Bunyoro squabble: Besigye Rally blocked in Masindi!

As the Police has monitored and followed the moves of Forum for Democratic Change in Bunyoro, even standing guards around the compounds of the retreat that the FDC during the week. You can tell that the government does not spare a single shilling in the mind of keeping the FDC at bay. Clearly, the Police Force in Masindi was preoccupied with handling the matters and silencing the FDC. Not catching criminals, because that is not important in the Republic of Uganda. It is more important to count the steps and gasoline run by the White SUV of Dr. Kizza Besigye. Therefore, this shallow and truthful news coming from URN wasn’t that surprising considering how many times they have done it!

“The officials arrived at Masindi Stadium at around 5pm and agreed with police to conclude the rally within 30 minutes. Dr. Kiiza Besigye, the former FDC president addressed the residents and urged them to jealously guard their land from government officials who have turned to it for survival since they have stolen all the money for service delivery” (…) “Besigye ignored the directives and continued speaking leading to a heated verbal exchange between FDC party officials and heavily armed police personnel. As a result, Police threatened to use teargas prompting Besigye to cut short his speech and drive away with police patrol cars behind him. Waiswa told reporters that they couldn’t allow Besigye go beyond the allocated 30 minutes” (Ogga & Gucwaki, 2017).

So again, the Police Force has stopped a rally, another rally in the series of spreading the information of land grabbing and of making sure the citizens know their rights. That is deemed unfit and not the sort of subject the citizens need. Especially in districts close to the vast oil reserves, which the state intent to only to supplement the income of the President, not his fellow citizens. If it were, wouldn’t the new debt in the budgets be recovered sooner, instead of a Presidential Handshake?

Well, as state of affairs goes, the state continues to hamper with rallies of opposition, the police continue to vital part of politics, instead of fighting crime. The Police is more concerned with the moves of FDC and “Bad DP“, than of actual police work. The opposition are more often criminals, than the average chicken thief’s, just pound on that for a hot-moment. Certainly, it will be more chicken-soup and less chicken, boiled water on bones instead of flesh. Since, the Police Force cannot stop themselves from being political active. Their mandate under this administration is to subdue and silence the ones who does not comply with the vision of Museveni. Peace.


Ogga, Thembo Kahungu Misairi & Gucwaki, Yosam – ‘POLICE STOP BESIGYE RALLY IN MASINDI’ (14.06.2017) – Uganda Radio Network – link: https://ugandaradionetwork.com/story/police-stops-besigye-rally-in-masindi

Let’s be clear Dr. Kizza Besigye isn’t appointed as the UN Envoy for Uganda!

Besigye on the 25th July 2016

The Junta deliberately circulates FAKE news to discredit social media! Am legitimately elected President!” (…) “Absolute rubbish: M7 isn’t legitimate President of Uganda. Propaganda to legitimize him or discredit Social Media!” – Dr. Kizza Besigye

By yesterday an unknown source and someone did photo-shop a picture where the text was spelling out that Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) leader Besigye was handpicked and appointed to be the United Nations Envoy of Uganda. That is a noble position.

KAMPALA–President Yoweri Museveni has this evening named Uganda’s Opposition leader Kizza Besigye as Uganda’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations. “In exercise of the powers conferred on the President of Uganda by Articles 108(1), 108 (2), 113(1), 114(1) and Article 99(1) of the 1995 Constitution of the Republic of Uganda, I have appointed Mr. Kizza Besigye as the new Uganda’s Representative to the United Nations,” said President Museveni” (TheT1mes.com, 26.05.2017).

I would think it is more likely than anyone of the Presidential Advisors, that means the 164 appointed men and woman the President already trust and also pays. These people are more likely to be appointed, even Ragga Dee for his trying to pursuit the ballots in Kampala for the President. There, are so many loyal cronies and people who wants his envelope.

