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Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development of Uganda Web-Page: It’s Hacked!

Ministry of Gender Uganda Hacked

The Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development Internett Page was yesterday Hacked and still is down with this screen, with some foreign music honouring the hacker for some reason. The Technical Team of Ministry should look into it and also the Minister Hon. Muruli Mukasa should get some civil servants to fix it, or even some of the secretariat they have budget to fix the issue.

Him proud on Twitter: 

The Hacker Uganda

I am sure the Web Page of the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development is not the most populare internett page in Uganda, but as a Government and Ministry, it should do what it could to either take the page down. Or fix the and block the hacker as they already have Technology to monitor technically the Opposition as proven that the Spying Divison of the Police Force have. Like the ISO Intelligence Operatives could go after and fix this, if they care about the Ministries reputation.

What do you think,  check for yourself: 

Ministry of Gender’s Web Page


GoU – ‘Banning the Recruitment and Deployment of Domestic Workers to Saudi Arabia and Other Countries (22.01.2016)

Uganda - Recruitment Saudi Arabia 22.01.2016Uganda - Recruitment Saudi Arabia 22.01.2016 P2Uganda - Recruitment Saudi Arabia 22.01.2016 P3

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