Opinion: Mugabe finally resigns, they have now cut the head of the snake; But will the Crocodile be different from the Goblin?

Today, the 37 years under the President Robert Gabriel Mugabe is over. After his resignation letter got read out loud to Parliament and the Public. This after he tricked the public and the generals this Sunday. Mugabe has done whatever he could to stay in power and used all sorts of tricks to stay. There been promise of him leaving earlier and even losing rigged elections. But that has never yielded any fruits. Therefore today is a unique day.

As this is how it started:

In a broadcast on television tonight, Mr Mugabe said: “I wish to assure you that there can never be any return to the state of armed conflict which existed before our commitment to peace and the democratic process of election under the Lancaster House agreement.” (BBC).

So all the hope of Mugabe was there and he had it all made to become a legend, make a legacy worth a damn after fighting a liberation war against the Ian Smith and liberate the Republic from the United Kingdom. Clearly, that had to happen as the White Minority had to fall and let the people decide the fate of Zimbabwe. Therefore, that he has used the government and the army to oppress the people, detain and kill. That is what he has been doing to stay in power. Used the state to secure that his loyal cronies and clientele riches and land. That is why the Cabinet Ministers and Members of Parliament who has fled and detained has been taken with large amount cash, while the republic is broke and depleted. That shows that the ZANU-PF are systematic this way, in thieving and Mugabe has been the provider. Therefore, the republic need a change from that.

The one who has been the cult figure, the leader and the head. Mugabe has been the epitome of a revolutionary turned corrupt gangster in charge. The ZANU-PF Government has used violence, intimidation and rigging to stay for so long. The rotten courts and the system that has been built around Mugabe, will not go away. Lot of people have eaten and will continue to eat, unless you also take the root of the problem. The Zimbabwean people and Zimbabwean Army have now gotten rid of the top main branch, but there are more branches on tree that is rotten to the core.

President Mugabe is now an old-man and let his wife try to create a future dynasty under her. That was not accepted as they forgot the control and power with the Vice-President Edison Mnangagwa. The false-start of the Mugabe dynasty was short-lived because of the will of Grace Mugabe. Her ways and her unpopularity, was so bad and so ruthless that the ZANU-PF couldn’t even manage it. That is why the Lacoste part of the party reacted and got the military to besiege the government to show the lethal force they have.

Today, because of the wish of a dynasty, he had to pull his candidacy, even after being voted earlier this year as the candidate. Even the Woman’s League and Youth League had professed loyalty just weeks ahead for Grace as the VP. This changed and was thrown in the garbage. Since the army was besieging them and making them change their mind. The leaders of G-40 got sacked from the party and also from the government. This happen over night and within the ZANU-PF. As the same party who professed loyalty for Mugabe has now changed it’s mind. Therefore, the last few days has been special.

The Zimbabweans have all rights to celebrate and for a long time, since the ZANU-PF and Mugabe have taken the republic and ate all of its resources. That is known and to say otherwise is to blind to facts and matters at hand.

But even with him gone and his legacy left in tatters. Where his ruthless acts and his depleting state reserves. As well as possible damages to the economy, there will sudden changes that has to appear. So that the same party with the same principals grown under Mugabe will continue to prosper. As long as the army and Lacoste faction are connected, they will make sure the transition goes smooth. While they still will ask for international legitimacy for their new government.

We can wonder and wait to see if they will change or if it will be more of the same. If people will be detained for calling Mnangagwa a crocodile, instead of calling Mugabe a goblin. We can just wonder if civil activists will be taken and detained on arbitrary arrests and quell protests as it happen in the past. The Coup made it happen and peaceful demonstrations where possible.

Today there are celebrations and that is all but justified. As Mugabe has been a dictator and as an oppressor for over three decades. They have all rights to celebrate and its well deserved after all the pain. Mugabe has been the neo-colonial master and made them his subjects. Now they can continue to strive for liberation and freedom. Not just in name but in the spirit of the state. That can be possible now, as long as the civil society and the civil activist continue to push for reforms and changes within the state. That #ThisFlag Movement and others are pushing for a democratic state and not a dictatorship under ZANU-PF. ZANU-PF can be a party within a democracy, but not as a sole ruler and make sure everyone abide to their leadership.

That is the future right now, we will see if ZANU-PF has a place without Mugabe. If it isn’t made such a bitter and a rotten core. We can hope that the people will continue to demonstrate against that, even after Mugabe resigned today!

They have cut the head of the snake, the target is now gone, but will it cut of the sources of the problems within the Zimbabwean government? Or will that continue as long as the crocodile runs the nations? Will he reform the state and put into the perspective of the civil activists within the state?

Or was the change or cutting of the head, just a facade and a mere canvassing a new picture over the old one and hoping that no-one see the shade of the old one beneath it. Peace.


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Mugabe Resigns: The resignation letter – BBC News (Youtube-Clip)

“Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe has resigned, parliament speaker Jacob Mudenda has said. A letter from Mr Mugabe said that the decision was voluntary and that he had made it to allow a smooth transition of power. The surprise announcement halted an impeachment hearing that had begun against him. Lawmakers roared in jubilation and people have begun celebrating in the streets” (BBC News, 2017)

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Opinion: Mugabe address today took the generals for fools, but he has fooled himself!