Therefore this story in Red Pepper in March, says enough:

FDC sources have confirmed to PIU that the recently appointed Ugandan Permanent Representative to the United Nations (New York) and formerly with the African Union, Amb. Adonia Ayebare, was agreed upon by both sides late last year as the mediator of the talks aimed at bridging the increasingly widening gap between government and the opposition. “The ambassador has in fact already met both leaders on several occasions to lay groundwork for the talks,” our source added” (Pepper Intelligence Unit, 2017).

So the UN Envoy Adonia Ayebare has had two terms before in the United Nations, but his latest appointment was on the 29th January 2017. It would be strange to be cut short on his third term by just months. To hire the biggest competition and the worst enemy to a honorable position. It is not like Besigye has been bitten by the envelopes or empty promises like Beatrice Anywar or even Beti Kamya.

This was how the news of the newest term for Ambassador Adonia Ayebare: “The President has appointed the following ambassadors and heads of diplomatic missions Pursuant to Article 122 (1) of the Constitution. The President has sent the names to Parliament for consideration and approval” (The Kampala Times, 27.01.2017).

So, with this in mind, we should know that today’s news isn’t real, as Dr. Kizza Besigye wouldn’t trade away Kasangati or the FDC leadership role for becoming an Ambassador for Museveni and his regime. Especially considering the battles between the gentlemen. Knowing Besigye is not the kind of person who stops his causes or his ideas. They are steadfast even as the troubles comes his way. It is more likely that he is visiting Nagalama Police Station in Mukono, Kira Road Police Station or Kasangati Police Station. Before he ever get hired by the NRM and their loyal cronies.

Let’s be clear, I don’t want Besigye detained on fake charges or become a jail-bird, that is what the Movement has done steady in the recent decade. It is their M.O. when controlling the FDC and Besigye. They use the Police and even uses his home as prison on-end without charges if they have too. So it is not like I am thinking of fiction. It is the sad reality of the Police Force and the methods of oppression under President Museveni.

Key point from today’s rumor: More likely that Besigye get’s detained at some Police Station, than him being hired as Ugandan’s Permanent Ambassador at the United Nation. Peace.


Pepper Intelligence Unit – ‘UN Envoy Cited In M7- Besigye Talks’ (01.03.2017) link: http://www.redpepper.co.ug/un-envoy-cited-in-m7-besigye-talks/

Debatt: Hva hadde skjedd i Norge om en leiesoldat eller fremmedkriger hadde tatt liv?

Idag er Joshua French tilbake i Norge, på selveste 17. Mai etter 8 år i fengel i Kongolesiske fengler. I en fremmed republikk der han reiste inn uten lovlig våpen, sammen med en kollega (Tjolstov Moland) som var innvolvert i mulig drap av deres sjåfør. Dette etter å vært en del av ulisensiert selskap i Kampala, Uganda. Der våpentrening og ammunisjon ble brukt i Uganda. Alt dette har skjedd, det er definitivt at de var en del av ulisensiert sikkerhetsselkap som reiste på oppdrag inn i Kongo. Det er akkurat som dette er glemt. Til og med Politisjef eller Politidirektør Edward Kale Kayihura kjente ikke til den virksomheten eller hadde registrert selskapet som French jobbet for. Alt dette burde sees som skeptisk på de motiv og de jobber de hadde i Øst-Afrika.

Derfor er ikke jeg helt sjarmert eller synes det er helt greit at han kommer hjem. Ville vi latt det samme skjedd om mennesker kom med ulovlig våpen, med ulisensiert sikkerhetsselskap og vært involvert i drapssak. Ville vi latt disse menneskene bare forlate landet og ikke respektere det livet som har gått tapt. At den kongolesiske rettstat og suverenitet ikke virker respektert. Den flatterende holdningen fra nrodmenn. Som ser ned på beskriver rettsaken som brutalt og nedverdigende. Vi burde kanskje passe oss selv, vi har selv et rettsvesen som ikke er perfekt der vi sender mindreårige asylsøkere til konfliktsoner og krigssoner, uten å tenke konsekvenser. Der vi bryter med internasjon rett og justis.

