaajo has tried to get control of the Lower and Upper House of Parliament. There been so much back and fourth. The elections of MPs have been crucial and been a mess as well. It has been so many twists and turns, as well as the elections of former NISA agents to MPs, which are in favour and loyal to Farmaajo. That has been the outcome and done with a reason.

So, today’s actions is clear that Farmaajo still tries to influence and get total control of the elections in the Parliament. As the Senate has already voted for the opposition and not for speakers of which are in favour of him. That’s why Farmaajo is using the military and authorities to his advantage.

Here is the recent updates:

Senator Abdi Hashi was re-elected as the Speaker of the Upper House on Tuesday following an election at the Afisioni tent in Mogadishu. He received 28 votes, narrowly defeating Salah Ahmed Jama, who was able to garner 24 votes. Osman Dubbe, received two votes” (Somali Live Update, 26.04.2022).

BREAKING: Tension brews as Somalia’s secretary of Lower House has been kicked out of Villa Hargeisa while trying to issue ID cards to the 16 MPs elected in Elwak. It is unclear what impact could have on an election for the Lower House leadership slated to take place on Wednesday” (Shabelle Media Network, 26.04.2022).

Commanders of Somalia’s police and presidential guards forced parliament staff to vacate their headquarters ahead of a crucial vote, senior parliamentary official said on Tuesday, a day after interim speaker of parliament said he had escaped an attack by government forces. “The chief of police & commander of VS [Villa Somalia] security have forced the staff of parliament to vacate Villa Hargaysa, which is the headquarter for the staff of Parliament,” Abdirizak Omar Mohamed, chairman of a committee tasked with the organization of an election for parliament leadership tweeted” (SomaliGuardian – ‘Police force Somalia parliament staff to ‘vacate’ headquarters: MP’ 26.04.2022).

Sources say the police confiscated ballot boxes and other materials for tomorrow’s lower house election during the raid” (Hussain Mohamed, 26.04.2022).

As we see the authorities did breach the Villa Hargeisa and the Lower House elections after the Senate or Upper House voted for someone who isn’t in favour of Farmaajo. That is certainly happening as an effort to ensure control of the Lower House, which must be the will of Farmaajo.

We have to see how it will play out, but this is how Farmaajo rolls and he intends to do so too the end. He intends to use force to get his will. That’s why his still in Villa Somalia and occupying the Presidency unelected to this day. His term has long ended, but his using the power and the authorities for his advantage. That’s why we know there been tension and brewing trouble between him and Prime Minister Roble. This will occur again, if there is sudden and obvious outlooks, which is not going in favour of the former President. Peace.

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