Massive arrest of FDC party members is going on nationally; the day before the LC elections tomorrow!

FDC Police in Mbarara 02.02.0216 P1


At Mbarara Police Station:
1. Turyasaba Eric,
2. Novena kizinda
3.Mubagyizi Patrick.
4. Mutatina Jim.
5. Abdul karim.

Now at Ibanda police station.
7. Musiime Vincent
8. Mastiko yasin
10. Rubara lauben
11. Ahimbisiwe Robinson
12. Tibezara Francis Rwabutera
13. Kahima George
14. Mugisha Francis
15. Kushaba Sam.

…… Now at Mbarara police station.
Police are in over drive in Uganda now, arrests are massive.

Why I feel free to drop this:

This here is information dropped and verified from “Ushindi kwa Uganda” who registres violence, arrests and other illegal actions that is happening in Uganda. And the world need to know that the Police doesn’t just arrest the inner-circle of the FDC anymore, they are now taken local mobilizers as well. This here is a worrying escalation! Peace.

Three members of the Team Amama Mbabazi is arrested in Mbarara today


Press Release from Team JPAM 2016-2021:

Comrades, it is with sadness that we inform you of yet another unfortunate incident that occurred in Mbarara just a few minutes ago where they rounded up people wearing T-Shirts with the face of Amama Mbabazi and took them to the police station. This must stop. We believe in equality in spite of political differences. The Uganda Police force must explain to us why they are continually arresting us and not members of any other political party. We find this unfair and unconstitutional.


The Police are saying this about the arrests:

“I don’t really know whether when you want to become a leader means that you first demonstrate or stage a procession that is when you get votes. I think it really wrong and Ugandans need to understand that when you really have a heart for Uganda you can’t do what these people. We are going to treat them as the law says. it is not a procession, it is something staged. I think they either wanted to rob a bank or to steal. All those people who have alleged that they have lost things, they will have to compensate them” says Jaffar Magyezi the District Police Commander. The Police have apprehended them and have the suspects in the Mbarara Central Police Station.  They claim that the men were plotting to steal monies from the Centenary Bank in Mbarara (, 2015).

Jaffar Magyezi continues: “The arrest of Mbabazi supporters followed their refusal to follow laws in this country as they went ahead to stage demonstrations without alerting police, something that puts security at stake in Mbarara town” (…)”They staged the demonstration near Centenary Bank, Mbarara branch where one of the customer’s huge sums of money went missing. It is suspected the group was involved in the theft” (…)”This group will be presented before court to defend itself against accusation of the theft” (Chimp Reports, 2015).

This does not fit the press release from Team Amama Mbabazi 2016-2021!

One of the once arrested Mr. Joesph Kiiza has said this: “We shall do everything in our means to cause a transitional government. You can see how the police are holding us as if we are useless citizens of this country; we are tear-gassed day and night but we believe change must take place” (…)”But we will continue supporting Mbabazi till he is sworn in as the president of this country” (Chimp Reports, 2015).


Reference: – ‘Amama supporters arrested for ‘attempting to rob Centenary bank’ (01.09.2015) link:

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