ONLA Communique on the current situation in Ogaden region (13.11.2016)


ONLF commando Unit of Halgan Sector, ambushed an Ethiopian regime army platoons, near Dhuhun district killing five soldiers and wounded seven others on November 8, 2016. The Ethiopian army platoons were engaged in harassment activities around the rural areas of Dhuhun district including rape, beatings and arbitrary detention.

The Ethiopian regime army increased its harassment of the Ogaden people since the declaration of Marshall law in Ethiopia, in order to further intimidate and oppress the civilian population in Ogaden.

The Ethiopian regime army killed two young men and wounded another two in Fiiq and Garbo districts in November 7, 2016 as a warning to the Ogaden youth not join the rebellion in Oromia and other states.

The Ethiopian regime security are conducting mass detentions in Qaruud and Gudhis in East Imey, Shabelle region; Shiniile, dhanaan district, and Birqot district, after the youth in those districts expressed support for the ongoing mass revolution in Ethiopia

The Ethiopian regime has been committing grave human rights violations in Ogaden since 2007.

Ogaden National Liberation Army (ONLA)


November 13, 2016

[Wish I had a bigger Microphone] The World right now is too Bloody…


There aren’t only murders and mysteries on the telly, its real life and not fiction as the Syrian civil war continues rapidly without whomever force and whomever ally around Aleppo or other check-points where the Presidents force, rebels or ISIS are shooting. The bullets don’t have names, but the men and woman on the side-line and at the battle who dies does; the men and woman who loses their life for themselves or a Nobel-cause.

As much as there are forces battling inside the Iraq nation as Government Forces are attacking together with American soldiers ISIS stronghold around Mosul. There are continued fighting inside of Afghanistan. Still battles between civilians and the Indian Army inside the Kashmir state that has issues there and on the Pakistan side of Kashmir. The long battle for freedom or justice, as the Kurds are battling for in Syria, Turkey and in Iraq; being the minority in the middle of the civil war in Syria and Iraq.

That is just some places, as the deteriorating state of affairs are attacking all sort of freedoms inside Ethiopia, as the army and Aghazi squad are killing and harassing the people’s in Amhara and Oromia states. Together with the arrests of bloggers, silencing media outlets, and detaining demonstrators, burning the homes of people and inflicting violence on the citizens. This state of emergency is used as a useful tool to oppress, silence and make sure the violence and killings doesn’t get out; while the Central Government works to find reasons and solutions to ways of total control of minds and bodies in the states of demonstrations against the Addis Ababa regime.

In Burundi the central government are using the Police and army, together with the Imbonerakure that are detaining, harassing, killing and torturing civilians, silencing the opposition and the ones not loyal to the  President Pierre Nkurunziza narrative of keeping power by any means. The Burundian Government has claimed that the Rwandan Government has created armies and guerrillas that wished for a coup d’état against the Nkurunziza regime. Therefore the fleeing civilians are in the wind as the Rwandan government has been wonder for a spell, if they would banish the Burundian refugees a place in the country.

FARDC Beni May 2016

While in the Democratic Republic of Congo, several guerrillas are still running wild, burning and killing villagers in the States of North and South Kivu, Katanga and so on. Where the foreign based groups that have been started in Rwanda and Uganda, continues to battle the locals for the valuable minerals; as even today a former M23 Commander Sultani Makenga who been in Uganda has crossed with a militarized group, surely from Kisoro as before to cause more havoc in the Kivu’s. The ADF-NALU, Mayi-Mayi and others doesn’t create enough death and crimes against humanity already, as the MONUSCO and FARDC haven’t the ability or will to silence them.

