USA: Senate Committee of Judiciary letter as a subpoena to Prof. Richman for the Comey Memo’s (08.06.2017)

Former FBI Director James Comey’s prepared opening statement to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (08.06.2017)

USA: Joseph Lieberman letter to President Trump asking to be withdrawn as a nominee for FBI Director (24.05.2017)

USA: Jason Chaffetz letter to Acting Director Andrew McCabe on Comey’s Memos (25.05.2017)

U.S. – Letter from Jason Chaffetz to Acting Director of FBI McCabe on Comey’s Internal Memo’s (16.05.2017)

U.S. Letter to White House Counsel on President Trump threat to former FBI Director Comey (12.05.2017)

CREW letter claim: “DOJ Obstruction of Justice Investigation Memo” on the Russian Probe (12.05.2017)

United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary letter to AG Rosenstein and Acting Director McCabe on Russian Probe Briefings (12.05.2017)

U.S.: Letter from EEC to Deputy AG Rosenstein on violations of the “AG Sessions recusal from FBI’s Russian Probe” (12.05.2017)

Statement by U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara after AG Sessions sacked him (11.03.2017)