Jeg er ikk stolt av den norske regjering idag og det de har fått til. De har satt dobbelt-moral i spill, der en nordmann kan komme hjem, som en fri person etter drap i utland. Der ja, personen har sonet i fengsel og moren har fulgt etter. Likevel, det er en familie og lite en rettstat verdig. Jeg er ikke stolt. Heller fortvilet. Alle sprer gleden, men burde vi være det? Hva om lignende hadde skjedd i Norge?

Hva om et drap hadde skjedd på Lund i Kristiansand. Der det var to utlandsk statsborger uten opphold eller våpentillatelse hadde drept en norsk taxi-sjåfør. De begge jobbet for et utlandsk sikkerhetsselskap som ikke lisensert i Norge, ei heller i Sverige hvor de opererte fra. Der de hadde hatt våpentrening i Uppsala. Der de planla oppdrag og jobbet samme med andre. Hadde vi godtatt denne holdnigen og hatt denne reaksjonen. Om vi visste at to personer med utlandsk statsborgerskap hadde drept en norsk taxi-sjåfør på Lund i Kristiansand. Ville vi latt personene forlate landet og uten benådning? Ville vi godtatt at personene fikk gått fri og uten noen tvist med landet som de kommer fra?

Dette er dobbelt-moral og hvorfor det er irriterende. At vi oppter så hyklerisk. Det er ubeskrivelig og forkastelig. At en person som har vært med på lyssky virksomhet i Uganda og Demokratisk Republikken i Kongo (DRC). Ville vi har latt en person eller flere, hvis de drev med virksomhet som leiesoldater eller fremmedkrigere, ulovlige sikkerhetsvakter- og sikkerhetsselskap i Norge. Ville vi latt disse gått fri etter drap her i Norge/Kristiansand?

Jeg tror ikke det, det ville overgått vår rettsforståelse, våre tanker rundt det tapte livet og vår forståelse hva som rett. Vi kunne ikke godta at noen tok liv her og for så å kunne forlate kongeriket etter få år sonet her. Der de da ville være fri menn i landet de er statsborger i. Hvis ikke du ser hvor krenkende dette er på kongolesiske myndigheter og deres rettvesen, så vet ikke jeg hvor blind du på den falske frihetssfølelsen som man innhar.

Da lever i fortsatt i en kolonialistiske tankegang, der vi er mer verdt or vår rettstat betyr mer den kongolesiske. Noe denne saken viser at mange gjør. Til å med Statsminister Erna Solberg, gir krass kritikk av den Kongolesisk stat og dens rettstat, nå som French returnernte til Norge. Vi burde også ha gitt kritikk til nordmann som drev lyssky virksomhet og som burde under alle omstendigheter vært under soning i Norge. Ikke fri, eller er det greit at nordmenn i utlandet dreper? For slik kan vi også tolke denne dagen, at drapsmenn fra utlandet vil vi gjerne ha tilbake igjen?

Vi vil bare ikke ha fremmedkrigere som ikke er etnisk Norske tilbake igjen, de som drar til Syria og dreper for grupperinger der. De kan sone fengselsstraffer, men om en «ekte» nordmann er med på drap i Kongo. Så er det fest- og glede. Lenge leve dobbelt-moralen og kongeriket Norge. Der vi frigjør lykkejegere og drapsmennen på det Afrikanske kontinent, men har problem med andre. Peace.

The Calvary arrested Besigye and blocked the planned ‘My Land, My Life’ rallies in Isingiro!

It feels like we have been here before, the attempt of stopping democratic rallies that was planned to be hold in the district of Isingiro today. ‘My Land, My Life’, as he earlier in the day was taken by Police and assaulted out of his vehicle on the Kikagati-Isingiro border, close to the Isingiro district. He was taken by the Police into Ntungamo, where he was detained for the day. Dr. Kizza Besigye arrested while traveling to a rallies, seems like the pre-campaign period of 2015 are mentally back in the minds of the Police Force.

This is not the first neither the last time the police will violate his rights in might of the National Resistance Movement and the wonderful dictator President Yoweri Museveni, the grand peacemaker of Congo, Rwanda and South Sudan. But in his own home, he cannot even let a political advisory travel and hold rallies. Therefore, again he was taken without warrant, without warning and without care of safety.