In South Sudan, the internal battle that started in July 2016, the resurgence of skirmishes between the SPLA/M and the SPLM/A-IO who are the TGNU and the Opposition party, which is the armies for President Salva Kiir and his former First Vice-President Riek Machar. That has since July battled each other with forces, in Western Bahr El Ghazal State, Equatoria State and Upper Nile State. There been fighting between the two in other states, but just show how big and powerful the forces are. The South Sudanese civilians are the losers who flees to Ethiopia, Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo, even in Congo because the Opposition we’re there has been asked to leave to other destinations. Therefore the internal power-struggle those fear of genocide, as still creating implications inside other nations.

In Somalia the Al-Shabab, the different state continues to have infighting together with the AMISOM mission. The running battles for land between Galdumug Interim Administration and the Puntland Government inside the Federal Republic of Somalia. Doesn’t really help for a peaceful session and making dialogue in the war-torn nation where Piracy and Khat been the ways of securing funds for ammunition and AKs, not for building a state and security.


Eritrea is closed and the continuation of the flow of refugees, as the internal controlling central government that forces the freedoms and liberties, as the men and woman does what they can to even enter Ethiopia, where they are badly treated. Eritrean reports are staggering as they are even supporting internal guerrillas in Ethiopia and Djibouti to unsettle their neighbours.

There are wars and running battles between government forces and rebels in Central African Republic, Mali, Mozambique and so on. This is happening in silence and without little flash, even as the ones are guerrillas like Boko Haram that are going in between Nigeria and Cameroon, to stop the Government from functioning and spreading fear of locals.

What is worrying how these actions continues, and how there are other I could mention, the issues in Libya, the Algerian complex and the Western Sahara colony of the Kingdom of Morocco.

Peace Ethiopia

The death that dies in silence, in the midst of homes, villages where their families have been living for decades, while big-men fight like two elephants; the grass get hurt, but the big-men be fine. The same is with all of these civil wars, the civilians are dying, the societies are deteriorating, the central government are controlled by little amount of people instead of procedure and rule of law.

The worry is how it becomes pro-longed, how the innocent dies and the power-hungry survive and the lucky get refugee somewhere else in uncertainty, like for how long can they stay, as been seen with the Kenyan Government work to get rid of Somali refugees in Dadaab Refugee camp during this calendar year, while the Somalian Federation if far from peaceful. Even as the Ethiopian troops has went home again surely to use their knowledge to chop heads in Amhara and Oromia. That is what they do now, they just doesn’t want people to know about it.

We shouldn’t allow this actions to happen, this killings, this violence and the silence of freedom, liberty and justice to our fellow peers, we should act upon it, question our power-to-be and the men who rules over these armies, the ones creating the havoc and the ones who are behind the crimes against humanity. Those are the ones that earning money on the wars and the ones that doesn’t want the words on the acts; those are the worst ones in it all as they are accomplices to destruction of lives and societies as we speak. Peace.

More than twenty ministers fired in Ethiopia cabinet reshuffle (Youtube-Clip)

“Ethiopian prime minister Hailemariam Desalgn has replaced and reshuffled more than twenty ministers . Among the ministries affected by the reshuffle are the Ministries of foreign affairs, finance and education. The new cabinet has been formed with more than 15 new ministers who are academia and professional workers.The prime minister, while speaking at the parliament said government offices cannot be used to make personal gains and practice corruption. Desalegn also said this whole change is in response to the people’s request” (CCTV Africa, 2016)

Our brave New World Order… Is too leave the ICC


“Why is UN not paying much attention to member states that are clearly sliding into turmoil and crisis and instead is majorly involved in the after effects of Humanitarian assistance. It doesn’t make sense. We can’t wait until it’s too.”Francis Mwijukye [35th Inter Parliamentary Union- Geneva: High level United Nations Management committee Meeting on Development assistance, Humanitarian assistance, peace keeping operations and Mormative treaty related knowledge, 26.10.2016]

We are living in a brave new world where the world order is switching… its twists and turns, the morning dew disappears and the sun kisses the earth yet again. The last few days the world has changed. Because Nations and States have made decisions that matters; they are not only talking, but now they are acting on it.

