Opinion: Bong Bong Marcos cannot even be sincere about the attendance at the Las Piñas rally

Only about 18,000 attended the rally, according to an official statement by the Chief of Police of the PNP Las Piñas” (Rappler, 15.03.2022).

This is the issue of coming out with a statement and saying 500,000 people showed up to your event. Which seems sort of impossible in Las Piñas. As the population statistic for the city is about 590,000. In addition the tent of the venue was built for 5,000 and the estimates around it was triple. Meaning in total with this calculation… the rally would be around 20,000.

20,000 people to any rally isn’t bad for the UniTeam or the BBM-Sarah campaign. I find it really puzzling to have a tent, which fits a crowd of 5,000 and suddenly amass 500k. That is some biblical shit and sort of miracle that only Jesus Christ could pull off. As he could feed 5,000 with five loaves of bread and two fish. It sounds like the same sort of thing to me.

That Bong Bong Marcos wants to look majestic makes all sorts of sense. Especially, since he doesn’t have the character or spine to show up at debates. He needs to boost his ego and look more successful than he really is.

What is striking is that Inday Sara is willing to join the ride and not refute the lies. This is not how integrity or reality looks like. It is like BBM wanted to look like the whole city was at his rally and nothing else to do. They had to show up and feel the “love in the air”. God knows really, but this is just disgusting.

It shouldn’t be this hard. However, that shows the character of the UniTeam and BBM. They are willing to lie about attendance and boost their numbers too ridiculous levels. In such a fashion, I have to use a story from the bible to show how dumb it is.

He has made the 5 loaves of bread and 2 fishes turned into a feast for 5,000 people. That’s the miracle of Las Piñas. BBM claimed in Press Release “hundred of thousands join UniTeam caravan” and 500,000 attended the really. Today, the PNP has refuted that and it’s evident it wasn’t possible.

This is why the BBM UniTeam shouldn’t boost their ego too fast. It is only looking stupid and really fast. When the old man cannot stomach questions on an open mic and people are supposed to believe his statements. Clearly, he wants to manufacture his own hype. Where he is fixated on astronomical numbers and glorifying presence. However, that is not the reality we live in.

Yes, there are pictures of plenty of people in one street around the caravan of BBM. Nevertheless, it is impossible to believe that 100,000 would be fitting on one street and around the vehicles of the campaign team. Which everyone knows and when they are lying about the tent and the crowds there. How can we trust the massive outreach of the presence around the convoy?

I am not saying that people didn’t show up, but it wasn’t like 90% of the population in the area was inside that tent or 50% of the population was on the streets hugging the limelight of Bong Bong Marcos that day. There was a rally with thousands attending and there was thousands of people in the streets. However, a 100k or more seems insincere and easily debunked lie.

BBM needs to be legit and speak within bounds of reality. The fiction and the lies aren’t it. He can speak non-fiction and sell stories. Nevertheless, we will not allow buffoonery. Peace.

Opinion: Marcos Jr. Versus Robredo

The main candidates in this up-coming Presidential Election in the Philippines will be between Ferdinand “Bong Bong” Marcos Jr. and current Vice-President Leni Robredo. That is the gist of it. The last few days are proving it even more. As they battling over having the most prominent endorsements of Bulacan. Just to prove to the public that they have the public behind it.

However, there are two very significant difference between these two candidates. Not only is Marcos Junior the son of the late dictator. He is also very lacking in achievements as a representative in higher office. The BBM team and the machinery behind wants to sell it all like hot-cakes. Nevertheless, that is still not the whole truth.

Yes, on the recent Pulse Asia poll he has gathered a grand lead on the rest of the candidates. Even if it is so, I would take it with a grand of salt. As the Presidential Candidate in a harsh political climate as the Philippines cannot stomach to participate or be part of Presidential Debates. Marcos Jr. is ditching the second one and that is showing lack of awareness.

Maybe, Marcos hopes that he can live on and thrive on the popularity of the Inday Sarah. As she can live on her political dynasty and her fathers popularity in the general public. That is how things seems, since Marcos only shows up to own rallies and isn’t a part of the conversation nationally like the rest of them.

VP Robredo is getting support of the Churches, Academics and former diplomats. It is not like Robredo is hyper popular as a candidate, but she is more down to earth in comparison to Marcos. She is at least not trying to artificially generate huger crowds and lie about the attendance.

