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RDC: AR – Communique de Presse No. 006/AR/CP/ – 09 Juin 2016

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DRC: #Telema Coordinator Jean Marie Kalonji arrested in Dec 2015 are still detained!

“Jean Marie Kalonji is the coordinator of a citizen’s movement by “Democratic” Republic of the Congo. He was arrested on 15 December 2015 in Kinshasa by agents of the non-identified, sequestered in a military camp, then delivered to the national intelligence agency, (l’Agence Nationale de Renseignement) ANR, three days after. He has been transferred from the dungeon of the RDA in the prison of Makala since 28 April 2016.” (Kambale Musavuli , 07.06.2016).

More on his arrest: 

‪#‎DRC‬‪#‎Congolese‬ youth demand justice for their colleague Jean Marie Kalonji during a press conference today in Kinshasa. The Youth for a New Society (JNS), the Friends of Nelson Mandela and Quatrieme Voix along with other youth groups called on the Congolese government to either charge Jean Marie Kalonji or release him. On December 15, 2015, armed men snatched Jean Marie in broad daylight in Kinshasa. He has since been held by Congo’s intelligence services (ANR) without a trial” (Friends of the Congo, 14.04.2016).

Jean Marie Kalonji

“After spending more than four months in secret detention at Congo’s Intelligence Services (ANR), Jean Marie Kalonji was transferred today to a justice/state facility in the Gombe commune of Kinshasa, where he will face a judge on Tuesday, April 26th. After several reports of his death in the hands of Kabila’s intelligence services, Jean Marie’s fellow youth activists held a press conference last week to demand that the government present Jean Marie to the public to demonstrate that he had not been killed by the Kabila regime Jean Marie’s fellow youth activists in La Jeunesse Pour Une Nouvelle Societe and Quatrieme Voix said that they will not stop until Jean Marie is completely released!” (Friends of the Congo, 25.04.2016).