Kenya: IPOA Launches Investigations into the Alleged Assault on University Students by the Police (29.09.2017)

UoN expels SONU leadership candidate Mike Jacobs, 32 others (Youtube-Clip)

“The University of Nairobi has expelled 33 students following the recent chaos that led to the closure of the university.  Among those now barred from the institution is Mike Jacobs, who lost to Babu Owino in the controversial race for chairman of the university’s students unionThe varsity’s disciplinary committee has further suspended 25 students, pardoned 17 and issued warnings to over 100 others over the chaos” (Kenya Citizen TV, 2016).

What makes student leadership in Kenya a highly contested affair (Youtube-Clip)

The recent chaos at the University of Nairobi have brought into sharp focus the ever acrimonious student union elections. Early this month the students took to the streets to protest the re-election of Babu Owino as SONU chairman for a record 4th term. What is it that makes student leadership in Kenya such a highly contested affair? What perks make these positions so attractive? Rose Gakuo sought to answer these questions” (KBC NEWS, 2016)

Mututho To Record Statement Over UON Remarks (Youtube-Clip)

University of Nairobi student arrested by Police (Youtube-Clip)

Here you see another way of how the Nairobi Metropolitan Police does to their students! As this is a continuation of the Police Brutality that been seen by the Kenyan Police towards their youth and students of the University of Nairobi. This is not a good look, Babu Owino cannot be proud of the rigged elections and how the Government and the Security is dealing with fellow students. As Mike Jacobs gotten the SONU Chair stolen away while fellow students go through a hell-of-a-ride in the mercy of the Police. Peace.

University of Nairobi closing indefinitly after two days of Student Demonstrations!


University of Nairobi closed indefinitely following two days of riots by the students over union elections; University orders students to vacate all campuses by 5PM” (Citizen TV Kenya, 2016).

This happens after Student Riots that we’re made after alleged rigged election where Francis Babu won over Mike Jacobs, there after there been Police Brutality and also burning of the SONU offices on Campus while the Jacobs supporters have been rowdy, therefore the Administration have determind to close the Campus and University, indefinitely. So now learning and yearning as the students have reacted to a stolen election. Peace.

UoN’s Mike Jacobs speaks out on the aborted SONU election (Youtube-Clip)

“UON’s Mike Jacobs in sighting comrades to protest” (KTN News, 2016).

UoN Students beaten up by the Nairobi Police after the Demonstration after the SONU Election (Youtube-Clip)

Kenyan National Police Service aggressive against the students after the election yesterday and demonstration after Babu Owino was elected as Chairman of SONU Election. This is Police action the Government of Kenya cannot be happy about, as this is fellow students and not common criminals. Peace.

Running battles as UoN students protest alleged rigging of elections & University of Nairobi students torch SONU offices in fresh protests against Babu Owino’s re-election (Youtube-Clips)

“Students at the Nairobi University for the better part of Monday engaged in riots causing damage of unknown value to both motorists and the institution. This followed student leadership elections held at the end of last week which they claim were not free and fair. Babu Owino was elected for a fourth term as the chairman of the University’s students’ organization SONU. The unruly students, while chanting songs, took over key roads around the institution including State House Road, the University Way, Ojinjo Road and a section of Waiyaki Way. However, law enforcers soon subdued them blocking their march into the central business district, something that led to their change of plan forcing them to use the underpass bridge to their main campus where they set SONU offices ablaze. They later moved to Uhuru Highway where they pelted motorists with stones causing the law enforcers to lob teargas to disperse them. According to the University Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of Student Affairs Professor Isaac Meroka, the elections were free and fair and those who feel aggrieved should follow due process” (Citizen TV Kenya, 2016).

University of Nairobi students torched SONU offices in fresh protests against Babu Owino’s re-election. Babu has previously been linked to hooliganism and has often been seen to display a lavish lifestyle in sharp contrast to his student status” (KTN News Kenya, 2016).

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