Government of Jersey: New Agreement paves way for return of stolen assets to Kenya (07.03.2017)

UBOS: Uganda’s Inflation Rises To 5.9% (Youtube-Clip)

“Uganda’s annual headline inflation has increased to 5.9 per cent in June from the 5.4 percent recorded during the ended year may 2016. Uganda National Bureau of Standard Principal Statiscian Vincent Nsubuga Musoke says the rates were driven by the annual core inflation which registered 6.9 per cent for the year ending June 2016. This is lower than the 7.0 per cent that was recorded during the ended May 2016” (NBS TV Uganda, 2016)

Two KPLC workers get electrocuted during maintenance on a Transmission Line in Nakuru yesterday (Youtube-Clip)

“Kenyan Power Employees working on the Transmission Line in Nakuru yesterday, next to Ashok Leyland get Electrocuted” (Mpwani Halisi, 2016).

“The Two KPLC men who were electrocuted as per the #Video1 we had posted whilst on scheduled maintenance IN NAKURU INDUSTRIAL AREA were rescued and rushed to the hospital” (Mpwani Halisi, 2016).

UBOS Press Release: Uganda – Consumer Price Index – February 2016

UBOS Feb 2016 P1UBOS Feb 2016 P2UBOS Feb 2016 P3

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