Moses Muzima, the Isingiro District Police Commander, says they arrested the FDC officials for attempting to hold a rally in the market place and refugee settlement without police clearance” (Daily Monitor, 2017). We all saw that coming? The Public Order Management Act (POMA), the Anti-Besigye Act, the blessed gift of Parliament in 2013! The one used to silence the opposition and their rallies, whenever and wherever needed. So that the Police Force can assault and detain without any issues, not even use the Penal Codes or former colonial laws to arrest someone.

So the Police Force, together with Mambas, whole Police convoys was driving him home in Kasangati, as the whole day was in the hands of the Police. This all done without any issue of law or recognized criminal attempt of the opposition leader. Except for putting fear into the Movement and the Police Force loyal to him.

Yet, again the State doesn’t care about justice, freedom and liberty. There are clearly violations of these as the draconian law are now used to stop Dr. Kizza Besigye from campaigning for land reforms, as the land grabbing are happening rapidly. Peace.


Daily Monitor – ‘Police arrest FDC leaders in Isingiro’ (15.05.2017) link: http://www.monitor.co.ug/News/National/Police-arrests-FDC-leaders-in-Isingiro/688334-3927742-r6ydoa/index.html

Opinion: The Leopards Anus was apparently wrongfully offended by some Buttocks!

Just because you’re offended, doesn’t mean you’re right.”Ricky Gervais

Apparently the Leopards Anus is mad or crazy, or his ordered to be offended by the civil servant, the lecturer at Makerere Dr. Stella Nyanzi, as the First Lady Janet Museveni has ordered her husband who speed dialed Inspector General of Police Kale Kayihura, so the case could move forward and the charges could be put. Therefore, the Police is a useful tool for the State House and the Presidential couple, who cannot manage to live with vocal voices anymore. They so fragile and pale leaders who are charging citizens for writing “buttocks”.

But in not to long ago, the President himself on the Mbale State Lodge in December 2015 said this: “If you go and put your finger in the anus of a leopard. You are in trouble, you are in trouble. Ho! Ho! I cant believe how people could do so. NRM?, you attack NRM people in Uganda here?! If it is in South Sudan or Kenya, yes we may have some problems. But in Uganda here?! Where do go? Where do you go?! So there will be no problem here. Those people made a big mistake, those individuals and those children are going to regret. And whoever sent them will also regret if we come with evidence we shall go for him or her – the one who said ‘you go and beat them’”.

So when he call himself the Leopards Anus, why charge an academic person for buttocks!

Dr. Stella Nyanzi Particular of the Offence was this: “Stella Nyanzi on the 28th January 2017 at the Kampala District or thereabout used a computer to post on her facebook page “Stella Nyanzi” wherein she made a suggestion or proposal referring His Excellency Yoweri Kaguta Museveni amongst others “a Pair of Buttocks” which Suggestion/Proposal is obscene or Indecent” (Uganda Police Force – CID Headquarters – E/79/2017 – 23.03.2017).

The yellow movement are like minions of Museveni now, following orders blindly and using the Police to silent the dissidents to levels that are obscene. That the NRM and Museveni cannot handle to be questioned by a Makerere lecturer is insane, but also the state of affairs. The fragile little minister and his first family who cannot handle buttocks.

They have with age become weak at heart and soft as statues on pedestals, as they cannot be moved or touched, because if you do so. They might break and go into a million pieces. That the President and his First Lady is so fragile, that a word means ass and meaning the behind makes someone a criminal. Proves how little value their government and their rule is. That the NRM and their President cannot manage to be described as a buttocks, but calls himself as a big-man the “Leopards Anus”. Proves the double standard and the double legality, as buttocks is seen as obscene, but the Anus is OKAY.

The little man in charge of Uganda and his wife doesn’t have courage or strength anymore. They should be farmers and under the banana-trees, not run a republic when a buttocks comment is to much to handle. These leaders just control and micro-manage, nor actually run it. That President Museveni has to charge Dr. Nyanzi over that, show’s how tiny his mind is and how marginal understanding of criticism are.