What is striking however… is how BBM and the team trying to make him so magnificent. When he doesn’t have the courage or the balls to attend debates. It is like he knows he doesn’t have the answers or the cognitive ability to articulate his policies or plans ahead. That’s how it looks to me.

Yes, Robredo’s term in office as the VP haven’t been golden. At least she has had the character and tried. She has stood in the storm and been desecrated on a daily basis. Still with that in mind. Leni is still pushing ahead and not looking back. If she had been as soft and mellow as Marcos. Nobody in their right mind would have believed in her candidacy.

The reason why BBM is more strengthened is because of Inday Sarah. They are now a powerful ticket, because she has the dynasty of Duterte behind her. We know also the 7-Eleven “Daily Cupdates” has but him in front. It is still early, just like all the “pink-days” on social media.

We are seeing various of celebrities weighing in and being parts of the rallies. That will make a sudden impact on their fandoms, but will not change the pattern substantially. Unless, they are BTS size of fandoms or Taylor Swift fans. It is a need for a real momentum. Neither candidate has that right now. They are still canvassing and salvaging whatever advantage they can.

The way I see it. BBM should man up and grow a pair of balls. Prove that he has the ability to discuss and come with good arguments for his candidacy. Which none of us has seen. The prepared rallies and team composed speeches will not prove anything. Other than the gentleman can be composed on stage. We would expect more of a President and a Presidential Candidate.

That’s why with the record and the former roles Leni she has more to give right now. She don’t have dynasties or the machinery behind her. Robredo is a weaker candidate, as she doesn’t have the plunder or the ability to pay of a lot the hurdles. However, if it is a battle of character and proven capacity. Robredo is more worthy than Bong Bong by a landslide.

That Marcos Jr. looks good in two polls at this point of time. Shouldn’t stop the other candidates from working and proving their worth. Instead, it should galvanize them and inspire them to prove it even more. As they know BBM cannot or have no courage to be in the ring with the rest. He has to be scripted and in print by friendly media. Not like the others who are daring to be undressed and fall flat in front of the whole nation. Peace.

Opinion: The Son who wants remind the Voters about the Martial Law Era

Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. the son of the dictator of the Philippines who is running for Presidency in the upcoming elections. Him and his team decided on the proclamation rally to play the Martsa ng Bagong Lipunan anthem, which was a propaganda tool of his father and was played on the regular on the TV before the National Anthem. Therefore, this is distasteful and disgraceful.

Bong Bong Marcos already have to answer for the plunder and the looting of the state, which his father did and the vast wealth his family does have. Where he haven’t answered for this or been concerned about it even. Just like we know BBM haven’t been in favour or ever celebrated EDSA. This man rather forget the People’s Revolution and the fall of the dictatorship of his father. That seems to be clear now that he plays the song on the official start of his campaign on the 8th February 2022.

This is not a sign of leadership by Bong Bong, but instead of praise of what his father did. If you want to signal to the world that you prefer the achievements of your father and his legacy. Bong Bong did what finesse on the 8th February 2022. He maybe thought he gave the people a little of nostalgia and an anthem of remembrance. However, BBM failed with this one here… unless he wants a new martial law and be an image of his father.

It is weird writing this in 2022 but it is needed. As this sort of thing shouldn’t happen. It shouldn’t be necessary, but instead it is clear that someone has to call it out. This is not righteous and a move of wisdom. If Bong Bong wanted to distance from the legacy of his father and prove that he is his own man. He should maybe stand his ground and build up his own charismatic figure. Instead, he seemingly want to live on the “glory” of the “old days” with his father.

BBM lived a life of lavish times during his father reign. There was nothing he couldn’t do or couldn’t get. Maybe he wishes the times was as golden and riches would continue to run into his accounts. However, the plight and the suffering of Martial Law for the citizens wasn’t something people want to repeat. There was a reason for the popular revolution against his father and the heroes who are now celebrated every year.

That’s why BBM shows his mind and what he believes in. When he and his team decided to play Bagong Lipunan anthem. Just to remind the Filipino nation of the dark days of the Martial Law. As the songs and anthem is about the “New Society” his father aspired for. While other people suffered under his reign.

BBM and his team is showing their hearts. It is showing what they believe in and what they stand for by their actions. This shows us all why BBM haven’t cared for EDSA. As he launches himself with a new remix of the anthem of the martial law. That shows what he stands for and what he believes in.

