132 Sub-Counties without Health Centres, that’s a sign of mismanaged priorities (!)

Map from 2016 and there has come some new districts that is not added on this one!

Rt. Hon. Speaker whereas the Ministry of Health policy is to have a functional Health Centre III in every Sub-county / Town Council / Division in a Municipality, the 2017 Master Health Facility List showed that there were 93 Sub-counties / Town Councils / Divisions without any health facility and with the creation of new administrative units the number has increased to 132” (Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng – ‘RE: MINISTERIAL RESPONSE TO THE PARLIAMENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF UGANDA ON LACK OF HEALTH CENTRE IIIs IN ALL THE THREE DIVISIONS OF NEBBI MUNICIPALITY’ 06.08.2019).

Now its revealed in the statement of the Minister for Health Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng is deliberately stating, what many was anticipating as a problem, when the administration and regime is cutting the districts into smaller and smaller units. That the pledges and need of more buildings, hired staff and added costs to state will be on overdrive. Especially, when the National Resistance Movement have pledged to have a Health Centre III in every single, Sub-County/Town Council or Division in a Municipality.

Surely, the state have not been able to find the funding, find the raised concerns nor the priorities of this pledge. As the Health Care status is already insignificant compared to what it should be with big population of the Republic. Nevertheless, it doesn’t make it any better, that the new districts, sub-counties and Town Councils doesn’t have the basic health care units needed. This is a sign of weakness and that the state doesn’t have the ability to follow the new jurisdictions and regulations put forward. That is why they have between 2017 and 2019 gone from 93 to 132 without the needed Health Centre III. Which is all-impressive. The numbers are worsening and no remedy in sight.

This is the NRM fault, this is the state fault for using the deliberate politics to split divisions and districts, carve as many as possible. Create new units before every election and trying to configure the same arrangements, as when they had bigger functions and was more manoeuvrable. Now, the NRM cannot even keep up with the scheduled programming and has to cancel stuff, because they cannot pay the suppliers, the costs of buildings and the staff to make it work.

This the reality of the district politics of the NRM. That they are failing, only doing it to give the patronage more funds, not to deliver needed service more locally, if so than the schools and health centres would be going from day-one. Which they are not and won’t be, unless some donors drops some funds its way. Than, the state might build something and later ask for more funding to actually run the place.

That is what they do. Don’t expect that the massive amount of 132 sub-counties without Health Centres III will change things. Unless, there is a godly intervention of epic proportion, that sends the Holy Spirit into the President and his wife. Than, there might be some changes, but unless that happens. Nothing will happen. The rotten core will not be healed over night, it needs a repair and new priorities before add-ons. Peace.

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