Many was expecting a speech where he eloquently would go out and step down. If he thinks he was wise today, he is deluded and lost. But we knew he was lost, even his own party has expelled him today and his G-40. Grace Mugabe and Robert Mugabe is finished, they are just stalling for time, but they are just making it harder for themselves. His speech today was a waste of time and use of anticipation. He has ruled for 37 years and lacks understand how he has lost it already. Even if he believes he tricked them. The writing is on the wall. Delilah have already cut the hair of Samson, Samson with his advanced age doesn’t understand or see that his power is already gone. It has left the building, his windows and closed. Here is his wasted speech!

As I address you, I am aware of a whole range of concerns coming from you all as citizens and deserve our attention. Today’s meeting with the command element requires us to start processes that return our country to normalcy. The operation I have eluded to didn’t amount to a threat to our constitution and wasn’t a challenge to my position as president and commander in chief. A few incidents may have happened but I am happy that throughout the short period, the pillars of the state remained functional. Among issues discussed related to the economy which as we all know is going through a difficult patch. Government remains committed to improving the social and material conditions of the people. We are a nation born out of a struggle for national independence. Tradition of struggle is in our legacy…We still have in our various communities veterans of that founding struggle. I am aware that as a party of liberation, ZANU PF has written elaborate rules and procedures that guide the operations of all its organs and personnel. The era of victimization and arbitrary decisions must be put behind so as we all embrace a new ethos predicated on the supreme law of our party. I am aware that many developments have occurred in the party and championed by certain individuals of the party…we can’t be guided by bitterness and vengefulness both which wouldn’t make us better party members or Zimbabweans. We must learn to forgive and resolve conflict… I am confident that from tonight the nation will be refocussed along the promising agricultural season upon us” (Mugabe Address, 19.11.2017).

If you think this sort of speech will safe him, your wrong, as the 93 year old President are trying to occupy the position longer, as he hasn’t gotten the news of him being expelled from ZANU-PF. Even if he speaks of the value of the party, the party he created and has ruled with an iron-fist. Clearly, he has not gotten the memo or even cared about the public announcement earlier today. Where the party had an extraordinary meeting and convened to make sure the G-40 leaders and the closest to Mugabe would be expelled from the Party. So the party needs give him a lesson and show him the door. They have already started as the ZANU-PF twitter account came quickly out with this, which stated:

Actually all the old man needed to do was stick to the script. Now we must remove him” (ZANU-PF, 19.11.2017).

Because earlier today, these we’re expelled, not only President Mugabe, but all of these:

Grace Mugabe, Phelekezela Mpoko. Ignatius Chombo, Jonathan Moyo, Saviour Kasukwere, Patrick Zhuwao, Letinna Undenge, Kudzanai Chipanga, Walter Muzembi, Paul Chimedza, Makhosini Hlongwane, Mandilitawepi Chimene, Shadreck Mashayambe, Innocent Hamadishe, Anasthancia Ndlovu, Samuel Undenge, M. Malinga, S. Kasizi, Sarah Makoka and Sandi Moyo. Also that “Cde R.G. Mugabe was removed from the position of President and First Secretary of ZANU-PF by unanimous vote” (ZANU-PF Press Statement, 19.11.2017).

So no matter what Mugabe thought he did brilliantly today, his own party isn’t his and this is just a slow self-destruct of himself. His presidency is already over, it is just like he doesn’t understand it or doesn’t want too. It is like the G-40 still think they can turn it around. Since he is not following the program or the orders from the military. That is why ZANU-PF themselves are proclaiming him to follow the script.

That is why he tried to outsmart the people, but they are more in shock since yesterday Solidarity March showed how the public are approving of the change of power and the army involved in bringing the presidency down. His time is already done, it is just not understood by himself. Not sure if anyone inside the “blue roof” was giving him advice and thinking this was brilliant move. Since the hairs are already cut and he doesn’t have the strength to beat his enemies. He cannot, Delilah already told the secrets to his enemies and he can now taken down. Just like Samson died after being tricked by Delilah. The same has appeared for Mugabe, that was tricked by the greedy and thought she was so powerful Grace. The change would maybe not has happen as quickly if Grace didn’t want the VP position.

Edison Mnangagwa, the crocodile has clearly strike with force and used his friends within the army. This being General Constantino Guveya Chiwenga of the ZDF has acted with tact and honor, as he has made a bloodless coup and also made sure the state functions been working. While controlling the media and taking control of the ZANU-PF with the use of the soldiers. This has been a smooth operations, but today the old president wanted to strike back. Not that he has the power, since they have already cut his hair off and he is not Samson anymore.

I think he forgot that, he is not Samson, but the one ready to be destroyed by enemies. But he cannot see it. Maybe, he was sleeping when they we’re briefing him earlier this Sunday. Peace.