The International Criminal Court (ICC) of The Hague is under fire. After Burundi, South Africa and Gambia are thinking of pulling out of the International Court that access the genocides and crimes against humanity.

With the escalated conflicts, the stories of lives doing whatever they can flee nations, this is happening from the internal conflict inside Burundi, Burundians refugees are now in Tanzania, Rwanda and in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This because the President Pierre Nkurunziza decided to stay in power for a third term; when the Constitution of Burundi said the Executive only could have two!


The same with the internal fighting between SPLM/A VS. SPLM/A-IO in South Sudan; where there is battle of power between President Salva Kiir and former FVP Dr. Riek Machar. Because of the conflict in South Sudan the civilian refugees have fled to Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda and Ethiopia. Now MONUSCO got SPLM/A-IO and Dr. Machar from the DRC to Khartoum earlier this year.

In Kenya this is happening: while the Somali Refugees are now being sent home from Kenya under the command of the government there. This happening while opposition in all of the countries mentioned has optionally torturing, arresting, detaining and even harassing them if needed be. The Kenyan Government using the fear of Al-Shabaab to send the refugees away and also hustle more donor-funding from the United States. That happens because the Jubilee apparently didn’t’ earn enough coins on NYS, Eurobonds or whatever scheme they had in play at the time.

In this New World order that is arranged while the Government are using their Security Organizations to silence opposition. While the Nation with the African Union (AU) Headquarters and are the leader of the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD), the Ethiopian Government even uses helicopters, artillery and soldiers to kill civilians in the regions of Amhara and Oromo people. This is a Nation who has soldiers in Peacekeeping mission all around the Continent, but using all kind of force to oppress their own.

UN Burundi

So in this place and time with more totalitarian regimes, with more leaders not leaving offices and with less political freedom; the International Justice is winding down. The rule of law internationally right now is losing its power, while the United Nation’s negations and diplomatic missions like the Inter-Burundian Dialogue under former Tanzanian President Benjamin Mpaka hasn’t gone anywhere. While the dialogue between UN’s own Edem Kodjo hasn’t created anything resembling a General Election run by the CENI in the DRC. That is because President Joseph Kabila has no plan of leaving office without using force on his own. This is happening while the bloodshed continues in the Kivu’s, while the MONUSCO and FARDC watching it in silence. ADF-NALU and the Mayi-Mayi continues as well together with the Ex-FARDC Gen. Muhindo  Akili Mundos has also blood on his hands. This is happening while the Rwandan State still can export high-grade minerals that they cannot even produce or has mines to extract on their soil. This has been happening since the first war in the late 1990s.

So the New World Order is more of the same… the same kind of violence, the other change is the new brave leaders who defy the International Order. They don’t want to follow it when they feel it is unfair. United Nations (UN) might be next or the World Trade Organization (WTO) or the World Health Organization (WHO). As they might respect the International Monetary Fund (IMF) or the World Bank (World Bank) because they need their financial stability or the financial stimulus that backs the budgets and aspects the government needs to pay their elites, businesses and whatever it takes to keep the regimes a-float.

This is the grand issues… the human rights violations, killings and detentions… so the Presidents and their Administrations are now afraid of the ICC. They are worried that their actions be served by the Court and they have to answer for their crimes. Doesn’t matter if this court exists or not; the UN should put up Tribunals after the Internal Conflicts like they done in the past. Than it is not direct prosecutions or charges that the ICC has put on Executives or any in the inner-circle of ruling regimes as they know their using illegal forces to silence their people and citizens. Though the feelings from African Nations that they are feeling threaten by the ICC and their actions as they are not going-in on Europeans or Americans in general, while African Generals and Politicians are hand-picked.


I’m just waiting for the honourable nations of Morocco, Mauritania, Egypt, Sudan, Somalia, Republic of Congo, Mozambique, Angola, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Swaziland, Togo, Guinea, and Equatorial Guinea, and so on… There are more that will make decisions to leave, as even Cote d’Ivoire might revoke their place.

