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Maldives: Ministry of Tourism – Circular – COVID-19 Employees Returning Back to Resort for Work (03.06.2020)

Maldives: Ministry of Tourism – Press Release (19.05.2020)

Maldives: Temporary suspension of on-arrival visa to Maldives (25.03.2020)

Maldives Third-Way Democrats (MTD): Maldives Re-Admission to The Commonwealth – A great achievement to Maldives (02.02.2020)

Maldives: Dissolution of the Maldivian Democracy Network is violation of fundamental human rights (25.12.2019)

Maldives: Regarding the arbitrary dissolution of the Maldivian Democracy Network (MDN) by the Government of Maldives (20.12.2019)

Maldivies: Standing Committee on Human Rights and Gender – People’s Majlis – Press Statement (09.11.2019)

Maldivian Democracy Network: Press Release (09.10.2019)

Maldives: Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Statement – Government Imposes temporary cessation of activities upon Maldives Democracy Network (10.10.2019)

Maldives: Regarding the Press Conference by the Commission Investigating Deaths and Disappearences – Press Statement (02.09.2019)

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