Indirectly showing that he praises his father and his choices, by playing his songs and God knows what the next he does. Maybe he starts taking slogans and policies, which is ushering more of the dictatorship of his father.

The son should know better… but that’s too much to ask, apparently. He just wants to bash in the glory of his father and thinks that is a splendid way of notifying the world of his candidacy for Presidency. Peace.

National Union of Students of the Philippines (NUSP): Comelec’s decision on Marcos do case bears grave disservice to the Filipinos, blantant disrespect to the law (12.02.2022)

Opinion: Does Bong Bong Marcos even have a spine?

When all the other invited Presidential Aspirants went for the interview with GMA’s Jessica Soho. You would think the Ferdinand “Bong Bong” Marcos Junior would show up and have an appearance. However, he declined and claimed the journalist would be biased against him. That’s a weakling and lack of attitude from a Presidential Contender.

If he is afraid of a few questions and possible narrative against him. Why doesn’t he stand tall and contest the assumptions? Or doesn’t he have any rebuttal or ability to further the conversation? Any great leader of men are able to digress the conversation or even turn the questions on its head. If not “plead the fifth” and move on for that matter.

As a Presidential Candidate he is in his right to decline to show-up, but it isn’t a sign of strength or ability to defend his stances or his family history. The son of the late dictator seems like he only wants wants friendly media and ass-kissers, bootlickers and lackey’s to spread his message to the public. Since, he cannot even stomach an interivew with GMA’s Soho.

What will be the next excuse or reason to back off from an interview or participate in a televised debate? Because, if his worried about this… what little back-bone does the man have? Can’t he carry the legacy and his name? Is he worried about his entitled wealth and how people might perceive that?

If BBM wants to be a serious contender and an aspirant. He has to use all platforms and address himself to the public. He cannot hide behind Inday Sara or behind his team’s Press Releases. No, that’s not good enough. Especially, when the man is supposed to lead and be the man over the proud Filipino nation. Clearly, his not up to it, since his afraid of an interview with a few hard-hitting questions.

Bong Bong Marcos just wants the tabloid and easy-living, no hurdles and no touchy-touchy interviews, which doesn’t go to the core of a subject or dives into the past. That is very obvious… and it’s tragic-comical at this stage. He should be fuming and show finesse, instead his backing out like a coward.

How can this man be the front-man and be the astute leader, when he cannot even take a few questions from a GMA journalist? Does he only need friendly press from Manilla to show up and take smug pictures of him? He only wants the click-bait, home-based, you-are-famous therefore we acknowledge your existence pieces? Is that the only thing he can do?

If so, why even bother to be on the ticket and run as a Presidential Candidate? When you cannot muster the courage and be bold at a setting, which you as a man cannot control. You should be brave enough and have it in you to be pushed outside your comfort-zone and show his character to the whole nation. However, that is too much to ask and he only wants it his way. As head of state and a leader of men. I can promise you… he will not have it his way or get it all like he wants it.

Therefore, he should be prepared for moments, times and media, which will not represent him in a manner, which he prefers. Nevertheless, the man should carry himself wisely and show his ability to overcome that. People would respect that more…

So, when he declines and uses excuses to not attend an interview. The loser is him and his campaign. His looking like the fool and weakling…. Who wants to vote for that? Only his cult following and not the undecided. Peace.

Opinion: Inday Sara gets the whole machine behind her

The current Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Caprio or Inday Sara is getting everyone behind her it seems. The CMD-Lakas has given her the vouch of approval and also the chairmanship of her party. PFP and Ferdinand Marcos Junior is supporting her Vice-Presidential race as a tandem vote. The People’s Reform Party is vouching for Sara as the VP and their candidate in in the race. While the PDP-Laban party and Presidential Candidate “Bong Go” is vying for Inday Sara as well. Therefore, everyone is seeking her graces at this point.

That says a lot really, but why is it like this? Why does everyone want to play with her? Is it because she’s the rising star or is ti because of the influence of her father as well. This is maybe why the PDP-Laban haven’t anointed anyone directly to be the VP candidate there for now. They hope she will be part of the ticket there too.

However, she is directly campaigning with Bong Bong Marcos. That is in all our messages and her statements of now. The ticket she is running on is directly being part of the Marcos launch plan. Inday Sara is clearly taking the risk and hopes for the rewards for doing so. Being part of a dynasty ticket and getting monetary gains into a campaign. Since, BBM and the family of plunders have the funds to have a vast campaign for her.