There are fears on the horizon, the ICC is losing its standing, the international community better listen as the men who are greedy on power and resources take it in these days by any means and hope to get away with it, while their people suffer. The only differences at our time are that information is not forgotten or not told. It’s there for those who listen; time to consider and rethink the World Order and where we want to be. Peace.

Ethiopia: the Government are apparently using all means to silence the citizens under the current ‘State of Emergency’!


The State of Emergency that came recently is a precautions move; to establish in essence the legality to oppress the regions of Amhara and Oromia under the TPLF or Ethiopia People Revolutionary Democratic Front that goes after civilians to keep the Tigray-Government in power in Addis Ababa.

Here is the main fixes to keep the stalemate and continue to violate the citizens’ rights under the oppressive behaviour of Agazi Squad; not only killing civilians, but going from houses to stop the congregations of peaceful demonstrations. That’s been going on for months that the citizens’ have demonstrated against the Central Government; something that has not gone well with Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn. Here is the details of the State of Emergency that will last for six months to shut-down peaceful demonstrations that been gaining momentum in Oromia and Amhara.

Exchange of Messages:

“The state run media outlets on Saturday published details of the law as presented by the head of the command post secretariat in charge of the state of emergency and minister of defense, Siraj Fergessa” (…) “The emergency law prohibits the exchange of messages and information via the internet, cell phones, social media, television and radio” (ESAT, 2016).

Firstly the law now is not allowing the people to use common communication channels as modern and older technologies to spread information. This is happening as there have already shut-down the Internet, therefore the activists want the citizens to use VPN connections through MeshKit and FireChat. This is because the Central Government have even silenced the phone-lines as well, to stop the information from the area go to the people.

Holding Demonstrations:

“Publishing and distributing documents, holding demonstrations, showing protest gestures, importing and exporting published materials were also prohibited by the law” (ESAT, 2016).

Secondly publishing and distributing document together with holding demonstrations are now illegal, as much as the hand-gesture like holding fists is now banned from Central Government. The Central Government are showing really that they don’t let the people spread information or holding demonstrations. This together now with gestures or publish any materials. So these materials and documents are supposed to lead to demonstrations, therefore they are illegal because the government doesn’t want to see it. This proves that citizens are not allowed to demonstrate against a regime that is now currently not allowing the citizens to have a VOICE!


Watching ESAT and OMN is banned:

“The law specifically mentioned  two independent media outlets abroad and banned the public from watching and listening to television and radio  programming by the Ethiopian Satellite Radio and Television (ESAT) and Oromo Media Network. The law gives power to security forces to monitor  and block messages transmitted via television, radio and movie theatres” (ESAT, 2016).

Thirdly, the Central Government who is not allowing spreading information or even gestures, that are silencing the voices of people. That the Central Government are banning two Channels directly Ethiopia Satellite Radio and Television (ESAT) and Oromo Media Network (OMN); this is the government is controlling the media and not allowing other news from being spread to the citizens. That is because they are not sending the massaged messages and statements that Government Spokesperson Getachew Reda wants to broadcast to save face for the oppressive regime.

Strikes are banned too!

“According to the law, strikes by workers as well as businesses and closing government offices in protest are illegal. The law says protests by students in universities, colleges and higher institutions of learning are also outlawed. The law gives power to security forces to take any action they deemed necessary against students who stage protest rallies” (ESAT, 2016).

Fourthly, the Workers are just to labour and not to ask about their rights, their wages or do anything about it. They are just too be happy with their place and salaries, working hours and not question the behaviour of their bosses and the labours safety. Together with the students who is not allowed to question the Central Government under the ‘State of Emergency’ as the civil society cannot spread information or watch certain channels; therefore the wages and workers are to be in the period not demonstrate for their wage or working hours; even if their wrong or not just for the labourers in Ethiopia. The #AddisTaxiStrike is not allowed to happen in the next 6 months… because of the EPRDF silence everybody who thinks about addressing the misgivings of the authoritarian regime.

