Footage of how the Police Blocked Ingrid Turinaw on the Kabale Rukiri hills and pictures of how the Police acted the rest of the 19th April 2016

I think the footage speaks volume itself of the dire sitatuation that the FDC are in when it comes to the Police Force and their impunity against their own citizens. Peace.

Besigye Addresses The Press on his Next Move After his Arrest (Youtube-Clip)

“Kiiza Besigye was yesterday arrested in Kabale after he had appeared in court. He talks about the ordeal and what he plans to do next” (NBS TV Uganda, 2016).

“Kizza Besigye says he is glad police had some sense & allowed him to drive through Mbarara & make a stop to greet the crowd. Things would’ve gone terribly wrong had police insisted on stopping us from driving through Mbarara. The people there are no jokers” (NBS TV Uganda, 2016).

A short explaination of the clip: 

Dr. Kizza Besigye narrating his ideal with Uganda police goons who intercepted him on his way to his home district Rukungiri from Kabale and bundled him in a police mobile torture van together with other three people and drove the back to Kampala. Besigye also said that what is happening is intended, not only to harass him but also harass People Who stand with him.

KCCA letter to IGP/Kampala Metropolitan Police – Re: Victory Celebration of Leaders in Kampala (07.04.2016)

KCCA 08.04.2016

Kampala new elected leaders (opposition) are to hold victory function Tomorrow Sat. 9/4/2016 at Nakivubo Settlement P. S. Starting 9am. The Guest of honour is Dr. Besigye. Inform a friend. Come one come all!

Kampala Opposition Leaders 08.04.2016

NTV Uganda footage of the arrests infront of the Parliament of Uganda today

More arrests of opposition members in Uganda today


Today there been reported through several sources that certain members of the FDC party has been arrested and taken to the Police. Some of these persons are Mubarak Munyagwa the Mayor of Kawempe, Nasurdin Basalirwa the FDC Youth Chairman for Kampala and Hamidah Nalongo Nassimbwa the VC of FDC Woman’s League in Central Region.

Parliament290915 P1

They got jailed after being active activist going to the Parliament to ask the Parliament to implement Electoral Reforms. That seems like a sin in the country when you go against the man with a vision and the only revolutionary in the country. Then you’re allowed to be imprisoned for their opinions and wish to make change. Also to demonstrate against NRM regime and the laws set for the General Election in 2016. Peace.

Parliament290915 P2

Police deploys to avert chaos at Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Uganda Police Force has deployed at Ministry of Foreign Affairs today 20th November 2014 at 10:00am to prevent chaos from demonstrators.The demonstrators were led by Dr. Kizza Besigye, Mayor Munyagwa Mubarak, Hon. Mathias Mpuga and Ingrid Turinawe among others.The Ministry of Foreign Affairs had not been given notice prior to the demonstration neither was the police. The demonstrators safely returned to the premises and calm has been restored at the Ministry. The police continue to encourage the public to desist from getting involved in any form of unlawful assembly.

SSP Namaye Polly
Deputy PRO
20th November 2014

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