With doing that, she is indirectly vouching for the son of a dictator. Inday Sara has to take the blunt disregard and the disrespect of the EDSA revolution. She has to carry the weight of the martial laws and the tyranny, which the father did in his life-time. Bong Bong Marcos isn’t his father, but he has dismissed and downplayed the actions of his father. Neither has the Marcos family repaid or tried to take account for the plundering, which also happened and has been reported. The vast wealth was built on the state and siphoning funds. These haven’t been returned to the Republic and now some of that might be spent on the Inday Sara campaign.

She is initially accepting this blood-money for a stake at power. Inday Sara is accepting trading morals and credibility over a quick buck. Yes, that will make it easier and the venues might be bought without any issues. Inday Sara will get the promotion materials, the airtime and the TV-Ads needed to be in people’s mind all the time. Nevertheless, the price of that is working and accepting the neglect of the victims of the Marco’s reign. Since the son has never responded or cared for it. He only saw the beautiful side of his reign and enjoyed spoils. That’s why he will not address the reasons for the popular revolution, which caused the end of his fathers reign.

Now, Inday Sara will have to eat that bullet. She might shred tears and say she will push him. Nevertheless, she will be indebted to him and the slot he gave her. The agreement there comes with a cost and she cannot push or burn that bridge. The PDP-Laban slot might be a life-line, but then she will not have the same machinery behind her.

In CMD-Lakas and PFP she has two parties behind. While also having possible suitors in PRP and PDP-Laban. With that in mind, Inday Sara has several of friends who can back her. Now, she just have to prove her policies and worth. So, that she can be edible and able to sell Marcos to the public as well. Inday Sara has to make Bong Bong Marcos people friendly and a viable option. That’s not easy. BBM has never made that easy and he shreds doubts, again and again. She has to in-debt prove his value. That is a task I don’t ever want. No matter how much money you throw on my desk.

Inday Sara has a hurdle ahead of her. Yes, the machinery is behind her. Still, the machine can easily default or have technical difficulties. It is all fun and games when everything is working. However, when you have down-time and stoppage time. Awaiting the mechanics. At that time, the true face of the character comes forward and how she carries the trouble ahead. Right now is the honeymoon stage.

While the true campaigns are soon hitting the streets and there will be no turning back. Peace.

Halalan 2022: Is President Duterte giving way to Inday Sara? [That’s how it seems to me]

We all know why this happens as the PFP and CMD-Lakas have fielded their main candidates, which is Ferdinand Marcos “Bong Bong” Jr. as the Presidential Candidate and Sara Duterte Carpio as the Vice-Presidential Candidate. This was released during the weekend and some anticipation of a VP battle between father and daughter.

Now, today that’s dismissed. Again the PDP-Laban ticket gets altered, as Bong Go is the Presidential Candidate, because “Bato” Del Rosa withdraw from the race. We don’t know who will be the VP of the PDP-Laban anymore. Since the current President Rodrigo Duterte announced today that his standing as a Senatorial race in 2022.

Therefore, the current President isn’t only going down a peg, but his going to Congress. He will be one of the footsoldiers of the government and positive votes with the chamber. Duterte is downgrading his office and stance by a mile. He went from being a mayor for years in Davao City to become the President.

Now, he will be a Senator and running on a list. Where there is 12 seats to win and the most popular senators are the ones who is elected into it. He is risking becoming a side-show or a benign player in the game of politics. The reason for doing is to not compete directly with his daughter. That is what it looks like.

Since him standing as a Senator goes against the PDP-Laban resolution of the ticket of him as a VP and Bong Go as the Presidential candidate. Now, that is not worth the ink on the paper. The PDP-Laban party is clearly not as important as the future of the family. That is how this seems.

Yes, the President is showing that he won’t go hard on his daughter. He only questioned her aspiration, as he thought she should seek the office of President and not VP. The CMD-Lakas statement shows they are proud to her on the team. PFP was happy too. So, both parties of Arroyo and Marcos seems like winners. While the PDP-Laban is further weakened, because of family loyalty.

That is how an outsider looking in… make seems. It is all politics and Inday Sara has tried to pick the parties and “sponsors” to bring her nationally. That is how it seems here. While her father is stepping to a smaller role and hoping to get re-elected into prominence. He can live of his name and he shows was never retiring. Which he promised to do ahead of 2016 as well. So, saying so in 2021 was just buying time to configure the game-plan.