Diplomates banned from travelling:

“The emergency law stipulates that diplomats cannot travel beyond 40 kms radius outside the capital without prior authorization and permission from the command post” (ESAT, 2016).

Fifth, the diplomates and dignitaries are not allowed and banned from movement, I wonder if the American Diplomates we’re to travel to Amhara or Oromia if they would be directly sent back to Addis Ababa. If not if they would end in jail like the Swedish Journalists in recent years. As the Oppressive behaviour doesn’t want Human Rights Activists and Diplomates who are connected with allies and such to travel into the regions to see the violence and oppression from the Central Government.


Police Force intact:

“Members of the police and security forces cannot take leave of absence or resign in the duration of the state of emergency” (ESAT, 2016).

Sixth, the Police Force and Security Forces are to be stable in the levels it is now. The Security Organizations like the Army and Agazi Force is to be there to silence the Civil Societies and the people of the regions use their forces to kill the spirit, the people and the means to silence them by any means. This means they are now occupying the regions with soldiers and artillery without any consideration of the people as they are just to work and not question the legitimacy of the Central Government in Addis Ababa.


“A curfew is in effect from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. local time in areas where there are economic infrastructures, factories, agricultural projects and other investments. The law also authorizes security forces to take whatever measure necessary against people who violate the curfew” (ESAT, 2016).

Seventh, so the people who are just to work, not to listen or see reports or news from others than who are accepted from the Central Government of the EPRDF. So the demonstrations are not illegal, they are extending it to be indoors from after work time; if the people tries to avoid this than the Agazi Squad to detain or use any means to stop them. This leaves the people with fixed salaries and with no freedom or liberty of their movement while the ‘State of Emergency’ is in effect!

Security forces can do what they please:

“Security forces are given permission to search and arrest anyone and confiscate possessions without a court warrant, according to the law” (…) “The emergency law also give security forces the power to take any action to defend themselves from any threat or attack” (ESAT, 2016).

Eight, the Agazi Forces and Soldiers, even Police can arrest anyone as they please, they don’t need charges or any signs of illegal activity. The people are designed to be sinners or violators as the citizens are guilty before there are innocent under the current Central Government. The Ethiopian Government have made people and their illegitimate activity into a feast of oppressive behaviour. The next level is to ban work and harvest so they can just die on the side of the roads of Gonder or Mendi. I am sure by the new laws, they are not allowed to be die or be buried; as the people are just supposed to be silenced by the TPLF.

This is so sad, that the Central Government is issuing this sort of acts and activities that are done with the cookbook of oppressive behaviour. They are using any ingredient to stop the people, the citizens from being [citizen’s] and they don’t want the foreign powers to know anything about their violence towards the citizens. Therefore I am calling it not aggression, but calling it an occupation of Amhara and Oromia regions, as the Central Government do not want to accept the demonstrations against them. Peace.   


ESAT News – ‘Ethiopian authorities release details of state of emergency’ (15.10.2016) link:

Statement by the Spokesperson on Ethiopia’s announcement of a state of emergency (10.10.2016)

Peace Ethiopia

The government of Ethiopia announced over the weekend a state of emergency for six months.

Fundamental human rights must be respected at all times as announced by Prime Minister Hailemariam. The suspension of political and democratic rights should be avoided.

Today’s parliamentary session offers the opportunity to open the way for an inclusive dialogue in response to the grievances of the population. This should lead to a comprehensive reform package.

Violence, whichever side it comes from, has no place in this endeavour.  Now it is time for all forces, inside and outside Ethiopia, to restore calm and join in ensuring that Ethiopia can pursue the path of democracy and development.

The Ethiopian protests in the provinces end in ‘State of Emergency’ another way to oppress the Amhara and Oromo regions!


