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Hoima Regional Referal Hospital Director Dr. Peter Mukobi letter to LCI Hoima Muncipality Chairman Mohammed Kyimba: “Request to Provide a Written Explaination on the Allegations Against Hoima RRH” (16.11.2018)


Katakwi district lacks vaccinations for deadly Hepatitis B (Youtube-Clip)

“Katakwi district is one of the slow growing in Uganda and poor service delivery is one of the reasons. Now, this background has led to the fast spread of Hepatitis B in this Eastern district which according to locals and their leaders steals more than 5 lives every month” (NTV Uganda, 2016)

Zimbabwe, Ministry of Health and Child Care: “June 2016 Public Civil Servants Pay Date” (17.06.2016)

Zim Pay June 2016

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