One popular new plastic surgery technique is called lip grafting, or “fat recycling” wherein fat cells are removed from one part of your body that is too large, such as your buttocks, and injected into your lips; people will then be literally kissing ass.” David Barry

Well, David Barry has a point, because the reason why Dr. Nyanzi is in a situation is like this because the President is used to ass kissers who praise all his activities. Therefore, that he was pushing forward with the charge on “buttocks” proves that he has lost touch with reality. That President Museveni and his family are now ruining the republic. Not that this is news, but the effects of his measures now doesn’t makes sense. That his government structure or policies are now so draconian.

That the man who called himself Leopard Anus should have more serious charges against a citizen if he was offended. Surely, the other opposition like Beti Kamya even said he had no heart. I don’t know what is more offensive, been called heartless or an ass. An ass is subjective that your doing dirt, but if you have no heart, than your not caring or careless in your acts as a person. Nevertheless, Kamya is a State Minister and Dr. Nyanzi is behind bars until mid of April. Since justice is optional in Uganda.

The Leopards Anus has spoken, the fragile little President at the Okello State House, cannot even manage without getting hurt by some bum fun and some backhanded slaps. That he feels that he is taken from behind and cornered. Such from a freedom fighter and a revolutionary Marxist. So I hate too, wait I love to be use the words of Ricky Gervais, even if your offended, doesn’t mean your right Mr. President. It just mean your wrong for the unjust reasons. That the injustice you are selling to the tribes and the Republic is now manifested with the charge on Dr. Nyanzi. Peace.

NAB – “Re: Attack on NTV Journalist” (10.04.2017)

She must be the Holiness, the First Lady, Janet Museveni: since anyone questioning her powers gets into trouble!

“It is true that when we harm others, we harm ourselves; but it is just as true that when we help others, we also help ourselves.”Desmond Tutu

It has to be true, it has to be true, that the most holy and the most significant female walking in the Republic is Janet Kaguta Museveni, the First Lady and the Minister for Education and Sports. The one who cannot fund maxi-pads for woman or take care of the Primary School buildings. That is the most holy person and the one that cannot be touched!

Why cannot not be touched or questioned? Well, Dr. Stella Nyanzi has spent time in questioning by the Central Investigation Division at Kireka and been detained for both fixing woman some pads and questioning the reasons for lack of government support for the same. Especially since this was one of the grand promises of the National Resistance Movement, in the recent campaign. How time is a wasting, when you are in power, Ay?

That the First Lady has little or no problem using force is evident since Dr. Stella Nyanzi is awaiting three counts of her crimes, as the lecturer at Makerere University has offended he high and mighty. So she hires the Police Force and Commanders like lap-dogs who catches the people questioning her powers. IGP Kale Kayihura must be on speed-dial and every-time a brother or sister questions her existence they will end behind bars.

So, when NTVs Miss Gertrude Tumusiime Uwitware, was abducted yesterday by unknown men on Nile Avenue in Kampala after she had made a critical piece on the First Lady. We know that she is behind it, because Janet Museveni doesn’t have the capacity or understanding, that if your are minister and a public figure. You can be ridiculed and your acts will be either praised or criticized. But the illiterate minister cannot comprehend that fact, apparently!

That the First Lady does have the character, the swagger or the ability to handle critical voices is clear and evident. As the recent acts of the Police and Security Officials within her power has taken both NTV journalist and a lecturer, who has all been critical about her ways. Therefore, she is not in a mental state to be a leader, neither a government officials. Since she cannot sustain that people questions her or even tries to reason with her. If she was a serious minister who could be taken public court, she would have possibly been worse treated, as the achievements under the NRM and her rule is dwindling. Therefore, they have to detain the ones questioning her. Janet Museveni knows that the failing schools and also failing promises.

