Mali: M5-RFP – Declaration No. 007 – CS/M5-RFP sur la Situation Sociopolitique (19.08.2020)

Mali: The Coup d’état… has created a temporary National Committee for the Salvation of the People (CNSP)

The ones behind the coup d’état yesterday in Bamako, Mali. Have ensured that the unpopular President Keita resigned from his office. The Cabinet have been dissolved and so have the Parliament. The junta, the new regime has created a temporary “Council” or leadership structure, which they have coined the National Committee for the Salvation of the People (CNSP).

This is being led by the young colonel Malik Diaw. Surely, the other commanders behind the coup is there. This being General Cheick Fanta Mady Dembélé, and Colonel Mama Sekou Lelenta. That is all natural in the circumstances.

The other orders from the body created by the junta is that borders are closed indefinitely and there is put in a curfew for movement.

Colonel Major Ismael Wagué to the media today stated that the Republic would be lost if it wasn’t for the Coup. It would become further chaos if they didn’t step in and they decided to “straighten the country”.

Adama Ben Diarra aka Camarade Ben Le Cerveau one of the young leaders of the M5-RFP was seen with Col. Diaw after his release on the 10th August 2020. This has started speculation, if there is a connection between the junta and the protest movement of M5-RFP. However, that is yet to be verified.

We can hope the M5-RFP get a say and other civil society organization. Especially with the promise of an election, which directly means a civil government. Not just another junta. The junta have gotten rid of corrupt, greedy and incompetent government. However, they have to configure the ways out of this.

To rename themselves CNSP and pump out slogans and positive messages isn’t enough. They need to enhance structures and secure policies ahead. Also, needs to have dialogue with stakeholders and interest groups. To ensure they are on the right path ahead.

This will be interesting ahead. As the United Nations Security Council will have closed session on it. Most likely because France is afraid of loosing power and influence in Bamako. We just got to see. Peace.

Mali: International condemnation of the coup d’état…

Just as scheduled the African Union, ECOWAS and by all means the government itself. The coup d’état been cheered on the streets of Bamako. While the government officials are arrested and the ones running it is taking control of the republic.

These statements speak for themselves. Just read them and see how these international and regional bodies are reacting to the coup d’état. It is really showing their true colours.

Mali Government Statement before arrests:

The Government of the Republic of Mali has been following with great attention the events which have been taking place since this morning in our country, particularly at the level of two military camps in the city of Bamako. The mood swings observed reflect a certain frustration which may have legitimate causes. The Government of Mali calls on the perpetrators of these acts to pull themselves together. There are no reasons above our dear Mali that are worth acts whose uncertain outcome can lead to acts harmful to the entire Nation. The Government calls for reason and a patriotic sense and asks for the arms to be silenced. There is no problem the solution of which cannot be found in dialogue. The Government calls for appeasement and makes itself available from the moment of this press release to engage in fraternal dialogue in order to dispel any misunderstandings” (Dr Boubou Cissé, Primature du Mali, 18.08.2020).

ECOWAS Statement:

The main opposition group, M5, he said, continued to insist on the resignation of President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita, a position not acceptable to ECOWAS, which insisted only on democratic process in change of power within its jurisdiction. “We told them that no international organization, including the African Union (AU), United Nations (UN), and others, would agree with their position. We continued to emphasize the need for dialogue,” former President Jonathan stressed” (ECOWAS, 18.08.2020).

African Union Statement:

18 August 2020, Addis Ababa: The Chairperson of the African Union Commission Moussa Faki Mahamat strongly condemns the forced detention of President of Mali Ibrahim Boubacar Keita, the Prime Minister and other members Malian government and calls for their immediate release.

The Chairperson strongly rejects any attempt at the unconstitutional change of government in Mali and calls on the mutineers to cease all recourse to violence, and calls for the respect of the country’s institutions” (African Union, 18.08.2020).

We could really expect the statement from the Prime Minister Cisse he don’t want to loose his job and his appointment. That was to be anticipated. Who would think a man with the guns aimed at him would ask for them to silence them.

What ECOWAS says is very clear, but they are accepting that a President overstays and not resigning after public demand. The ECOWAS is supporting a President over the will of the people. That says a lot.

Also, the African Union does the same. They are rather keep a puppet of France in Mali, than have someone who the people want. Both ECOWAS and AU wants a illegitimate regime in power. The AU would accept a rigged election … but not a coup d’état. Because that is tool, which only accepted if it causes stability.

Instead of understanding the grievances of the people and the reason for the cheering on of the coup d’état. It is a reason why they toppled the Mali government. They didn’t do this today … for fun, but for a reason.

Keita’s time was up. Peace.

Communique de la CEDEAO sur la Situation au Mali (18.08.2020)

Mali: A coup d’état against the government..

There is reports of a coup d’état in Bamako, Mali. Where armed soldiers are forming a mutiny against the government. This after arrests and such of several soldiers.

The ones behind it is reported to be Colonel Diaw, General Cheick Fanta Mady Dembélé, and Colonel Mama Sekou Lelenta.

They have arrested the President of the National Assembly Moussa Timbiné, the Foreign Minister Tiébilé Dramé and Chief of Staff of the National Guard Gen. Mahamane Touré, Minister of Economy and Finance Abdoulaye Daffe, Finance Minister Boubou Cissé and Foreign Affairs Minister Kamissa Camara. Also, the arrest of the son of the President, Karim Keita.

There been reports of gunshots in and around a military base in Kati outside Bamako. Also, possible besieging of broadcasters, like TV-Stations and Radios too.

There also been reports of people going to the streets cheering on the coup d’état, they all seem tired of the reign of President Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta. There is also unverified reports, that the soldiers have entered the Presidential Palace. It is reported that the armed forces has taken control of the Bamako International Airport. There is also speculation that the President would be taken to the UN Headquarters of MINUSMA. It is also reported that he has gotten an ultimatum for Keita to leave the Republic into exile before 2PM this evening.

In Bamako, there is also reports of road-blocks and soldiers guarding the streets.

All other public service is also stopped today. Who knows what more is happening. However,the situation is fluid. Let’s hope these armed forces listens to the M5-RFP, the ones behind the demonstrations. Who wanted both Keita gone and French interference gone too. As Keita been supported by the French, both with troops and financially.

We can hope Imam Mahmoud Dicko of M5-RFP and his allies gets a say. If not its just a change of rigged government towards a military junta government. Some speculates that its Turkish mercenaries are together with local mutineers.

There will be more to this. The armed forces are taking control, but we can wonder how this will be played out. We just can hope this has a positive outcome. It can become a junta government and the public left behind. As the armed forces are taking control and Keita loose his power. Peace.

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