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Opinion: Sketchy things about the Independent Group!

Well, the Brexit has new victims, they might be stars for today, as they were all pulling out of the Labour Party. As the 7 Members of Parliament. These are the MPs: Angela Smith, Chris Leslie, Chuka Umunna, Gavin Shuker, Luciana Berger, Mike Gapes and Ann Coffey. They are suddenly the TIG or Tigger.

What is very special about today, they are not a Political Party, they are registered company, which ensures them to shield their donors. They don’t have to publically reveal whose behind them. The website of the TIG is registered in Panama. The final straw is that the name Independent Group (IG) was already registered in August 2018. To top it off, the Headquarters of the group is registered in Manchester at the company address of Gemini A Limited, which accidentally registered to Gavin Shuker.

With this being said, this clearly a shift, as the 7 MPs has made a statement by pulling out of the Labour Party. They are now independents at the Parliament. Some Labour voters are calling for By-Elections, because they voted at Party lines and not just these figures. Who has decided to represent their constituents differently. They are doing it mere days ahead of the D-Day concerning Brexit.

This is clearly a staged and planned manoeuvrer. As they had the registration and was prepared to launch. Who knows for what reason, they waited to do so for months, but surely their backers or the ones behind the scenes. Gave them a GO sign and out into the wilderness they went.

This has put a dent in the strength of the Opposition, as this is another dent in the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn. Who in the midst of many storms, have been able to pull through. However, now, there are even more people bailing on him. However, these people might loose steam fast. As the revelations of the TIG isn’t that positive in itself.

These people will be lonely in the sea soon. They don’t have the machinery, they will be questioned and not be as vital as they were. They were part of a big opposition party and now they are part of a independent group, which has marginal vote in Parliament and in general. They have to build and renew themselves. While also proving their worth and be transparent. As the sketchy details of the registration, as it is combined is really weird. It is not trustworthy.

It seems like a leaf in the wind, without any clear direction or even measures of what they want to achieve. Unless, it was only to humiliate the Labour Party for a hot minute. That they achieved, but was it worth it. Risking your career for doing that? Then, you could have just asked for a vote of confidence internally and fixed the issues after. However, that was not enough for these MPs.

They have to be knights in shining armour, ready to go to battle and made legends about. The TIG seemingly seems like half-baked at best. Even their statement was proof of that.

If Chuca Umunna thinks he is becoming King this way. His wrong, he is the leader of the rebellion, but certainly not a victor. Just a man who has risked it all and will now answer more directly, as Umunna and the rest has to stand up on their own.

Let’s see how that goes. Cheerio. Peace.

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