My honest letter to the now lost Hon. Beti Kamya!

Dear Beti Kamya!

There are so many words to describe you right now, but I will be frank and honest. Since you have turned 360 around. It seems like in your lifetime you have gone from a fierce critic of President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. To accept being a Minister in his bloated Royal Cabinet in the 10th Parliament in charge of the Ministry of Kampala. Where you are sanctioning your wisdom, controlling the City Hall and Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA). You seem to enjoy playing cards with Executive Director Dr. Jennifer Musisi and Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago. The role of Minister seems to fit you well, since you prefer ordering, not guiding or leading. That is why you suddenly have said this during the last two days, which is both flabbergasting!

Hon. Beti Kamya says Museveni is a gift from God who should rule beyond 75 years. She says age limit must be lifted” (NTV Uganda, 21.07.2017).

For the little time I have worked with the president, I find him, a very informed and tolerant leader. I sit in cabinet every Wednesday, but actually I think he is more intelligent than cabinet combined. Therefore, you just can’t do away with him,” Beti Kamya” (The New Vision, 22.07.2017).

You have in the past asked if President Museveni had a heart, she wrote a piece on that in 2008. I think you have forgotten that, aye? Also, you said this in 2011: “We must get rid of Museveni by all means because he has become a Monster”. Seem like heart has change and your mind at the same started to praise the man with no heart and who you said was a monster.

In the past you have worked against him, back in the day even been a part of the Reform Agenda and part of the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) before joining your own struggle with the Uganda Federal Alliance (UFA). With your recent statements you can wonder if you have forgotten this history. Since your statements now counter all what you worked for in the past. The 360 is to visible and unbelievable. Your like a political Mwenda. Andrew Mwenda was a starch critic against the NRM and Museveni at KFM Radio, but over the years he is sounding more like crony and a partisan support of the regime. Now the same has happen to you!

Beti Kamya, I wonder how does it feel to trade your values and political beliefs for the safety and being loyal to the regime despised. Seems like you traded away all of your belief of who the President was for something else. You were a critic with finesse and words. Now Beti, you are crony and praising him onto levels beyond reasoning. Since, you who knows his track-record and his past. Knows that your words aren’t true.

President Museveni is only using Honorable Kamya, you might not want to hear this, but that is the fact. He is using you and your former stances, to prove that he cannot be so bad after all. Since has given way and let you inside his cabinet and fold. You who was a fierce critic and said he had no heart and was monster. So when you this week says he is “gift from god”, “tolerant leader” and “I think he is more intelligent than cabinet combined”. We know something has changed you and busted your brains.

If he was a gift from god, would he need to rig the elections? Would he need to kill innocent people in Kasese? If he was a tolerant leader, why is the FDC leadership near prison sentences every time they conduct public meetings? If he is so intelligent, why does is his NAADs, SACCOs, Youth Livelihood Project and all other public schemes fail?

You should already know this, but your hooked on the power of your ministry and want to be a loyal subject. You want the good graces, you want the services provided and police security of your home. You want the paid SUV, the perks of an MP and become a giant in politics. An by doing so you had to align yourself with your enemy. That you have done Beti and very well. You now sing of praise and begs for his mercy. Your of joy of getting all of this. Therefore, you are praising him to make sure he doesn’t take it away.

That is his wisdom, he got you and your taken by him. He knows this since your in his hand and he knows as long as your there. You wouldn’t dare rebel or act all out. Even if that was your core belief. Since you are there, you have traded it all and given him, you as a platform and you let him use you. This is sad, very sad, it is astonishing that you have let him. Alas, there we are and this is what we see.

You have gone from being a true opposition, a fighter for justice and democratic values, to become a spineless crony of Museveni. How surely you must be proud of yourself! Peace.


Best Regard

Writer of Minbane

Mrs. Beti Kamya – “Where is Museveni’s Heart” (Daily Monitor Article of 28.01.2008)

Beti Kamaya 2008 Article P1Beti Kamaya 2008 Article P2Beti Kamaya 2008 Article P3Beti Kamaya 2008 Article P4

Important facts on How the British Colonial Uganda detained Pro-Independence Activists; Similarities to how the NRM does today!

Besigye Kampala 11.05.2016 P3

Earlier in the day Charles Onyango-Obbo (COO) wrote this:

“Uganda opposition leader Besigye detained in Moroto, Karamoja region, where British colonialists detained pro-independence leaders in 1950s”.

Some deeper information on the matter; not from me, because the internet has a thing, it never forgets, but people does! There I am adding this to show the historical factors of what Charles Onyango-Obbo was tweeting. To prove the words, as you also should know the British tried to get rid of most of their records of their Colonial breaches and violations in their “Operation Legacy” in 1950s and 1960s where the United Kingdom destroyed deliberately documents of their operations in the Protectorate of Uganda and the other Colonies they ones ruled. Therefore there a lot’s of information and state documents that of historical value could verify and even say something about not too distant past.

Still, I have collected these quotes and they shows interesting facts as Dr. Kizza Besigye is detained at Moroto, and finally really see how much President Museveni does his dealings and oppressive his fellow citizens in ways that would have done Colonial London proud!

How British Colonial Government wanted to Silence the Baganda and Mengo! 

British Government letter 1953 P3 UgandaBritish Government letter 1953 P2 UgandaBritish Government letter 1953 Uganda

The Quotes:

“Natives who first criticized colonial rule in 1945 such as Katikkiro Wamala and Samsom Kisekka were declared to be insane. They were deported to Arua and Bunyoro to ‘protect’ society from anti-colonial ideas”.

“In 1945 the colonial government in Uganda established the Special Branch to trace, neutralise and punish local opponents.  The Special Branch is the equivalent of the State

Research under Idi Amin and the CMI under President Museveni. The Special Branch suppressed hundreds of nationalists through up-country deportations, torture, loss of employment and imprisonment”.

“Following the 1949 riots against the colonial regime, hundreds of people became ”Abalira kunsiko” (living in the bushes) to avoid the wrathful Special Branch”.

“Fenner Brockway, a British Labour MP came to Uganda to save their lives. The Special Branch used to deport their victims to isolated places in the bush in northern Uganda”.

“Between 1945 and 1950, the colonial government in Uganda criminalized native political associations to destroy any connection with anti-colonial mobilization”

“In November 1957, Yekosofati Engur was sentenced to three years for using the example of Mau Mau to tell a friend that the British were murderers and land thieves”.

I think that is enough for now. But in these days we live it is important to not forget the past as it has its own way to repeat itself, therefore the liberator is acting like a colonial master or a totalitarian leader who is a dictator with his own fully functioning Police State, as there are more tear-gas then medicines, and so on. While the Opposition are either detained, house-arrested or silenced. While he walk and his Elite walks like proud-cock around with the army and Police Force intimidating fellow citizens. Peace.


Fred Guweddoko 9th October 2003 – ‘Independence Came’