Buy your identity…

Today I will discuss something that has been on my mind a while, but I haven’t penned down on anything, because well, I been naturally busy with ordinary life and moving, which makes a guy out of his safe space, get rid of old stuff and get something else to his new place.

Therefore a brother naturally thinks about a lot of matters while moving certain chairs, furniture and books from one place to another. I am seeing this advertisements, commercials and companies spending fortunes applying themselves into our daily lives.

Buy your identity! That is not what their saying directly but indirectly. Indirectly I mean is that you’re to prove yourself and who you are. Because the JEANS you got will tell who you are and who you want to be. The soda you drink will either tell your old house-mom or athletic sports fanatic who eager to live life in a rush. The car you’re pushing from A to B you own it either because you’re a anglophile or just a guy who needs a vehicle to drive in. And this could go on and on.

Buy your identity! What a lie it is. You can have a lot of stuff, house and car. You can buy the whole kitchen shop but that doesn’t make you a gourmet chef. If you drink PEPSI or COLA doesn’t mean bigger then you got a pretense for taste or your living somewhere where the either is sweater taste then the other one. There is nothing else really, if you want to add more to it than you’re making assumption on your own.

Buy your identity! When you see a fine woman smiling on a poster selling any kind of products as a man you look at it and glimpse at it. Even in the day and age when you’re told that photo-shopped model isn’t in the real world looking like that, but somewhere close. We all should in those matters think more about what ideals we want in society and where we want to go? Is this a healthy look upon the human body and with it standards and natural defects that most of us A4 persons develop, and even those models must have them? Right! There must be another route to generate interest that beneficial for the companies and for us citizens to look upon ourselves then get into a state where the body is just a skeleton and a minute after the Frankenstein’s monster arriving and eating your flesh.

Buy your identity! I am just waiting to share more of the joy that the fantastic and evolutionary toothbrush will make my smile as white as the teeth of Tom Cruise, but until then Colgate and Solidox wouldn’t be the magic to save my face this time either.

Nevertheless, we all need stuff, we all need to eat, have clothes, cars and houses. How much they make our identity and our soul is based upon how much place in our life we give them. If we give them nothing more space then we need, then is okay. But when we’re going to the point that we got to have a certain brand and label for everything in life, than we should sit down and think about moves. Because for certainty, that must be a wet dream for a marketer to know that there a person’s discussing and choosing certain products on the base of not quality, price or needs. But for the matter of personal gain and who they are.

As a man, I been there and done this without thinking and is not proud. But your there and wondering after if you were quoting the adverts for the company instead of making your own mind. Here are some examples:

–          Adidas VS Puma: Brothers who compete for making the best sportswear and all over the world people still discuss who is best and who fits best for you.

–          Coca-Cola VS Pepsi: Soda wars that never stops and in the modern way its discussing the difference flavors of the sugarless versions (Zero/Light VS Max). Drink them all just with joy.

–          Heinz VS Local Version Ketchup: The taste-buds you have, doesn’t necessary have to be the same as your friend. Get over it and eat.

–          Apple VS Microsoft Computers: Old discussion and also fight of hardware VS design and just how you feel. Both sides became anchors of identity.

–          Playstation VS Xbox VS Nintendo: Game wars that has put and set identity of both what kind of gamer you are and what kind of controller that fits you. Wonder when this is dying.

I could have made a longer list, but I won’t bore you to death. And I got a life myself so I quit while the game is good.

What I am trying to say is that don’t let the things make who you are. It’s true we all need stuff to live and make a living. A phone, even a smart one to, a computer to write and check important stuff online, we need transports, a place to stay and food in our belly’s. So here we are, we need companies, producers and they need to sell stuff to us. But that doesn’t mean that they have to sell a thinking of building my identity. They can’t build my identity. They can be a part of it, because I need them for certain, not out of pure joy but the way we have built society and our economic system.

The companies and their products make me check and pick after what I needs and sometimes just buying some random crap from a local business that wasn’t intended. But that is life, we are doing it and we all stand by it and see it happening.