Just as the months of demonstrations in Amhara, Oromo and Ogaden regions the Ethiopian Government under the Tigray Central Government under Prime Ministre Hailemariam Desalegne has order a State of Emergency. This happens as several foreign businesses are either pulling out of the regions or feeling the fear of being burned down by protestors. The reality is that the Government have already set in the Agazi Squad of the Ethiopian National Defence Force (ENDF) under the Ethiopian People’s Revolution Democratic Front (EPRDF).

The Amhara demonstrations and Ogaden demonstrations has been in general peaceful, but with some reactions towards the government has given land to foreign companies instead of giving the needed support to the locals. 

PM Hailemariam Desalegne said on TV:

“A state of emergency  has been declared  because the situation posed a threat against the people of the country” Hailemariam said on state run tv” (Reuters, 09.10.2016).


State of Emergency:

“The Council of Ministers has declared a state of emergency that will be effective as of Saturday evening so as to deal with anti-peace elements that have allied with foreign forces and are jeopardizing the peace and security of the country,” the state Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation announced Sunday morning” (FaroukFahima, 2016).

Breaking News: The minority and most hated regime in #Ethiopia declares state of emergency. The regime is in war against the people” (ERITREA Hadelibi, 09.10.2016).

There has also been reported on Friday that both Dutch Flowering companies working in Oromia and Amhara are planning to shut-down production in the area. This being Esmeralda Farms, Africa Juice and other 11 companies has been or trying to close their operation in Ethiopia. Other businesses have been burned down by the demonstrators as they are feeding the government with tax monies and do it weakening the authorities. This company has also been reported being behind the land-grabs in the regions, something that are escalating the anger towards the Central Government and their policies towards the citizens.

Zewya Prison have been set a blazed by demonstrators as the government are using their army. There been heard of gun shootings as well.

There been reported that the TPLF are keeping their loyal henchman in Amhara, as the regional president Hon. Ato Gedu Andargachew are to stay in power. Even with all the problems and demonstrations he is still trusted by the Addis Ababa government.

The army and Agazi Sqaud have been reported being responsible for the killings amounting up to 700 people, because the #OromoProtests are violating the control and insecurity of the Central Government. The Oromo people are fighting for their justice as the Central Government are keeping them under control now with surveillance, army and curfew in the region. Since November 2015, the amount of fallen people during the Oromo Protest has been calculated to 2500. That is extreme numbers to die under protests in peace-time.

That is happening as the Army has also sent brigades to the Amhara region where towns has been attacked and taken over by the Agazi squad. They have had assassins on the roof tops of Bahar Dir and Gonder/Gondar.

There also been reports that the TPLF and the EPRDF has moved all ammunitions and heavy artillery to the Tigray district. As they have sent major armies that we’re reported a month ago or so to be in the levels of 25,000 soldiers to Amhara alone. That is not setting the levels of army presence in the Oromo region.

In Addis Ababa the roads are now blocked by the government as the locals and demonstrations are throwing rocks at the cars moving in the area.


This here proves the vital problems of the State of Emergency created by the Central Government as they are trying to kill their way into silencing the Amhara, Oromo and Ogaden, this is happening the same week as the Government supposed to celebrate a feet of having a new railway between Addis Ababa and Djibouti where the Chinese are operating and training Ethiopians to run it.

The Central Government are now using excessive force as they are not even happy with the martial laws set in regions, therefore added their repressive behaviour and killing squads of the Agazi Squad of the ENDF. The ENDF are there to stop the burning of foreign businesses, because that hurt the pocket of the controlling TPLF government.

There will be more, when the reports are coming, this is a worry and the world should care that the country that has the African Union and seemingly are in-charge of the  Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD). So with that in mind the Government should care more for their citizens as their responsibility to be a example is now far-gone because of the ways the silencing and killings of their citizens are happening in Oromo and Amhara regions. They are continuing as the government are not only having issues in Ogaden, as they are acting questionable in Somali Region as well. Peace.


Faroukfahima – ‘Ethiopia Declares State of Emergency’ (09.10.2016) link:

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