The worst part of it all, she thinks she is entitled to use the Police Force and call IGP Kale Kayihura, demand the arrests as these people hurt her feelings. That she asks her husband to act upon the vile words against her Royal Court. That Janet Museveni might feel so, might be true, who knows except herself. What we do know is that she doesn’t have the character to be Minister, neither a leader who get questioned for her acts. Since she detain and harass the media who does so. She shouldn’t be minister, but she is because she married Yoweri Kaguta Museveni back in day. No merit or qualification considered whatsoever.

She married the school debater of Ntare School on the outside of Mbarara district. So she know is entitled to take away the freedoms of all citizens with the whip of her mind. Janet Museveni is so holy and untouchable, that no-one should take her name in vein. The lord called her and husband to control and install their presence for eternity for all citizens of Uganda. She will follow the dissidents and the ones not believing her will, will pay the price of their liberty and peace, as she can command their downfall. That is what the holiness Museveni commands! Peace.

Uganda: Miss Gertrude Tumusiime Uwitware, NTV Journalist abducted but recovered! (09.04.2017)

Uganda: The Police Force hunting for a murder in Mityana district (21.03.2017)

Mine tanker om French-Saken og Nordmenns dobbeltmoral!

James Bamford skriver dette i artikkleN 'Raiders of the Congo' i GQ Magasin den 7. November 2012
James Bamford skriver dette i artikkleN ‘Raiders of the Congo’ i GQ Magasin den 7. November 2012

“Moral er forsvaret for de forbrytelser som er gjort”– Helge Krog

“Kunne jeg gått tilbake åtte år, så hadde jeg gjort absolutt alt jeg kunne for å ha kjøpt Joshua fri. Det er det første vi skulle ha prøvd. Så har det bare ballet på seg og nå er vi avhengig av en diplomatisk løsning” – Kari Hilde French (Præsttun, 2017)

Moralen i historien som vi blir lært i norske medier er solid og klar. Der til og med moren til Joshua French i intervju uten å blunke sier at hun skulle ønsket at hun hadde betalt statelige ansatte penger for å frigjøre sønnen. Dette hadde hun ønsket at hun hadde brøte med alle kjerneverdier fordi hennes sønn skal kunne gjøre akkurat som han vil. Det er slik det kan tolkes. At familien French og slike som han kan reise til utlandet, leke soldater og ta med seg våpen fra Uganda.


“I de første meldingene fra Kongo ble det hevdet at Moland og French var leiesoldater, tilknyttet selskapet Special Intervention Group (SIG). VG omtalte dette allerede 13. mai, dagen etter pågripelsen ble kjent. Det private sikkerhets- og livvaktselskapet SIG var godt kjent i Norge, etter at det høsten 2007 kom fram at Politiets Sikkerhetstjeneste etterforsket selskapet for mulige krigsforbrytelser i Irak” (…) “Under VGs første besøk i Kisangani fikk vi tilgang til deler av militærtribunalets etterforskningsmateriale. Dette skjedde etter en dialog med sjefetterforsker Roger Wavara, som viste det fram for å underbygge mistanken mot nordmennene. Blant dette materialet var to visittkort fra SIG. Det ene bar navnet Tjostolv Moland, oppført som ”Security Consultant” i SIG. Det andre bar navnet John Hunt, oppført som ”Chief Operation Officer” i SIG. På kortet stod samme adresse til SIG Uganda som vi hadde funnet i vervebrosjyren fra 2008. VGs team i Oslo kontaktet Friksen for å konfrontere ham med visittkortene. Han hevdet Moland flere år tilbake hadde fått et standardkort som mange som hadde ønsket å knytte seg til SIG hadde fått. John Hunt ville han ikke si noe om, ei heller Mike Callan. Han avviste igjen at det hadde vært noe samarbeid mellom SIG og de fengslede nordmennene i Kongo” (…) “Under arbeidet med denne saken søkte VG i de to ulike våpenregistrene i Uganda for å undersøke om riflen beslaglagt i Uganda eller pumpehaglen de ble tatt med i Kongo var lovlig registrert – slik Moland og French hadde hevdet overfor flere norske medier. VG søkte på deres ekte navn, på deres dekknavn, og på kombinasjoner av disse. Men ingen av våpnene var oppført i registrene” (Johsen, Riseth & Hopperstad, 2009).

