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Tchad: Gen. Kaka decreed himself to be the ‘général d’armée’ [like father like son…]

The current President of Tchad has started to copy his deceased father, who also gave himself a long list of titles and roles. Mahamat ibn Idriss Déby Itno aka General Kaka who took over the Republic after his father died on the battlefield against rebels who wanted to overthrow him. He has only been a few months in power and since 20th April 2021. So, it’s not like he has had a long time office.

However, like his father who gave himself big fancy titles and decreed himself as a “big-man”. The son will not be any different. That’s why on the 2nd December 2021. He declared in a decree and that’s his the “general d’armee”, there is only the “marechal” who is higher in the order within the army, which is the title his father gave himself. As the Field Marshal of Tchad.

Military History explains “général d’armée” title:

A général d’armée (army general) is the highest active military rank of the French Army. Officially, général d’armée is not a rank (grade in French), but a position and style (rang et appellation) bestowed on some généraux de division (divisional general, which is the highest substantive rank) in charge of important commands, such as chief of staff of the army (chef d’état-major de l’armée de terre) or chiefs of general staff (chef d’état-major des armées). A général d’armée displays five stars on a shoulder board.[1] The mention of the current usage of “a sixth star authorized for the army general in command of the Paris sector” is a legend, this sixth star never existed.[2] The Air Force equivalent is général d’armée aérienne and the Navy equivalent is amiral” (source:

So, we can see that Gen. Kaka wants to be the highest regarded army commander and as well being the President of the Conseil Militaire de Transition (CMT) or Transitional Military Council, which is the ruling regime of Tchad right now. It isn’t a civilian government, but another junta government in control of the state.

Gen. Kaka is now not only the President of CMT, the Army General and the Head of State (Chef d’etat). Therefore, he has all the roles and titles. Everything is within reach of him and gives him more power. That is how to take total control and consolidate power. This isn’t the action of a man who wants to give civilians rule or allow anyone outside the family to be in office. No, this is the move of a man, who wants to rule supreme. Just like his father did until he went to the battlefield himself.

The ones who believes Gen. Kaka is there out of charity or concern of the state. No, his there out of will to take power and be the “big-man”. We know the French support him, just like they did to his father. They are continuing supporting family dynasties in the former colonies. This is what they do and this isn’t the only country they are doing this.

Tchad deserves better… Gen. Kaka is now showing his means and he has only been there for a short time. It is not like he was over a decade in power before giving himself a fancy title. No, this is just mere months in and a baby take longer time develop inside the mother’s womb. Than the time it took Gen. Kaka to give himself the role of général d’armée.

So, expect more of this sort of behaviour in the future. This is the sort of man he is apparently. Peace.

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