Please, I know you can’t fix or make my identity. Please dear companies don’t sell that to me. I don’t need it and your toaster won’t make feel like Ussain Bolt or feel that when I buy a piece of bread that ‘I am making world peace’. We all know that isn’t happening. I am just buying a piece of bred so I can have some for supper and lunch at work. Nothing with the bread that is fascinating. The cereal isn’t a magical box with the sparkling finesse and supernatural powers to fix your diet. It’s just a measly bowl of cereal that I hope you like the taste of, but it doesn’t build your prestige or honor among people. Your action does so. Your beautiful mind does so. The way you write and discuss matters does so. Not you shoes who you runs with gives you stamina. That is your beating heart and lungs who give you power to run down the pathway, not the Puma or Adidas shoes. Even though they either makes the steps more soft or hard depending on which type of shoes you have.

Please, we can’t buy our identity. We can buy products and collectables. We can buy clothes that make us look different, but we can change them and be perceived differently, but our friends and family will know who we really are underneath the clothes and the front we put into the world we live in.


To saker: to nye fenomen – Star Wars og TV-Spill konsoller

To saker to nye fenomer. Disse må diskuteres. Derfor må jeg bare skrive dette. Både Star Wars moro og kommende konsoller. 

Star Wars  sin nye greie:

Nå som galskapen skal settes i system. Virkelig i system. Ikke nok at Star Wars syndikatatet eller firmaet ble kjøpt opp av Disney. Disney som er allerede har skaffet Marvel og Pixar. Dette gjør at det tredje store merkevare selskapet Disney konsernet har kjøpt.

Star Wars er en serie på seks filmer. Å en merkverdige tegneserie eller animasjonsserie. Jeg ikke har orket, eller hatt en anelse lyst til å se den, annet enn å ha lyst til å knuse ett par dvd’r på videoteket i Kristiansand. Desverre ser jeg meg selv som bedre enn det og har ikke gjort noe med det. For oss som liker den eldste trilogien, er den nyeste en satire av en trilogi. Selv om den er Star Wars, er det forsatt ikke den med Harrison Ford. Det er en diskusjon, en diskusjon som kan være lang. Krigen mot George Lucas går alltid på en ting. Kontinuitet. Sammenheng. Man kan strekke strikk, men enten så sprekker an eller så får du strikken tilbake til deg akkurat som en bommerrang.

Så nå, som Star Wars er eid av Disney. Disney er en pengemaskin. Først skulle de ha en ny trilogi enten i mellom de restende eller etter alt hend. Nå som endelig ryktene har spredt seg enda mer. Så blir det etter Marvels ånd. Sikkert med tanke på X-Men og Avengers sin siste greie. For å ta X-Men som først ble en serie. For så å prøve å lansere hver helt. Noe som ikke slo an, med super duden Wolerverine. Derimot Avengers. Begynte de med alle helter hver for seg. For så ende med Joss Whedons store felles film Avengers! Nå skal Disney gjøre det samme med Star Wars. Slikt som å ha Princess Leia, Jaba the Hunt eller Yoda med egne filmer. Orgin filmer, om hvordan de ble viktige figurer i universet – langt langt vekke.

 Konsoll krigen:

Nå som alle selskapene skal komme med nye konsoller. Nintendo har allerede sluppet Wii U. En sær skapning som jeg ikke skjønner meg på. Microsoft skal .. komme med ny Xbox som skal hete 720. Den skal være koblet til internett og uten tilgang til bruk av brukte eller gamle spill. Sony planlegger Playstation 4. Som skal være bedre og ha samme problematikken med gamle spill. Siden de som mekker spill og lager til konsollene liker dårlig bruktsalget av spill. Som gjør at spill-selskapene ikke tjener like mye som de kunne. Dette gjør de redd. Derfor er det moro å tenke på at VALVE som styrer Steam som streamer spill skal også komme med en konsoll til TV, der du ikke har spiller til BLU-RAY. Dermed blir markedet framover enda mer forvirrende og man kan lure på hvem man skal velge. Hvem som er beste både økonomisk og utvalgsmessig. Det viktigste for min del er å få gode versjoner av FIFA. Ingenting annet.

Ha en god kveld. In the name of the JEDI!!!! EA GAMES in the game. Og time to kill a mockingjay!

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