Hvis du lurer på om SIG var bare oppsspinn så kunne man lese i en dansk avis i 2008 dette om selskapet: “Otte danskere har arbejdet som livvagter- og lejesoldater i det borgerkrigshærgede land Uganda. Flere har været gennem danske kurser” (…) ” det borgerkrigshærgede nordlige Uganda har otte danskere arbejdet for det norske sikkerhedsfirma SIG-Protection – som arbejder i gråzonen mellem lejesoldater og livvagter” (…) “»Hvis vi bliver skudt på, så skyder selvfølgelig igen. Vi skal beskytte vores kunder,« siger direktør Torgeir Friksen til Nyhedsavisen” (Fogt, 2008).

Så SIG hadde norske og danske livvakter og leiesoldater. Blant disse to nordmenns om var plutselig på oppdrag i den Demokratiske Republikken i Kongo. Selskapet SIG er idag nedlagt fordi de ikke hadde lisens til drift i Uganda og deres lyssky virksomhet var kritikkverdig også i hjemlandet til de som drev selskapet. Derfor ville de slutte med sin virksomhet, ettersom Politiet i Norge og også i Uganda visste om dette. Ettersom i VGs egen etterforskning snakket de da med IGP Kale Kayihura, som er øverste kommanderende for Politiet i Uganda.


Dersom man er leiesoldat og livvakt, i et selskap uten lisens i utlandet, tar med seg våpen over grensen mellom Uganda og Kongo. Da er du ikke der på safari, ei heller så veldig uskyldig. Dette bør vites. Jeg legger bare frem disse gamle bevisene for å vise hvorfor dette er dobbeltmoral. Det er moralsk ukorrekt å ønske Joshua French hjem. Da bør alle som har drept for penger løslates i Norge, siden Joshua French kan bli benådet for sin forbrytelse, hvorfor kan ikke dette skje med de som gjør det her i Norge? Er han så spesiell siden han var med på kriminelle handlinger i Kongo? Står nordmenn over Kongolesisk lovgivning?

Dette stod i Sunday Monitor i Uganda den 7. Oktober 2009:

“It’s true the owner of Back Packers rang me one evening that he had got some security “I went there and he informed me that he had heard about two Norwegians arrested in DR Congo. He said the two had been his clients and after he got the news of their arrest, he checked in their room,” Gen. Kayihura narrated” (…) He led me to the room and we found an assortment of military fatigues and one sophisticated rifle. They had different types of military uniform including the Monuc (UN peacekeeping outfit in DR Congo) uniform. “I wondered how they managed to smuggle in military things into the country and even how they smuggled them to Back Packers yet the place is guarded by security,” Maj. Gen. Kayihura told Sunday Monitor at his office, adding that “since the matter had issues to deal with military hardware, I handed the matter to CMI for further investigations. information he wanted to share with me,” Maj. Gen. Kayihura told Sunday Monitor” (…) “Definitely it’s an issue that also puzzles us but we are investigating. They did commit any crime while in Kampala but definitely if they came back, we would have arrested them and interrogated them.” (…) “Maj. Gen. Kayihura said that the two are said to have planned to start a security firm here but that he did not, as the authoriser of private firms, receive their application” (Obore & Izama, 2009).

I 2009 sa kommandøren av politiet i Uganda Gen. Kale Kayihura at han ville ha avhørt de for deres selskap alene uten lisens i landet der han er politisjef. Så det viser at French har ikke bare brutt loven i Kongo, men også i Uganda. Likevel, skal vi alle bare være positive til den tidligere leiesoldaten fordi moren vil ha våres sympati. Han har etter mest sannsynligvis brutt lover i Kongo også i Uganda. Er det greit?