Rodrigo seems to be very favourable towards the daughter instead of his supposed new role or place. He might say it is differently and he has considered all avenues. However, we know he couldn’t rant or tarnish his own kin. We know he couldn’t ambush or abuse his platform to desecrate her. Neither could accept to be humiliated and mocked by his daughter either. That will not happen.

We are just seeing the President giving way to Inday Sara. That is very clear. There is no other way of seeing this… Since the President has kept the political dynasties close, except for a few chosen few. His kin seems to do the same. That’s why Inday is running on the same ticket as Marcos. That will be a hard bargain and making him “edible” for more people. While the son of the former dictator cannot run away from his antics and lack of care for the dictatorship that enriched his family. The plundering and the martial law, which caused the People Power and EDSA revolution. Therefore, she has to waver with this and being able to sell that… this is something I don’t understand that she’s willing to do and surely the promises have to vastly fortunate to her.

We are clearly seeing that the choices of Inday Sara is blocking the President moving forward. That is really clear and that’s how I am seeing this. I just wonder how the PDP-Laban will fill it’s ticket now and who will be the new unique character to run with Bong Go. Peace.

Halalan 2022: Duterte Versus Duterte?

Today, it was revealed that some of the “holding” candidates dropped out and the real candidacies got on paper. Some was anticipated … and this isn’t that shocking, as the candidates in question did a last minute step to go into the ring and backing down makes sense. We can maybe expect some more or just reveal the final tickets. However, today reveals a real unique case, which isn’t that usual or even common anywhere.

The PDP-Laban ticket is getting back to what the party already made a memo or a resolution earlier in the year. So, Ronald “Bato” Del Rosa have revoked his candidacy and withdraws as a Presidential Candidate. Christopher Lawrence “Bong” Tesoro Go or “Bong Go” is becoming the Presidential Candidate. While the current President Rodrigo Duterte is running as the Vice-President in the up-coming elections.

This means the PDP-Laban will be going with the Bong Go – Duterte ticket. While the PDP-Laban made the changes and the President is scheduled to field his candidacy over the weekend. A family member made change on her own.

The PFP and Ferdinand Marcos “Bong” Junior presidency got an boost as Lakas CMD have declared Sara Duterte Carpio as the Vice President on the same ticket. This mean the son of the Marco’s dictatorship and Duterte’s daughter is running mates. Which in the end means that Rodrigo and Sara is going head-to-head for the office.

This means father and daughter will be competing for the same office. Sara have already been the Davao City Mayor just like her father was. They have both had this office and now she’s also seeking a high ranking official space. What is striking is that she joins on the Marcos ticket and will with this accept the plundering ways of that family.

Sara Duterte Carpio might get the finances and the benefits of the agreements ahead of the race. While the father has the big-name and recognition. Heck, the father might have more popularity and get more favourable headlines. She has to prove herself nationally and cannot just ride on her family name.

Inday Sara have to show herself and not think she can walk into this without any issues. First, she has to address the elephant in the room. As she’s just there because of her father. Secondly, she has to address and be able to articulate her support for Marcos. These two things are just the beginning… before even asking about policies, plans or even use her skills for the high ranking office.

It will be a weird race to see father and daughter battling out for the same office. Both racing to become the VP. They are both willing to fight for the same office. I wonder if Rodrigo will be as brutal and sincere in concern to his daughter? Will Rodrigo go as hard or be as blunt, as he is with any other competitor?

Will Sara throw her father under the bus and bury his achievements? Will she sound like an opposition candidate and answer back with a fierce tone?

Or will these two be a friendly faces and act like nothing. Because, these two are family and in the end… blood is thicker than water. Time will tell…

But seeing Duterte versus Duterte… that’s a mess and I wonder what is the plan behind this. Because, they are not the only candidates and the risks of doing this. They both might loose and some other catch more interest. There might be a will and a foresight to pick someone else.

Now we only have time and wisdom. What we do however see is how PDP-Laban and the Marcos is playing these games. This will become hectic and at some time or another. We can await a erratic and a thunderstorm coming to the press. As both Duterte’s have to get the upper-hand and someone will unleash their vicious side. I just anticipate that. Since they wont to win and I don’t think any of them will leave anything to chance. Peace.

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