La meg være litt breial: Hvis to kongolesisk personer hadde vært med i et dansk livvakt og sikkerhetsselskap. Der de hadde bedret lyssky virksomhet og øvd med våpen, uten lisens i Danmark for så å komme over med Color Line til Norge. Hvor da de plutselig på oppdrag dreper den norske sjåføren på vei mot Oslo, ikke så langt unna Arendal ved Harebakken. Da ville det ikke blitt aktuelt å frigjøre eller vise ydmykhet etter 8 år for drapet på den norske sjåføren. Etter endt rettssak ville disse måtte sone sin straff og følge de rettslige vederlag som er pålagt enn. Uansett om moren hadde flyttet til nærmeste by der person var fengslet. Det norske folket ville ikke hatt sympati og ettergitt. De ville heller ikke godtatt om moren hadde prøvd å betale den norske stat penger for å frigi sin sønn. Dette ville bli sett som fornærmelse mot den norske stat.


Men siden Joshua French er i fengsel i Kinshasa, i Kongo, så er både korrupsjon og drap greit. I alle fall hvis norsk media tar pulsen. Så lenge en ikke dreper som leiesoldat innen norsk territorium. Man kan være nordmenn i utlandet å være kriminell og drepe, men da skal man skape nok sympati, få hjelp av Rune Edvardsen og plutselig er de en helgener. Selv om man var leiesoldat og livvakt i et selskap uten lisens, med våpen som ikke var registret i Uganda eller Kongo. Der en var på oppdrag nær Kisangani uten direkte bekreftelse på hvem de var eller på  hvordan oppdrag de hadde. Dette er alt greit i Norge virker det som!

Ville det vært greit om Kongolesiske leiesoldater/sikkerhetsvakter for ett ulisensiert Dansk selskap hadde gjort oppdrag i Norge, uten rett og lov til dette. For deretter å drepe eller gjøre straffbare handlinger. For deretter få Kongolesiske styresmakter til ønske overflytting av de dømte personene og forvente at disse ville være frie-mennesker i Kongo. Ville ikke dette ødelegge hvor forståelse av hva som er rett. De gjorde en straffbar handling i Norge og når de kommer til Kongo så er de fri?

Ville vi godtatt og klappet i hendene, ønsket dette og latt dette skje uten å stille spørsmål. Det er både krenkende og usaklig at en ikke anser den selvstendige republikken som en rettslig stat som har sin rett til å dømme French og andre som misbruker sitt besøk innen sine grenser. Det samme ville vi spørre oss om det samme hadde skjedd her.

Derfor er det begredelig dobbeltmoralen og ønske om å frigjøre han etter den dommen han fikk. Ettersom han kobling til firma som drev med leiesoldater/sikkerhetsvakter i Uganda, der også Dansker var med på virksomheten. At nordmenn tror at de kan bedrive slik virksomhet i utlandet og komme unna er ubegripelig. Å at familie og venner vil bruke media for å få sympati. Der en tilslutt også sier i 2017 år etter en var dømt for udåden. At en ønsket at kjøpe seg fri fra mord og få frihet etter å tatt liv. Det er det moren til French sa og at ‘ballet på seg’ så nå må hun ‘diplomatisk løsning’. Dette er provoserende!

Det er dobbeltmoralen, at hun har rett til å frigjøre sin sønn som har gjort en forbrytelse, at hun skal betale for drapet på sjåføren, mens han hadde ulovlig våpen, for et uregistrert sikkerhetsselskap som hadde krysset grensen på et oppdrag der en ender opp med drap. Dette skal hun ha retten til å kjøpe seg fri fra og bruke norsk diplomati for å frigjøre sønnen.

Hvis Kongolesiske myndigheter hadde prøvd samme her, så ville ikke det blitt noe sympati eller hjelp. Det ville gått på verdigheten løs til vår stat og vår ide om vår rettstat. Om det som har mistet sin sønn eller datter, ettersom de kongolesiske leiesoldater gjorde ved Arendal. Bare tenk på det og da tenk om det forsatt er rett med benåding av French. Ville vi benådet en drapsdømt leiesoldat i Norge fra Kongo? Ville vi virkelig det?


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